In 1884 there was a population of about of about 600 persons in Lookout, most working either in the sawmill, the Lookout Mine or the Spread Eagle Mine. Housing was plentiful along with the usual stores and shops of the early mining days. A bright future appeared to be ahead. In 1890 the governor of New Hampshire and friends took over the mill and Lookout property. From that time on the town dwindled and the last activity at the mine was in 1905. History is vague as to the reason for the decline. All that is left today is the ruin of the huge mill, the tramway up the side of the mountain to the mine and the trace of a flume that ran along the north side of Castle Creek. Lookout is easy to find. Turn west along Castle Creek at Castleton, a mile south of Mystic, and keep going. The canyon is spectacular.

Near Mystic

A few ruins remain.

Pennington county