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Many times a person or family that we are researching is found one year, and missing the next. In many cases, and for various different reasons many Cannon County folks decided to move on to different areas of the county to make a living. This page is a attempt to put together a listing of Cannon County natives who relocated prior to 1900, and where they went to. If you know of other Cannon County residents that moved on that are not included in this list and would like to add them to it, please send the information to us and we will be more than happy to include it. 

~ Christian County, Missouri ~  Christian County Transcribed Records:

Adamson, Larkin & Editha (Gilley) Lived (she) 1840's Cannon
Burkhart, John A. & Beatrice (Phillips) Born (she) 1888 Cannon
Cates, Newlen & Nancy Ann (Melton) Born (She) 16 Jan 1857 Cannon
Caudle, Shadrach Newton "Newt" Lucy Ann (Melton) Born (she) 1858 Cannon
Cummings, J. P. & T. B. (Elledge)Married 28 Oct 1873 Cannon
Cummings, Malachi & Lucinda (Sullivan) Married 23 Dec 1845 Cannon
Curtis, Amos Franklin & Martha Elizabeth (Parton) Born (she) 1873 Cannon
Elam, Elisha & Doras (?) Lived (he) 1830's/1840's Cannon
Elam, Reuben & Leah (?) Lived 1830's Cannon
Elam, Tillman & Susan (?)Lived (he) 1830's/1840's Cannon
Elkins, Barclay Tillman & Mary Jane (Kessinger) Born (he) 17 Jul 1867 Cannon
Elkins, Cullen Bryant & Alice Eva (Flagg) Born (he) 01 Jun 1862 Cannon
Elkins, Euclid S. & Sarah Mary "Mollie" (Hart) Born 1862(he) 1867 (she) Cannon
Elkins, Higdon Richard Jarrett Ruth E. (Neely) Married 10 Jul 1859 Cannon
Elkins, Higdon Richard Jarrett & Eliza Ann (Higgins) Married 4 Feb 1868 Cannon
Elkins, Higdon Richard Jarrett & Amanda (Petty) Married c1871 Cannon
Fowler, Jacob B. & Martha Virginia (Elkins) Married 21 May 1846 Cannon
Fowler, Jacob B. & Susan (?) Lived (he) 1830's - 1868 Cannon
Fowler, Marion Huntley & Alwilda (Melton) Born 1860 (he) 1868 (she) Cannon
Gilley, John Wesley & Elizabeth (Garrison) Born (he) 13 Mar 1842 Cannon
Gilley, John Wesley & Dorothy (Odle) Born (he) 13 Mar 1842 Cannon
Gilley, John Wesley & Sarah M. (Bogart) Born (he) 13 Mar 1842 Cannon
Goff, L. P. * & Anne Caroline (Melton) Married 29 Mar 1870 Cannon
Gray, ? & Mary (Melton) Born (she) 1865 Cannon
Gwin, __ & Capitola (Phillips) Born (she) 1899 Cannon
Hacker, Joseph U. & Elizabeth Jane (Melton) Born 1856 Cannon
Harpole, Henry & Talitha (Melton) Born (she) 1838 Cannon
Hart, William* & Laura Ann (Fowler) Married 5 Nov 1864 Cannon
Hawes, Joel Whitney & Leota (Phillips) Born (she) 1889 Cannon
Hinsey, Charles Elmer & Margaret Ann (Phillips) Born (she) 1886 Cannon
Isbell, John Phenix & Paralee Imogene (Melton) Born (she) 1863 Cannon
McCoy, Harrison Lyons &Francis Mariah (Phillips) Born (she) 1875 Cannon
Melton, Ancil & Sarah L(avender?) Married 24 Jul 1851 Cannon
Melton, Ansel M. & Margaret M. (Willoughby) Born (he) 1832 Cannon
Melton, Ansel Marion & Abigail (Landers) Born (he) 1855 Cannon
Melton, Ansel Marion & Margaret Naomi (Atterberry) Born (he) 1855 Cannon
Melton, Ansel Marion & Leona Neoma (Plank) Born (he) 1855 Cannon
Melton, B. Benjamin & Melissa Caroline (Elkins) Married 28 Jan 1846 Cannon
Melton, Dillard & Emily Jane (Barnhart) Born (he) 1863 Cannon
Melton, Dillard & Laura (Johnson) Born (he) 1863 Cannon
Melton, Edmund Pendleton & Lucy Ann (Tatum) Born (he) 26 Dec 1846 Cannon
Melton, Edmund Pendleton & Icy (Gimlin) Born (he) 26 Dec 1846 Cannon
Melton, Greenfield & Ailcy C. (Melton) Married 8 Jan 1849 Cannon
Melton, Jacob & Lucy (Mathews) Resided 1812 - 1847 Warren/Cannon
Melton, Jacob & Georgia Ann (Stallings) Born (he) 1851 Cannon
Melton, James B. & Emaline "Emma" (Reed) Born (he) 1862 Cannon
Melton, James B. & Rachel F. (Lee) Born (he) 1867 Cannon
Melton, James Mattison & Mary Jane (Pendleton) Married 10 Jul 1845 Cannon
Melton, John G. & Lucy (Ellingsworth) Born (he) 1856 Cannon
Melton, John M. & Hannah D. (Turner) Married 14 May 1870 Cannon
Melton, Thomas J. & Sarah Catherine (Turner) Married 2 Aug 1853 Cannon
Melton, Ulysses S. "Jack" & Francis (Kelley) Born (he) 26 Oct 1866 Cannon
Mills, William Burrell & Sarah Mary "Mollie" (Hart) Elkins Born (she) 1867 Cannon
Nokes, Nelson & Flora (Elam) Married 03 Jun 1843 Cannon
Parton, John & Laura Ann (Fowler) Hart Married 2 Feb 1872 Cannon
Patterson, __ & Capitola (Phillips) Born (she) 1899 Cannon
Pendleton, Thomas Dillard & Elizabeth (Melton) Shepherd Married 5 Aug 1849 Cannon
Petty, James A. & Margaret E. (Brandon) Married 2 Dec 1865 Cannon
Phillips, Hugh B. & Mary L. E. (Prater) Prater* Married 6 Aug 1867 Cannon
Phillips, Hugh B. & Mary Belle (Fowler) Married 25 Jun 1876 Cannon
Phillips, Hugh B. & Malinda ( ) Mallet Lived (he) 1846 - 1879 Cannon
Phillips, Hugh B. & Arminda (Robinson) Martin Lived (he) 1846 - 1879 Cannon
Phillips, James Brown & Susan Mae (Fowler) Born (he) 1876 Cannon
Phillips, John David & Julia Ann (Womack) Married 1889 Cannon
Phillips, Ola & Clara (Mathews) Born (he) 1899 Cannon
Phillips, William Hearvy & Verna (McCoy) Born (he) Nov 1890 Cannon
Phillips, William Hearvy & Myrtle V. (Patterson) Born (he) Nov 1890 Cannon
Phillips, William Lincoln & Malissa Caroline (Elkins) Born 1862 (he) 1864 (she) Cannon
Phillips, William Lincoln & Sarah Jane (Holland) Born (he) 1862 Cannon
Preston, Samuel & Sarah Jane (Foster) Married 27 May 1850 Cannon
Shepard, ??? & Elizabeth (Melton) Resided 1840's Cannon
Shepard, Benjamin L. & Mary A.(?) Lived (he) 1840's Cannon
St. John, Floyd Ellis & Matilda (Cummings) Married 8 Mar 1849 Cannon
St. John, T. J. & Matilda (Scott) Born (he) 1863 Cannon
Stacel, Frederick & Leota (Phillips) Hawes Born (she) 1889 Cannon
Stewart, Caleb & Almeda (Melton) Born (she) 1850 Cannon
Stone, Benjamin Allen & Stacy Caroline (Pendleton) Married 17 Jul 1845 Cannon
Stone, Benjamin Allen & Eliza (Duncan) Lived (he) 1830's/1850's Cannon
Stone, Sammie & Inezzie (?) Born (he) 1864 Cannon
Tatum, William M. & Frances D. (Melton) Born (she) 07 Jun 1854 Cannon
Todd, Walter L. & Margaret (Elkins) Married 15 Jun 1865 Cannon
Todd, Walter L. & Jennie F. (Kelly) Born (he) 24 Jan 1847 Cannon
Walker, Leonard & Nancy M. (Adamson) Married 12 Sep 1842 Cannon
White, John H. & Octavia (Melton) Born (she) 23 Aug 1849 Cannon
Wilkerson, * & Elizabeth Jane (Melton) Married c1870 Cannon
Wimmer, Isaac & Laura Ann (Fowler) Hart Parton Born (she) 1848 Cannon
Word, William E.& Lucinda (Melton) Born (she) 28 Dec 1859 Cannon
Young, John A. & Stacy Caroline (Elkins) Married 23 Nov 1842 Cannon

~ Madison County, Arkansas. ~ 

Cox, Jacob
Dennis, Caldonia Jane
Dennis, George Matthew
Dennis, Elizabeth Elvira
Dennis, Matthew & Salena (Reeves)
Dennis, Tennessee Fine
Ferrell, John & Sarah (Spurlock)
Herriman, John & Mary Ann (Reeves)
Herriman, John Samuel
Herriman, Joseph
Herriman, Miles Campbell (Miley)
Herriman, Samuel & Sarah (Ledbetter)
Herriman, Ratchel Caroline
Herriman, Rebecca Frances
Herriman, Susan Jane
Ledbetter, Hugh & Mary (Herriman)
Ledbetter, James & Sabrina Tennessee (Reeves)
Ledbetter, Jefferson Brooks & Elizabeth (Herriman)
McDougal, Alexander & Nancy ()
Powell, James M. & Lucinda Jane (Reeves)
Reeves, Jeremiah Turner (J.T.) & Elizabeth (Handy)
Reeves, Laten D. (Morgan) & Adidaniah (Roberts)
Robinson, William & Nancy ()
Spurlock, Andrew Jackson
Spurlock, John & Emeline (Cox)
Spurlock, Joseph C. (Joe Miley) & Mary Ann (Vandergriff)
Spurlock, Miles & Susan (Sewell)
Spurlock, William J. & Leah (Spurlock)

~ Marion County, Arkansas ~ 

Doshier, John Henry & Martha Ann (Mears) m. 26 July l849 Cannon Co,Tenn
Gilliam, John C. & Caroline (Mears) m. ca l85l Cannon Co,Tenn area
Mears, William F. & Frances Elizabeth (Young) on l850 Cannon Co, Tenn census;l840 Cannon Co,Tenn census;l830 Warren Co,Tenn census


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