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TVA Disinterment Cemetery Surveys of the Norris Basin

Looking for a lost ancestor that you are convinced would have been buried in Union County or one of the other counties that made up the Norris Basin? Then this just might be the place for you to start searching for those elusive ancestors whose grave sites may still be were they were originally buried so many long years ago.  The Tennessee Valley Authority has stated that all but 22 graves were moved from the area that was known as the Norris Project.  Using their own cemetery surveys, removal statistics and listing of the individual grave sites that were moved, you will begin to understand that many more graves may in fact have been left to be inundated and lost forever under the waters of Norris Lake.  Listed here are the 165 cemeteries that have so far been identified as lying in the Norris Basin that were surveyed and mapped.  All of those that do not indicate a property owner are known to have been surveyed, but we have not yet been able to obtain a copy of the survey.  If other surveys are found latter on then they too will be added to this listing.  We will begin with cemeteries that were located in Union County and then add the cemeteries from the other four counties that were also impacted. A few of the cemeteries listed here were above the 1040 foot elevation and still exist today.  It appears that they were surveyed only because some removals were taken from them. On each page we will present as much information that we are able to glean from original TVA documents.  The researcher should also keep in mind that many of the graves that were moved and some of those that were left are shown as unknown.  There were also many graves that were re-interred that are still today without any grave marking or headstone.

B. Leon Graves - 7/2005


Click on each highlighted cemetery to view its respective TVA Disinterment Cemetery Survey Map

Cemetery Number Cemetery Name Property Owner County Location
1 Arnwin Fielding Arnwine  Claiborne
2  Baker Ike A. Wilson Union
3 Baker Betty Baker Campbell
4 Beeler M. J. Sparks Union
5 Big Barren   Claiborne
6 Brown   Campbell
7 Browning George W. Browning (Heirs) Union
8 Cannon Reuben Cannon Campbell
9 Clear Creek   Campbell
10 Cedar Hill Baptist Ch.   Campbell
11 Christian W. M. Christian Union
12 George (Colored) Ida George Union
13 Cook Isaac Cook Union
14 Corbin Sarah Corbin Grainger
16 Fields J. H. L. Buckner Union
17 Graves K. Watt Union
18 Green Sam Green Campbell
19 Haggart Minnie Haggart Union
21 Hatmaker (Love) Harley Hatmaker Campbell
23 Bullock Silas Hatmaker Campbell
24 New Heatherly Harrison Heatherly  Campbell
25 Old Heatherly Harrison Heatherly Campbell
26 Heifner Abe Heifner Union
27 Hicks Z. D. Hicks Campbell
28 Hodges L. B. Hodges Union
30 Indian Creek   Campbell
31 Eula Troxler Cal Irwin (Heirs) Union
32 Irwin Anna Irwin Union
33 Irwin Omer Irwin Campbell
34 Irwin Palmer Irwin Union
35 Keck H. Keck (Heirs) Union
36 Keller E. A. Sharp Union
37 Kidwell J. L. Kidwell Union
38 Lambdin Foraker Lambdin Union
40 Lemarr John F. Taylor Union
41 Lewis #1 William Lewis Claiborne
42 Lewis #2 J. N. Lewis (Heirs) Claiborne
43 Branson William Lewis Claiborne
44 Liberty   Campbell
46 Lindsay S. E. Lindsay Campbell
47 Lindsay Mill Martha Gaylor Campbell
48 Longmire #1 Dr. J. M. Ousley Union
52 Mack Loy W. S. Loy Union
53 Loy McHenry H. Loy Union
54 Loyston Baptist Ch. Talaver M. George (Heirs) Union
56 Miller John Miller Union
59 J. H. Sharp Campbell County Trust Co. Campbell
60 Montgomery T. M. Clepper Campbell
62 Woods Dave Woods Campbell
64 Old Fleming Freeman L. Sharp Union
66 Robbins Cal Robbins Campbell
67 Sweat Maynard Sweat Union
68 Shelby Ev Shelby (Heirs) Union
69 Stooksbury McHenry Stooksbury Union
70 Mitchell John F. Mitchell Union
71 Mitchell-Fox Esau Simmons Union
72 York-Fox William J. York & Sam Fox Anderson
73 Nelson Esther B. Nelson Union
74 Sharp Ella & Brice Sharp Union
75 Sharp Lon Sharp Union
76 Well Springs   Campbell
77 Sharp Lon Sharp Union
81 Stooksbury L. Stooksbury Union
84 Troxler John B. Troxler Union
85 Richardson G. P. Richardson Union
86 Russell Milton Russell Union
87 Russell J. H. L. Buckner Union
88 Oaks E. A. Sharp Union
90 Whited (Browning) W.S.Whited & G.W.Browning (Heirs) Union
92 Watson Reid Hill Union
94 Whited R. F. Whited Union
95 Murray Joe Hatfield Campbell
96 Millers C. N Miller (Heirs) Union
97 Sullivan H. F. Cole Claiborne
98 Rains C. L. Waddle Campbell
105 Spangler John McNeely Campbell
107 Jones Earnest Bashears Campbell
108 Nelson & Camel (Campbell) Minerva Ann Bowman Campbell
109 Brewer Martha Brewer Union
112 Cook R. C. Cook Union
113 McNeeley   Campbell
114 Suttles M. O. Davis Campbell
117 Harless Nell Sharp Campbell
119 Johnson C. R. Huddleston Campbell
123 Needham S. V. Needham Union
125 Pierce J. A. Pierce Campbell
126 Palmer H. L. Palmer Union
128 Rutherford Moss Rutherford Anderson
129 Sharp Aaron Sharp Campbell
132 Sharp Calley Sharp Union
139 Hills Big Spring Sherman Hill Union
147 Braden Jordan Claibourne Campbell
152 Fletcher Chapel W. A. Fletcher Union
154 Hutchinson & Lyon Roscoe Lacey Union
155 Brannem Jim Hutcheson Union
159 Evans Mossie Evans Claiborne
160 Honeycutt W. L. Evans Claiborne
166 Sharp Plumer Sharp Union
172 Richardson Luther Richardson Campbell
174 Reach Rubin Avis Campbell
180 Stooksbury Sam Fox Anderson
181 Gose S. P. Gose Claiborne
186 Colored Cana R. Stooksbury Union
191 Sharp J. F. Sharp Union
192 Sharp Henry Sharp (Heirs) Union
194 Snoderly William Langley & W.D.Snoderly Union
195 Oaklonia Lillie Turner Union
197 Palmer T. W. & Tilman Wyrick Union
199 Brown J. M. Brown Claiborne
204 Mason Boyd Mason Claiborne
208 Loy Buck Loy Union
209 Langley Will Langley Union
210 Carroll Sherman Loy Union
215 Jennings Robert Jennings Claiborne
218 Smith Isaac Smith (Heirs) Claiborne
222 Coffman James Welch Grainger
225 Hatfield C. L. Waddle Campbell
226 Robertson John Robertson Claiborne
229 Norton Frank Norton Union
230 Loy McHenry H. Loy Union
233 Taylor Horace Taylor Union
234 Graves A. Grant Graves Union
240 Bakers Forge   Campbell
249 Arnwine Fielding Arnwine Claiborne
250 Farmer Susan A. Farmer Claiborne
254 Sharp Eli Sharp Campbell
266 Butcher E. Z. Butcher Union
272 Smith   Campbell
273 Gose T. J. Gose Union
276 Savage (McCoy) D. V. Savage Union
281 Shumate M. C. Shumate (Heirs) Claiborne
286 Reedy C. M. Grant Campbell
291 Wilson E. L. & Emma C. Hill Union
296 Buckner J. A. Buckner Union
314 Boyd James Loy Union
315 Pile (Pyle/Pyles) William Rutherford Anderson
316 Evans F. S. Hamilton Union
317 Pyle (Pyles)   Anderson
318 Hatmaker Charles Hatmaker Campbell
319 Snodderly S. L. Snodderly Union
320 Dripping Springs W. S. Richardson Campbell
321 Brock Ed Morton Campbell
322 Graves  W. A. Graves Union
324 Cooper’s View   Campbell
331 Longmire Von Longmire Union
332 Hobbs John Miller (Heirs) Union
333 Witt J. L. Witt Union
334 Vance C. E. Palmer Union
335 Palmer William G. Palmer Union
336 Freeman John Monday Campbell
337 Mt. Moriah Wade Ridenour Anderson
518 Graves R. C. Graves Union
520 Shelby Della A. Shelby Union
521 Brock Ed Morton Campbell
525 Stokes Luther Heatherly Campbell
P-26 Graves Cas Graves Union
P-27 Henegar Sherman Claiborne Union
P-28 Hills Big Spring Sherman Hill Union
P-32 Lay J. A. McCarty Campbell
P-33 Lindamood E. R. Lindamood Union
P-35 Longmire No. 2 Dr. J. M. Ousley Union
P-36 Longmire No. 3 Dr. J. M. Ousley Union
P-57 Russell James Russell Union
P-67 Union County Farm Union County Union
P-73 Tolliver Bryant Tolliver Union


Submitted by B. Leon Graves