From the early 1870's to the 1890's the cattle barons with their herds, experiencing drought, and more land seekers were moving their herds farther north. The representatives of the cattle companies met with the officials of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad to establish a more direct route to cattle markets than the M & St. Louis Milwaukee furnished. The desires of both were settled as they proposed a town site that became known as Evarts and the rails were laid from Bowdle to the Missouri River in 1900. The compromising gentlemen were caught in a storm as they planned the town site about ten miles southeast of present day Mobridge. Their hosts, the Gene Overholsers, were so hospitable that Mrs. Overholser's maiden name was chosen for the name of the new town. The same year the rails were extended to Evarts. The town soon boasted saloons, hotels, brothels, gambling houses, and supply stores of many types.