Murder of White Mingo 1768

Submitted by: Margaret Steen

Sunday, 10th of January occurred the murder of white Mingo and five other Indians, by Frederick Stump. The information of William Blythe, made at Philadelphia, on the 19th of January is in substance, that, hearing of the murder, he went to George Gabriel's, where he met Stump and several others, on the 12th, and was then told by Stump himself that six Indians, White Mingo, Cornelius, John Campbell, Jones, and two women, came to his house, near the mouth of Middle creek. Being drunk and disorderly he endeavored to get them to leave, which they would not do. Fearing injury to himself, he killed them all, dragged them to the creek, and making a hole in the ice, threw in their bodies. Then fearing the news might be carried to the other Indians, he went the next day to two cabins fourteen miles up the creek, where he found one woman and two girls, with one child. These he killed, and putting their bodies into the cabin, he burned it. That he (Blythe) sent four men up the creek, who reported that they had found the cabins burned, and the remains of the limbs of the Indians in the ashes. The scene of the latter deed was on the run that enters the creek at Middleburg, which goes by the name of Stump's run to this day. Stump and his companion, Iron Cutter, were arrested at Gabriel's, and taken to Carlisle jail. They were forcibly rescued on the 29th, were concealed about Fort Augusta a few days, and then fled the country. Tradition has it, that Stump died in Virginia many years afterwards.

Annals of Buffalo Valley by John Blair Linn, Published 1877 Page 24 and 25


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