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BOGLE Notes - by Patricia Wilson Spradley, released January 2009. Look for your Cannon County ancestor(s) in the index preview of the book. Bogle Notes tracks descendants of William & Mary Bogle and their migration from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Middle Tennessee and beyond. Data is included from the authors personal research notes. The book includes obits, land record information, death record information, wills, census data, military service/pension data and other information. It includes 4,302 individuals, 668 surnames and a full name index. You will find many families from the Cannon Co., TN area in this book connected to this Bogle line including Bryson, Higgins, Davenport, Wilson, Cooper, Odom and more...


ODOM Oracle - by Sherrie Paty Barber, released October 2009. Look for your Cannon County ancestor(s) in the index preview of the book. Odom Oracle chronicles six generations of the James W. and Mary Crisp Odom family from 1811-1925.  By Jamesí death in 1843 a family dynasty had been formed in Middle Tennessee. Among the second generation, Franklin Odom, who owned over 2000 acres of land, more than 90 horses and 75 slaves, fought beside his six sons for the Confederacy.  By warís end Franklin had five sons, no horses and land overrun by carpetbaggers.  Warís devastation uprooted numerous Odom families moving them from Tennessee towards Texas and beyond.  This is the Middle Tennessee Odom story.

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