Charles and Winnie Reed and their three children traveled across South Dakota in a covered wagon, homesteading at the site of Reed in 1905 in a sod house. A country store and post office were built here. The post office moved to Vail in 1910. The Reeds moved to Sturgis.

Located at the northern base of "Gumbo Hill".

"Nine Mile School" is located approximately 200 yards farther north and is located on the property of one of itís former students

Take exit 32 from I-90 into Sturgis. Follow highway 79/34 east through town, at the junction of 79 and 34, continue east on 34, past Fort Meade. After passing the Sturgis Airport turnoff, look for a road going north on the east side of Bear Butte, into the prairie. Turn left and go approximately 5 miles until you see a closed ICBM missile signal station on the right, concrete marker will be on left.

Reed Historic Marker

Reed School