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In Memoriam

In Memory of “Sillus” Rogers

Sillus Rogers was one of the founding members of the Union County Cemeteries Association and he was a faithful member for over 10 years. Before Sillus and his wife, Donna retired and moved back to Sharps Chapel his childhood home, he drove from Jefferson City to UCCA meetings and to work on the restoring of numerous cemeteries through out Union County. 

Work he did included cutting trees and brush from cemeteries, mowing, fencing and helping with the placing of more than 200 signs at Cemeteries. These signs were purchased by individuals with interest in particular cemeteries and by donations made to the UCCA for this purpose.

Although Sillus had a personal interest in the Johnson Cemetery and the Browning Cemetery he cleaned other Sharps Chapel Cemeteries, also.

These included Ambros Sharp Cemetery, Lyons Cemetery and Shelby Cemetery and many others. He checked on and cared for 30 cemeteries in the Chuck Swan Wildlife Management area.
Sillus had a special interest in the Lost Creek Cemetery and following the turning over of the last of funds for this cemetery by Leonard Wolfenbarger, Sillus made a commitment to take care of it as long as he could. Sillus attended reunions there with his dad and mother, Clee and Minnie Rogers when he was young.
Not only did Sillus work diligently toward preserving the cemeteries in Sharps Chapel he spent many hours on other cemeteries in Union County. If you would like to help us continue this work in Sillus’ memory please contact one of our members.
Another project that was of great interest to Sillus was the restoration of the historic Oak Grove Elementary School in Sharps Chapel where he attended grade school. If you would like to help with this you may contact Bonnie Peters at 865-687-3842 or email her at bhpeters@esper.com.