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2013 News Archives
Update on the Cox-Boles Cemetery Cleanup Project

Daniel Cooke did maintenance on the Cox-Boles Cemetery. Notice before and after pictures showing the condition of the cemetery at the beginning of this project and after the work was completed.

Daniel found the cemetery sign underneath leaves and brush. The sign was part of our cemetery sign project. Our volunteers will re-install the sign.


Confederate Marker Dedication for Sgt. Mathew Patton

50th Virginia Infantry - July 13th, 2013
The UCCA  purchased and set the markers with the assistance of Earl Smith with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, along with our very own UCCA Past President, Robert B. Ellison.


L-R: 1st row - Ollie N. Ellison, UCCA Board Member; Ellen Perry,President; Linda Coppock, Secretary.     L-R: 2nd row- Robert B. Ellison, UCCA Board Member; Gerry Myers, UCCA Board Member; Walter McAfee, Vice President; Scott Hall, Commander Longstreet-Zollicoffer Camp No.87.

New Marker for Sgt. Mathew Patton, 50th Virginia Infantry - C.S.A.

L-R- Sons of the Confederates: Phil Butler, Earl Smith, Ryan McKenzie, Jeff Sardella, Brian Fox, Rick Scott, Sam Miller, Commander Scott Hall, Adjutant John Hitt, Arthur Harris, Ron Jones, Sam Forrester.

The Sons of the Confederates fire off a salute during the dedication ceremony.

Sarah C. Clawson - 1st wife of Sgt. Mathew Patton, 50th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. Married April 12, 1866

Earl Smith with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, along with UCCA Past President, Robert B. Ellison.

Tina 'Tyne' Sheckles Boruff - 2nd wife of Sgt. Mathew Patton, 50th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. Married August 1906

Longstreet-Zollicoffer Camp 87, Sons of Confederate Veteran in conjunction with The Union County Cemeteries Association dedicated a Confederate Veteran Grave marker for 2nd Sergeant Mathew McDaniel “Dan” Patton Co. A 50th Virginia Infantryman on Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 11:00 AM. This ceremony will took place at Sgt. Patton’s grave in the New Mossy Springs Cemetery located in the Chuck Swain Wildlife Reservation, Sharps Chapel, Tennessee.

About Sgt. Matthew McDaniel Patton


Daniel, as he was commonly called, was born in Alamance Co, NC in March of 1845. Alamance County is in the northern middle part of North Carolina. I believe in the 1850's his family removed from there to Lee Co, Virginia, probably for land opportunities.  Lee County is in the most southeastern corner of Virginia, wedged in-between Tennessee and Kentucky.

On the 12th of April 1866, he married Sarah C. Clawson in Lee Co. You will notice I have skipped over his war years, of which I intend to address when he later applies for a pension.

I could not find Daniel in the 1870 census. I have found from past research that this is not unusual for Confederate veterans. Sometimes they just did not want to be found or  did not want to have anything to with the Federal Government. However, I did find his father in law in the 1870 census  in Sharps Chapel. So Daniel could have been there at that time or came along shortly thereafter. To come from Lee County, one could just float down the Powell river to Sharps Chapel.

Daniel and his wife Sarah had nine children from 1866 to 1886. Sarah passed away in November of 1904 and is buried right here. (New Mossey Springs Cemetery, Sharps Chapel, Union Co, TN) About a year and a half later, on 4 August 1906,  Daniel marries Tyne Sheckles Boruff. She is a widow with three children. He is 61 and she is 23! ..........Together they have eight more children!.........So all tolled Daniel has 20 children to raise.

Daniel applies for a Confederate Pension in April of 1911. We find his service to the Confederacy was from 10 May 1861 to 2 May 1865, from the start of the war to the finish. He joined Co A, 50th Reg ,VA Inf at Wytheville, Virginia. Daniel=s muster records are not very complete, but we can determine from his muster records, pension application, the sworn affidavits, and the 50th regimental history that Daniel was a 2nd Sgt with the 50th=s company of Sharpshooters. That he fought with both the Army of Tennessee and the Army of Northern Virginia. He fought at Fort Donelson, was captured and later exchanged. His unit was transferred to the Dept of Western Virginia and fought at Carnifax Ferry. The 50th was then transferred to the Army of Northern Virginia and fought at Winchester, 2nd Manassas, Chancellorsville, Cold Harbor, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Antietam and several smaller battles. They were with Gen Early when he moved through the Shenandoah Valley to threaten Washington, DC.... How did he ever survive? ....God must have been with him!

In trying to prove that he remained with his unit until the very end, his comrades in arms sent affidavits that said, I was with Daniel,.... until I was taken prisoner at Spotsylvania Court House ......until Gettysburg when I was captured, ....until 12 may 1864 when I was captured, ....until 1 March 1865 when I was captured at Woodstock, VA.

After Woodstock Daniels unit headed south to try to join up with Gen Lee. But by this time Lee had surrendered. The unit rather than surrendering, disbanded and tried to make it home. Daniel made it back to Lee County and was paroled May 2, 1865 at Cumberland Gap, KY.  On his pension application one question asks "How did you get out of the Army, when and where?" His answer was "Disbanded after surrender May 1865 near Richmond, VA".

Another question asks "Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government" Answer "I did after I got home". Question "If so when and under what circumstances?"  Answer "I had to if I got to stay at home". One question I thought was amusing. "Do you use intoxicants to any extent?" Answer "Not to any excess."

After three years of paper work his pension was approved on the 25th of May 1914. Daniel draws his pension from the state of Tennessee for about eight years and goes to his maker on the 7th of Feb 1922. He was then buried by his first wife Sarah. Tyne now has eight children to care for ages 4-18. Tyne dies a year later on the 4th of March 1923 in LaFollette and was brought back to Sharps Chapel for burial beside Daniel. As best that I can determine the eight children were spread among their Uncles and Aunts.

Tales from the Hills and Hollows of East Tennessee

Bonnie Peters, Union County Historian, Union County Cemeteries Association Board Member and Renown Author

Bonnie Peters, Union County Historian and Union County Cemeteries Association Board Member, has recently completed her seventh book.  Bonnie's new book is a compilation of  her columns from the Union County Shopper-News. Her book ‘Tales from the Hills and Hollows of East Tennessee'  is both educational and entertaining reading. You may email Bonnie Peters  at: bhpeters@att.net.

The Spring/Summer 2013 Edition of The Fieldstone is now online in PDF Format. Click here to view!