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Tomb's Run School
1898-1899 Pupils and Board of Education

Board of Education
W. T. Miller, Pres.
W.H. Hartranft, Sec.
M.B. Lentz, Treas.
H. T. Harris
William Fritz
C. Gebelein
George Becht, County Supt
A. M. Cochran, Teacher
      Frank Applegate
      Bertha Applegate
      John Applegate
      Carrie Applegate
      Frank Barto
      Mary Applegate
      Enoch Forsythe
      Elizabeth Barto
      Leon Forsythe
      Mellie Forsythe
      Fred Gloecker
      Mamie Hartranft
      George Gloecker
      Bessie Lentz
      Clyde Harris
      Ethel Lentz
      Eben Harris
      Irene Lentz
      Perry Harris
      Annie Maffet
      Charles Hartranft
Lizzie Maffet
Elmer Kaiser
Edith Miller
George Kaiser
Glennie Miller
Joseph Kaiser
Laura Reed
Ralph Lentz
Maud Reed
Vernon Lentz
Nellie Searfouse
Arthur McPherson
Garce Tomb
Harry Maffet
Rosa Wagner
Clyde Miller
Torrence Spong
Oscar Miller
Walter Stalcup Verus Miller
Earle Tomb
Joseph Reed
Fred Wagner
Roy Spong


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