How To Create A PA ALHN Website

The Pennsylvania American Local History Network is an index of websites that deal specifically with one or more areas of Pennsylvania History.  The PA ALHN is made up of websites that choose to be networked together for the benefit of researchers.

If you would are interested in creating a website and would like to have it linked as part of our network, please read the following information first.

1)  Your site (be it a county or a topical interest) must deal with history in Pennsylvania.  If you host a genealogy website, please make sure you include that on your submission form so we can ensure that your site is indexed properly.

2)  Your site must be your own creation and contain some original authorship (transcription of records or other information that you have personally collected or authored) and not just a collection of historical links.

3)  Your site must conform to the standards outlined by the ALHN - see for the guidelines.

4)  Your site must not be commercial in nature - though links to commercial websites are allowed.

5)  Your site must not contain adult content, obscene language, or pornography.

All PA ALHN websites are screen for content and for graphical presentation of material.  We do not judge html expertise or artist talent (though we do discourage the heavy use of hard to read type faces and large graphic images for loading purposes).

If you are new to html and website design, please consider creating a PA ALHN website as one of your first web projects!  You can get assistance here:

Graphics and Other Goodies

You are welcome to use any of the graphics created by Pam Cresswell for the ALHN on your website.  This includes the ALHN logo, page title banner, and other bullets.  You do not have to place the logo on your page unless you wish to do so.  We do ask however, that you provide a return link to the PA ALHN homepage, as a courtesy to researchers.

If you decide to add a bulletin board or guest book to your website we do ask that you take responsibility for it and monitor it for content.  Bulletin Boards, guest books, mail lists, query pages, etc., are not required on any website.  Use of these tools is at the discretion of the webmaster.

Submitting Your Website

If you host an existing website and would like to have it indexed in our network, please use our online submission form located here.

Once your submission data is received, we will review your site for content and will notify you if you have been accepted into our network of sites.

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