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The Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area was formed from land that was acquired in the 1930ís during the building of Norris Dam.  Within this area there are 47 known cemeteries that contain the resting places of many of the early pioneers of what became a part of Union County in 1850.  Listed here are the links to 41 of the 47 cemeteries.  The listing of those buried in these is not completed and we are continuing to add more information on those individuals who are buried in these cemeteries.  We are also continuing to photograph all of the headstones and grave markers.  Listed here is what information we have on the six remaining cemeteries that are not linked.  You will note that we have been unable to find the location of five of the six.

DUNSMORE CEMETERY contains one grave.  It is located on the Pound Hollow Road, but we have been unable to find. 

FARRIS CEMETERY contains four or five unmarked graves.  It is located on the Rice Irwin Road near the Albright Cemetery.

FLATFORD CEMETERY located on Big Loop Road across from the Weaver Cemetery, but we have not been able to locate.

SETTLES CEMETERY located on Mossy Springs Road but we have not been able to locate.

CHARLIE STOOKSBURY CEMETERY contains the grave of an infant.  This cemetery is said to be located near Point 10.

WHITE CEMETERY contains one grave.  It is located near the Boruff Cemetery, but we have been able to locate.


Many thanks to the various contributors for their hard work!


Albright Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Boruff, J.F. Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Bowman Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Bowman-Bolinger Cemetery (Located in Campbell County) - (By Leon Graves)
Brantley, (I) Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Brantley, (III), Huston Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Brantley, (IIII), Annis Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Brantley, John R. Cemetery - (By Robert & Ollie Ellison)
Bridges Cemetery - (By Randy Ellis)
Bridges & Miller Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Bridges, Rice Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Bridges, Samp Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Cave Springs Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Coffee Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Farris, Steve Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Flatford Hollow Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Ford Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Henegar Cemetery - (By Larry & Edie Doepel)
Hill, Old Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Hill Cemetery - (By Sharon Dover Romanek & Debbie Parris Hill)
Lay, J. D. Cemetery (Located in Campbell County) - (By Leon Graves)
Longmire-Prater Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Lost Creek Cemetery - (By B. Long)
Loy Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
McCarty Cemetery - (By Larry & Edie Doepel)
Meltebarger Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Mossy Springs, New Cemetery - (By Marcy Kleiman & Larry & Eddie Doepel)
Mossy Springs, Old Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Mount Olive Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Oak Chapel (aka Better Chance) Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Oaks (Levi Evans) Cemetery - (By Ray Parker)
Pebley Cemetery - (By Robert & Ollie Ellison)
Savage, Daniel Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Sharp-Rogers Cemetery - (By Ollie Ellison)
Shelby - James Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)
Stiner, F. M. Cemetery - (By Ollie Ellison & Leon Graves)
Stooksbury Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Stout-Dossett Cemetery (Located in Campbell County) - (By Leon Graves)
Weaver, J.W. Cemetery - (By Don Sanford)
White Cemetery - (By Don Sanford)
White Creek Cemetery - (By Robert Ellison)
Wilson, I. A. Cemetery - (By Leon Graves)