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Please help us build this web site. If you know of any lost, forgotten, abandoned towns in South Carolina, please contact the webmaster. I can use pictures, old newspaper articles, historical documents and text files. All submitters will be given credit.

All towns marked with the "PO" are new listings. All of these listings were post offices during the 1800's. This information was gathered from the Post Office listing in the York County Historical Society in York, York County, South Carolina. It was compiled by ... and is part of their collection in the research library. I'll add more information on each as I get it. More towns will be added to the list, as there are close to 100 listed in this compilation. If anyone has any information on any of these towns/post offices, I would appreciate the help.
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Andersonville Allison Creek PO Allison's Store PO Antiock PO Bagdad PO
Bandana PO Belmont PO Bethany PO Bethel PO Borax PO
Brattonsville PO Blairsville PO Bowling Green PO Boydton PO Bullocks Creek PO
Carhartt PO Carp PO Catawba PO Catawba River PO Cherokee Iron Works PO
Clarks Fork PO Clay Hill PO Clover PO Coate's Tavern PO Ellenton
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