Addressed to Mercy Ellis, Muncy

penciled note in another hand 1804 A.D.

Philadelphia 6 mo 23rd 1804

My dear Mother

I received thy very acceptable letter by Francis King a few day’s since and was glad to learn that you were all in good health a blessing which I have also almost uninterruptedly enjoyed since my residence here and for which I cannot be sufficiently thankful. Thee says that Father is out in the woods. I hope he was not out in all the rain that has lately fallen for if there were as much there as there has been here he must have had a very disagreeable time. I have been up with cousin Theodocia to Burlington and was very much pleased both with the place and its inhabitants. Phebe told me when she was down that thee wished me to get thee a bonnet made previous to thy coming down to the quarterly meeting and I should like to know if thee wishes it just like thy old one. The weeks of my stay here my dear mother are impatiently counted by me, for I think I never felt so anxious to be at home as I do at present and hope before long I shall again enjoy it. I drank tea with our dear friend M. [Tuitten? Quitten? Sutten?] who desired me when I wrote to give her love to my dear parents and tell them that she thinks she is getting worse. I expect to send this by B. Morris. Please to give my love to Father, aunt, William, Anna and all the rest of the children as if named in which cousin Ann joins and accept it largely thyself from thy ever affectionate daughter

R. Ellis