Waterville Methodist Cemetery
Cummings Twp., Lycoming Co, PA

Read By: Rodger Crandall
Location: On E. Church St. in Waterville.
Lat: N41° 18.520' Lon: W077° 21.825'

Comments: Church is now private property, access the
the cemetery through from the rear of property via park.
Date Read: May 2008

First Name Last name Date of birth Date of death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
? S. Leroy       marker appears to be that of a young child.
Bitter John H.   Jun. 20, 1857 20y 9m 22d  
Bonnell Carrie E.   Aug. 19, 1864 1y 1m 19d dau. of Thos. & E. Bonnell
Bonnell Ida Hester   May 5, 1881 9m 28d dau. of Henry & Ellen Bonnell
Bonnell Susan E.   Apr. 23, 1874 3y 2m 11d dau. of Henry & Ellen Bonnell
Brion Mary J. Jun. 17, 1856 Jun. 21, 1858   dau. of B.F. & Keturah Brion
Brion William Aug. 10, 1854 Jun. 10, 1858   son of B.F. & Keturah Brion
Harris Abraham P. 1776 1863   War of 1812 marker; PA Militia, Capt.
Harris Jacob B.   Jun. 15, 1860 11y 8m 2d  
Miller Elizabeth   Mar. 18, 1858 85y 11m 27d wife of Michael Miller
Miller Michael   Dec. 18, 1853 87y 18d  
Ott infant   Mar. 23, 1854   son of C.M & E.N. Ott
Savage Mary A.   Sep. 8, 1855 11m dau. of J. & E.E. Savage
Wolf Charles B.   Jun. 3, 1877 6m 10d son of Wm. H. & C.A. Wolf; same marker as Minnie B.
Wolf infant   Apr. 9, 1879   son of Wm. H. & C.A. Wolf; same marker as Minnie B.
Wolf Maggie J.   Nov. 27, 1878 4y 8m 4d dau. of Wm. H. & C.A. Wolf; same marker as Minnie B.
Wolf Minnie B.   Nov. 3, 1874 2y 9m 12d dau. of Wm. H. & C.A. Wolf

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