Most of the "Who's Who" articles contained in this book were formerly published in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, "Daily Argus Leader." However, eight of them were first published by "The Sioux Falls Daily Press;" and the rest of them were originally published in various papers scattered throughout the entire state. Two of them were written by Charles M. Day, editor of the "Daily Argus-Leader." These two bear his signature.

The editorial announcement of the intended publication of the first series which appeared in 1910, was made by the "Argus Leader" as follows:

The Argus-Leader has started the publication of a series of biographic articles by Major 0. W. Coursey, one of the "live wires" of the state, on "Who's Who in South Dakota." The first article had for its subject, Professor C. G. Lawrence of Canton, and the second one deals with former Senator A. B. Kittredge of this city. The other articles will follow from time to time and will, we believe, make a most interesting series for the consideration of the Argus-Leader's increasing army of readers in South Dakota.

In the presentation of these articles Major Coursey is given an absolutely free hand. The line is drawn on no one, and factional and party distinctions are going to be forgotten in the presentation of this series of articles about the men who "cut ice" in this state. Major Coursey will select the list of subjects, will secure the data and will write the matter, and it will be published exactly as it comes from his pen, without being "treated" in any way by editorial prejudice or favoritism. Keep your eye upon the "Who's Who" articles which are likely to prove as interesting as the series of articles on "The Birds of South Dakota," by Charles E. Holmes, published some time ago in these columns.


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