The Arbogast Church is located in the Southwestern part of Perry Township, Snyder County. I will not go into the history of the church as there are other sources that have done that. My purpose for making this pictorial listing is to preserve the history on these markers, some of which are very old and deteriorating rapidly.  Many people do not have the convenience of visiting these old cemeteries yet they would like a picture of a family member’s tombstone.  Hopefully this is recorded in an easy to use format.  Markers are alphabetically arranged by last name.  When the husband and wife are on the same marker, the husband’s name appears first.  If I knew the wife’s maiden name, that appears even if it is not on the marker.  These were obtained from my family tree research and other cemetery listings. The row & stone numbers are approximate locations. Unfortunately, space is limited, so I could not include as much information under the pictures as I would have liked to.  I regret any errors that may appear, but some markers are past reading and others are barely legible.  This is current as of September 2005.  If you have any questions about this work, you may contact me:

 Kathy L. (Bates) Fisher 
 1121 Miller Road
 Dauphin, Pa 17018

 I am very grateful to Patty Campbell, a Perry Co. gal and dear friend, for her assistance and encouragement as I work at preserving these markers by photographs.  She has many family members buried in these Snyder Co. cemeteries, and has a great interest in the work also.

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A.P.S. Row 16-6 (next to Henry C. Stuck)                  Arbogast, Esther (1818-1870)                             Arbogast, Michael (1809-1881)                                Arbogast, Reuben (1845-1899)
(wife of Michael) Row 7B-7                                        Row 7B-6                                                            Row 7B-5
Arnold, Luther R. (1921-1998) Thelma D.                  Aucher, Joseph L. (1857-1926) Row 7B-1                    Auker, Albert J. (1890-1969)WWI                          Auker, Jacob L. (1854-1922) Esther     
nee Stahl  (1929-____) New Sec - Row 44                                                                                                (son of Jacob & Esther nee Arbogast)                       nee Arbogast (1854-1915) Row 7B-3

Auker, William (1893-1911) Row 7B-4                   Bargo, Hazel M. (1894-1894)           Bargo, Hazel M. (1894)                    Bargo, Henry (1890-1890)                 Bargo, Henry (1890)
                                                                       (dau of S.B. & Minnie) Row 16-6     
(dau of S.B. & Minnie)                       (son of S.B. & Minnie)                      (son of S.B. & Minnie)            
16-6                                            Row 16-6                                       Row 16-6

 Beaver, Ernest K. (1946-1946)                             Beaver, Ernest K. (1946-1946)                 Beaver, Ernest L. (1897-1972)                                             Benner, Walter M. (1917-1982)
(son of Ernest & Harriet) Row 4-13                      (son of Ernest and Harriet) Row 4-13          Harriet K. (1900-2002) Row 4-14                                               New Sec - Row 43-1