Addie Camp (Addie Spur, Canadaville, Kennedyville), Pennington county, South Dakota

Not all mining properties in and around the Black Hills were American owned. The Harney Peak Tin Mining, Milling, and Manufacturing Company, owner and operator of the great Addie Mine, was an English company developing the cassiterite deposits around Keystone and Hill City. In 1892, a railroad spur ran to the Addie to haul ore to the tin mill just east of Hill City. It gained new life on February 25, 1900, when the railroad was extended to Keystone. The operation proved to be unprofitable in the long term and the tracks were taken up in 1917. There was a platform station, saloon, boarding house, sidings, and a commissary car. The few scattered houses which remain are two to three miles east of Hill City on the old Hill City-Keystone gravel road. It was also known as Addie Spur and is also shown as Canadaville, probably should have been Kennedyville on USGS maps.

Addie Mine

Addie Saloon