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The UCCA is recipient of the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance Award for 2010!!!!

Pictured L-R: Scott Brooks, President ETPA; Robert B. Ellison; Ethiel Garlington

(More photos below)




OCTOBER 08, 2010


The East Tennessee Preservation Alliance (ETPA) was founded in 2009 to serve the 16-county East Tennessee region.  ETPA is made up of representatives from all 16 counties and works to help further historic preservation in the region through educational events, technical assistance, and by assisting existing organizations.

Ethiel Garlington, Director of Preservation Field Services/ Knox Heritage presented the first annual East Tennessee Preservation Awards at Historic Rugby.  Accepted the award presented to the Union County Cemeteries Association on behalf of Ellen Perry, President was UCCA and ETPA Board member Robert B. Ellison.

The UCCA’s has been fortunate to have exceptional leadership. Those who have served  as presidents of the association are Robert B. Ellison; Linda Coppock; Leon Graves and Ellen Perry.

Presently UCCA Volunteers are in the process of photographing markers and transcribing the gravestone information that appear in each cemetery.

These cemeteries are then posted on “Find a Grave” which includes a photo of the cemetery sign, grave markers and an overview of the cemetery.

Through the UCCA Website a lists of cemeteries is linked to “Find a Grave”; this information is then easily accessible worldwide.

The UCCA has members from all across the country who are interested in the preservation of the graves of their ancestors and loved ones, as well as our county leaders.

Some of UCCA’s  History and ETPA’s award recognitions are as follows:

Almost 10 years ago, Bonnie Peters Union County Historian asked the County Executive to appoint an exploratory committee to undertake the formation of a Union County Cemetery Association with missions:

To actively seek ways to preserve these historic cemeteries sites and to make recommendations to the County Executive on a variety of preservation, restoration, maintenance, and perpetual care needs.

UCCA was led by Organizing President Robert B. Ellison, whose first step was to locate, identify, record information, place signage to preserve these locations & burial sites for future generations.

Initially, UCCA members and volunteers revisited and catalogued 331 cemeteries including (GPS) readings. Of these cemeteries 129 were located since the previous edition of FOOTPRINTS.

This new cemetery information was typed, proof read and readied for publishing.

The Union County Historical Society then published the third edition of FOOTPRINTS, Union County, Tennessee Cemeteries, 2000 Update.

UCCA members have spent many hours working on the clearing of endangered cemeteries throughout Union County. The UCCA worked with the State Forestry Division and Joe Elkins, who put cemeteries in the Chuck Swan WMA on a map.

Cemetery locations have also been placed on Union County Tax Maps & Union County Street Maps for future use, due to information submitted by UCCA.

The UCCA has aggressively worked toward obtaining signs for as many Union County cemeteries as possible.

Grass and shrubs do not stop growing. Persons who have maintained a cemetery for years, without monetary or physical assistance, can no longer continue due to health, financial reasons or death. Many thanks go out to those unrecognized volunteers.

Please don’t take it for granted that “someone/they” will keep your ancestors cemetery maintained. Who? better than YOU to take on that responsible.

Many goals have been met, but maintenance to guard against elements of nature and man are ongoing struggles that will be a never-ending constant threat of distruction of the  resting places of our loved ones.

Please mail any  donations to UCCA  P.O. Box 1315  Maynardville, TN 37807.

Submitted by:
Ollie N. Ellison