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Sidney Gene WILSON

Bob Wilson

Miss Thelma Steen left Wednesday for Grant's Pass where she was called by the death of a relative, Bob Wilson who formerly lived near Zumwalt.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday October 24, 1918

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Cap. Wilson

While hunting near the head of Summit creek on a mountain four miles from the Snake river, L.A. Beddingfield and son Earl, found a human skull lying on the surface of the ground. No bones were to be found anywhere near the resting place of the symbol of death. It is thought to be part of the remains of Cap. Wilson, who formerly hunted and trapped in the vicinity of Summit Creek. Several good sized fractures were found in the bones of the head. He dropped from sight about seven years ago.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday November 7, 1918

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Max A. Wilson

Max Albert Wilson dies at St. Joseph hospital , La Grande, Saturday Feb 8,1941. He complained of not feeling well some three weeks ago but thought little of it . Then was taked with violent pains and was brought out from home at Troy in a very strenuous trip in which a tractor was called to pull the car up a grade. He was taken on to the hospital in La Grande where he was found to have a ruptured appendix.

An operation was performed Sunday Jan 26 and the struggle to save him was hopeless. altho he showed gain now and then and lingered on for two weeks Athe the last death was pneumonia.

Max Wilson was born at Troy July 21 1920 a son of Mr and Mrs Forest L. Wilson and graduated from Enterprise high school lsat May. Since then he had been working with his father on his ranches. His parents went with him tho La Grande and remained by his side and his one brother Delmar was there part of the time . The parents and brother are the surviving members of the family.

Funeral services were held Monday at the Booth chapel and burial was in Enterprise cemetery. Service were conducted by E. E. Callahan of the Christian Church and the pall bearers , young friends and companions of Max. were Claire A Childers, Carl Whitmore, Edwin Emmons, Don Miller, Bill Mitchell, and Edward Redman.

Many Friends of the family came from Troy for the funeral, altho the roads made it hard trip. Mrs. T. M. Gilmore and others came from Union. Max was an active, strong young man full of promise and of fine character and his sudden death was a loss to the whole Community.

Donated by Julie Botts

Julie found these in her husband's Grandmother's stuff. Her name was Neva Botts. I just thought that was so neat. - Janine

High School Youth Dies at Elgin

Sidney Gene Wilson, 17-year-old Elgin high school junior, passed away Aug. 1. He was the son of Fonzy Wilson of Minam and a brother of Esley Wilson of Elgin, with whom he made his home; two sisters, Bethel Crogan and Jessie Wilson McDowell of Elgin; a brother, Richard of Elgin, and a half-brother Willard Young stationed in Japan.

Funeral services were held Monday at the Nazarene church in Elgin and interment was in the Elgin cemetery.

Wallowa County Chieftain
Thursday - Front Page
August 7, 1947