This document looks to be about the same age and condition as the other documents from the mid 1800s but no date is on the document


Names and Ages of William & Mercy Ellis & Children

Mary Ellis (their first child) was born (on the 6th day of the Week) and the 17th of the 12 mo. 1785

William Coxe Ellis Was Born the 4th day of the 5th mo 1787

Rachel Ellis 2nd Daughter Was Born the 25th day of the 11th mo 1788

Ann Ellis 3rd Daughter was born the 7th of the 5th mo 1791 in the Evening

John Coxe Ellis 2nd son was born the 25th of 8th mo 1792 in the Evening the 29th day of the 9th mo he died.

Charles Ellis 3rd son was born the 26th day of the 9th mo 1793 abt 10th hour in the Evening and Departed this life at about 11 Months old

Sarah Ellis 4th daughter was born the 22nd of the 6th mo. 1795.

Rebeckah Ellis 5th Daughter was born the 29th of the 1st mo. 1797 and died abt three or four Months old

Benjamin a 4th Son was born the 7th of the 5th mo 1798

Charles Ellis a 5th Son was born the 31st of the 1st mo 1800

Henry Drinker Ellis a sixth son was born the 11th of the 3rd mo 1802

On Back of document

checking house at Muncy

Sum Expenses $1066.67

trusteed 840.381/2

Outstanding 40.991/2

Ballance 185.29

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