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Bardo Bible Record
Bardo Bible Records submitted and ©  by LouAnn Cameron <>
Aug. 03, 2001, for the Lycoming County Genealogy Project.

The following information was found in a family bible at a local antique shop in Washington, NC.  It's a very large Bible with only a small amount of information listed on the family pages.   The family name for the Bible is Bardo. The first few entries in my document are the only entries in the Bible. There are some very old photos also in the Bible. The Bible itself is old and in poor condition. It contains information in the front about the Protestant denominations of the era, giving their names, short histories and beliefs. There are many black & white pictures in the Bible along with many extra sections in addition to the normal scriptures.

This Bible is for sale at an  antique shop in Washington, NC.  If you are interested in purchasing this bible email me and I will give you the name and phone number of the store.  I have no other information regarding this bible or family other than what is listed on this page.


Milton Bardo, born 25th day of September A.D. 1872 in Wolf Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Elvia A. Bardo born March 8, 1853 in Westfield, Pennsylvania


Milton Bardo died October 23, 1887 aged 15 years 0 months 28 days. Baptized October 15, 1887 by Rev. J. Albirt, Evn Luthern Church of Hughesville, PA.

A little poem dated Dec. 11, 1884 by Harry A. Bardo, Gread Run School.


Vote for Wm. Hart, Sheriff of Sullivan County.

Receipt: Thos W. Elliott, Aug. 5, 1909.

Receipt: Mrs. Geo Stepp, May 10, 1902 Towanda, PA, in full account of A ? V. Buschhausen.

Receipt: Mrs. Elvia Elliott, Muncy, PA, 11/29/1907

Receipt: Hughesville, PA, May 27, 18(missing) Received of Thomas Elliott one check of the Lyon Lumber (missing) for twenty six dollars. The same has been credited to your account. $26.00 Reeder & Derr".

Obit: Mrs. Mary K. Tankard dies (Mary Martin Kugler Tankard of Washington Park).

Obit: Dr. Allen Moore, of Beaufort Co., NC, practiced in Doylestown, PA until 1954 & a couple of articles written by him "A Country Doctor’s Diary".

An article from Washington, NC Daily News Wednesday, Jan. 20, 1971 about Governor Fowle.

Kitchen shower given in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Raup at home of parents Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Elliott, of Muncy, RFD 7. Guest list included.

Card: Poor Man’s Dyes for sale by Corell & White, Hughesville, PA, for sale by all druggists.

Teachers’ Provisional Certificate, Huldah Shaw, 1884, Pennsylvania.

Obit, Feb 09, 1882, Edith Garnet Hall, d/o George H. and Alice E. Hall, Hughesville, PA.

20 Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. James Duncan, on Lynn Creek, Monmouth township, with guest list.

Feb 9, 1899 new pastor notice for Reb. John H. Barb…his bio.

Easter Card signed Love, Mathie ’59 (in shape of cross: Hallmark).

Commencement invitation Montaursville High School, April 29, 1897, for graduates Sarah C. Meek, Elsie M. Moon, Bertha E. Burrows, Bertha M. Benning, Nellie Strayer, C. Raymond Weaver, Horace M. Weaver, Donald Campbell, Norman Hall.

Washington, NC clipping: Miss Virginia Parker Gerard became bride of David Charles Mickey of Greensboro, NC.

July 30, 1969 article from The News & Observer about Mary Jo Kopechne on one side and funeral notices for Eliza H. Hampton, Mrs. Gertrude S. Long, Raymond E. Dixon, Mrs. Emma J. Bordeaux, Mrs. Mattie E. Jones, Mrs. Georgia W. Daw, Mrs. Neelie A. Fort, Mrs. Hattie H. Newcomb, Ransom P. Allen, Mrs. Maggie D. Armstrong on the back side.

Newspaper clipping of Washington High school students leaving Raleigh-Durham.

For study course in France and tours of Spain, etc. Group includes Wendy Cox, Mayo Griffin, Thad Gerard, Martha Lewis Grimes, Bruce Braddy, Buffa Tayloe, Ellie Pfau, Edward Harding, Caroline Mann, Debbie Jones of Raleigh, Josie Rawls of Greenville, and Mrs. Esther G. Everett, their Frnch teacher at WHS.

Old unidentified photos in back of the Bible.

The page identifying the publisher & date is missing from the Bible, but it was printed after 1866, based on information in it about "Campbellite Baptists, or Disciples".

On the first page of Genesis is written in blue pen "Dr. Alexander Jan 24, 1971"

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