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The following items are available through this association Purchases can be made though PayPal online, or by check or money order (See information on mail purchases at the bottom of the page). Proceeds that are received from these sales support the association and are used to buy supplies that are necessary to maintain the many neglected pioneer cemeteries.


Old Mills Collectible Note Cards Series #1

We have just completed Old Mills Collectible Note Cards Series #1. They consist of a set of six cards with photos made in the 1930’s of old mills located in Union County Tennessee. They are black and white photos printed on ivory card stock and have matching envelopes. Each card has a photo of a different mill with a short description of the mill and where it was located.


$8.00 plus $3.00 S&H or 2 sets for $15.00 with no shipping charges in USA
Buy 2 sets & save


A U.C.C.A. Obituary DVD with over 8,300 obituary listings is available on our "Items for Sale" page!!!!!

DVD of Obituaries and Death Notices - From 1909 - February 2011




A DVD containing over 8300 files of obituaries & death notices from 1909 to Feb. 2011 was created by Don Sanford & donated to the Union County Cemetery Association to sell as a fund raiser for cemetery preservation & upkeep.

Most all obits tie to Union, Claiborne & surrounding counties' families. The obits were scanned from news print & copies of pages of scrapbooks of families from Union County. This collection, provided by several individuals, includes 572 obits from The Powell Valley Association of Primitive Baptists, years 1906 - 1970 which are titled "PVPB" following the person's name.

All obits are in alphabetical order by last name, first, etc. & were scanned using JPEG & PNG files on Windows O.S. 586 obits from 1999 - Feb. 2011.are in Word document which will require Microsoft Word to open & view these files. After the Word files were entered another collection containing printed copies during this same time frame was added which created 63 duplicates. Some files are not perfectly aligned. To order the UCCA Obit DVD, send check or money order for $40.00 to UCCA - Obit DVD, P.O. Box 1315. Maynardville, TN. 37807 or pay online via credit card through PayPal by visiting the UCCA on the web at: (http://www.usgennet.org/usa/tn/county/union2/fundraisers.htm)

Allow up to two weeks for USPS delivery. Price includes shipping & handling in US. (For shipments outside the continental limits, including Alaska & Hawaii, please contact us before hand with the shipping address to get the cost of mailing). A full name listing of these obits is available in Word via email to don sanford, ohno2311@comcast.net.

$40.00 (Includes S&H) in USA




Big Barren Primitive Baptist Church, Minutes 1838 – 1949

This church is said to have been established in about 1803.  It existed in Claiborne County for many years on Big Barren Creek in the area were the Cedar Grove Marina is located today.  It was relocated in the 1930’s during the building of Norris Dam due to the formation of Norris Lake.  This was the mother church for many of the Primitive Baptist Churches that were started later in both Claiborne and Union Counties.  The book contains 178 pages with a full name index.

$40.00 plus $6.00 S&H in USA



Union Primitive Baptist Church, Minutes 1856 – 1931 - BOOK 1

This church was established in Sharps Chapel in 1856.  Many of its first members had belonged to the Big Barren Primitive Church that was located several miles away in Claiborne County.  This book contains the first two of the five volumes of this church’s minutes. It was during this early time period that the split in the church took place over one of the articles of faith having to do with predestination.  Volume 1 runs from June 1856 thru December 1898.  Volume 2 is from December 1898 thru May 1931.  The book contains a total of 193 pages and each volume has a full name index.

$35.00 plus $6.00 S&H in USA



Union Primitive Baptist Church, Minutes 1931 – 1997 - BOOK 2

This book is a continuation of the minutes in book 1 and contains volumes 3, 4 and 5.  Volume 3 is from June 1931 thru December 1964, volume 4 is from January 1965 thru December 1976 and volume 5 is from January 1977 thru October 1997.  The book contains a total of 269 pages and each volume has a full name index.

$35.00 plus $6.00 S&H in USA



Blue Springs Primitive & later Missionary Baptist Church, Minutes 1848-1937

This church was originally located north of the Powell River in Union County and served an area that also included part of the Speedwell in Claiborne County.  It includes some of the early pioneer families in this part of Tennessee.  The church moved sometime in the latter 1800’s.  Today is located on the Sharps Chapel Road not far from the Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area.  The book contains 226 pages with a full name index.

$40.00 plus $6.00 S&H in USA



Tennessee Valley Authority Cemetery Map of the Norris Reservoir Basin 1937

This map shows the location of cemeteries that existed at the time of the building of Norris Dam.  It has a legend that indicates disinterment cemeteries from both flooded and isolated areas and also for cemeteries that were surveyed and mapped.  It also shows were most of the re-interment cemeteries and some of the cemeteries that were not disinterred were located.  This cemetery location map is quite helpful when checking out the T.V.A. cemetery surveys that are currently being researched and presented on this association’s website.  This map measures 19X29 inches and includes a cemetery map position index.

$10.00 plus $4.00 S&H in USA



Powell Valley Association of Primitive Baptist Minutes, 1906 – 1970

This book is a 1971 reprint of the first 64 original printed minutes of this Primitive Baptist association.  It is out of print and most likely will not ever be reprinted. It has 711 pages but it does not have an index.  A separate index of the over 550 obituaries that are recorded in these minutes has been done and is also included with your order.

$25.00 plus $4.00 S&H in USA



Harbison – Graveston, Knox County, Tennessee and the Graves Genealogy

This is a limited edition reprint of the work of Thomas Howe R. Neal.  It was originally published by the author in 1971.  The book contains 141 pages and includes a full name index.

$25.00 plus $4.00 S&H in USA



Story of the Snoderly Murders of 1894

This is a limited edition reprint written in 1894 of the murders of Henry Snoderly and his 3rd wife Sirena “Clear” Snoderly.  It includes the trial and hanging of John Stanley and Clarence Cox.  This booklet contains 31 pages and one full color photograph.

$10.00 plus $4.00 S&H in USA


Union County Map
(Click on Map Image to Enlarge)

This new map of Union County indicates the location of most if not all of the cemeteries located within the county.  This is full color, two sided map measures 26 by 40 inches and has a complete index to all streets, roads, churches and cemeteries.  Any corrections or additions to this map will be posted on the cemeteries association web page.

$5.00 plus $1.00 S&H in USA



With the exception of the Union County map, all of these items are shipped book rate and are insured.  For shipments mailed outside the continental limits, including Alaska and Hawaii, please contact us before hand with the shipping address to get the cost of mailing.  Orders for these items may be purchased through PayPal online, or at the following address.….

The Union County Cemeteries Association
P. O. Box 1315
Maynardville, TN 37807
Check us out on the web at