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Consent in Case of Minors

I, W. H. Galloway Do certify, That I am the Father of Wm A. Galloway; that the said WA Galloway is 18 years of age; and I do hereby freely give my Consent to his volunteering as a SOLDIER in the ARMY of the UNITED States for the period of THREE YEARS.

Given at the 19th day of Aug 1862
Signed: Wm H. Galloway

Terrance Clark
(Dates indicate that consent was given after the fact.

Letter home:
September 13, 1862
Dear father and Mother

I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well and i hope that these few lins may find you all well
Wey hav marching orders in the morning at 6 oclock.
I cant tell whar wey will go i hav just comin from picket guard i went out on the 11 day of Sep 1 was 5 mils from camp wey saw son Rebels gariles they tride to slip up on us last knight But wey found them out i
and Nute Base our guns hamers to hoot But hey got Behind trees they have had A fight ky they union Boy drove them from Cincinatia i would like to see you all the Best and Mother i want you to wright i handt got A scratch of pen sins i Bin here i you A letter th 3 day of Sept Wey had A hard time the first 2 days after wey left matoon wey had nothing eat y wey hav plenty now tell that the Bedy Boys is well the 123 Ridgement is coming in our Brgad wey hav get guns that i can shoot A men 500 yd sore pap i have got the
Best Bevver in camp i can hit a pank 8in wide 100 yrds half of the time. is well the way wey went on picket guard it was 7 mils wey had 60 lbs to pack i way 150 lbs i an fat as a hog. this is the last i am going to wright till you wright i am slepy Wey have 30000 men hear
sono more bood by from Wm A. galloway to his father and mother

William Alonzo Galloway was discharged 26 Nov 1862
Nashville, TN because he had chronic diarrhea.

This information on William Alonzo Galloway
Contributed by: Arleta Galloway


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