Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church

Partial listing

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Adult Baptisms

Miss Marjaret Pfouts

Miss Ellen Pfouts

Mrs. Margaret Patton Lawshe Jan 25,1856

Miss Nancy Marie Latcha

Received as Members (list)

Abram Lawshe Feb 6,1852

Mrs. Lawshe Feb. 12,1852

Miss Anna Lawshe Feb 4,1852

Miss Prissilla Lawshe (there are a bunch of Pfouts with the Lawshes

everytime I see a Lawshe name and also Pfouts with my Latchas)

Then further on in the record.

Authentic Record of church Members

Abram Lawshe Feb 9.1856

Mrs Anna Lawshe

Miss Anna Lawshe

Miss Prissilla Lawshe

Miss ? Else Lawshe.


December 18,1866

Mr. David R. waters, late captain of the Vol. of Aledo, Illinois, Mercer

Co., to Miss Margaret Allice Latcha of Jersey Shore, Pa. at the residence of

Mrs. Isabella Latcha, the bride's mother. Witnesses , Mrs. Clara Durell,

Nancy Latcha, Mrs. Isabella Latcha, Mrs. Creacy Strickler.

By Jos. Stevens, Pastor


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