ROLL OF HONOR - WWI - September 1918

This portion of the Veterans section is transcribed from the first Roll of Honor until the end of the war. I included it because it graphically shows the ebb of men from the county gradually speeding up in the number of men taken for the war effort. Being a mother of boys, I can imagine how the women felt. We know how the story ended for each and every one of them by the wars end. These mothers and wives could only wait and pray that they would come back.

This is a tribute to the men who went and those left behind to carry on.

Roll Call - September 5, 1918

Cheer As They Depart, After Stirring Addresses At the Railroad Station

Wallowa county sent 32 men to the army yesterday, two leaving from Portland, while one who went with the local contingent was credited to a Seattle board. It was another husky and cheerful crowd, and the boys were cheering and waving flags as the train bore them away.

Dinner was served to the soldiers at the Royal Palm restaurant, and there was speaking at the station while waiting for the train. Daniel Boyd mounted a truck and introduced Judge J.W. Knowles, who told the boys they were going to fight for a noble cause, which needed their assistance. J.A. Burleigh followed, paying his respects to the kaiser in a terrific denunciation, and urging the young men to keep in mind the better things of life. Mr. Boyd closed the speaking with a further patriotic appeal.

The young men who left for Camp Lewis were:
Ike Johnson, Wallowa
Leonard Austin Scriber, Enterprise
Harry Raymond Gibson, Joseph
Ernest Earl Hulse, Imnaha
James Willard Lewis, Lostine
Governor P. Holmes, Flora
Ueleous Poulson, Powwatka
Oscar Frederick E. Gustafson, Zummwalt
Oscar Van Lampkins, Paradise
Jay Perkins Templeton, Wallowa
Dallas Sturm, Paradise
Richard William Bird, Joseph
Ehrman Bland Beck, Enterprise
Clarence Wisdom, Imnaha
Frank Edward Fisher, Wallowa
Harold E. Edgmand, Chico
Verner Lawrence Moore, Bartlett
Howard Collins, Wallowa
Gale Shelton Johnson, Flora
Francis Brayton Davis, Troy
Archie Reginald Glassy, Wallowa
Charles Robert Goebel, Wallowa
William McKinley Downing, Wallowa
Pearl Perdue Cole, Lostine
Ermete Colombart, Vincent
James Wallace Monteith, Wallowa
Harry Edward Coleman, Wallowa
William Aaron Doak, Enterprise
James Elmer Renfrow, Troy.

Two men for the local board were entrained for the camp from Portland where they have been working. They are Cecil Ernest Moody and James Young. A. Jonas Skelton went out with the boys from Enterprise. He was sent for a Seattle board.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Thursday, September 5, 1918

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Artillery Ready For Action

The 65th Artillery is ready for front line duty in France and may be expected to be moved into battle shortly, in the opinion of a military man, expressed to the Oregonian on Tuesday. There are four Wallowa county boys in this regiment. Raymond Dunbar, Emerson Reavis, Alvin Clayton and Clyde Batty. When the regiment went overseas, Irl I. Olmstead was also in it, but he has been transferred to the 54th, in special service.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
September 19, 1918

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Some Are First Class, Others For Limited Service In Uncle Sam's Ranks

Sixteen men will go from Wallowa county in the week beginning next Monday, to various branches of the service and under different calls. They about exhaust class one.

Those who will go are , Monday, Sept. 30, class one men to Fort McDowell, Cal., to fill vacancies caused by rejections:
Arley Murill, Flora
William Bork, Flora
Loney Loney Lloyd, Pasco, Wash.

Tuesday, Oct. 1, limited service men to Fort McDowell:
Glen Edward Brown, Glenn's Ferry, Idaho
Thomas William Greenwood, Union
Henry Alvin Coperude, Wallowa
Francis Ward Dagget, Enterprise
Harold Whitman, Enterprise

Sunday, Oct. 6, class one men to Camp Lewis, to fill vacancies:
Ira Samuel Bloom, Dawson, N.D.
James Black, Tacoma

Regular class one men, on new call
James Clifford Wade, Enterprise
Basil Clifton Terry, Enterprise
John Ray Poague, Joseph
Everett Layton Cannon, Flora
Thomas F. Bell, Wallowa
Aaron L. Olmsted, Enterprise

All branches of the service are again open to enlistment, according to word received by the local board. This has caused a number of ardent spirits to try anew to get into the service. Harry H. Nottingham and Chester A. Riley went to Portland on Tuesday to take their physical examination, with the hope of qualifying to run tanks. They figured this branch would see the most action at the very front of battle, and might give them a chance to lead the procession into Berlin. They will be back home the last of this week.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
September 26, 1918

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