Bradley Photos

  The Carey Family of Bradley, S.D.(1885-1906)

  The Frank Rarick Family

ABOVE:  Frank Rarick, abt. 1875 and Rachel (Carey) Rarick, abt. 1880.

RIGHT:  The Rarick sisters, taken about 1896. Left to right: Altha about 6, Kate about 3, and Artha about 4.

Photos courtesy of Cheryl Haas.
George and Emily Carey

Headstone of George and Emily Carey. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Haas.

Rachel Carey Rarick

Headstone of Rachel Carey Rarick. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Haas.

Arthur Carey

Headstone of Arthur Carey. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Haas.

Myers Carey and Family

Myers and Mary Ellen Carey, taken in 1891 with their firstborn, Clara Alberta. Photo courtesy of June Carey Pearce.


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