The town of Medary was established in the year 1859, the first town in Dakota Territory. Submitted by: Justin Wehrmann

Medary, South Dakota. Medary was first established in 1857. The Santee Sioux burned the town down in 1858 after which the towns people left. The towns people returned to the site in 1871 and rebuilt the town of Medary. Medary became the object of raids by the Yankton Sioux during the period of time that it was reestablished until about 1879. The remaining buildings were subsequently moved to the larger town of Brookings about four or five miles to the North. To reach the Medary townsite travel I-29 to exit 121. From the exit ramp drive 1 1/2 miles west to Brookings County Road 77. Turn north and drive about 1 1/2 miles. There is a large monument and historical marker on the West side of the road. There are no remains.

Located outside Brookings city limits off US 29

Brookings county