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Map of Clark County
excerpted from
Pam Rietsch's
1895 Atlas.
[used by permission]

Clark County towns listed in the 1895 Atlas.  Many of them no longer exist except in memory.  Some of them are not shown on the map above, and several of those shown on the map were not included in the listings.
TOWNPOP.Post OfficeRailway OfficeExpress Office
Bradley 168 Yes Yes Yes
Carlton 15 Yes No No
Clark 592 Yes Yes Yes
Ellsworth 24 Yes No No
Elrod 25 Yes Yes Yes
Garden City 150 Yes Yes Yes
Golden   Yes No No
Julian 10 Yes No No
Merton 16 Yes No No
Naples 126 Yes No No
Pitrodie 75 Yes No No
Raymond 250 Yes Yes Yes
Sherwood 18 Yes No No
Success 25 Yes No No
Talcott   Yes No No
Vandervoort 25 Yes No No
Vienna 25 Yes Yes Yes
Warren 22 Yes No No
Willow lake 240 Yes No No
Willow Lakes   No Yes No

Clark County's townships, according to the 1911 Atlas of Clark County published by George A. Ogle & Co.

Individual township maps and city maps from this atlas:

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