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This portion of the Veterans section is transcribed from the first Roll of Honor until the end of the war. I included it because it graphically shows the ebb of men from the county gradually speeding up in the number of men taken for the war effort. Being a mother of boys, I can imagine how the women felt. We know how the story ended for each and every one of them by the wars end. These mothers and wives could only wait and pray that they would come back.

This is a tribute to the men who went and those left behind to carry on.

Janine M. Bork

Roll Call - August 2, 1917

Roll Call - August 16, 1917

Roll Call - September 13, 1917

Roll Call - September 27, 1917

Roll Call - December 12, 1917

Roll of Honor - 1918

Wallowa County's Roll of Honor
The First Section of the Official Draft - Call Dates from August 3rd.

The official list of the draft for the first conscription made to raise an army for the United States arrived and was received by the local board Thursday afternoon and immediately checked up and the draft list for Wallowa made and the notices made out and mailed to the drafted men today, Friday, August 3rd. The allotment for the county is 14 men according to the rules of drawing the first 60 per cent of the allotment must be drawn which in this case is 28 men the first third of which must report to the local board for exemption within five days after their notice is mailed, the second third to answer on the 6th day and the last third must answer on the 7th day, all notices will be mailed on the same day which in this case will be Friday, August 3rd, making the first section report to the board on next Wednesday, August 8th, the second section on the 9th and the third and last section of the first division called on the 10th day of this month.

If the allotment of this county is not filled on this call the board is then authorized to make a second call taking the draft numbers as drawn by the original board in rotation after eliminating those already drawn calling as many as in their judgment will be necessary to get 110 per cent to make up the defect. All must report to the local board as directed and all must first be given the physical test before claiming exemption and all claims for exemption must be made by the 7th day after the notices are mailed or on the 10th day of August in this case and proof thereof must be filed within 10 days thereafter or no later than the 20th day of August. In all the board will take three days thereafter in which to decide. All claims for occupation exemptions must be filed thereafter with the district board. The list was drawn in Wallowa county follows the first 28 names names remember constitute those who are drawn on the first allotment on all of those are required to report before the 11th day of August 1917. After this first list is exhausted then the next allotment are called as per their order number which appears on the right.

258 - Harley Franklin Battles - Paradise, Oregon
458 - Chester William Allen - Enterprise, Oregon
854 - Lloyd Donald Evans - Evans, Oregon
1095 - Henry B. Stacy - Vincent, Oregon
783 - Alfred Elmore Carper - Promise, Oregon
887 - Earl Merton Wortman - Imnaha, Oregon
337 - Helmet S. Sheriff - Enterprise, Oregon
676 - Everett O. Hayes - Joseph, Oregon
275 - Owen Robert Rice - Paradise, Oregon
509 - Samuel Cleveland Vancil - Joseph, Oregon
564 - Willard Clem Werst - Wallowa, Oregon
945 - Gere John Kostice - Wallowa, Oregon
696 - Eugene M. Beers - Lostine, Oregon
536 - Floyd Oscar Hylton - Wallowa, Oregon
548 - Claude Morrow - Wallowa, Oregon
126 - Clark Smith - Enterprise, Oregon
784 - James Clinton Clemens - Promise, Oregon
755 - Harvey Albert Savage - Troy, Oregon
107 - Frank L. Leslie - Enterprise, Oregon
616 - John C. Lewis - Lostine, Oregon
373 - Kie Scott - Joseph, Oregon
775 - Louis Howard Mosier - Minam, Oregon
692 - Albert Ford Hawley - Wallowa, Oregon
600 - Theodore Bright - Lostine, Oregon
810 - Homer E. Renfrow - Troy, Oregon
507 - Benjamin Winford Tucker - Joseph, Oregon
309 - John Ward Graves - Enterprise, Oregon
437 - Henry Christy - Joseph, Oregon
604 - Albert W. Edwards - Lostine, Oregon

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday August 2, 1917

Wallowa County's First Honor Roll
Names of Eighteen Young Men - Fourteen Will Represent Wallowa County

Fifty-one young men were called this week to the county seat to be passed upon by the local board and forty-seven responded. The following names have been certified to by the local board:

Everett O. Hayes, Joseph. He has appealed from the decision of the local board.
Owen R. Rice, Paradise. He has made no appeal.
Willard Clem Werst, Wallowa. Filed claim for rejection which was disallowed.
Lewis H. Mosier, Vincent. Made no claim for exemption.
Homer F. Renfrow, Troy. Made no claim for exemption but was rejected.
Theo. Bright, Lostine. No claim for exemption.
Bnj. B. Tucker, Joseph. Appealed from decision of local board.
Thos. G. Murray, Enterprise. Made no claim for exemption.

The following names have not been certified to but three out of seven will be certified to this afternoon.

Chas. W. Dunbar, Enterprise.
Lawrence Caldwell Brown, Troy.
Parks (?) Delbert Conant, Zumwalt.
James Luther Moregaard, Vincent.
Chas. W. Luther Foster, Enterprise.
Chas R. Shuman, Flora.
Guy Fisher, Lostine.

Wallowa County Reporter Enterprise Thursday August 16, 1917


The following young men have been notified to report for military duty to the local board in Enterprise on or before 5 p.m. September 18th:

Williard Clem Werst, Wallowa.
Floyd Oscar Hilton, Wallowa.
Harry Albert Savage, Troy.
I.E. Mosier, Minam.
Theodore Bright, Lostine.
Chas. Edward Dunbar, Enterprise.

They will go to American lake the following day to begin training.

Nine more young men were examined for military service last Monday by the local board. They were:

S.B. Armon, Wallowa.
C.A. Owenby, Enterprise.
J.C. Dais, Joseph.
F.P.(?) Nichols, Enterprise.
J.L. Patten, Enterprise.
J.A. Cook, Lostine.
B.F. Barnes, Enterprise.
F.R. Hoffman, Minam.

These will be called on if the first fourteen certified to failed to pass the final military examination.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday September 13, 1917

Must Report October 2nd to Enter Uncle Sam's Service

The following young men must report to the county board at Enterprise on Tuesday, October 2nd before 5 p.m. to enter the government service:

Thomas George Murray, Enterprise.
Lawrence Schindler, Joseph.
Lawrence Caldwell Brown, Troy.
Daniel Deloss Akin, Enterprise.
Guy Fisher, Lostine.
Fred Roosevelt Nichols, Enterprise.

This completes the county's quota with the exception of one who will go later.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday September 27, 1917


Elmer Waught, A.E. Turner and Byrd Ault left Saturday afternoon and will enlist in Uncle Sam's service. Mesers Turner and Ault resign their positions as instructors in the city high schools to enlist in the Navy.Elmer Waught went to join the army. These young fellows had not expected to go until next summer but as there was a possibility of being drafted they preferred to enlist before December 15th when the opportunity would be gone.

Wallowa County Reporter Wednesday December 12,1917

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