Muncy P

April 4

William C. Ellis Esqr

Member of Assembly,

Harrisburg, Pa.

Muncy 4 mo. 1st 1827

Dear Brother

Not many days have passed for this last month or two, but what I have been looking for a few minutes leisure to remind thee that thou art still held in kind & affectionate remembrance by thy kindred and friends of thy native valley, & at the same time to acknowledge the reception of the Pamphlets thou was so kind as to forward me. Back from some errand or other my time seems always occupied. Tho on matters of comparatively small import – This habit, once indulg’d, of putting off for tomorrow what today should accomplish, will gain such strength & influence that in a short time we are in danger of having no definite time for performing anything. I therefore endeavor to break through on the present occasion, tho at the tenth hour of the evening.

The present session, of 1826&7, seems likely to form an important era in the agricultural interests of our own & some other states. Tho the canal bill does not fully come up to our wishes, yet on this, as in may other things, we are probably a little too selfish – desiring more than is our due! The deep interest though had taken in this business will be a means, I apprehend of increasing thy political friends, but at the same time will be as a "thorn in the flesh" to some who have an opposite intent. Thus much are politics!

Thy Rebecca mentioned mentioned a few weeks since, though wish’d me to endeavor to get a suitable person on the mountain place – I have made a good deal of inquiry but no one has yet offer’d – Sam’l Hall brought thy oxen down to mother Ellis; I think about the latter end of 1st mo. She kept them a few weeks, as one of her horses was lame – Since that they have been here & we use them occasionally & shall probably find more for them to do now as we are just commencing line burning.---

S.N. Morris was here a few weeks since & we had a good deal of conversation upon some matters in which he is particularly interested – All of which I think can be accommodated to his wishes, by his brother J. S. H who appear’d very much disposed to perform the part of a friend & brother. I hoped to see him again, that is J.S.H., in a short time as our yearly meeting is near at hand – Tomorrow week will be the time for setting and I aplied to go in company with Mother Ellis – Charles & Debby propose to return with us in her carriage. It would doubtless add to her satisfaction of their time & also be very pleasant to they friends here, if thou could be at home to welcome their arrival – Thy sister A. Morris expects to meet them here – I was in Pennsboro this afternoon & calld, as usual, a few minutes to see thy Rebecca: They were all in usual health, Poor John Gordner Jr., son of John, is deceas’d – was interd yesterday – James & Elizabeth Hiltz have been very ill, but are both some better ---

My dear Rachel desires her love to the

affectionately I remain

Hiram J. Haines