With regard to literary technicalities, it will be noticed that at some places "South Dakota" is spelled out in full; at others it is given its commercial abbreviation, "S.D.," while at others it appears in its correct abbreviated form "S. Dak." So also with the names of other states. In most of the articles the author refers to himself, when necessary, as "we," in true editorial style, while in others he uses "I." This change was sometimes necessitated by the very nature of the articles themselves; at others, it resulted from a temporary attack of "lapsus memorae," or from habit. Although these apparent literary discrepancies, and some others not herein mentioned, may prove sweet morsels under the tongues of occasional would-be literary critics, it has been determined to let them practically remain as they originally were.

Gathering the information was somewhat tedious, as may well be imagined; but the preparation of the articles themselves, was decidedly a "labor of love."

It is greatly regretted (more than mere words can herein express) that many other equally deserving South Dakotans could not have been incorporated in this work; but time and space forbade. However, another volume will appear later, in which only new names will be found.

—By The Author.


©2002, Virginia A. Cisewski
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