Rochford was founded in 1877 when gold was discovered in a scenic location, deep in a canyon in the western Black Hills. Rochford became a railroad town in 1889 when the Burlington Northern built through the town as they pushed tracks to Deadwood from Custer. Today a few people still live in the idyllic location. Mill ruins dominate the town. The Burlington Northern tracks were torn up in 1985-1986. Submitted by: Bob stelow and David A. Wright

Rochford is about 16 miles northwest of Hill City, on the gravel road that leads through Mystic on up to Lead and Deadwood. It is a scenic trip, through the heart of the mining country. The town was founded in 1877. By December of 1878, Rochford had about 500 residents, 200 houses, a solid block of stores, two doctors, and a good school. It was a gold mining town. By 1900, however, the town was down to 48 inhabitants. Although the Forest Service is its main inhabitant today, the town retains the old look and flavor, and many old buildings are still standing.

From Lead, take US85 about 5 miles to good gravel exiting southeast. Go14 miles to Rochford. Some residentsstill here, grade school operating. Typical Black Hills area scenery.

Weather beaten landmarks, imposing mill ruins.

Pennington county