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5th Tennessee

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Brief History

Organized at Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee, summer of 1862 by Colonel William B. Stokes on the direction of Andrew Johnson, military governor of Tennessee. Disbanded in 1864.

Major Battles:

  • Murfreesboro
  • Chickamauga
  • Chattanooga
  • Lookout Mountain
Parts of this unit were stationed at Sparta to break up guerrilla bands under Champ Ferguson, Hughes and Bledsoe. The regiment is credited with battling Bedford Forrest to a standstill on the Franklin Pike and driving him from the field of Lavergne.

Stokes was replaced in 1864 by General Robert Huston Milroy shortly before the unit was disbanded.

Field Staff

Soldier Rank Notes Contact
William B. STOKES Colonel    
Robert Huston Milroy General    

Company K

Soldier Rank Notes Contact
Joseph Spurlock Private Pension application # 463009 filed on 24 July 1890 by widow Ibby Spurlock.   
William Spurlock Private Invalid pension application (# 608729) filed 05 May, 1887.  


Company L

Soldier Rank Notes Contact
James H. Spurlock Private Pension application filled # 2329595 for 07 OCT 1878 by mother Nancy Spurlock. Cert # 200418 from TN  


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