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Our Goals
1. Continual updating of each cemetery’s catalog.
2. Maintain a listing which identifies a contact person for each cemetery -- particularly for ingress and egress across private property and the name of the Treasurer for financial matters.
3. Obtain signs for all Union County cemeteries.
4. Grave plot map all U. C. cemeteries that have not been mapped and develop a Union County map showing cemetery locations.
5. Work with the State Forestry Service to assure access roads and maintenance in the Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area. The location map needs to be updated with index and Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates noted on it to make these cemeteries easier to find.
6. Clarify responsibility for maintenance on State land and Federal (TVA) land.
7. Recommend state legislation to assure our cemeteries are protected.
8. Explore funding for maintenance and restoration -- grant possibilities, church and civic group adoptions of the very small cemeteries in each community. Research grant possibilities for restoring old stones that need to be re-cut or cleaned as well as cemeteries that need to be cleaned and restored.
9. Recommend a policy concerning Clear Cutting of big trees in cemeteries, identify and secure a certified sprayer for weed control.
10. Identify any Indian Mounds or Native American burial grounds within the county.
Note: Some of the goals are partially met, but this is a massive ongoing undertaking.