Christ Lutheran Cemetery
(Stone Church)

Read By: "George Morehart" <>                                                            Date Read: May 2001
Location: Brady Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Other comments:

Located on the grounds of the Allenwood Federal Prison Camp (Behind White Deer Golf Course), this old church and cemetery is a haven for Pennsylvania Morehart's and other families. I am still searching for the church records from this church if they still exist, but I do know a little. This church is quite beautiful, located in a valley of green pastures, thick trees and small mountains. Even now with the inmates and a few visible prison facilities, the location is quite peaceful. The church is very intact and is still used today for inmate services. I'm not sure yet when it was built, but the land was taken over at the beginning of WWII for the intent of ammunition storage. When near the end of the War, the government saw that they would not need the area for storage, they designated it for state game grounds and gave this portion of land to the Prison system. This is the low security area of Allenwood's prison system and prisoners roam relatively freely while exercising and doing their projects. It is obvious that it is their manpower that maintains the landscaping and general upkeep of the church and cemetery grounds.

I would encourage any "Pennsylvania" descendant or interested party to visit the "Old Stone Church." You must go to the prison admin building and get a pass, and there might be an eerie feeling so close to prisoners and the grounds, but my wife and I have never felt uncomfortable or threatened by anyone. I should also note, that when you visit, can be somewhat significant. Up until this year, I had visited in the Fall/Winter and focused on the cemetery itself. But this year I visited during the Spring and noticed the area too. Oh what a sight this must have been in the early 1900s without the prison, but with the surrounding farmland and nature's best. I have a page of an Atlas from 1873 that maps out this area and locates these grounds in relation to the homesteads of Adam and John Morehart, their neighbors, and their families. I'll try and scan that and post it soon. I also have pictures of the church, the cemetery, and a selection of the headstones that I will post as soon as I can develop the film.

The headstones in the cemetery are quite old and in bad shape. Each year I've visited they've gotten worse, so it was important to me to get a record of those buried there. The following information was discerned through my visits and the records kept at the Lycoming County Historical Society and the Lycoming County Genealogical Society.

The Church windows have dedications on them:

- In Loving Memory of father and mother by their son Charles Henry Berger
- Decker - To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of the departed.
- In Memory of Solomon Jarrett and wife
- Presented by Mrs. C Shaffer & Mrs. D. Simpler in memory of departed
- Ladies Aid Society, Mrs. W. Hoffman, Pres. to Rev A.E. Cooper and family
- C. E. Bastian, Pres.
- Jacob A. Hively, wife and family
- To Charles Harman and wife by their son George P. Harman
- In memory of D(avid?) c. Bastian and wife
- Wm. Pysher and wife
- Presented by the workmen of the Church
- Infant class - Mrs. Emerson Hagenbuch, teacher
- Mrs. John Pysher, Teacher No. 9
- Dedicated to Emerson Hagenbuch, Supt. by the Sunday School
- S. S. C. No. 7 - Mrs. Melvin Webb, teacher

The Cemetery:

An * by two or more names means they shared a headstone

Arbuckle, Andrew d. Feb 9 1859 93y
Arbuckle, Margaret w/o Andrew d. June ? 1850 73y

Baker, Anna M. 1908-1909
Baker, Edward H. 1885-1931
Baker, Maria A. w/o Edward 1886-1965
Baker, Elmer H. 1916-
Baker, Infant d/o Jacob & Margaret d. May 6 1850 6 wks

Barlet, Henriet b. Nov 5 1830 d. Oct 1 1879 48y 11m 6d
Barlet, Samuel B. b. Oct 14 1818 d. Feb 4 1895 76y 3m 20d
Barlet, Solomon T. s/o Samuel & Henriet d. Sep 23 1867 9y 24d
*Barlett, Joseph C. 1842-1913
*Barlett, Sarah A. w/o Joseph 1852-1925 "Wife"
Barlett, Lester R. b. Dec 10 1892 d. Dec 17 1918

Barto, Adam A. 1883-1884
Barto, Edward E. 1880-1881
Barto, Margaret 1879

Bastian, Bruce S. 1891-1892
Bastian, Catherine w/o John C. b. Apr 13 1831 d. May 8 1876
Bastian, John C., M.D. b. Mar 22 1818 d. June 10 1895
*Bastian, Charles M. 1881-1941
*Bastian, Hannah 1882-1942
Bastian, Erman C. 1893-1893
Bastian, Rosanna w/o Sylvester 1856-1943
Bastian, Sylvester 1851-1919
Bastian, William K. 1868-1928

Bear, Elizabeth w/o Ely d. Jan 17 1842 32y 8m 25d
Bear, Maria w/o Ely d. Apr 20 1842 23y

Berger, Milton d. July 23 1885 25y 8m 25d
Berger, Rosanna E. w/o Milton d. Sep 6 1883 26y 3m 3d

Black, Blanche 1913-1931
Black, Infant d. July 4 1832(?)
Black, Mabell 1909-1917
Black, Baby girl stillborn July 20 1944

Bond, Jacob b. May 20 1825 d. May 23 1896

Boyer, Anna Margaret b. Aug 22 1801 d. Nov 11 1881 80y 2m 19d

Brady, Lydia Wagenhurst w/o Armstrong b. Sep 30 1848 d. Dec 30 1871 23y 3m

Breon, Charles b. Mar 18, 1821 d. Jan 23 1892 70y 10m 5d
Breon, Rebecca w/o Charles 1828-1905

Brown, Charles d. Sep 1 1833 80y 5m 21d
Brown, Clara M. 1887-1957
Brown, James s/o Samuel & Nancy b. July 27 1821 d. June 24 1823
Brown, Margaret w/o John d. Jan 24 1801 in 49th year
Brown, John d. Jan 30 1818 in 79th year
Brown, William d. Jan 20 1831 76y
Brown, William E. 1890-1935 "Loyal Order of Moose"

Buck, Henry E. b. Feb 28 1881 d. (date underground)
Buck, William N. 1853-1922 "Father"
Buck, Margaret 1859-1939 "Mother"

Campbell, Joseph L. 1909-1936 "Son"

Colder, William Archie s/o J.D. & L.B. d. Nov 18 1884 2y 20d

Cook, William d. Jan 20 1831 27y

Corle, Benjamin s/o B. & L. d. Aug 4 1841 2y 1m 22d
Corle, Rebecca d/o B. & L. d. Oct 4 1837 8m 13d

Crawford, Treon S. 1882-1944

Cutter, Mary
Cutter, Robert Montgomery's Pa. Mil. (War of 1812 marker)

Davis, George O. 1858-1928
Davis, Rebecca E. 1858-1928

Delaney, Oliver D. d. Aug 13 1899
His wife Sarah Frances & children, Johnny W., Olive F. & Florence H. The wife and three children met death at the hand of William Hummel, the second husband Nov 16 1899

Decker, Luther M. b. July 13 1879 d. Jan 24 1883

Dietterich, Olive Maud d/o Rev. H.A. & T.E. d. Dec 23 1884 2y 27d
Dietterich, Rev. H.A. d. Mar 22 1899 60y 11m 1d
Dietterich, Tamer E. w/o H.A. 1841-1924

Eason, Arch'd Jansmeller's Pa. Mil. (Revolutionary War Marker)

Edson, John Scout (Revolutionary War Marker)

Edwards, Rosanna w/o Josiah B. d. Nov 17 1868 23y 6m 17d
Edwards, Willie s/o J.B. & R. d. Apr 6 1872 5y 10m 22d

Egbert, Margaret J. d. Oct 9 1900 62y 4m 24d "Our mother"

Egli, Sarah Shoemaker 1865-1944

Elliott, Catherine L. d/o C. & L. d. Sep 11 1857 22y 10m
Elliott, Lydia E. d. Apr 16 1857 16y 7m 29d
Elliott, Daughter b. May 14, 1935 d. July 29, 1935

Eyerly, John 1835-1910 "Father"
Eyerly, Sarah A. w/o John 1842-1911 "Mother"
Everly, Catherine w/o Frederick d. Aug 25 1855 42y 11m 20d
Everly, Frederick d. Sep 13 1870 in 68th year of age
Eberly, Rebecca d/o Frederick & Catherine d. Sep 30 1855 16y 3m 9d
Everly, Frederick s/o Frederick & Catherine d. June 30 1854 17y 9m 27d
Everly, Catherine d/o John & Sarah b. Jan 30 1866 d. July 16 1866
Everly, Kate C. 1849-1938
Everly, Robert K. 1855-1936
Everly, Andrew F. b. Jan 23 1834 d. Jan 20 1879 44y 11m 28d (GAR Marker)
Susan, dear, I'll watch and wait
For you beside the Pearly Gate
It won't be long, dear wife, till
We shall meet again and ever be in that sweet home
Where loved oned dwell
There we shall never say farewell
Everly, Thompson B. d. Dec 25 1865 22y 4m Co. K 2nd Reg. Pa. Cav.(GAR Marker)

Farley, Alfaretta 1874-1942 (This is an index card size plaque not headstone)
Farley, Samuel S. d. Nov 22 1874 28y 5m 10d
Farley, Sarah b. Mar 5 1835 d. July 1 1922
*Farley, William b. Apr 8 1826 d. Aug 10 1894
*Farley, Sarah A. w/o William b. Mar 5 1835 d. July 1 1902

Foresman, Catherine w/o Robert d. Jan 7 1831 62y
Foresman, Robert d. Dec 9 1829 69y
Foresman, Mary w/o John d. Mar 23 1831 28y
Foresman, Mary A. 1774-1827
Foresman, Robert d. Mar 26 1833 50y
Foresman, Samuel 1755-1825 Pvt. 5th Bn. Pa. Mil. (Revolutionary War Marker)

Frantz, Ralph 1890 - 1912

Haflet, Adaline Shaffer 1894-1918

Hammond, James d. Feb 20 1831 ?3y 4m Pvt. Pa. Mil. (Revolutionary War Marker)
Hammond, Mary consort of James d. Dec 19 1827 63y 11m 2d

*Harman, Charles S. 1826-1914
*Harman, Elizabeth w/o Charles S. 1838-1928
*Harman, Harriet M. 1879-1920
Harman, Dale Wilson s/o Eli & Lydia d. Aug 29 1861 3y 8d
Harman, Infant d/o G.L. & Jennie 1914
*Harman, Charles A. s/o Eli & Lydia d. Mar 8 1872 5y 1m 20d
*Harman, William H. d. Nov 4 1871 8y 11m 28d

Huling, Jno., Capt. 2 Pa. Mil. (Revolutionary War marker)

Hill, Bertha d/o J. & S. d. Dec 19 1876 4m 7d
*Hill, Joseph b. Jan 17,1837 d. Aug 28 1911 (GAR Marker)
*Hill, Susan w/o Joseph b. Jan 12 1836 d. July 16 1926

Hine, Infant d/o S.A. & C. 1899

Hively, Emma Houser w/o Harry F. 1883-1943

Houser, ????? s/o B. & L. d Nov ? 1854 ?y 5m
*Houser, Emma N. w/o Jerry 1850-1904
*Houser, Jerry 1847-1914
Houser, Hannah w/o John W. b. May 13 1860 d. Sep 30 1907 "Mother"
Houser, I. Myrtle d/o F. & V. d. Feb 21 1869 8m 8d
Houser, A. Rosella d/o F. & V. d. Feb 21 1869 4y 6d
Houser, Reuben d. Nov 5 1882 77y 7m 26d

Hulsizer, Charles b. Oct 23 1852 d. Nov 23 1936
Hulsizer, Clarence s/o Charles & Lydia b. Mar 31 1902 d. Jan 22 1906
Hulsizer, Lydia w/o Charles b. July 27 1856 d. Feb 15 1939

Huntington, Catherine E. w/o Samuel d. July 26 1858 20y 6m 19d

Irwin, Mathew d. Oct 23 1830 82y
Irwin, Mary w/o Mathew d. Mar 24 1827 61y
Irwin, Sarah w/o James d. Jan 3 1829 29y 0m 23d

Jarrett, Infant s/o W.S. & P.W. 1913
Jarrett, Henry s/o Solomom & Christean d. Oct 18 1864 1y 7m 12d
Jarrett, Infant d/o Solomon & Christean 18??
Jarrett, Christean b. Oct 10 1816 d. Aug 1892
Jarrett, Solomon b. Nov 23 1818 d. Mar 31 1899
Jarrett, Infant d/o Isaac & Margaret d. Nov 4 1864 1d
*Jarrett, Isaac b. May 25 1824 d. Dec 10 1864
*Jarrett, Margaret w/o Isaac b. Jun7 1826 d. Oct 28 1900
Jarrett, Isaac P. b. Mar 10 1856 d. Oct 31 1898
Jarrett, John Jacob Mar ? 1845
Jarrett, William Isaac b. Feb 23 1858 d. Sep 28 1878

Johnson, A. William 1863-1938
Johnson, Ruby C. 1859-1937

Kannan, William M. d. Oct 9 1810 29y 3m 18d

Keifer, Henry Co. H Pa. Inf. GAR marker
Keefer, Daniel W. s/o H.J. & S. d. Aug 1 1888 4y 10m 4d
Keefer, Reuben s/o H.J. & S. d. Apr 16 1867 3m 16d
*Keefer, Daniel d. Apr 3 1888 55y 1m
*Keefer, Joseph W. s/o D. & M. d. May 16 1901 35y 6m 20d
*Keefer, Mary w/o of Daniel d. Oct 20 1883 63y 5m 3d
*Keefer, Savilla d/o D. & M. d. Mar 28 1898 34y 11m 15d

Kelley, Anna M. w/o John d. June 3 1866 70y 9m 7d
Kelley, John d. June 15 1868 80y 9m 23d
*Kelley, Catherine w/o Charles 1840-1911
*Kelley, Charles J. 1830-1916 (GAR Marker)
Kelley, Infant daughter 1870

Kennada, Sara H. w/o John d. Sep 24 1841 35y 6m 29d

Kline, Dulcinda Shook w/o John D. 1851-1917
Kline, John D. 1834-1913 Co. E 74th Inf. Pa. Vols. (GAR Marker)

Koch, Barry Co. B 47th Pa. Inf.

Kuhns, E.
Kuhns, Clyde L. ????
Kuhns, Daniel Alexander s/o Levi & Mary Ann d. Mar 6 1869 3y 3m 8d
Kuhns, Louisa J. s/o Levi & Mary Ann d. Apr 7 1872 15y 9m 11d
Kuhns, Robert L. s/o E.L. & A.J. b. Sep 13 1900 d. Mar 15 1901

Losch, Dorothy d/o M.B. & A.W. b. July 6 1898 d. Mar 8 1900
Losch, Mary B. w/o A.W. 1873-1922

McCormick, Elizabeth consort of Thomas d. May 8 1834 75y
McCormick, Hannah Hammond 1783-1868
McCormick, James d. May 20 1831 73y 4m Sgt. Co I 5th Pa. Mil.
(Revolutionary War Marker)
McCormick, Seth s/o Seth & Margaret b. Mar 9 1789 d. Dec 20 1821 32y 9m 11d
McCormick, Seth d. Jan 17 1835 78y 10m 1d
McCormick, Thomas d. Oct 6 1826 72y
McCormick, Thomas d. Feb 5 1818 26y 7m 15d
McCormick, Margaret Simmons w/o Seth 1781-1835

McCurdy, Elizabeth d. Oct 1 1829 38y

Martz, Beverly E. 1934-1937 "Daughter"
Martz, Clarence E. 1930-1937 "Son"
Martz, Helen R. 1903-1967
Martz, Clarence 1892-1961 PFC Btry D 107 F.A. 28 Div. (WWI Marker)
Martz, Lawrence E. 1930-1937

Miller, Clifford D. 1905-1937
Miller, Infant d/o Homer & Nola

Moore, Harvey b. 1777 d. Sep 23 1847 70y
Moore, William b. 1774 d. July 28 1844

Morehart, Infant children of John & Sarah A. d. Sep 6 1883 2d
Morehart, Charles W. s/o Adam & M.E. d. May 20 1878 1y 4m 20d
Morehart, Joseph F. s/o Adam & M.E. d. May 20 1874 3m
Morehart, Twin Infants of Adam & M.E.
Morehart, David 1838-1916 Co. H 5th Pa. Reg. (GAR Marker)
Morehart, Susan E. w/o David 1847-1917
Morehart, Elizabeth d/o J. & S. d. July 25 1863 27y 5m 14d
Morehart, George s/o J. & S. d. Sep 11 1845 5y 11m 25d
Morehart, Hannah d/o J. & S. d. July 24 1854 1y 24d
Morehart, Levi s/o J. & S.A. b. May 29 1865 d. Feb 20 1866
Morehart, Jacob d. Jan 31 1849 58y 5m 27d
Morehart, John Co. K 5th Pa. Cav. (GAR Marker)
Morehart, Sarah Ann b. Feb 14 1843 d. Oct 11 1920

*Neeld, Coleman s/o W.J. & M.J. d. Dec 27 1867
*Neeld, Emma d/o W.J. & M.J. d. July 15 1872
*Neeld, Eviline d/o W.J. & M.J. b. Feb 28 1868 d. Nov 5 1868
*Neeld, Rosanna J. d/o W.J. & M.J. b. Sep 27 1861 d. July 30 1863

Newton, Forrest B. b. May 9 1909 d. Sep 12 1909
Newton, Lyman H. 2nd Lieut. Co. 48th Iowa Cav. (GAR Marker)

Oakes, Hugh D. d. Sep 1 1843 30y 10m 9d
Oakes, Flower d. Apr 11 1819 47y
Oakes, Thomas M. d. Oct 9 1830 23y

Piatte, Col. John d. Jan 19 1828 31y 10m 11d
Piatte, Mary w/o Col. John d. Mar 10 1853 59y 7m 13d
Piatte, Nancy M. d. July 18 1839 11y 11m 5d
Piatte, Elizabeth w/o John d. June 21 1834
Piatte, John d. Mar 10 1823 56y

Bomboy, Elizabeth E. Pysher w/o Boyd G. b. Sep 28 1870 d. Mar 10 1918
Pysher, John A. 1847-1937
Pysher, Sarah Jane Shaffer w/o John 1853-1913

Reed, Magdalen d. Apr 10 1872 55y 10m 27d

Reeser, Edward T. 1881-1934
Reeser, Mary L. w/o Peter F. 1849-1915
Reeser, Peter F. 1847-1919 (GAR Marker)

Ryan, Patrick Co. M 3rd Reg't PHA

Searles, Robert Jr. 1930 "Son"
*Searles, Anna D. 1880-1942
*Searles, Daniel 1871-1939
Searles, Richard Co. H 2nd Pa. Cav. (GAR Marker)
*Searles, Myrtle W. 1901-1968
*Searles, Robert J. 1902-1978

Sechler, Lydia w/o David d. May 17 1853 40y 2m 30d

Sedam, Jane Mary d/o S.T. & L.A. d. Oct 13 1856 8y 9m 24d

Shafer, Jno. Kirchbaum's Pa. Mil. (War of 1812 Marker)
Shaffer, Abigail w/o John d. Jan 18 1864
Shaffer, Adeline Haflet 1894-1918
Shaffer, Benjamin s/o Christian & Maria(?) d. Jan ?? 1839 6y (?) 29d
Shaffer, Daniel, s/o Christian & Maria(?) d. Apr 17 1851 16y 9m 4d
*Shaffer, Cornelius b. May 10 1827 d. Feb 3 1891
*Shaffer, Mary w/o Cornelius b. Sep 11 1832 d. Jan 2 1878
Shaffer, John H. s/o Cornelius & Mary b. Nov 9 1854 d. Jan 10 1855
Shaffer, Sarah J. d/o Cornelius & Mary b. Oct 19 1864 d. Feb 22 1865
Shaffer, George d. May 21(?) 1836 in 7th year of his life
Shaffer, George Washington b. Feb 9 1836 d. Aug 18 1913
Shaffer, Mary Jane w/o George b. Dec 10 1840 d. Mar 7 1900
Shaffer, Geo. Corp'l Pa. Mil. (War of 1812 marker)
Shaffer, George Sgt. Pa. Mil. (Revolutionary War marker)
Shaffer, Ida May b. Feb 24 1862 d. Feb 15 1871
Shaffer, Elizabeth d. Mar 13 1877 74y 2m 5d "Mother"
*Shaffer, J. Calvin 1856-1916
*Shaffer, Savilla w/o J. Calvin 1861-1925
*Shaffer, Infant s/o J. Calvin & Savilla
*Shaffer, Infant d/o J. Calvin & Savilla
Shaffer, J. Warren 1860-1936
Shaffer, Jacob d. Apr 22 18?? 68y 10m 29d
Shaffer, John d. Apr 17 1867 52y 8m 11d ? - (GAR Marker) "Father"
Shaffer, Sarah J. w/o John d. Feb 4 1893 69y 10m 10d
Shaffer, John, Esq. d. June 25 1857 71y 4m
Shaffer, Joseph Clyde 1892-1935
Shaffer, Joseph M. s/o John & Abigail d. Mar 28 1851 26y 6m 8d
Shaffer, Laura Piatt b. Jan 8 1875 d. Aug 30 1880
Shaffer, Lydia E. d. Aug 15 1857 16y 7m 29d
Shaffer, Margaret Ann d/o Samuel & Elizabeth d. June 1832 5y
Shaffer, Mary E. 1841-1856
Shaffer, Nancy Knox 1864-1943
Shaffer, Margaret w/o Robert b. Apr 3 1829 d. June 26 1857
Shaffer, Robert b. Aug 26 1822 d. Mar 29 1912
Shaffer, Samuel P. s/o Christian & Maria d. Oct 6 1848 2y(or 7y) 25d
Shaffer, Susannah d. July 27 1837 in 7th year of being
*Shaffer, W. Sherman 1866-1903
*Shaffer, Ida D. w/o Sherman 1866-1951
(Inscription says "buried in Muncy Cemetery")
Shaffer, Mary E. d/o J. & Sarah d. May 20 1850 15y 3m 20d

Sherk, Lidia A. d. Apr 30 1881 3y 10m 13d
Sherk, John D. b. Mar 5 1867 d. Dec 10 1877
Sherk, Magdalena w/o Wilson b. Apr 16 1845 d. Mar 16 1899
Sherk, Wilson Co. E 5th Pa. Cav. (GAR Marker)
Sherk, Sarah M. d/o W. & M. d. Apr 30 1873(?) 2y(?) 1m 5d(?)

Shick, Laura M. d/o Peter & Nancy b. Sep 10 1873 d. May 3 1892 18y 8m 29d

Shoemaker, Samuel S. b. Sep 6 1846 d. Mar 14 1913
Shoemaker, Infant d/o S.S. & L.

*Sillyman, Thomas
*Sillyman, Margaret w/o Thomas
*Sillyman, Thomas s/o Thomas & Margaret
*Sillyman, Jane d/o Thomas & Margaret
Sillyman, Mary w/o Thomas d. Oct 9 1830 39y

Simms, Alex (Pa. Mil. Revolutionary War Marker)

*Simpler, David W. 1840-1912
*Simpler, Nancy E. w/o David W. 1848-1915

Smith, Jacob (Pa. Mil. Revolutionary Marker)
Smith, Fredy A. d. Aug 5 1877 1y 5m

Snyder, Dora M. 1884-1898
Snyder, Emma C. w/o McCall 1862-1922
Snyder, McCall 1858-1941

Shnyder, Hanna Williams w/o Peter K. b. Apr 6 1827 d. Feb 5 1883 55y 10m
Shnyder, Mary M. d/o Peter & Hannah d. Apr 18 1865 17y 2m

Southerland, Lieut. Joel B. 1 Pa. Rifles (War of 1812 marker)

Spong, Clara M. w/o William 1876-19__
Spong, William H. 1859-1922

Strouss, George W. s/o Charles & Eliza d. Sep 10 1856 11y 11m 13d

Tate, John b. 1740 d. Feb 23 1826
Tate, Fanny w/o John b. 1751 d. Nov 15 1834
Tate, Isabella w/o William b. 1775 d. Apr 23 1821

Tenbrook, Jno. U.S. Soldier (Revolutionary War Marker)

Thornes, Katherines d/o T. & M. d. Aug 18 1897 2m

*Ulrich, Leo E. 1899-1973
*Ulrich, Eva U. 1903-1984

Vartz, Elizabeth d. Apr 28 1899 78y 7m 1d
Vartz, John H. d. Feb 2 1902 87y 10m 2d
Vartz, Meckly d. Feb 1880 18y
Vartz, Hannah M. d. May 18 1899 45y 1m 2d

Wagenhurst, Charles d. Jan 25 1858 45y 11m
Wagenhurst, Rebecca w/o Charles b. Oct 12 1811 d. Apr 15 1901
Wagenhurst, Charles s/o C. & R. d. Mar 2 1858 19y
Wagenhurst, Simon s/o Charles & Rebecca d. Jan 23 1865 23y 4m 28d
(GAR Marker)
Wagenhurst, Julia d/o Charles & Rebecca d. Feb 18 1858 10y 9m 5d

Waltman, Arthur 1905-1922
Waltman, Col. Brooks 1871-1942 "Father"
Waltman, Clarence s/o B. H.M. b. Jan 22 1901 d. Mar 19 1901
Waltman, David P. 1846-1925 "Father" (GAR Marker)
Waltman, Hattie 1876-1877 "Daughter"
Waltman, Hettie A. 1848-1888 "Mother"
Waltman, John d. Sep 11 1865 80y 6m
Waltman, Infant s/o N. & R.E. d. Feb 10 1908
Waltman, Jennie 1880-1954
Waltman, Maud 1900-1900
Waltman, Norman 1881-1963
Waltman, Norman E. s/o C.B. & R.E. b. Dec 6 1907 d. Feb 17 1908
Waltman, Oliver 1879-1960
Waltman, Peter d. Dec 11 1851 36y 8m 20d
Waltman, Rose E. 1877-1934
Waltman, Rose E. 1872-1922
Waltman, Sarah Jane d/o K.I. & D.R. 1936
Waltman, Mary H. w/o Valentine b. July 6 1820 d. Mar 26 1892 71y 8m 20d
Waltman, Valentine b.Nov 23, 1821 d.Feb 1 1900 Co.K 5th Pa. Cav.(GAR Marker)
Waltman, Valentine s/o P. & M. d. Sep 20 1866 18y 3m 1d
Waltman, Willis N. s/o B. & H.M. b. Mar 22 1903 d. Dec 15 1903

Webb, Benjamin Sr. 1820-1910
Webb, Catherine 1823-1898
Webb, Sara M. w/o B. Jr. b. Dec 25 1855 d. Oct 29 1878
Webb, Isaiah d. Jan 18 1868 21y 9m 20d

Weeks, Jessie, Ensign Pa. Mil. (Revolutionary War Marker)

Walters, Daniel H. b.Mar 5 1837 d.Dec 30 1913 Co.D 177 Reg. Pa. (GAR Marker)
Walters, Lydia w/o Daniel H. b. June 27 1834 d. Apr 2 1888 53y 9m 5d
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled
God in His wisdom has recalled
The boone His love has given
And though the body slumbers here
The soul is safe in heaven
Walters, Olive d/o D.H. & L. b. Mar 17 1866 d. Sep 26 1880 14y 6m 10d

Wencel, Andrew S. s/o J. & M. d. July 29 a842 2y 2m 6d
Wencel, Mary w/o John L. b. Dec 22 1799 d. Oct 16 1844 44y 9m 25d

Wertman, Infant d/o W.J. & M.
Wertman, Barbara A. w/o Daniel S. b. Sep 24 1836 d. Aug 5 1895 59y 10m 11d
Wertman, Daniel S. d. Jan 19 1886 59y 1m 2d
*Wertman, Ella Marie w/o Hyman 1902-19__
*Wertman, D. Hyman 1897-1923
Wertman, Max F. s/o W.C. & L.E. b. Apr 34 1926 d Apr 28 1926
*Wertman, Mary E. b. Feb 3 1862 d. July 29 1936 "Mother"
*Wertman, Oliver P. b. Dec 15 1861 d. May 10 1940 "Father"

Winters, Margaret
Winters, Ruth E. b. Dec 30 1910 d. Mar 17 1911

Zerbe, Dora C. b. Aug 19 1864 d. Dec 10 1880
Zerbe, Peter M. b. Sep 16 1865 d. Mar 22 1882
Zerbe, Susan A. b. June 21 1867 d. Dec 19 1880

Wenzel, Hannah w/o John L. d. Mar 2 187? 59y 11m 10d

Zimmerman, John d. May 4 1873 72y 4m 24d (GAR Marker)
Zimmerman, Sarah w/o John d. Oct 15 1894 91y 10m 13d

A large monument stands near the entranceway with the following:
To our unreturned comrades of 1861-1865. Their country called. They answered by their blood. Erected by their surviving comrades in 1902.

J. E. Burd S. Fisher W. Maffet
J. Heively J. Arbuckle D. Baily
C. A. Yost J. Dietrich J. Lapp
S. Taylor D. Jamison J. Sedam
I. Kieffer E. A. Wenrich H. Hall
D. Stiber W. H. Yost D. Farly
M. Baily W. Houser A. Kuhns
W. Vandling J. Burd

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