On back side "copy Martha Ecroyd will"

Be it remembered that being of sound mind I Martha Ecroyd do will that after my just debts and funeral expenses are paid that my clothes be equally divided among my four daughters Mary Ecroyd, Hannah Snowdon, Sarah N. Maitle, and Martha S. Gould; that my feather beds and matrass and all my bedclothes of every description and all my table linen and towelling be given to my daughter Mary Ecroyd; and also that my six table spoons & eight teaspoons with my two bedsteads and all my furniture be given to her – likewise I give unto her a bond of $500 in the name of Sam’l Black and another of $400 in the name of Hen. Ecroyd & $300 in the Alms House, & $300 more which is in the Baptist loan, and all that is due from Bro. Jones be it more or less. I give unto my daughter Hannah Snowdon my silver Ladle & Salt spoons and my big Rocking Chair. To my son John Haworth Ecroyd my old family bible; all my land at Loyal Sock, Elklands, & Muncy with what may hereafter be left – I leave to be equally divided among all my children share & share alike except to my son Henry Ecroyd who has $400 of mine, he is not to take any until the other five have each that much pay $400. Done this day 4th Mo 4th 1843

Martha Ecroyd

Register Office May 9th 1845 then personally appeared Geo Know & Eliz. Ballentyne & their solemn affirmations did say that they were well acquainted with Martha Ecroyd decd. the testatrix in the foregoing will named in her life time and also familiar with her handwriting having seen her write her name as well as other matters that they have received the signature "Martha Ecroyd" subscribed to said will and verily believes it as well as the will itself to be all in the proper handwriting of her the said Martha Ecroyd decd. to the best of their knowledge & belief.

Affirmed and subscribed before me the date above

Robt. F. Christy Geo. Know

Deputy Register Eliz. R. Ballentyne

Then follows the Letters of Administration

Copy of Inventory as valued and affirmed to by Thos. Werr & Edw Snowdon

3 Feather Beds 10 30

1 Matress 10

Two bedsteads $5 10

1 Work stand 4

Six Silver table spoons 2.50 15

8 Tea spoons .50 4

1 Silver soup ladle $6

2 Salt spoons .50

3 Rocking chairs 4

Weaving Appaue 30

Bedding Table linens etc 50

1 Family Bible 1

96 volume Books 19 20

1 Carpet 10

Saml Black, Bond of Judgment 500

Henry Ecroyd, Bond 400

Certificate of Northern Liberty Loan 500

Certificate of Baptist Church Loan 300