Wayne Eckley Returns Home

My name is Julie Dalton and I am the daughter of Wayne A Eckley

My father died on Dec. 29th, 1967 when his plane hit a mountain top.  For many years we did not know what happened to him but we finally were able to have his remains returned to our family and we had a funeral in Joseph Oregon on October 30th 2000.  The AirForce also buried the entire crew in Arlington Cemetary on Nov 15th 2000.  - Julie Eckley-Dalton

The Wallowa County Chieftain had an article about his burial. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. My sincere thanks to the Wallowa County Chieftain for allowing it to be placed on the Wallowa County AGHP site. Words cannot
express my thanks to Julie for allowing this very private moment to be shared with you all.

Final Farewell: The Day Wayne Eckley Came Home
From the Wallowa County Chieftain On-Line Edition

Wayne Eckley - From Task Force OMEGA Site