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LAKE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA CEMETERIES This file was captured from the US Geological Survey's GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) at http://www-nmd.usgs.gov/www/gnis/index.html The cemeteries listed here are large enough to be labelled on the USGS maps.
Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map

Ash Grove Cemetery 4410'03"N 9706'49" W Sinai
Franklin Cemetery 4353'31"N 9701'42" W Lake Madison
Graceland Cemetery 4400'46"N 9705'25"W Madison
Lake Park Cemetery 4402'11"N 9659'53"W Rutland
Olson Cemetery 4409'52"N 9655'37"W Rutland NW
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 4353'29"N 9656'00"W Wentworth
Prairie Queen Cemetery 4408'28"N 9659'24"W Rutland NW
Prospect Cemetery 4353'59"N 9658'08"W Wentworth
Rose Hill Cemetery 4359'31"N 9658'30"W Wentworth
Saint Anns Cemetery 4408'54"N 9708'31"W Madison NW
Saint Johns Lutheran Cem. 4405'42"N 9717'52"W Oldham SE
Saint Thomas Cemetery 4359'29"N 9707'17"W Lake Madison
South Lake Campbell Cem. 4410'01"N 9655'04"W Rutland NW
Toles Cemetery 4410'02"N 9718'34"W Oldham
West Lake Cemetery 4409'58"N 9655'08"W Rutland NW
Winfred Cemetery 4400'28"N 9721'38"W Oldham SE

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