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Williamsport Area High School
The Class of 1905
As published in Williamsport Grit, June 04, 1905

English Course -
Barner, Emma Belle

Brown, Adele Alevia Southgate

Brown, George Levi

Clinger, Ralph Sylvester

MacDonald, Harry Cohn

Faber, Clarence Eugene

Ferguson, Belle Herdic

Fisk, L. May

Guyer, Earl Guilford

Harrar, Warren Claude

Holloway, Charlotte Leslie

Jaggard, Robert Neilson

Southwick, Emma M.

Wendt, Mabel V.

Young, John Hess, Jr.

Zercher, Elizabeth

Special College preperatory -

Braddock, Henry Phillips

Latin Scientific -

Emery, Eugene McCarthy

Freed, Laura M.

Grier, Mary Hood

Levegood, Charlotte Marie

Maddaigh, Fred William

Moyer, Edith Vivian

Shank, Clyde Updergraph

Slout, Ida Mabel

Walts, George Randall

Ward, Mary Singer

Youngman, Florence Antes


Classical -
Cockburn, M. Ethel

Graybill, Elizabeth Virginia

Hopkins, Nellie Mae

Jordon, Elizabeth P.

Levey, Gretchen Rich

Walters, Sarah Ellen

Commercial course -

App, Helen R.

Bower, Grace H.

Bubb, Emma L.

Colt, Laura H.

Dennis, Martha F.

Kelt, Ruth M.

Martin, Pearl I.

Page, Levantia S.

Parker, Elizabeth

Piece, Edith W.

Reed, Minnie V.

Rubright, Edith

Schrieber, Genevieve C.

Sloatman, Emile R.

Sondhiemer, Caroline

Thrall, Marie H.

Watt, Jessie

Weider, Olive K.

Winner, Ruby

Wuster, Bertha R.

Linton, Chester B.

Lyman, Harold L.

Stopper, Fred S.


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