Our aim in the following pages is to give you a glimpse of Potter County—of what awaits you here. If it doesn't induce you to investigate—to come and make us prove that our land is the best buy in the whole Northwest—then this booklet is a failure.

For over a third of a century we have sold Potter county land exclusively—not in the style of the "boomers"who get your money in one year and then leave for pastures new; but in the same manner and spirit in which you deal with your neighbor—asking only what is fair, ever remembering The Golden Rule, and always keeping in mind that we must be able to look you in the face for another third of a century after you have bought from us.

For references we offer any bank in Potter County, and every man with whom we have ever dealt.

Make us prove everything we say or print. We like to do it. And if you don't decide, after you see it, that our land is worth MORE than we ask for it, we'll pay your railroad fare on the trip. Just risk your time. Isn't that fair?


©Copyright Virginia A. Cisewski, 2004