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These are newspaper articles from WWI. If you would like to contribute information about your Veteran please contact me.


To every returned Soldier, Aviator, Marine and Sailor of Wallowa County:
It is earnestly desired that you be present and enter the great parade and grand review to be held at Enterprise, Friday, May 30th, Decoration Day.

We want you to take a personal interest in this matter and be on hand with your heads up and lots of pep, and assist in making this the greatest patriotic demonstration ever held in the county. Brush up the old uniform and be ready to fall in at bugle call at 9:30 a.m. sharp.

A county organization of veterans will be perfected in the afternoon at 3 o'clock, as adopted at the national convention to be held on the 8th of May, which is to be fashioned after the G.A.R. veterans' organization, and we want every man who donned a uniform from Wallowa county be become a member.

You will be under the command of a commissioned officer during parade, and it is expected that every man will conduct himself in keeping with the spirit of Memorial Day.

There will be no drilling; simply a parade.

Don't allow yourself to become a slacker now, but get in and boost for this patriotic occasion. By order of General Committee.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday May 1, 1919

Kissing the Sammies

In conversing with a Wallowa County woman a few days ago she expressed mingled surprise and disgust that French women so far forgot themselves as to rush into the streets of Paris and hug and kiss our American soldiers when they landed in that country recently. She declared that it is an open insult to womanhood and the entire feminine sex.

We had to disagree with the estimable woman. We had read the same news dispatches telling of the joy and gladness that filled the hearts of the French people when they saw Pershing's men marching before their doors. We had put an entirely different interpretation upon those news stories from that of the Wallowa County woman who condemned her sister across the sea for what she considers "unladylike actions."

The women of France who demonstrated their joy of seeing our American soldiers marching to the aid of their own husbands and sons have seen what it is to offer life and limb, and they don't think any welcome they can give too good for the men whose fate is to go into the trenches. They take their way of welcoming and heartening our boys. They see no rudence in it nor is there evil in their minds. Out of hearts that have bled for three strenuous years they offer love and breathe benedictions upon the sons of other mothers who must now join in the sacrifice. The women of France are taking their own way of showing our Sammies that their prayers are with them as they go on through Paris to "No Man's Land." We do not think any American woman should object.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday August 9, 1917

A Remarkable Flag

On display in the E.M. & M. show windows is a very handsome flag just finished by the ladies of the Neighborhood Club of Lostine. The center is a service flag of the boys who went from the Lostine-Evans Red Cross district. Three gold stars mark those who gave their lives, Albert Adwards, Alfred Hagen and Ed Summerhouse.

Surrounding the central service flags a white ground bears the names of all boys who entered the service from Wallowa County with a small gold star, marking those who lost their lives. Strips of muslin were sent to obtain the signatures of various public officials. At the top is that of the president, Woodrow Wilson, and on either side appear the signatures of the governors of forty states, while at the bottom are those of the state officials and the Red Cross officials of the La Grande chapter.

It is quite a remarkable piece of work and tells its own story of the zeal and patriotism of these energetic ladies.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday May 29, 1919

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