The Cannon County, Tennessee Genealogy Project

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My name is William Spurlock and I am the original designer and coordinator for the Cannon County Genealogical Project. Our goal is to provide a web site specializing in the genealogy and history of Cannon County, Tennessee. This project started out in 1994 as an original part of the USGenWeb Project. Because of the highly political nature of this group it was felt that it was in the best interests of all people researching Cannon County Tennessee from a genealogical or historical standpoint to distance ourselves from that project and focus on the primary goal of providing the single best resource for Cannon County, Tennessee on the Internet.

, the coordinator of this site from 1998 to 2000, passed the job back me in April of 2000. She had other matters requiring her focus at the time and was unable to devote the time required to maintain the project. Now in January 2006, I have found my time limited due to other projects I am involved in and Pat will begin coordinating the site once again.

The project is a ongoing and slow process of bringing together in one location as many resources covering Cannon County, Tennessee as possible. Pat is currently in the process of reviewing the entire site and has plans to update it soon. Please let her know if you find dead links or have suggestions and/or additions to enhance the project.


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