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Cannon County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Near Community Road/Branch/Church
Alexander Cemetery Milton Northcutt Rd.
Amity Cemetery Amity Church Hwy 53
Barton Cemetery Readyville Hwy 64
Beech Hill Cemetery Gassaway Hwy 53
Blair Cemetery Short Mountain Hwy 146
Bogle Cemetery Brysonville Thurman Tenpenny Farm
Bragg Cemetery #1 Culpepper Hwy 70
Bragg Cemetery #2 Culpepper Locks Creek Rd
Brandon Cemetery #1 Auburntown Hwy 145
Brandon Cemetery #2 Readyville Burt-Burgen Rd.
Brewer Cemetery Woodbury Doolittle Branch Rd
Bryson Cemetery Auburntown Hwy 145/Shiloh Church Rd.
Bush Cemetery Hollow Springs Parker Rd.
Bynum Cemetery Bradyville Hopewell Ch Rd/Dickens Hill Rd
Campbell Cemetery Centertown Ivy Bluff Rd/Powell Rd
Carter Cemetery Culpepper Locks Creek
Cateston Cemetery Readyville Hwy 64
Cherry Cemetery Hollow Springs Cove Hill Rd.
Comer Cemetery Short Mountain Short Mt. Rd.
Cooper Cemetery Auburntown Mingle Branch Rd./Hwy 145
Cummings Cemetery Woodbury Hwy 70
Curlee Cemetery Bradyville Curlee Church of Christ
Davenport Cemetery #1 Brysonville Witty Rd.
Davenport Cemetery #2 Brysonville Witty Rd.
Davis-Thomas Cemetery Burt Burt-Burgen Rd.
Donnell Cemetery Auburntown Hwy 96
Doolittle Cemetery Woodbury Doolittle Rd/Insell Rd. Junction
Duggin Cemetery #1 Brysonville Sanders Fork Bapt. Church
Duggin Cemetery Auburntown Auburntown Rd.
Edgefield Cemetery Woodbury Hwy 70/Hwy 145
Elkins Cemetery Woodbury Elkins Church
Espy Cemetery Hollow Springs Burt-Burgen Rd.
Finley Cemetery Woodbury Burt-Burgen Rd.
Foster Cemetery Woodbury Parched Corn Hollow Rd.
Gaither Cemetery Woodbury Hwy 53/Iconium Rd.
Gandy Cemetery Readyville Hoover Rd.
Gilley Hill Cemetery Beechgrove Gilley Hill Meth. Church
Good Cemetery Short Mountain Goodridge Rd.
Grizzle-Gunter Cemetery Short Mountain Pea Ridge Rd.
Harris Cemetery Readyville Dobbs Hollow Rd.
Herriman Cemetery Woodbury Hwy 145
Higgins #1 Woodbury Hurricane Creek Rd.
Higgins #2 Woodbury Hwy 53/Higgins Ln.
Hopewell Cemetery Bradyville Hopewell Church
Iconium Cemetery Iconium Icinium Church
Ivy Bluff Cemetery Ivy Bluff Ivy Bluff Church
Jameson Cemetery Burt Petty Gap Rd.
Jernigan Cemetery Beechgrove Hwy. 64
Jones Cemetery Auburntown Pleasant Ridge Church
King Cemetery Mooretown Parker Hill Rd.
Lassiter Cemetery Curlee 1 Mi. West of Curlee
Leoni Leoni Leoni Community Church
Lewis Cemetery Hollow Springs Dickens Hill Rd.
Liberty Cemetery Hollow Springs Kimmons Lane
Lorance Cemetery Hollow Springs Redman Branch
McKnight Cemetery Milton Northcutt Rd.
Melton Cemetery Half Acre Short Mountain Rd/Half Acre Rd
Milligan Alexander Cemetery Auburntown Hwy 145
Odom Cemetery Auburntown Hwy 145
Osment Cemetery Osment Chapel Comm. Short Mt. Rd.
Pallette Cemetery Bradyville Hwy 99/Hwy 64
Patton Cemetery Bradyville Bradyville Hill Rd.
Peeler Cemetery Woodbury Peller Rd.
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Comm. Pleasant Ridge Church
Pleasant View Baptist Church Pleasant View Bapt Ch Lonnie Smith Road
Preston Cemetery Woodbury Todd Hollow
Preston Cemetery Short Mountain Purser Hill Rd.
Ready/Gaither Cemetery Culpepper Lock Creek Rd/Bryson Hollow Rd.
Reed Cemetery Auburntown Hwy 145
Riverside Cemetery Woodbury Old Hwy 70S
Riverside Gardens Woodbury Old Hwy 70S
Rucker Goodloe Cemetery Milton Ray Hare Rd.
Saffel Cemetery Readyville Barker Rd.
Sagely Cemetery Beechgrove Hwy 64
Simpson Cemetery Burt Old Burt Rd.
Smith Cemetery Readyville Porterfield Rd./Jess Reed Rd.
Smithson Cemetery #1 Sheybogan Bullpen Rd.
Smithson Cemetery #2 Sheybogan Bluewing Rd.
Spurlock - Brown Cemetery Woodbury Woodbury City Park
Stephens Cemetery Woodbury Hwy 145
Sugar Tree Cemetery Sugartree Knob Sugartree Knob Church
Sullivan Cemetery Woodbury Hollis Cr Rd/Sunny Slope Rd.
Sycamore Cemetery Woodbury Sycamore Church
Thompson Cemetery Culpepper Hwy 70
Thyatira Cemetery Beechgrove Hwy 99
Tittle Cemetery Woodbury Pleasant View Rd.
Todd Cemetery #1 Burt Burt-Burgen Rd.
Todd Cemetery #2 Beechgrove Howard Youree Rd.
Tolbert Cemetery Beechgrove Tolbert Hollow Rd.
Travis Cemetery #1 Milton Andrews Creek
Travis Cemetery #2 Readyville Northcutt Branch
Tucker Cemetery #1 Culpepper Lock Creek Rd.
Tucker Cemetery #2 Short Mountain Hwy 70
Vance Cemetery Woodbury Hwy 145
West Cemetery Bluewing Elkins Church
Willard Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Doolittle Rd.
Wood Cemetery #1 Short Mountain Wood Church
Wood Cemetery #2 Readyville Barker-Lassiter Rd.



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