Townships of Snyder County, PA

Snyder County was formed from land

taken from the southern portion of Union County, it was formed on 2 March 1855. Snyder County originally had 10 townships, at present time it has 15.

ADAMS formed in September 1874, from Beaver Township.

BEAVER is an original township, formed May 1787, from Penn Township while a part of Northumberland County. From 1787 until 1800 it was known as Beaver Dam Township. The territory first covered present day Beaver, West Beaver, Adams, Spring, and part of Franklin and Centre townships.

CENTRE is an original township, formed from Penn and Beaver townships in April 1805 while a part of Northumberland County.

CHAPMAN was formed in 1820 from a portion of Mahantango Township, whose territory, then in Union County, was divided among other newly formed townships.

FRANKLIN was formed 28 May 1853, from Centre Township. It was first called Swineford Township.

JACKSON "is an original township erected from Union, Limestone, and Penn townships," 24 February 1854, while a part of Union County. "After the erection of Snyder County apart of the territory was reannexed to Union County."

MIDDLECREEK was formed in September 1838, with land from Washington, Centre and Penn townships. In 1850, nearly half of the township was taken to form Jackson Township.

MONROE formed on 23 May 1856, with land from Penn and Union townships.

PENN is an original township created before Northumberland County was organized in 1772. It was reformed in Northumberland, when its territory covered Snyder County, much of Juniata County and 3 townships in present day Mifflin County.

SPRING formed 25 May 1885, from Beaver, West Beaver and Adams townships. UNION formed with land from Chapman Township, 26 May 1869.

PERRY was taken from Northumberland County's Mahantango Township in February 1816.

WASHINGTON is an original township taken from Penn, Centre and Mahantango townships on 14 December 1818, when a part of Union County.

WEST BEAVER was formed 16 May 1843, from Beaver Township.

WEST PERRY formed with land from Perry Township in December 1858.



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