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List of Names with an Obituary or a Death Notice on this DVD


This is a list of only the names of those who are listed in this DVD. However, these listings come in many file formats on this DVD. (Example: .JPG, .BMP, .PNG and .DOC)







A- Jesus Christ Obit - Source Unknown
Abbot Nancy H..
Abner Dicie
Acuff Ada Hill
Acuff Bernice Lois Duggan
Acuff Brittany Michelle & Whitney Nicale - Infant twins of Donald & Belinda
Acuff Charles B.
Acuff Deadrick
Acuff Evart
Acuff Ida Baker
Acuff Ida Carr - Rites - With Photo - Mother of Roy Acuff
Acuff Kate
Acuff Lilly Maude (Miss)
Acuff Mildred Mynatt - With Photo
Acuff Nancy C. (Nannie)
Acuff Nancy J. Gilbert
Acuff Owen L. - Death notice
Acuff Ray Gerald - Obit
Acuff Rev - Partial obit
Acuff Reva
Acuff Ruby Wikoff
Acuff Syllus C.
Acuff Wilbert L..
Acuff Zola Barnes
Adama Lucy Knisley Dunkle
Adama Velma Daniels
Adams Charles DeWayne - Infant son of Gary & Debra
Adams Dillon Joe Jordan
Adams Howard Eugene Sr.
Adams Paralee Hunley
Adams Roy E..
Adams Velma Daniels
Adbury Oma Beatrice Woolard
Adcock Pearl Dyer
Adkins Louise
Adkins Ralph Austin
Ailor Ammie
Ailor Arlena Mahalia Oxendine
Ailor Artie L. White
Ailor Beulah
Ailor Bryon (Heath)
Ailor Earl J. - With photo - Death notice - Owner Ailors Mortuary
Ailor Ethel Kate Tharp
Ailor Ettie Wilder
Ailor Flossie Anderson
Ailor Frank L..
Ailor Glenn Edward - Death notice
Ailor James C. (J.C.)
Ailor James L. - With Photo
Ailor Katherine Crippen
Ailor Kenneth E. - Death notice
Ailor Kenneth E..
Ailor Laura
Ailor Michael Wayne
Ailor Myrtle L..
Ailor Nancy Lamae Emert
Ailor Odra L..
Ailor Thelma Kay Witt- Owner Ailors Mortuary. Page 1
Ailor Thelma Kay Witt- Owner Ailors Mortuary. Page 2
Ailor William Jennings
Albright I.F. Rev.
Albright Loren Union - With photo
Albright Mossie Bledsoe
Albright Vaughn Rev. - Death notice
Albright Vaughn Rev.
Albright Zola Bridges
Albrught Paris
Alexander Anna Lou Bowman - With Photo
Alexander Dorsey Death Notice
Alexander Dorsey
Alexander James Robert Dr.
Alexander Sylvia June Cooper
Alford Peter Ernest - Death notice
Allen Bonnie Cheek Bell
Allen Darryl Lynn
Allen Emma White
Allen Sterlin
Alley Irene Christine
Alley James Gordon
Alley T. Sgt Robert Kyle Sr.
Allred Janette Loy
Alston Delia Mae Drummonds
Alston H.L. Elder
Alston J.W.
Alston James P.
Alston Joseph Jefferson
Alston Nancy Minerva Campbell
Ambrose Cyrus G. & Mary Troxler
Ames Trenton D.
Anderson Belvia Ousley
Anderson Emert H.
Anderson Esther Faye Hill
Anderson Gracie Lee Rutherford
Anderson H. E..
Anderson James W. Rev.
Anderson Lee
Anderson Lorene Minton
Anderson Mary Ann - Wife of Virgil H.
Anderson Mary Ann McCoy
Anderson Nancy O. Young
Anderson O.V. (Ora) Sr.
Anderson Pearl Stiner - With photo
Anderson Roy R..
Anderson Sallie A. Hill
Anderson Virgil Huston
Anderson William Holbert - With Photo
Andrew Floyd C
Andrews Gertie (Mama) Branum
Archer Esker V..
Archer Odra R..
Archer Vina L. Raley
Arms Ambrose Elmer
Arms Brandon Lee
Arms Necie Warwick
Armstrong Mildred Brakebill - Death notice
Arnold Grace Harrison
Arnold Mable Monroe
Arnold Mrs. Lodusky (Duck)
Arnwine Anna Sue
Arnwine Edward C. (Zeke)
Arnwine Logan Ronald
Arnwine Myrtle Severs
Arnwine William Floyd Rev.
Arwood Roy Rev.
Asbury Larma
Asbury R.E. & & Gibson Robert C- Drowning - Norris Lake
Asbury Robert Eugene (Bobby) -Death notice
Asbury Robert Eugene (Bobby)
Asbury Zula Hatfield
Asher Helen Rimer - Death Notice
Asher Helen Rimer
Ashmore Bonnie B. Miller
Atchely Glendon
Atchely Herbert W. Dr.
Atchley Cecil L.
Atchley Elizabeth Layman
Atkins Andy
Atkins Arthur L. (Ott)
Atkins Bessie E..
Atkins Bessie Needham
Atkins Chad Matthew
Atkins Cora Gaines Kitts
Atkins Coy Escol
Atkins Dan
Atkins Deboreh Kay Wilkerson
Atkins Deboreh Kay Wilkerson
Atkins Edna Alberta
Atkins Edward A. (Alec)
Atkins Emma Johnson
Atkins George - Death notice
Atkins Gerakd W..
Atkins Helen Bates
Atkins Hester Wyrick - With Photo
Atkins Hester Wyrick - With Photo
Atkins Hobart Freeman
Atkins J. Harvey (Tige)
Atkins Jack (J.T.) Tommy
Atkins James C- Half brother of Chet Atkins
Atkins James C- Half half brother of Chet Atkins
Atkins Joe Leslie - With Photo
Atkins John
Atkins John Harvey (Tige)
Atkins Kenneeth Carter
Atkins LaFate (Fate)
Atkins Lester William
Atkins Lillie Mae Pierce
Atkins Lou Oliver
Atkins Margaret (Snooks) Hamley
Atkins Mary (Helen) Effler
Atkins Melvina
Atkins Misty Dawn (Nankervis) - With Photo
Atkins Misty Dawn Nankervis - With Photo
Atkins Nathan
Atkins Nola Starnes
Atkins Olof Andrew Rev.
Atkins Richard Kenneth
Atkins Samuel Lon
Atkins Sophia Elizabeth Irwin
Atkins Virgie L. Creech
Atkins William Horace
Ausmus David
Ausmus Elizabeth
Ausmus James Elder
Ausmus John Elder
Ausmus John Fred (Jack)
Ausmus Kenneth R. - With photo
Ausmus Lela M. Dunn
Ausmus Linda Jane Taylor
Avens Nancy Weaver Hill
Aycock Edith
Aycock Haywood

Bailey Betty Lou Sturgeon
Bailey Beulah H..
Bailey Carson E. (Dickey) Jr.
Bailey Claude - Death notice
Bailey Clyde (Rabbit) Rev.
Bailey Cornelius
Bailey Dora Ladd
Bailey Dora Marie
Bailey Dora Marie
Bailey Dorothy Lee Beeler
Bailey Dorothy Munsey
Bailey Duskey
Bailey Ellen Arlene McClung
Bailey Frank (Rev.)
Bailey Fred
Bailey Glen A. (Jay)
Bailey Goldie Thomas
Bailey Iona
Bailey James (Jim)
Bailey James Arthur
Bailey James Earl
Bailey James Joseph - Infant
Bailey Jane - 4-7-1966
Bailey Jane Munsey
Bailey Jerry Lynn
Bailey Jessica Renea - Baby
Bailey John Edgbert (J.E.)
Bailey John H..(Joe)
Bailey Joseph Carl
Bailey Joseph T. - Death Notice
Bailey Joseph T..
Bailey Laura Alice Collins - Death Notice
Bailey Laura Alice Collins Obit
Bailey Leonard (Hard Rock)
Bailey Lucille N..
Bailey Lula Pearl
Bailey Lula Pearl
Bailey Lydia Sands
Bailey Mamie Cooper
Bailey Michael John (Mike)
Bailey Norma Sue
Bailey Ora
Bailey Parley A. McClaine - Death Notice
Bailey Parley A. McClaine
Bailey Pearl Nicely
Bailey Raymond F.
Bailey Robert
Bailey Roma Lifford 1-8-1979
Bailey Roy Jr.
Bailey Roy
Bailey Steven Lynn
Bailey Susie Belle Muncey
Bailey Thelma Cadle
Bailey Wendell Wayne (Bobby)
Baily Leaty Weaver
Baker Barbara Ann Obit
Baker Betty Jean
Baker Bruce Alton
Baker Carrie N. Hamilton
Baker Charles T..
Baker George (Cas) Caswell
Baker George Caswell Squire - Auto accident notice
Baker Georgia - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Baker Gordon Lee - With photo
Baker Howard Henry - Congressman
Baker James Edmund - Death Notice - By MVBG
Baker James Edmund
Baker Jane (Miss)
Baker Jane Rice
Baker John H..
Baker Louisa Irwin
Baker Martha A. Wood - With Photo
Baker Martha Katherine
Baker Ruby Cook Miller
Baker Samuel Burton
Baker Tina
Baker Ulah Hill
Baker Virginia Rutherford - With Photo
Bales Shirley Miller
Baley J.W.
Ball Mary Robinson
Ballard Rose Smith
Ballard Sherman
Ballentine Jeffries Davis - In Memory Of
Banner Walter M.- SGT -Death notice-With photo
Barker Alta Rose Graves
Barker Della Mae Beason
Barker Flonza W..
Barker Hugh G..
Barker Jimmy Ray
Barker John Elmer
Barker Lila Whited - By MVBG
Barker Lurlie (Boots)
Barker Russell Ben (Rev.)
Barkley Joseph D. (Joe)
Barnard Donnie Lee Bunch
Barnes Anna B.
Barnes Carol Dean Brantley
Barnes Curtis H..
Barnes Dee
Barnes Eula Rosenbalm
Barnes J. Frank - Death notice
Barnes John Herman
Barnes Lawrence
Barnes Plumer R..
Barnes Roy L..
Barnes William Fred
Barnett Ethel Carr -By Margaret Freemon
Barnett William Starlen -By Margaret Freemon
Barnhill David (Adam)
Barr Mary Eileen Rosenbalm
Barr Robert C.
Barry Edith Grizzell
Bartholomay Herbert
Bartley Lizzie Sharp
Barton Stacie Carol
Bateman Helen Kitts
Bates Doris Elaine Hundley
Bates Earl Clifton - With Photo
Bates Edgar R..
Bates Elmer Monroe Jr. (Punken Man)
Bates Geraldine
Bates Reba Mullins
Bates Shannon Dennis - With Photo
Bates Shannon Dennis - With Photo
Batts Ruth Carolyn
Bayless Edgar L..
Bayless Twila Cox
Bays Lindy Burnett
Bays Sarah E. Coomer
Bays Thadeous Warsaw
Bays Willie Hayden Obit
Beal James Neubert (Buck) - With photo
Beal James Neubert
Beals Donna Marie Raetz - With Photo
Bean James D. -4-22-1980
BeanLawrence S. (Rev.)
Beason Austin - Passing
Beason Brandall Lee (Brad)
Beason Clarence A. (Hanner)
Beason Danny Lee
Beason David Leander (Prock)
Beason Herbert Lee
Beason James Austin (Mutt) - 8-4-1965
Beason James Patterson (Gee)
Beason John D.
Beason Ola Edwards
Beason Sarah Elizabeth Lambert
Beason Sarah Elizabeth Lambert
Beason Tawna Lea
Beason Vaughn W. (Von)
Beason Zana Turner
Beatty Sharon McDaniel
Becker Charles Richard & Crysteen & Michael
Beeker Henry L. - Age 76
Beeler Adam Wayne - With Photo
Beeler Alfred Leon Sr.
Beeler Alice M. Banks
Beeler Alice Rozella
Beeler Alpheus B. - 6-28-1974
Beeler Austin Lynn
Beeler Berney Bryan
Beeler Bert L..
Beeler Betty Jean Helton
Beeler Billy C.
Beeler Briscoe Latham
Beeler Broadus C. (Jack) - Death Notice
Beeler Broadus C. (Jack)
Beeler Burton Leon
Beeler Carnel Houk
Beeler Carrie Belle Gilbert
Beeler Charles Clarence
Beeler Charles R..
Beeler Clara O.Dell Mallicoat
Beeler Clarence B.
Beeler Clarence E. (Bus)
Beeler Claude C.
Beeler Clemma Drusilla Brewer
Beeler Cline E..
Beeler Clyde Chalmers
Beeler Clyde H. - With Photo
Beeler Damiel
Beeler Danny Ray
Beeler David Preston
Beeler Dora Daphene
Beeler Dorthy G. Lawson
Beeler Dramma E. Ousley
Beeler Eddie DeWayne (Pete) - Death Notice
Beeler Eddie DeWayne (Pete)
Beeler Edridge H..
Beeler Evelyn M. Cox
Beeler Frailey Charles
Beeler Francis Marion - From Jeri White Lett
Beeler General Lawton
Beeler George Forrester (Rev.)
Beeler Gerald Wayne - With Photo
Beeler Gertie Carter
Beeler Glen Archie
Beeler Glenna D. Faulkner
Beeler Grace L. Smith
Beeler Grover Gibson
Beeler Handy Harvey
Beeler Hattie Thomas
Beeler Hazel McBee
Beeler Herman L..
Beeler Horace Lee
Beeler Howard Franklin
Beeler Hughes
Beeler Hughie Claude From Jeri White Lett
Beeler Ibbie Ellison
Beeler Icie L..
Beeler Ida Mae Betty
Beeler Ida Mae
Beeler Ida Mae
Beeler Ida McMillan
Beeler Ina Sexton
Beeler Irwin Park
Beeler Isaac Odra
Beeler Isaac Samuel - (Rev.) Death notice
Beeler J.W. Jr.
Beeler J.W. Sr.
Beeler Jacob Lee Jessee - Infant
Beeler James - From Jeri White Lett
Beeler Jane Irwin
Beeler Jerrica Marie
Beeler Jessie Mae Gentry - With Photo
Beeler John Michael
Beeler Juanita Vandergriff
Beeler Katie Smith
Beeler Kenneth M. -Death notice
Beeler Kenneth M..
Beeler Kermit Theodore (Pete) - 3-5-1981
Beeler Lillie Myrtle Butcher
Beeler Lou Anna
Beeler Lula Buckner
Beeler Luther L. (Cline)
Beeler Luther L. Cline - Died- Apr 29 1978
Beeler Marguerita D.
Beeler Mary Catherine
Beeler Mary Ella Smith
Beeler Mary Ethel Washburn
Beeler Mary Loucinda
Beeler Matilda Jane (Tilda) Burnett
Beeler Max G..
Beeler Mildred R. Shuler
Beeler Mossie E. Sharp Williamson
Beeler Mrs Cecil Turner
Beeler Ola Mae Brooks
Beeler Oppie E. (Miss)
Beeler Orpha Ann Robertson
Beeler Paris L. - Death notice
Beeler Rebecca E..
Beeler Richard Lynn
Beeler Richard V. - Death notice - By MVBG
Beeler Richard V.
Beeler Robert Layfette
Beeler Roy B.
Beeler Ruby Dorrene Ogle
Beeler Sammie
Beeler Seagle E..
Beeler Sophia
Beeler Sue R. Butcher - Death Notice
Beeler Sue R. Butcher
Beeler Timothy Wayne (Slime)
Beeler Tory Ray
Beeler Troy L.
Beeler Vaughn B.
Beeler Vaughn Hazen
Beeler Vesta Pauline From Jeri White Lett
Beeler W.O.
Beeler Walter (Pete)
Beeler Walter Lee
Beeler Wayne
Beeler Willard C.
Beeler William Mark
Beeler William Ora
Beeler William Otis
Beeler William Ronald
Beeler Zella
Beets Edda Mae Gose
Beets Egbert
Beets Mary Ann (Miss)
Begley Chester (Rev.)
Begley Lettie Faye
Bell Eula Mae (Miss)
Bell Foster P.
Bell Garnie (Rev.)
Bell Mary Lou Fields
Bell Myrtle Emily White
Bell Nina Lynch
Bennett Dennis Ray - With Photo - Death Notice
Bennett Dennis Ray
Bennett Harlan A. (Ben)
Bentley Florence Privette - 8-7-1973
Bentley Grace Gouge
Berry Adeline
Berry Albert Dewey - Furnished by Jean Kear
Berry Arrie M.
Berry Benjamin Franklin (Frank)
Berry Carolyn Sue- Furnished by Jean Kea
Berry Charles Gary- Furnished by Jean Kea
Berry Charles Ulysses
Berry Clifford P.
Berry Clyde L.
Berry David Avia
Berry Davis Archie (Infant)
Berry Della
Berry Dora L. Braden
Berry Edmund
Berry Eli
Berry Elmer L.
Berry Elmer Leroy- Furnished by Jean Kea
Berry Everett Monroe (Elder)
Berry Flossie Ruth Murphy - From Jean Kear
Berry Georgia Anna Stiner
Berry Harley Otto Jr. - Furnished b Jean Kear
Berry Harley Otto Sr. - With photo
Berry Helen Ethel Welch
Berry Ida Belle Shelby - With photo
Berry Lee
Berry Lester L.
Berry Lewis
Berry Lura Owsley
Berry Luther Albert - With photo- Furnished by Jean kear
Berry Magnola (Nola) Cox
Berry Mamie Dorothy Moore - - With phot- Furnished by Jean Keao
Berry Mary Helen Carwile
Berry Mary Katy McBee
Berry Maude
Berry Millard W.
Berry Ozetta
Berry Pryor Lee
Berry Rhoda F.
Berry Robert Wayne Sr. Death Notice - Furnished by Jean Keao
Berry Robert Wayne Sr.
Berry Silas Virgil
Berry Tyler Allen
Bertschy Ann M. Browning
Bible Icy Lee
Bible Jess
Bice Elmer Lee
Black Joseph Edward (Ed) - With Photo
Blackburn Hazel Inez Eastridge - Death notice
Blackburn Hazel Inez Eastridge
Blackburn Bernice R. Hamilton
Blackburn Gerald Lynn
Blackburn William Bruce
Blackmon Edith Lula Rutherford
Blackmon Margaret Atchley
Blair Angela June
Blair J.O. (Doc) - With Photo
Blair Mollie
Blakenship Nina W. - With Photo
Blanchard R. Lowell - WNOX Radio
Blanchard Sally Irene
Blankenship Anna Tolliver - Death notice From Jeri White Lett
Blazer Alex Jr.
Blazier Della Mae Webb
Bledsoe Arnold D.
Bledsoe Dewey L.
Bledsoe Ellar Bridges - 3-1-1994
Bledsoe Hazie Bridges
Bledsoe Michael Roger
Bledsoe Mossie Hill
Bledsoe Shana Denise
Blevins Baxter
Blevins Betty Napier
Blevins Katie Hill
Boatman Walter (Pete)
Boggs Isaac
Bolden Billie
Boles NeElmo Hortense Melvina
Boles Josie
Boles Sallie Beeler - 2-14-1978
Boles William K. (Bus) Sr. - With Photo
Boles Willie Ann Robertson
Bolinger Alfre M.
Bolinger Mae Wolfe
Bolinger Nettie R.
Bollinger Stella
Bolt Lewis Bayless
Booker Adron V.
Booker Alice Shell Newman
Booker Bert L.
Booker Bertha Wolfenbarger - 10-15-1967
Booker Carson D.
Booker Ceonie C. Collette
Booker Clara E..
Booker Darrell
Booker Della L. (Aunt Sis)
Booker DeWayne Mitchell
Booker Evelyn - With Photo
Booker Fred Edward - Services
Booker Fred Edward
Booker Grover W. - With photo
Booker Horace E. Sr.
Booker Ida A.
Booker James Henry (Jim)
Booker James Verlin (Rev.)
Booker John S.
Booker Lewis F.
Booker Major Hillard C.
Booker Mary Jane (Granny)
Booker Minyard T. (M.T.)
Booker Roberta A. Flatford
Booker W.E. (Uncle Bill)
Booker William Cloyd
Bookout Edith Hutchison
Borden Horace E..
Boruff Arthur
Boruff Babara Elison
Boruff Curtis O.
Boruff Elix Jackson
Boruff Henry Vewell
Boruff Henry Vewell
Boruff Hugh M.
Boruff Irona V.
Boruff Isaac Rosen - Death Notice
Boruff Isaac Rosen
Boruff James Marion
Boruff Lewis Lafayette
Boruff Lillie
Boruff Louis LaFayette
Boruff Luvena Baker
Boruff Margaret (Mamaw Granny)
Boruff Martha Viola Petree
Boruff Milffred
Boruff Minnie Cameron
Boruff Nancy M. Southerland - Feb. 2, 1952
Boruff Orpha A.
Boruff Othel L.
Boruff Samuel E..
Bowen Andrew J. - By MVBG
Bowen Lellie
Bowen Mary Lee Calloway Wilder
Bowers Susan Jane - Death Notice
Bowers Susan Jane
Bowers Vada Thomas
Bowles Clayton L.
Bowles James Clay Sr.
Bowles Lillie Graves - 1-16-1959-By MVBG
Bowles Reba Jane Ousley
Bowlin Larry Eugene
Bowling Bonnie Wallace
Bowling Clara Mae - Death notice
Bowling Cleo Minnie Roe
Bowling Elmer E. - With Photo
Bowling Geneva Elliott
Bowling Imogene Myers
Bowling Joseph S. - Elder - With photo
Bowling Pervie Donahue
Bowling Troy (Ricky) Jr. - With Photo
Bowman Arthur Lee (Art) - Obit
Bowman Arthur Lee - Death notice
Bowman Auble F.
Bowman Barbara (Jane) Shoffner
Bowman Barbara (Jane) Shoffner
Bowman Beulah Mae Graves
Bowman Ernest Murlin
Bowman Ethel Sharp Hobson Stevenson
Bowman Frank Howard
Bowman Geneva Christine Rutherford
Bowman Lopttie - Mrs U.S.
Boyer Martha J.
Brabson Everet
Brabson Ora E..
Brabson William Taft
Bracken Alma Rose
Braden Barbara Lilly Cain
Braden Brice
Braden Chris Harold
Braden Dora T. (Ma)
Braden Ella Kay Edwards
Braden Florence (Shorty)
Braden Francie Duncan
Braden Fredrick Roscoe
Braden Ima Moyers
Braden James (Cam)
Braden James Harvey Sr.
Braden John Dave
Braden Mary Ann Cain
Braden Matilda Smith
Braden Nancy J.
Braden Reva Mae
Braden Rocky Eugene
Braden Sarah Alice Davis
Braden Sarah Vennie
Braden Stella Chesney (Mrs. B.)
Braden Stella Chesney (Mrs. B.)
Braden Troy J. Jr.
Braden Winnie Candress Hopper
Bradley Ina Mae Tharpe
Bradley John P. (Uncle Johnnie)
Bradley Lucy Welch
Bradley Martha Clodissia (Tess) Jackson
Brady Ethtl Gibbs
Brake Darrell Y. Sr. -SSGT Ret - Death Notice
Brake Darrell Y. Sr. -SSGT Ret
Branam Kenneth Edward Sr.
Branch Billy Joe - With Photo
Branham Daisy - By Margaret Freemon
Branham George- From Margaret Ffreemon
Branham John W. - By Margaret Freemon
Branham Richard - From Margaret Ffreemon
Branson D.A. Rev.
Branson Floyd Jr.
Branson Ruth Harless
Brantely Onis (Tony)
Brantley Ada Bolinger
Brantley Albert E. - 6-30-1964
Brantley Alfred Z.
Brantley Anna belle
Brantley Arlie
Brantley Barsha Ogle
Brantley Beulah Marie Sorey - 7-31-1979
Brantley Burlis (Burkey)
Brantley Charity Willamson
Brantley Claudia Arlettia Rowe
Brantley Clifford K. (Elder)
Brantley Clyde Edward
Brantley Cora Shelby - 11-30-1991
Brantley Daniel
Brantley Daniel Milton (Melt)
Brantley Delona R. (Del)
Brantley Donald Wayne
Brantley Dora Ethel Wilson - 10-12-1982
Brantley Earl A. -7-4-1994
Brantley Edith
Brantley Edward Cole
Brantley Edward Coleman
Brantley Emma Savage
Brantley Everett Otis - With Photo
Brantley Everett P.
Brantley Fern Belle
Brantley Fred V.
Brantley Freeman
Brantley Gniece Cleo (Miss)
Brantley Homer Herndon
Brantley Isaac Kenneth
Brantley Jahue
Brantley James R. - 12-27-1938
Brantley James Robert - 7-21-1954
Brantley John S.
Brantley Kelso Leroy
Brantley Kenneth Paul - July 2 1981
Brantley Lamada Cook
Brantley Larry Marvin
Brantley Lawrence
Brantley Lonnie Rice
Brantley Louella Faye Helms
Brantley Maggie M. Farrington
Brantley Manda Armina Harrell
Brantley Margaret Ann Burnette
Brantley Marie Farris
Brantley Martha Adeline (Ad) Berry- 05 Aug 1949
Brantley Martha Tim Watt
Brantley Martha Wells - 11-24-1990
Brantley Mary Jane Sturgill
Brantley Melissa Sue
Brantley Michael Rev. - With Photo
Brantley Milton Daniel
Brantley Milton Elder
Brantley Minerva (Nervie)
Brantley Mylus
Brantley Nancy (Nacks) Lynch
Brantley Nola M. Weaver
Brantley Nola M. Weaverr
Brantley Onus Carl
Brantley Rhoda Bowman
Brantley Robert Kenneth
Brantley Robert L.
Brantley Ronnie Alvin (Shad Man) - With Photo
Brantley Rosa Lynch - Death notice
Brantley Rowena Smith
Brantley Samuel C.
Brantley Sarah Jane Ellison
Brantley Sarah M. Ellison
Brantley Theodore Godfrey Sr. - Rev.
Brantley Theodore Godfrey Sr. Rev. - - Death Notice
Brantley Theodore Godfrey Sr. Rev. - With photo
Brantley Thomas
Brantley Thomas
Brantley Troy Edward Rev.
Brantley Vanston O'Neil (Neil)
Brantley Wallace D. - Rites Set
Brantley Wayne- Driver of Fatal Bus Accident
Brantley William
Brantley William Elvin
Brantly Alice
Branum Leola Bailey
Branum Maxwell Earl
Branum Nola B.
Bray Edd Daryl (Eddie)
Bredden Tammy L. Highland - With Photo
Breeden Ruth Presley
Breeding Elta McCollough
Breeding General Jacob Rev.
Breeding Mary Marie Johnson
Brewer Carrie A. Browning - Death notice - By MVBG
Brewer Carrie A. Browning
Brewer Carvel Uyles (Jug)
Brewer Elizabeth Williams
Brewer Ernest Oliver (Jack)
Brewer Evelyn Waltrud
Brewer Florence Robinson
Brewer Freda Belle Whited
Brewer Grover Cleveland
Brewer Harold M.
Brewer Henry Ira - Pfc - Obit
Brewer Henry Ira - Pfc - With Photo
Brewer Hugh
Brewer Ida Mae
Brewer Imogene Minnie (Granny) Sherritze
Brewer Ina Elizabeth
Brewer James C.
Brewer James Preston (Press) - by MVBG
Brewer Judy Carol - Infant of Ernest Oliver - By MVBG-
Brewer Lewis Dering Brewer
Brewer Lonnie Foley
Brewer Marion A. - Newspaper article - With Photo
Brewer Martha N. Christian
Brewer Mary Ann Shultz
Brewer Mary Shoffner
Brewer Matthew Ollen (Rev.)
Brewer Nancy J. Cox
Brewer Nile & Kiser Fred - Auto accident deaths - My MVBG
Brewer Olivia Ruth Grizzell
Brewer Paris Virgil
Brewer Rachel Keck
Brewer Raynond N.
Brewer Relda Leona Beeler
Brewer Robert Brady
Brewer Rondie Rector
Brewer Rondie Rector
Brewer Rose Louise
Brewer Roy Lee
Brewer Smith
Brewer Thomas H.
Brewer Turley Keck
Brewer Wylie B. - By MVBG
Brewer Zora H.
Brickey Trula Hill
Bridges Albert S.
Bridges Alva Drew
Bridges Alvis Maynard
Bridges Amos Lee - 11-8-1980
Bridges Anderson Duke
Bridges Barbara Jane
Bridges Belvie W.
Bridges Bessie
Bridges Buda Beatrice Bea - Death Notice
Bridges Buda Beatrice Bea
Bridges Casley
Bridges Charlie Clayton
Bridges Clella Settle
Bridges Conard L. - 1-24-1958
Bridges Della
Bridges Delphia Sexton
Bridges Dewey L.
Bridges Elvin L.
Bridges Franklin Dean (Boss)
Bridges Garlin Clyde
Bridges Hercules Leaman
Bridges Homer O.
Bridges Horace Maynard
Bridges J.D. (John)
Bridges Jean Albright
Bridges Larry Wayne (Bear)
Bridges Lawrence
Bridges Leo Vernon
Bridges Leon L.
Bridges Lewis Lee
Bridges Lon
Bridges Lona Longmire
Bridges Lucy Snodderly
Bridges Maurice Verlin Sr.
Bridges Millare L.
Bridges Nancy Jane Allbright - 8-23-1956-By MVBG
Bridges Narvel
Bridges Ora Berry - With Photo
Bridges Phoebe Jane Brantley Weaver White
Bridges Phoebe Jane Brantley Weaver Whitey -Funeral Notice
Bridges Rachel Elizabeth
Bridges Robert Polk
Bridges Roy E..
Bridges Ruby Sharp Wood - By MVBG
Bridges Ruby Sharp Woods
Bridges Sarah Alice Weaver
Bridges Sylvia P.
Bridges Ulysses Grant
Bridges William Ear (Pete) PFC Death Notice
Bridges William Earl - (Pete) - PFC - With photo
Bridges William Earl Jr.- PFC US ARMY - Death notice
Bridges Younger
Bright Charles L.
Bright Eva S. Greenlee
Bright Helen
Bright Ollie F. (Dolly)
Bright Thomas J.
Brisky Lawrence Larry
Brite Bobbie C.
Brock Amanda Jane Loop
Brock Boyce B.
Brock Buford P.
Brock Clay R. (Sleepy)
Brock Curtis C.
Brock Fannie Bridges
Brock Geneva Mae
Brock Georgia Belle Kitts
Brock Helen
Brock Lee Vascoe
Brock Margaret L.
Brock Reba Helen
Brock Theda Cox
Brogan Bradley Allen
Brogan Lula Edna Rosenbalm
Brogan Norman Neal
Brogan Ruth
Brogan Terry Vance PHD
Brooks Harley Calvin Rev.
Brooks Claude Alfred (Rev.)
Brooks Eilene Masengill
Brooks Emma Ball
Brooks G.H. (In Memory Of)
Brooks Jack Odell - With Photo
Brooks Joseph Shade Rev.
Brooks Millie
Brooks Nokomis Longworth
Brooks Robert Franklin
Brooks Tracy Ancil
Browder Carol Waggoner
Brown Austin L.
Brown Bernice Pique
Brown Beulah Ramsey
Brown Christopher Michael (Chris)
Brown Darrell Eugene
Brown Donna Faye
Brown Faye Fannon - Death Notice
Brown Faye Fannon
Brown Martha Lou Monroe Lyons
Brown Mildred Brantley
Brown Rhoda Ethel (Nettie) Longmire Settles
Brown Ruby R. (Robie) Lawson Watson
Brown Stella Roberta Gose
Brown Tonya Lynn
Brown William
Brown Willie
Brown Yvonne Burnett
Browning Anna Lou Cooke
Browning Charles (Snook)
Browning Charles B. - By MVBG
Browning Clara Veegie Brewer
Browning Curtis F. - By MVBG
Browning Dixie
Browning Gladys W.
Browning James Robert (Bob)
Browning Kate
Browning Madge Carr
Browning Mattie Whited
Browning Monroe V. (Jiggs)
Browning Oliver W. - By MVBG
Browning Oliver W. - Death notice - By MVBG
Browning Oma Lee (Maggie) Brewer
Browning Rachel M. - By MVBG
Browning Roxie V.
Browning Roy S. - Death Notice
Browning Samuel S.
Browning Thomas Scott - By MVBG
Browning Vaughn E..
Browning Walter Inman - With Photo
Browning William (Bill) - Death Notice -2
Browning William (Bill) - Death Notice
Browning William (Bill)
Browning William Edgar Rev. - With Photo
Broyles Ida Florence
Bruce Cyrus
Brumitte Andy
Brummitt April Michelle
Brummitt Frances Clouse
Brummitt Jonathan Christopher Payton
Brummitt Lillie Mae Thomas -11-16-85
Brummitt Martha Jane
Brummitt W.R. (Rob)
Brummitte Emanuel Estele
Bruner Carl Clayton
Bruner Della I.
Bruner Edith Marie
Bruner Jennieve T.
Bruner Nicholas (Nick)
Bruner Shirley Ray (Sam)
Bruner Viola Mae
Bryant George Washington
Bryant Green
Bryant Hiram
Bryant Jay
Bryant Relda O.
Bryant Thelile
Bryant Walter Scott
Bryant William
Bucanan Arch Rev.
Buchanan Andy J. Rev.
Buckner Alice Seymour
Buckner Anthony Ray
Buckner Atticus
Buckner Bessie M.
Buckner Betty Jo Bailey
Buckner Boyd C. - With Photo
Buckner Charlie F.
Buckner Cleo Whited
Buckner Clifford Lyn
Buckner Clyde Cecil - Death notice
Buckner Clyde Cecil
Buckner Daw
Buckner Dolph
Buckner Douglas L. (Dougie)
Buckner Edith Tarpley
Buckner Edward Ezekiel (Zeke)
Buckner Ella Mae (Ellie) Cole
Buckner Eva Mae Evans
Buckner F. Hodge
Buckner Geneva Lillian Eastridge
Buckner Grace L.
Buckner Hubert (Rev.)
Buckner Ida Elizabeth Waggoner
Buckner Jacob Lafayette (Fate)
Buckner James Anderson (Jim)
Buckner James Hugh L. - Newspaper Article
Buckner James Hugh L. 1958 Newspaper Article With Photo
Buckner James Hugh L..
Buckner James W. (Jim)
Buckner James W. (Jim)
Buckner Jason Wayne
Buckner Jennie Munsey
Buckner Jessie Monroe
Buckner John (Jimmy -2-23-1973
Buckner John (Jimmy) - Construction accident- Death Notice -2-23-1973
Buckner John Henry
Buckner John Henry
Buckner John W. - Death notice
Buckner Johnnie Delbert
Buckner Katy
Buckner Kyle
Buckner Laura Dyer
Buckner Lettie D. Bowles
Buckner Lillian O'Dell - 6-12-1973
Buckner Lula V. McHone
Buckner Mary Elizabeth
Buckner Mary Jane Seymour (Babaw)
Buckner Mary
Buckner Melba L.
Buckner Minnie A.
Buckner Mrs Claude S. - 6.11.1973
Buckner Myrtle Wolfenbarger
Buckner Nell Waggoner
Buckner Nora Hurst
Buckner Quincey Willard (Wally)
Buckner Ralph - Death Notice
Buckner Ralph
Buckner Rettie Jane
Buckner Rhoda Ellen Russell
Buckner Roy Lynn
Buckner Ruby Cox
Buckner Ruth Suffridge
Buckner Tom
Buckner Walter L.
Buckner William Paris (Willie)
Buindon Minnie Sweet
Bullard Charles Albert
Bunch Earl
Bunch Lee Eddie
Bunch Mattie Epperson - Mother of Clarence Bunch
Bunch Rodney Keith
Bundon James Herbert - 1-11-1981
Bundon John Berry
Bundon Laura Elizabeth
Bundren F.A. (Rev.)
Bunn Peggie Jean Hayes
Burbage Beverly Shoun
Burchell Deloris Kaye - With Photo
Burchell Eula V. - With Photo
Burchfiel Zolla Longmire
Burke Ira J.
Burke Pearlie Mae
Burkhart Arnold R.
Burkhart Bertha
Burkhart Edith Almira Snodderly - With Photo - Page 1
Burkhart Edith Almira Snodderly - With Photo - Page 2
Burkhart J.U. Jr.
Burkhart Nancy Blevins
Burkhart Sandra Sue
Burnett Arrie Delitha Clark
Burnett Charles
Burnett Clara Russell
Burnett Clarence E. Jr.
Burnett Clarence Elmer Sr.
Burnett Della Jane McBee - Death Notice
Burnett Della Jane McBee - Funeral services
Burnett Della Jane McBee
Burnett Dovie Anne Poplin
Burnett Ellen Luckey
Burnett Emma Bridges
Burnett Evie McClure
Burnett Floyd William - With photo
Burnett George Pleasant
Burnett Ida Burewer
Burnett James Franklin
Burnett James Knox Polk - Last CSA Soldier in Union County
Burnett James Nathan (Jemsey)
Burnett John Carl Lee
Burnett John Franklin Pierce
Burnett Johnny H. (Rev.)
Burnett Lester Franklin
Burnett Louisa Angeline Carter
Burnett Louise Cogdill
Burnett Madie Magdaline Sheckles
Burnett Matilda Jane Barker - Middlesboro KY
Burnett Mildred Lucille Gilbert - With photo
Burnett Nell Tucker
Burnett Randall K. - Kokomo IN
Burnett Robert S. - Kokomo IN
Burnett Rubin Cleatus
Burnett Sinda Sheckels From Powell Valley Prim Bapt Assoc
Burnett Sinda Sheckels
Burnett Velma Hope Booker
Burnett William Bayless - Middlesboro Ky Paper
Burnett William Grover Cleveland (Cleve) - Death Notice
Burnett William Grover Cleveland (Cleve)
Burnett William Steve
Burnette Christopher Lee
Burnette Owen Cephus Sr. Obit
Burnette Anna Mae Breeden
Burnette Bessie Beeler Rose
Burnette Connie K. Williams - With photo
Burnette Cora Lee Friar
Burnette Genevia Hunter - With photo
Burnette Gina Ann
Burnette Golda Patton Brown
Burnette Hubert Lee - With photo
Burnette Mark Anthony
Burnette Mary S. Bays
Burnette Mattie Elizabeth Beeler
Burnette Michelle Ann
Burnette Odessa Yadon - Death notice
Burnette Odessa Yadon
Burnette Rev. James David (Buster)
Burnette Roy Vaughn - With photo
Burnette Sylva (Sylvie) Wolfenbarger - Kokomo Tribune
Burnette Sylva (Sylvie) Wolfenbarger
Burnette William Henry
Burnette Willis Henry
Burroughs James Eugene
Burson Eva B.
Burton Millie Woods - Funeral Services
Burton Millie Woods
Bush Burnett - With Photo
Bush J.D. - With Photo
Bush Joann - With Photo
Bush Mallie Stiner
Bush Marcus Lonzo - Death notice
Bush T.J.
Bussell Charlie
Bussell Evelyn Raby (Tuti) - Death notice
Bussell Evelyn Raby (Tuti)
Butcher A.L.
Butcher Alma
Butcher Ava Lizabeth ( Avie)
Butcher Charles Oscar
Butcher Clay Allen
Butcher Dennis Ray
Butcher Dora E. (Miss)
Butcher Douglas C.
Butcher Elmer
Butcher Elvin Oscar (E.O.)
Butcher Ether
Butcher Harold Edga
Butcher Hazel Dorcas Walters
Butcher Homer Ulysses Sr.
Butcher Hubert Edgar
Butcher Hugh F.
Butcher J.P.
Butcher John Brown - Death notice
Butcher John Brown
Butcher Kate Lee Walters - Newspaper article - With photo
Butcher Kate Lee Walters
Butcher Kenneth D. Pfc
Butcher Leila M.
Butcher Lillian Hutchison
Butcher Lillian Hutchison
Butcher Lillis Nola Shelby
Butcher Lou Verna Perry
Butcher Lucy Hill
Butcher Mable Williamson
Butcher Margaret Owens
Butcher Marion R. (Butch)
Butcher Mary E.
Butcher Mary Fern Edmondson
Butcher Mattie Lillis Cook
Butcher Milas Fred Jr.
Butcher Minnie Belle Savage
Butcher Roxine - With Photo
Butcher Theadore Thomas
Butcher Vena DeLapp
Butcher William Shade
Butler Flossie E. - By Margaret Freemon
Butler Vada Archer
Byerley Ann Bridges
Byrchfield Cory Delynn (Dude)
Cabbage Carlyle Marion (C.M.)
Cabbage Clyde
Cabbage Emily
Cabbage Fred
Cabbage James Walton
Cabbage Martha Ann Reagan
Cabbage Nola Capps
Cabbage Raymond Hollis Rev.
Cabbage Reva Naomi Davis
Cabbage Thelma Beeler
Cadle Fayetta Garland
Cadle James Franklin
Cadle James Michael
Cadle John C.
Cadle Kelvin Ray
Cadle Nettie A. Weaver
Cadle Roy Vernon Sr.
Cadle Wade S. Sr.
Cain Paul Daniel - 3-30-1991
Caldwell Bonnie
Caldwell Charles Hartley
Caldwell Gertha
Caldwell Hugh Lee
Caldwell James (Smitty)
Caldwell Juanita
Caldwell Kenneth Elmore (Ken)
Caldwell Loverna Baker
Caldwell Mark Anthony
Caldwell Richard Lee (Rick) Jr.
Caldwell W.A. (Arve)
Calfee Helen Loy
Calloway Coker Crawford
Calloway Hobart
Calloway Patsy Sue Turner - Death notice
Calloway Patsy Sue Turner
Cameron Martha Gilbert
Cameron Ronald J. (Ron) CPO USA
Campbell Adeline
Campbell Anna Lou
Campbell Anna Palmer - By MVBG
Campbell Archie James of The Grand Ole Opry & Hee Haw
Campbell Carl Clitis
Campbell Carl Clitis
Campbell Carl E. - With Photo
Campbell Carl E..
Campbell Carlos C.
Campbell Charles Francis Jr.
Campbell Charles Francis Sr.
Campbell Christine Cox
Campbell Dana H.
Campbell Darrell E..
Campbell Della Estelle
Campbell Esco
Campbell Estel
Campbell Eva (Toots)
Campbell James
Campbell Lasco
Campbell Leon Olaf - 2-21-1982
Campbell Martha Jane McCarty
Campbell Mollie Ousley
Campbell Neal
Campbell Rafe M.
Campbell Richard Pete
Campbell Robert David Jr.
Campbell Robert David
Campbell Rosa (Rosalee) Loop
Campbell Rosa Lee Butcher
Campbell Tucker Paige
Campbell Viola Thomas
Campbell Wayne
Campbell William Conrad
Cao (Tran) Van Dung
Capp Sarah
Capps Bob
Capps Bobby Ray Jr. - Shoffner Family
Capps Carlie Snider
Capps Charles Odra
Capps Claude M. (Doc)
Capps Claudius Meade Dr. - With Photo
Capps Eliza Ordona Davis
Capps Elvin Ross
Capps Estie Alvie Hamic
Capps J. Albert
Capps J. Albert
Capps J.L. (Fate)
Capps James (Jack) Leo
Capps James Herman
Capps James Samuel Sr. (Sam)
Capps John Elder - Died abt 1909-10
Capps Kermit Allen
Capps Mary Jane Marion
Capps Roy Lee
Capps Samuel S. Sr.
Capps Taubbie Lee Johnson - 3-1-1999
Capps Theo Doshia
Capps Wilma Turner
Capshaw Lanis C.
Cardwell Derick Dean - Infant
Carey Cecil Comfort Keck
Carey Dora Belle Johnson
Carey John Franklin
Carey Margaret Evans
Carmichael Lilly H. - Tribute Atricle
Carmichael Lilly H. - Tribute Photo
Carmon Hallie F. Edmondson
Carmon Herman
Carmon Hester Pate
Carmon Mildred Christine
Carney Charles Thomas Sr.
Carney John Henry
Carpenter Arzala Jones
Carpenter Belle Thomas
Carpenter Harvey C.
Carpenter John G. G.
Carpenter Mary Elizabeth - With Photo
Carpenter Mary Jane - Death Notice
Carpenter Mazie Young
Carpenter Tip
Carr Albert Orville
Carr Carolyn Mae
Carr Clarence Sr.
Carr Connie Lee Booker - Death notice
Carr Connie Lee Booker
Carr Curtis L. Rev.
Carr Earl C. -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Earl H. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Carr Everett Roy Sr.
Carr Floyd C. -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Ida Rebecca Snodderly - Death notice No 2
Carr Ida Rebecca Snodderly - Death notice
Carr Ida Rebecca Snodderly - Obit
Carr James Hollis - By Margaret Freemon
Carr Lassie Mae - From Margaet Freemon
Carr Lorena Vandergriff
Carr Luther -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Mary Sue Garrett
Carr Minnie Kitts
Carr Murphy M. (Buck)
Carr Nora Snodderly
Carr Patsy Gail -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Pauline Miller -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Raymond J.
Carr Robert P. -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Roy Pat -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Trula Wolfenbarger -By Margaret Freemon
Carr Willard O.
Carroll Joe D.
Carroll Kyle Edward
Carter Anna Griffin
Carter Arrelous Garva (Garvy)
Carter Carl Robert Sr.
Carter David Lynn - With Photo
Carter Dewey J.
Carter Dollie Catherine Edmondson
Carter Elbert Otis (Rev.) - Photo
Carter Elbert Otis (Rev.) -Death Notice
Carter Elbert Otis Rev. - Son of FM Carter
Carter Fannie E. Davis
Carter Franklin Otis Sr.
Carter Hazel Woodward
Carter Henry B. - Death Notice
Carter Henry B.
Carter Herman M.
Carter James Edward
Carter John Leonard
Carter Judes Lee
Carter Laura Melvina Whited
Carter Maggie Ethel Malone
Carter Ora Patrick Death Newspaper Article 1
Carter Ora Patrick Death Newspaper Article 2
Carter Robert Jacob Jr.
Carter Robert Lee
Carter Roy Clay
Carter Sylvester Wesley
Carter Tiptom L. -
Carter Tipton L. - With Photo - Death Notice
Carter Tipton L.
Carter William Beecher _ Brother of Rev. Odra Carter
Carter Zettie Taylor
Case Emily
Cash Franklin DeWayne
Cash Vera Alice Merritt
Cassady Ruby Lucille
Cassidy Conley L.
Cassidy Lensor (Boob)
Cassidy Thomas Platt
Cassidy Zillian Davis
Castle Rose Williams
Cate Austin
Cate Effie Branum - With photo
Cates Otha
Cather Alvin E..
Caughorn Lula Marie - With Photo
Caughron Dustin Alan
Ceijas Ruth Ousley Frost - With Photo
Center Nellie Palmer
Chadwell Dallas Cox
Chadwell Gladys White
Chadwell Pearl
Chadwick Charlie L.
Chadwick D.P.
Chaffin Betty June
Chamberlain Dayton S.
Chamberlain Harvey McClain
Chamberlain Mossie S. Russell
Chamberlain Paul Edward
Chamberlain Robert
Chamberlain Samantha Leann
Chambers Quillie Victor (Vic)
Chambers Quillie Victor (Vic) - Death notice
Chambers Robert Henry Sr.
Chandler Bernard Leith
Chappell Clinton
Chasteen Timothy Reed
Cheek Alma Paralee Kitts
Cheek Carl Marshall
Cheek Charles M.
Cheek Dewey H.- SGT-With photo - 2-23-1985
Cheek Mrs G.W.
Cheek Oda H.
Cheek Ollie Moyers
Cheek Oney
Cheek Retta Baker
Cheek Robert A.
Cheek Robert Charleston - Death Notice
Cheek Robert Charleston
Cheek Sallie Hill - 3-2-1982
Cheek Wannie W.
Chesney Alice Jean
Chesney Alice Jean
Chesney Auble (Bo)
Chesney Charles E..
Chesney Clyde Willard
Chesney Eula Jean
Chesney Frank
Chesney Helen Tarver
Chesney Horace
Chesney Inez Hopson
Chesney James Nelson - From Jeri White Lett
Chesney James P. (Jim)
Chesney John N.
Chesney Lucy Whited
Chesney Martha White
Chesney Mary Emma Cardwell
Chesney Minnie Mize
Chesney Myrtle Walton
Chesney Robert L.
Chesney Ross Lee
Chesney Sam
Chesney Wylie Pryor Sr.
Childress David Raymond (Too Tall)
Childress Grovie I. Edwartds
Childress Harlan (Wes)
Childress Jerry Gordon
Childress Ronea Tharp
Chittum Bonnoe Alberta Butler - - With Photo
Chittum Gregory Allen
Christenberry Dexter Albert Sr. - With Photo - Page 1
Christenberry Dexter Albert Sr. - With Photo - Page 2
Christenberry H.E. DR - With Photo
Christian Alice Witt
Christian David Azro
Christian James Charles
Christian James E..
Christian Mossie Elder Brewer
Chumacero Opal Loy
Church Carrie H.
Cinnamon John Henry
Clabough Lillie P.
Clabough Mildred Brewer
Claiborne Elberta
Claiborne Maggie Rodgers
Clapp Alma J. Graves
Clapp Carl
Clapp Carl
Clapp Henry Otis
Clapp Minnie Mae Beeler
Clapp Nellie (Melta) Barger
Clapp R.T.
Clapp Ralph A.
Clapp Stella Hill Loy
Clark Carl O.
Clark Edith
Clark Elvin
Clark Halie Mary Ray
Clark Herbert
Clark James Edwartd Rev.
Clark James McCally - By MVBG
Clark James McCaulley
Clark Myrtle Nellie Lambdin
Clark Ross
Clark Roy Mose
Clark Walter Hope
Clark Walter W. - With Photo
Clarke Eleanor Cawood Houser
Clawson Ada
Clawson Ammi Louise Carter
Clawson Jahue S.
Clawson Lillie Lynch
Clawson Lizzie Foust
Clawson Noble Lee (Buster) Rev.
Clawson Seburn
Clay Bertha Annie
Clay James (jim)
Clay Purley Hugh (Pete)
Clay Purley Hugh (Pete)
Clay William (Bill)
Clear Luther Rev.
Cleveland Charles E..
Cleveland Don A. Sr.
Clevenger Harley Eugene
Clevenger Lula Coram
Clevenger Maude E..
Clevenger S. Ralph Rev.
Click Glenn D. - With Photo
Clifton Helen Mullins
Clifton James F.
Cline Joyce Ann Bailey Hubbs
Cloninger William Adam
Cloud Rebecca (Miss)
Clouse Eksie Leach - By Margaret Freemon
Coachman Ada Burnett
Cobble Ethel Nicely - Tribute by Jessie Booker - With photo
Cobble Ethel Nicely
Cobble Ulia Uriah (U.U.)
Coffee Ollie Kivett
Coffey Charles L.
Coffey Emilee Cutshaw
Coffey William Robert
Coffman Alvin Franklin
Coffman Stella C.
Coker John Wesley Sr.
Coker Melvin (Clyde) Rev. - With Photo
Coker Myrtle Lenora - With Photo
Coker Myrtle Lenora - With Photo
Cole Adrianne
Cole Andrew Thomas
Cole Arlie Sylvester
Cole Bertha Keck Moyers
Cole Cleo V.
Cole Della (Dellie) Ann Houston
Cole Flossie Jane
Cole Floy L. Shoffner
Cole Hubert Roy
Cole Isaac
Cole John Devine
Cole Joseph L.
Cole Josiah C.
Cole Lloyd
Cole Lola Arlene
Cole Lucy Ousley Neaty
Cole Luther M.
Cole Mary Ada Walker
Cole Robert Lee & Mina - Auto Accident
Cole Ryburn David
Cole Woodrow
Cole Zelma Maude Shelby
Coleman Penny Elaine Wyrick
Collett Edward Lee - 2-21-1990
Collett James Howard - With photo
Collett Minnie H.
Collett Pauline Keck
Collette Edna Pauline Keck
Colley James P.
Collingsworth James F.
Collingsworth Laura H.
Collins Amos Hank
Collins Angie Febie
Collins Anna Adell
Collins Anna Vandelie Sowder
Collins Beulah Lusk
Collins Bobby Jean
Collins Calvin Elder
Collins Claude L.
Collins Delmar W. (Tub)
Collins Elizabeth Gaye - With Photo
Collins Elmer Steve
Collins Essie
Collins Esta Lee McBee
Collins Eva J.
Collins Helen L. - With Photo
Collins Isaac Wren
Collins Jacob Robert
Collins James E. (Jimmie)
Collins Jessie A.
Collins Jimmy Lee
Collins Kacy Nicole
Collins Laura Orlene Nicley
Collins Lula Geraldine Kidwell
Collins Mae Tharp
Collins Marie Keck Price Collins - With Photo
Collins Mary Catherine - Died Abt 12-25-1908 -
Collins Mary Edna Gray
Collins Matthew
Collins Michael DeWayne
Collins Noe J.
Collins Pamelia Dyke
Collins Rachel Cordelia
Collins Rachel Cordella
Collins Robert Audia
Collins Robert Justin Sr.
Collins Robert Matthew (Matt)
Collins Rosa Irene McMahan - With Photo
Collins Teddy Robert Esco
Collins Vena Sharp
Collins Veso L.
Collins Viola D.
Collins Virgie Dunn
Collins W.S.
Collins Wendel M. - Infant
Collins William E. (Bill)
Collins William Mize
Collins Wm Jerald
Collins Woodrow W.
Collinsworth Dale
Com,bs Elbert Sr.
Combs Marion L.
Combs Myrtle
Comer John Henry Rev.
Comer John Henry Rev.
Cook Alamander Clayton
Cook Annie E. Wilson - With photo
Cook Audrey Arminta Graves - 11-21-1983
Cook Bennie
Cook Bertie Browning
Cook Bertie Jane Browning - Memorial - With Photo
Cook Bertie Jane Browning
Cook Bryan
Cook Carrie Hubbs
Cook Claud G. (Uncle Claud)
Cook Clearsie Ann (Ma Cook) Graves - Kokomo Tribune
Cook Clearsie Ann (Ma Cook) Graves
Cook Clyde Theodore
Cook Curtis Orvalee - Kokomo Tribune
Cook Curtis Orvalee
Cook David O. - By MVBG
Cook Donald Keith
Cook Dottie Lyons
Cook Easter Christener Graves - By MVBG
Cook Edgbert F. (Jack)
Cook Elizabeth Steward
Cook Ella Melvina Lawson
Cook Emersin R. From Jeri White Lett
Cook Eva Janeway
Cook Flo Etta
Cook Garry K. - PFC-With Photo
Cook Glenn Pat - PFC-With Photo - Wounded
Cook Grover C.
Cook Harriet L. McBee - 1-20-1981
Cook Herbert
Cook Hobart Edgar
Cook Ida June Johnson
Cook James Henry Jr.
Cook Jessie Lee Waggoner From Jeri White Lett
Cook John
Cook Lloyd Phales
Cook Lloyd Thales - By MVBG
Cook Londa M.
Cook Louvernia Lay
Cook Mary Aileen Perry - Death Notice
Cook Mary Aileen Perry
Cook Mary Hurst Wilson
Cook Maryanne Waggoner
Cook Mattie Beatrice (Miss)
Cook McClindon Charley (Mac)
Cook Milton Shields
Cook Mossie Sharp
Cook Myrtle Hill
Cook Myrtle L. Muncey
Cook Myrtle Miller - Death Notice
Cook Nellie Lissie Unknown
Cook Ortha Shiflet Moyers
Cook Ralph David
Cook Renford Tex
Cook Richard C. (R.C.)
Cook Robert Glen - With photo
Cook Ruby Pear Burnette
Cook Sarah C. Hutson
Cook Sarah Miller - BY MVBG
Cook Scott R.
Cook Thomas M.
Cook Walter Isaac Clayton- Death Notice
Cook Walter Isaac Clayton
Cook Walter Ollen (Glen)
Cook William Alton
Cook William Europe I.
Cook William Europe II
Cook William G. (Willie)
Cook William Harlan
Cooke Bertha Waggoner
Cooke Celia Irene
Cooke Clarence Casper Jr.- by MVBG
Cooke Clarence Casper Sr. - Obit
Cooke Clarence Casper Sr. - Death Notice
Cooke Claude I.
Cooke Columbus N. (Lum) Sr.
Cooke Delton Mae Kiser
Cooke Dewey Lee
Cooke Edgar Ivan - Deputy Murdered in Raid - With Photo
Cooke Edgar Ivan - Deputy Murdered in Raid - Obit
Cooke Edith H. Lay
Cooke Edward
Cooke Evalee
Cooke Glenn Paris (Pat)
Cooke Ireland Dee Walker
Cooke Isaac Lee
Cooke Jackson Osco Jr.
Cooke James E. - From Jeri White Lett
Cooke James Isaac
Cooke Kenneth D. (K.D.)
Cooke Lee Roy
Cooke Lynn Arlie
Cooke Magnolia Waggoner
Cooke Milton Cleveland Jr. (Buddy)
Cooke Milton Cleveland Jr. (Buddy)
Cooke Milton Cleveland Sr.
Cooke Milton Esco
Cooke Nervesta Vestie Mae McBee
Cooke Rona Brewer
Cooke Russell Fitzhugh - 4-20-1985
Cooke Sarah Jane - With Photo
Cooke Sarrah Elizabeth Sharp - By MVBG
Cooke Thomas N.
Cooke Thurman
Cooke Viola Mae (Vivian) Prince
Cooke Zella M.
Cooper Albert Leondas - With Photo
Cooper Anna Kate
Cooper Brownie
Cooper Claude E. - Rev.
Cooper Clem Rev. - Death Notice
Cooper Clem Rev.
Cooper Council K.
Cooper E.L. (Edgebert)
Cooper Etter M.
Cooper Hattie Ann - Death Notice
Cooper Hattie Ann
Cooper Herbert C. Sr.
Cooper Hobart
Cooper Hubert E..
Cooper Ida Bell Jones
Cooper Idell
Cooper Irene Elizabeth
Cooper James Joe
Cooper John Luther
Cooper Joshua Douglas- 8-8-1985
Cooper Kizzie Long
Cooper Kyle C.
Cooper Lena Rutherford
Cooper Martha J. Ailor - With Photo
Cooper Nellie Ray Oliver
Cooper Nellie Ray Oliver
Cooper Pearl L. Ridenour
Cooper Ruby Sharp
Cooper Ruby Weaver
Cooper William H. Sr.
Copeland Hattie Fritz
Copeland Sue Opal
Coppock Alice Waltsie
Coppock Bernice Loy
Coppock Berniece Loy
Coppock Genee Rutherford
Coppock Geneva J. Hutchison
Coppock John Lewis
Coppock John Lewis
Coppock L.G. Goldman (Papaw) - 5-22-1989
Coppock Leo Darrell Sr.
Coppock Mary Estelle Wallace From Jeri White Lett
Coppock Sarah Love Irwin
Coram Luther R.
Coram Sanders Arvelee
Coram Verdie Mae Shelton
Cordell Madge Cook
Corum Bonnie Canzada Sharp
Corum Curtis M.
Corum Emma Naomi
Corum Etha Booker
Corum Ethel L. Helton
Corum James Billie
Corum Lee
Corum Leslie L. - With Photo
Corum Leslie L. - With Photo
Corum Lillian Rice
Corum Mary Ruth - Infant
Corum Monnie Mynatt
Corum Sammy O.
Corum Troy C.
Cosby Arthur
Counts Walter Wayne - Death Notice
Counts Walter Wayne
Cowan Marie Lewis
Coward James T. ( Big Jim)
Cowden Goldie Cecile
Cox Agnes Pauline Etherton
Cox Albia E..
Cox Alma M.
Cox Annie Florence
Cox Bertha Cedella Shoffner
Cox Charlie
Cox Charlie Rev.
Cox China O. Keck
Cox Cillis - 3-6-1982
Cox Claude Patrick (Pat)
Cox Claude
Cox Clondo
Cox Daniel B.
Cox Donna D.
Cox Edna L. (Miss)
Cox Eileen T. - With Photo - Memorial
Cox Elizabeth Branson
Cox Ella Hazel McBee
Cox Everett Wayne
Cox Fern Louise Turner
Cox G. W.
Cox George Edward
Cox Grace Buckner
Cox Hazel Ella McBee
Cox Herbert F.
Cox Hettie Brewer
Cox Hughie A. (Cotton) - 10-31-1983
Cox James Clifton
Cox James Milton
Cox James Preston Sr.
Cox James Preston Sr.
Cox James T.
Cox Jamie
Cox John B.
Cox Kenneth Eugene (Amos)
Cox Kristi Leann - With Photo
Cox Kristi Leann
Cox Leondas Caesar Sr.
Cox Levina Plina Butcher (Mrs V.P.)
Cox Lillie Monroe
Cox Lloyd O.
Cox Louella Waggoner - Death Notice
Cox Louella Waggoner
Cox Louesia Moyers - By MVBG
Cox Louise Bonella
Cox Louiza V. Branum Bonella
Cox Madeline Lynch & her sister Joann Lynch
Cox Marie Wolfenbarger - With Photo
Cox Mary Jane Carr
Cox Nellie H. Reynolds
Cox Noila Evans
Cox Ollie B. Brantley - 3-16-1982
Cox Ollie Myrtle Shoffner
Cox Oma Beeler
Cox Otto M.
Cox Paris Eugene (Gene)
Cox Paul Andrew
Cox Pobert F.
Cox Porter
Cox Ralph
Cox Rindia
Cox Robert G. (Bob)
Cox Ronald Earl (Ronnie)
Cox Samantha Butcher Bell
Cox Samuel Claude
Cox Samuel Jacob - Death notice
Cox Samuel Ralph Rev. - With Photo
Cox Sara P. Moyers
Cox Sarah Marinda
Cox Shonda Michelle
Cox Stella Oaks
Cox Vibia Plina Butcher
Cox Walter C.
Cox William David
Cox Zettie
Crabtree Robert L.
Craig Clarence W. - With photo
Craig Innie Jane Ousley
Craig James Marion
Craig John Russell
Craig Judy Ann - Burnett Connection
Craig Mossie Witt
Craig Riney - Lt Co
Craig Walter R.
Crane Clarence
Crawford James F.
Crawford Joseph (Joe)
Crawford Lee Roy
Crawford Ralph T.
Crawley William S. Sr. - Death Notice
Creech Danny Harold Jr. - With Photo
Creech Susan F. Oglesby
Creech Tishie Berry
Creech- Elder & Mrs S.B. - Tragic Death- - By MVBG - PG 1of 2
Creech- Elder & Mrs S.B. - Tragic Death- - By MVBG - PG 2of 2
Crippen Basil W.
Crippen Pearl Warren
Croft Blanche Sarah (Mr)
Cross Winnie Miller - With Photo
Crowe Gary D.
Crowe Lorene Claiborne
Culvahouse Vernie Sharp
Culvahouse Vernie
Cummings John Rhodes Dr.
Cummings Stella Seals
Cummings William Harlan
Cummings Zelpha June Land
Cunningham Regina Arlene
Cunningham William Thomas (Bill) Sr. - With Photo
Cupp Albert
Cupp Arville J. Sr.
Curington Anna Grace West
Curl Charles Burlin - With Photo
Currier Eva Yoakum - Death notice
Currier Eva Yoakum
Currington Francis Rev.
Dail Effie
Dail Effie Turner - With Photo
Dail Horace W.
Dail Ross Barker
Dail Velpeau Commodore Dr.
Dale Edna
Dale Esco
Dale Luther
Dalton Frank Cruze
Dalton G.S. (Shields) Rev.
Dalton J. DeWitt
Dalton R. J. (Bobby) Rev.
Damewood Alma Jean
Damewood Charles Jack
Damewood Charles Jack
Damewood Christine K. (Mickie)
Damewood Claude (Ray)
Damewood Fred L.
Damewood Hazel Hubbs From Jeri White Lett
Damewood James V.
Damewood Luvestia
Damewood Randall Steven (Randy)
Damron Ronald D.
Dance Grace Lucinda
Dance Imogene Cabbage
Dance Jack W. - Mayor -4-12-1959
Daniel Elvina
Daniel Harold A. (Hobby)
Daniel Moss J. Rev.
Daniel Roger E..
Daniels Ada Pauline Kitts
Daniels Alma
Daniels Amon
Daniels Bonder H.
Daniels Donald Doss
Daniels Eula G.
Daniels Hoyle C.
Daniels Ivey Mae Ellison
Daniels James OSr.ow (Roe)
Daniels Lottie
Daniels Otha Elwood
Daniels Robert Leo (Scoby)
Daniels Sherry Ann Bays
Daniels Vadie Mae
Daniels William C.
Davidson Dewey H. (Dood)
Davidson Jimmie Clifford Sr. - With Photo
Davidson John H.
Davidson Roy Howard
Davidson Thelma B. Richardson
Davidson Zola
Davis Aaron
Davis Anna Bundon
Davis Archie Lay
Davis Archie Lay
Davis Arminta Miller Nicely - With Photo
Davis Biddle W. - With photo - By Margaret Freemon
Davis Bobby Earl (Bob)
Davis Bobby Earl (Bob)
Davis Clayton Henry
Davis Clint W. - 11-30-1993
Davis Cody
Davis Dana Washam - Death notice
Davis Dana Washam
Davis Donald Lee
Davis E. Marie Calloway - With Photo
Davis Earnest W. Sr.- Rev.
Davis Edith Mae Williams Graham
Davis Elmer (Shot)
Davis Etolie Cooke
Davis Eugene Edward (Gene)
Davis Frances B. -By Margaret Freemon
Davis Franklin P. (Frank) - With Photo
Davis Garland G.
Davis Georgia Renfro From Jeri White Lett
Davis Glenn M.
Davis Grace Cassady
Davis Ima B.
Davis Iva Walton
Davis Jack D. - Death Notice
Davis Jack D.
Davis James C. Rev.
Davis Jefferson (Jeff) L.
Davis Jettie M. Davis - Wife of Elder odra Davis
Davis Joe D. - With photo
Davis Joe H.
Davis John Andrew Jr.
Davis John Ben
Davis John Marion
Davis John Marion
Davis Joseph H. (Joe)
Davis Juanita Ruth
Davis Lucian H. (Luke) - With Photo
Davis Lucille May
Davis Mary Hazel Ausmus
Davis Meda H.
Davis Melda Johnson
Davis Minerva S. Obit
Davis Minnie Kitts
Davis Nervie Keaton
Davis Odessa M.
Davis Odra- Elder
Davis Ollie Lay - 10-31-.1964
Davis Otis Y. - Death Notice
Davis Otis Y. - Partial Obit
Davis Otis Y.
Davis Pauline C. (Polly) Carr - 8-11-1992
Davis Preston E. -By Margaret Freemon
Davis Rebecca Loraine Pratt
Davis Rebekah Jane Pickel - Death notice
Davis Rebekah Jane Pickel
Davis Ruth Elen - By Margaret Freemon
Davis Samuel Nathan
Davis Sarah Sallie
Davis Thomas
Davis William Samuel Sr.
Davis William Von
Davis Winfred S. Dr.
Davis Winfred S. - Dr. With photo
Davis Winnie L. (Miss)
Davis Zelma
Davis Zettie M. Davis
Davison Thelma B. - Death notice
Dawson Howard
Dawson John William
Dawson Leon C. Rev.
Day Carl Ellis
Day Joda Lee
Day Joseph F. Rev.
Day Judith A.
Day Lyda E..
Day Opal Mae
Day Rev. Joseph Franklin
DayJoseph Franklin Rev. - Funeral services
Deadrick Elbert T. Sr.
Dean Betty Beeler - With Photo
Deatherage Dorothy Helen Cochran - With photo
Decker Goldie Wilson
DeFord Curtis Ralph
Degler Minnie Ethel
DeGolyer Cleobelle Moore
DeLapp Ella Madeline
DeLapp Ira Lee
DeLapp Mabel M.
DeLapp Stella Sulfridge
DeMarcus Della Brock
DeMarcus Naomi Graves
DeMarcus Obern
Dempster George R.
Denkevitz Cordie Norris
DeVault Ada Atkins
DeVault Ben F.
DeVault Bobbie Bailey Inklebarger
DeVault Bonnie S.
DeVault C.C. (Lum)
DeVault Charles
DeVault Clara Onetta
DeVault Evelyn (Granny)
DeVault Harley
DeVault Horace M.
DeVault James C. (J.C.)
DeVault James Lawson - Death notice
DeVault James Porter (J.P.)
DeVault Kathleen Richardson
DeVault Lawrence C. (Shorty)
DeVault Louise
DeVault Mary Jane
DeVault Truman Cross - Death notice
DeVault Truman Cross
Dew Emma Dora Carr
Dew Jessie
Deweese Noria Roach
Dial Henry Clay
Dial Ruthie Hill
Diehl Helen Gresham
Dinkins Jesse Allen - Bus Accident Article
Ditmore Aundra Bell Burnett
Ditmore Louis Henry
Dixon Bedie Jane Weaver
Dixon Charles Edward
Dixon J.O. - Death Notice
Dixon J.O.
Dixon Nancy Lynne
Dixon Opal Pearl Turner
Dockery Alice Mae
Dockery Mildred Potter
Dockins Robert Randall
Dombroski Jessica Ann
Donahue Alba Etta Needham
Donahue Amanda L.
Donahue Clyde Jackson
Donahue Curtis E. - Death notice
Donahue Curtis E. - Newspaper article - With photo
Donahue Curtis E..
Donahue Doyle Wayne
Donahue Fonzy E..
Donahue Ina
Donahue Jess
Donahue John Bemton Jr.
Donahue Macle (Macie) Lucille Phipps
Donahue Martha - With Photo - Page 1
Donahue Martha - With Photo - Page 2
Donahue Reba Cordelia Needham
Donahue Roy Lee
Donahue Ruby Marie Seals - With Photo
Donahue Tinie Needham
Donahue Trula Helen Seivers
Donahue William Harve (Joe)
Donaldson Cora Ruth
Donaldson Madeline - Miss
Donaldson Rose Alice (Rosie) - With Photo
Donehew James D. (Jamie)
Donehew Odis E..
Donehew Rama Mc Anally
Donehew Verlin
Dossett Alice Graves
Dossett DeLone (Pete)
Dossett Henry - 4-15-96
Dossett James
Dossett John Henry
Dossett John J. Jr. - Part 1 - Kokomo Tribune
Dossett John J. Jr. - Part 2-_Kokomo Tribune
Dossett John J. Jr.
Dossett Kane (Mrs)
Dossett Mathew
Dotson James C.
Doughty Helen West
Downs Cathy Lee
Dozier Delena Longmire
Dozier Timmy Ray (Tim)
Draper Claude M.
Draper Edna Mae
Draper Lula Brock - With Photo
Drinnen John Walter (Shorty)
Drinnen Paul J. (Midge)
Drinnen Wendell (Toby) Sr.
Drummond John Calvin
Drummonds Callie Rev. - By Margaret Freemon
Drummonds Carlie W. - By Margaret Freemon
Drummonds Carrie W. (Ruby) - By Margaret Freemon
Drummonds Cordelia Meyers
Drummonds Cordie Chumley
Drummonds Daniel Plesant
Drummonds E.S. Elder
Drummonds George Benton
Drummonds Jacob M. Elder
Drummonds James A. Grafield
Drummonds James W.
Drummonds John David
Drummonds Leonard
Drummonds Margarett Wilson
Drummonds Mary Frances Day
Drummonds Maud King
Drummonds Sarah L.
Drummonds Sibby
Drummonds Silas W.
Drummonds Susan
Drummonds T.J.
Drummonds Tahitha Jane Treece
Drummonds Velma Ottellee
Drummonds W.A.
Drummonds William Richard
Dugger Arlie Sr.
Dukes Donald Anthony (Tony)
Dukes Doyle Isac
Dukes Faustene Turner
Dukes Hearl P.
Dukes Linda Faye
Dukes Mary Belle
Dukes Raymond
Duncan Alvin M.
Duncan Cinda Edwards
Duncan John J. Rev.
Duncan Lillie Mae
Duncan Nancy Eva
Dunlap Ernest
Dunlap Thelma L. - With Photo
Dunleavy Mildred (Mickie)
Dunn Bell Petree
Dunn Emma Graham - Death notice
Dunn Emma Graham
Dunn Maston - With Photo
Dunn Maston C.
Dunn Maston Cowan - 2-26-1960
Dunn Maston Cowan - Death Notice
Dunn Rhoda Weaver Bridges
Dunsmore Arthue Dewey
Dunsmore Easter Keck
Dunsmore Jack F.
Dunsmore John P.
Dunsmore Lonnie Arnold Rev.
Dunsmore Louie Clifford Rev.
Dunsmore Lucy J. Hill
Dunsmore Mae Sharp
Dyer Alice Mae
Dyer Allie Beeler
Dyer Alma Mae
Dyer Andrew J. (Uncle Andy)
Dyer Beulah
Dyer Carnes Glynn
Dyer Conley
Dyer Delmar (D.E.)
Dyer Don W.
Dyer Dona - Wife of Travis L. - Death notice
Dyer Dona - Wife of Travis L.
Dyer Elmer Eugene (Hog Nanny)
Dyer Estelle Sharp
Dyer Eugene Tralve
Dyer Fred L.
Dyer Fred
Dyer Gladys M. Watson
Dyer Goldie Booker
Dyer Hettie (Boots)
Dyer Iola Trecia - With Photo
Dyer James Marshall
Dyer Jesse R.
Dyer Jimmy
Dyer John L. (Boss) Sr.
Dyer John R.
Dyer Judy
Dyer Judy
Dyer Lee
Dyer Lena Walker
Dyer Lester L.
Dyer Mark DeWayne
Dyer Martha Ola
Dyer Mary Ellen
Dyer Mary Jean
Dyer Mary Jean
Dyer Mary S. McPhetridge
Dyer Nancy Louise
Dyer Norma Lee Vineyard - With Photo
Dyer Ronnie Stephen
Dyer Roy C.
Dyer Sherry R.
Dyer Virda Satterfield
Dyer Walter L.
Dyer Wayne E..
Dyer William Ernest (Iron Tapp)
Dyer Zora Miller
Dyke Vesta (Vestie) Ellison
Dyke Alvada
Dyke Carl
Dyke Emit
Dyke Henry_ By MVBG
Dyke James Devine (Jammy)
Dyke James N. (Jim)
Dyke James Newton
Dyke John W.
Dyke Johnnie M.
Dyke Lula
Dyke Mana - 10-24-1960- By - MVBG
Dyke Mary E. Turner
Dyke Matthew Logan - Infant
Dyke Mossie Lee
Dyke Otilda Frances Smelser
Dyke R.L.
Dyke Vasco
Dyke Vestie Ellison
Dykes Billie Jean
Dykes Donald Joe
Dykes Emit
Dykes Ernestine (Tina) - With Photo
Dykes Ernestine (Tina) - With Photo
Dykes Jackie Wayne
Dykes Jeffrey Gene
Dykes Kimberly Denise
Dykes Lertie Longmire
Dykes Levi (Junior) Jr.
Dykes Lurdy (Lertie) Longmire
Dykes R.L. (Bob) RET MSGT USAF
Dykes Robert James
Dykes Zella L. Russell
Eades William A. - Memorial - With photo
Earl Benjamin McEwing - From Margaret Freemon
Earl Elverenia Drummonds
Eastridge Alvin A. (Mountain Man)
Eastridge Charles G. - By MVBG
Eastridge Clennie U. Graves
Eastridge Denver O.
Eastridge Helen Ruth Rowe - With Photo
Eastridge Henry Hobart
Eastridge Howard Logan
Eastridge Jackie Lynn
Eastridge Orlean Carroll
Eastridge Pearl Graves
Eastridge Tonie Ira Elder
Eastridge Verlin
Edgemon Helen Ousley
Edmonds James Walterr (Sonny)
Edmondson Buddy Eugene Rev. - Death notice
Edmondson Buddy Eugene Rev. - Obit
Edmondson Buddy Eugene Rev.
Edmondson Clayton
Edmondson Cleo Lucy Gose
Edmondson Dora M.
Edmondson Earl P.
Edmondson Flossie Belle
Edmondson Glenn
Edmondson Johnnie
Edmondson Kate Smith - Death Notice
Edmondson Katie Smith
Edmondson Laura
Edmondson M. Walker
Edmondson Milton
Edmondson Mrs Otue Beeler
Edmondson Rachel
Edmondson Ray E..
Edmondson Robert Lee
Edmondson Sam - Death notice
Edmondson Sam
Edmondson Teddy (Myrl)
Edmondson Vaughn (Add)
Edmondson Walter Andrew
Edwards Alma Ousley
Edwards Ben Quintell
Edwards Calvin Doyle
Edwards Clella Raley
Edwards Denise Robin
Edwards Hattie Owens
Edwards Houston Ernest - Prisoner of War Death Hotice
Edwards Houston Ernest - Prisoner of War Obit
Edwards Jane
Edwards Jeff
Edwards Jesse Lincoln
Edwards Proctor Elder
Edwards Susie Cook- By MVBG
Edwards Tristan McCain - Infant Son
Edwards Ward Milton (Wardie)
Effler Haley Brooke - Infant - With photo
Eggers Fontella & Frank - Anniv Announcement - With Photo
Eggers Fontella Hamilton
Eggers Mary B.
Eldridge Lana Graves
Eledge Cynthia Raye (Cindy)
Elkins Barbara Jean
Elkins Dolphia
Elkins James Edgar Rev.
Ellenburg Henry Trent
Ellis Bobby Wayne
Ellis Mary Breeding From Jeri White Lett
Ellis William Mark
Ellison Barttons
Ellison Bedie
Ellison Berry K. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Bertha E. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Bertha E. - Funeral Notice - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Brad J.- By MVBG
Ellison C.D. Elder
Ellison Catherine White
Ellison Charles Marvin
Ellison Charles
Ellison Christopher Dewey Rev.
Ellison Clyde
Ellison Clyde
Ellison Conley R. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Connie M. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Cornelia (Corky) - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Dena Stooksbury
Ellison Dewey
Ellison Emerson
Ellison Emma Louella Shoffner
Ellison Esau - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Eva M. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Floyd - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Forrester C. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Gladys M. - With Photo - Page 1 of 2 - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Gladys M. - With Photo - Page 2 of 2 - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Glenn B. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Horace J.F.
Ellison Isaac
Ellison James (Bert)
Ellison James C. - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Ellison Jeff M. (Big) Racket
Ellison Joseph Fate
Ellison Joseph LaFayette Jr. - With Photo
Ellison Kelly M. - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Lee
Ellison Lela Mae Sharp - 9-1-1985
Ellison Lillas Fern Dyke Page 1
Ellison Lillas Fern Dyke Page 2
Ellison Louisa Dossett
Ellison Marion Washington
Ellison Marshall - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Mary E..
Ellison Michael (Mike) Gregory
Ellison Minta Elizabeth Dossett
Ellison Mossie White
Ellison Nancy L. Watson - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Naomi L. Bridges
Ellison Nellie Killion - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Rebeckah Leah
Ellison Ulyess Joseph - Kokomo Tribune
Ellison Ulyess Joseph
Ellison Vestee England
Ellison William - Obit - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison William - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Ellison Zethia
Emmett Billie Keith
England Amos V.
England Bassel Lee - Death Notice Page 1 0f 2
England Bassel Lee - Death Notice Page 2 0f 2
England Bassel Lee - Obit
England Benjamin David
England Della Stiner
England Edna Marie Johnson
England Izora
England John (Doc)
England Polly Ann
England Robert Benjamin Sr.
England Rozell Collins
English Carlie McNew - By MVBG
Ensley Christopher Bryan
Eppes Mary Gilbert
Essary Rev. Frank F. - Death notice
Estes Wilburn A. (Doc)
Eubanks Helen Brantley
Eubanks Thelma Brown
Evanoff Margarette Sue kidwell - With Photo
Evans Annie Collins Hopper Robinson
Evans Alphonso
Evans Charles Ardith
Evans Doris Jean
Evans Edith Ann Everette
Evans Ellis Newman
Evans Harold Norman
Evans Lois Estelle Waller
Evans Lucy Ola
Evans Martha
Evans Marvin P. - By Margaret Freemon
Evans Mary Ethel Raley Warwick
Evans Mildred Sexton
Evans Milt
Evans Murphy Y.
Evans Parlee Angeline Oaks
Evans Pauline
Evans Reva Buckner
Evans Rilda Givens
Evans Rosie Moyers
Evans T.H.
Evans Velma Esta
Evans Vennie D. - Death Notice
Evans Vennie D.
Evans Walter D.
Evans Woodrow
Everette Helen O. Lusk
Everhart Patrica Sue Lay A
Everhart Patrica Sue Lay B.
Ezell James W. III
Faires Lloyd Porter
Farmer Blanchie Guettner
Farmer Carrie Jenkins
Farmer Estelle
Farmer Faun
Farmer Lillie Mae Collins
Farmer Mary Jones
Farmer William Alfred
Farmer William Claude
Farr Ada Beeler
Farrington Walter
Farris Alba Mae Dixon Vandergriff
Farris Carmon
Farris Charles Denzil
Farris Clarence E..
Farris Effie Brantley - 11-12-1971
Farris Emma Dunn
Farris Leon Theodore
Farris Verlin - Death Article
Farris Verlin - Death Notice
Farris Verlin
Farris Willie B.
Faulkner Clara (Miss)
Faulkner John David - With Photo
Fauls Edna Roach
Fawver Carolyn Ruth Collins
Felker S.M.
Ferguson Charles (Gene)
Ferguson Elisha
Ferguson Pearl Strevel
Ferguson Scotty H. Jr.
Ferrell Sherry- Infant
Fielden Charles A. - By MVBG
Fielden Charles A.
Fielden Emma Sharp
Fielden Emma Sharp
Fielden Harry - Death Notice
Fielden Kenneth Paul
Fielden Kenneth
Fielden Mary Nicely - By MVBG
Fielden Mary Nicely - Death Notice - With Photo
Fields Edgar E..
Fields Ellen Katherine
Fields Eugene A.
Fields Iva Elnora
Fields King David Jr.
Fields Mary
Fields Myrtle Rosa - From Jeri White Lett
Fields Sam
Fields W.E.
Fife Kathie White
Filyaw Edward Nolan
Fine Mrs. Newell (Dump)
Finley Fred W.
Fisher Charles C. (Bobo) Rev.
Fisher Locke Alfred
Flanagan Helen M.
Flanigan Albert T.
Flannigan Lela Whited
Flatford Bessie Juanita Beeler
Flatford Clarence E..
Flatford Clarence R.E.
Flatford Edna Rutherford
Flatford Half Brothers - Verlin Edward & Luther Lonzo - Death Notice
Flatford Half Brothers - Verlin Edward & Luther Lonzo -
Flatford Harold Gene - Death notice
Flatford Jack L.
Flatford Kenneth D. (Kenny)
Flatford Lester E..
Flatford Sammie James
Flatford Stella I. Ridenour
Flatford Sylvester
Flatford Vola Mamie
Flatford Wilma Joe
Fleming Hershel Holmes - With photo
Fletcher William Albert
Flora - Betty Jean Clark - With photo
Flora Basil
Floyd Dorothy M. - PHD - With Photo
Flynn Arvil M.
Flynn Baxter
Forbes Golda Mae Eastridge
Ford Amanda
Ford Annie Belle Ellison
Ford Celie Catherine Lynch Hopper
Ford Elmer Gene Sr. - With Photo
Ford Fannie R.
Ford George Washington (Wash)
Ford J. Will (Jiggs)
Ford Lester (Les) Smith
Ford Rufus L.
Ford Trula A.
Ford Trula Burnett - With photo
Ford Walter P. - Death Notice - Photo of home fire
Ford Walter P.
Ford William (Bill)
Ford William A. (Bull)
Forrest Steven R. (Steve)
Fortner Margaret Keck
Foster Mary Beatrice McCarfty
Foust Agnes J.
Foust Enice
Foust Eva O.
Foust Fred (Mac)
Foust Gladys Miller
Foust Lawrence - Death notice
Foust Lawrence
Foust Shirley A. Vandergriff - With Photo
Foust Zola Mae
Fowler Grace Janeway
Fox Cecil Howard Gates
Fox George F.
Fox Shannon Bruce
Fraker Douglas Grant - Death notice
Fraker Douglas Grant
Fraker Gladys Lorraine
Fraker Henry Houk - Death notice
Fraker Henry Houk
Fraker Lucy Steelman
Fraker Walter L. Rev.
Fraker William J. (Bill)
Franklin Guy M.
Franklin John F. (Fred)
Franklin Ruth Louise
Frazier Nellie I. Mynatt
Freels Eva Ridenour
Freeman Vesta Drummonds
French Clyde H. - From Jeri White Lett
French Mary Emma Holt
Fridley Beulah Beeler
Fridley John Jackson Sr.
Fritz Millard E..
Frost Eugene T. (Gene)
Frost Grace Needham
Frost Helen Iris - With Photo
Frost Ida Mae DeVault
Frost Kenneth F.
Frost Mary (Mayme)
Frost Robert M.
Frost V.A. (Daddy)
Frye Minnie Frances Hicks - From Jeri White Lett
Gammell Wendell Paul
Gardner James Kelly
Garland Martha
Garland Rickie A.
Garner Ellen
Garnett Cleo B.
Garnett Nina Jane Goforth Nance
Garnett Ruth L.
Garren Martha A.
Garrett Frank Rev. & Jana - Memorial - With Photo
Garrett Frank Rev. - Obit -With Photo
Garrett Frank Rev. - With Photo - Death Notice
Garrett Jimmy A. 1945
Garrett Ruth L. - With Photo
Garrett Velma L. - With Photo
Garrison Lynn Lee (Sarge) - US ARMY SGT RET - Death Notice
Garrison Lynn Lee (Sarge) - US ARMY SGT RET
Gascho Clint Stephen
Gates Allen Rev. - (Partial Obit)
Gates Henrietta Cantebory
Gates William R. Rev. - With Photo - Newspaper Articles
Gaylon Stella Lee
Gelbert Helen Marie Whited - By MVBG
Genrty Lizzie M.
Gentry Cleo Snodderly - From Jeri Whote Lett
Gentry Elsie McKnight
Gentry Emma Melhorn
Gentry Hubert
Gentry Iola Corum
Gentry John Henry
Gentry Loretta - With Photo
Gentry Lucille (Miss)
Gentry Lucy Jane
Gentry Tillman Jr. - From Jeri White Lett
Gentry W.L. Dr.
Gentry William M.
George Barbara June
George Berney Hazel
George Bronis (Stanley) - From Jeri Whote Lett
George Fred Millard
George Ida Florence
Geraud Helen M.
Giannoutsos Leah Ellen Perry
Gibbs Charlie
Gibson Charles D. - Death Notice
Gibson Charles D.
Gibson Marauda MeHaffey
Gibson Walcie Weaver
Gideon Maude Weaver - From Jeri White Lett
Gilbert A.J. - Age 79
Gilbert Alton J. - Age 60
Gilbert Bert R.
Gilbert Bertie Southerland
Gilbert Bessie McPhetridge
Gilbert Beulah Kate
Gilbert Bobbie Wilson
Gilbert Bud
Gilbert Callie Newman Butcher Smith
Gilbert Charles F.
Gilbert Charlsie Ramsey
Gilbert Christine
Gilbert Clayton H.
Gilbert Clonnie G.
Gilbert Clyde J.
Gilbert David S.
Gilbert Dora Ann Baker
Gilbert Earl James Jr.
Gilbert Earl James
Gilbert Earl
Gilbert Ella Gertrude
Gilbert Emma L. - 8-12-1978
Gilbert Ernest L.
Gilbert Etta Cowden
Gilbert Frank - Age 70
Gilbert Frank Age 55
Gilbert Georgia - Miss
Gilbert H.G.
Gilbert Hattie L.
Gilbert Hattie Pendleton
Gilbert Helene R.
Gilbert Herman Troy - With photo
Gilbert Herman Troy
Gilbert Horace Granville
Gilbert Horace Monroe
Gilbert Hoyle Bert
Gilbert Hugh J.
Gilbert Ida Turner
Gilbert J. Teddie (Tom) - With Photo
Gilbert James Donald
Gilbert James Thurman
Gilbert James W.
Gilbert John H.
Gilbert John P. - Death Notice
Gilbert John P.
Gilbert Juanita W.
Gilbert Kelman
Gilbert Kenneth G.
Gilbert Kennie Frank
Gilbert Lewis Alfred (Gib)
Gilbert Lou Cox
Gilbert Louie S.
Gilbert Lucinda
Gilbert Mack Henry
Gilbert Margaret Alfair
Gilbert Mary Avis
Gilbert Mary Cheek
Gilbert Mary
Gilbert Mrs Dexter Lee Mays
Gilbert Mrs L.C.
Gilbert Mrs Noah Lamar - 10-15-1965
Gilbert Mrs R.G. (Aunt Mug)
Gilbert Naida Braden
Gilbert Necie Florence Hill
Gilbert Neva
Gilbert Noah L.
Gilbert Oscar C.
Gilbert Pamela Maria
Gilbert R.G. (Uncle Dick)
Gilbert Ralph - Funeral Announcement
Gilbert Ralph
Gilbert Rhodie
Gilbert Richard
Gilbert Ruth Emert
Gilbert T.O. (Tom)
Gilbert Thea
Gilbert Tiny E..
Gilbert Tip
Gilbert Vernon C. (Polly)
Gilbert William A.
Gilbert William E..
Gilbert William F.
Giles Thelma M.
Gillenwater John Milton
Gillenwater Mima Stallard
Gillespie James Stephen - With Photo
Givens Bertha Lennie
Givens Bobby Gene
Givens Gary
Glandon Donald Ray
Glenn Beverly Joan Miss - With Photo
Glick Sarah Ann Satterfield - With Photo
Goans Gertrude Claiborne
Goddard Doris Ann Self
Goddard Iona R. (Tonie) Stiner
Godfrey Jean
Godfrey Jeanette Eastridge
Godfrey Nola Hannah
Godwin Myrtie Hamilton
Goforth Grace Jane Varnell
Goin A.C. Zan
Goin Bertha Hickle
Goin George Oakus
Goin John Rev.
Goin Parla Chesney
Goin Roxie L. Mallicoat
Goins Ernest W. Jr.
Goins Estella Ford
Goins Maggie
Goins Mattie
Goins Mildred Robbins - With Photo
Goins Roy
Goins Wilma Lynch
Goodlin Shirley
Goodman Jim W. (Shorty)
Gordon Gertrude Shoffner McCarty
Gore William Earl (Bill)
Gose Claude W. Rev.
Gose Dorothy Hutchison (Memaw)
Gose Eph Clay - With photo
Gose Eph
Gose Eva Waddington
Gose Grant G.
Gose Hop - From Jeri White Lett
Gose Horace Dee - From Jeri White Lett
Gose Kenneth Gene
Gose Myrtie Beeler
Gose Robert E. (Gene)
Gose Ross
Graham Charles E..
Graham Cora Lee Tomlison - With photo
Graham Irene Payne
Graham Robert H.
Graham Ulysses E..
Grant Dona Anderson
Grant Judy Lynn Satterfield
Graves Henry Reber
Graves Adam Grant - By MVBG
Graves Angie Miracle
Graves Ann Short
Graves Anna Jane Dykes
Graves Anna Lou Graves Moyers
Graves Arvell Harding
Graves Aubry Earl
Graves Avrella Harding
Graves Benton V. - From Jeri White Lett
Graves Bernez Davis
Graves Bessie Cardwell
Graves Bessie Cardwell
Graves Billy Ray Sr. - With Photo
Graves Blanche Haynes
Graves Buren Calloway - Death Notice
Graves Buren Calloway
Graves C. Wilbur
Graves Carl M.
Graves Caroline Keck
Graves Charles E. (Charlie) (Red)
Graves Charles D.
Graves Charles Lee
Graves Charlie (Red)
Graves Christopher J. - With photo
Graves Clara Sharp
Graves Claude D.
Graves Cleo DeZearn
Graves Clifford Edwin
Graves Cloe H. Turner - Mrs A.G. - By MVBG
Graves Cora B.
Graves Curtis E..
Graves Daniel Creed
Graves Daniel Roscoe
Graves Dewey
Graves Dollie Elamae Smelser - With photo
Graves Dorothy
Graves Earl E. & Oakes Hobart W. -- Death Probe - Page 1 of 2
Graves Earl E. & Oakes Hobart W. -- Death Probe - Page 2 of 2
Graves Earl E. - Death - Brother Charged
Graves Earl E..
Graves Earl J. (Junior)
Graves Earl J.
Graves Edward Sr.
Graves Edward William
Graves Eli
Graves Eli
Graves Elmer H.
Graves Emily Malinda Miller - Obit - By MVBG
Graves Emily Malinda
Graves Enmon D.
Graves Eugene P.
Graves Evelyn L.
Graves Ezra
Graves Ezra E..
Graves F.C. (Fate)
Graves F.M. -Death notice - By MVBG
Graves Forest
Graves Frank M. - With Photo
Graves George
Graves Gladys Glenn
Graves Gladys Mae Beeler - Death Notice
Graves Gladys Mae Beeler
Graves Gladys Neva
Graves Glenn Michael
Graves Grace Chesney
Graves Grayson Samuel Foster
Graves Green
Graves Harley
Graves Henry Reber - Death notice - By MVBG
Graves Henry Reber
Graves Herbert D.
Graves Herbert E.
Graves Hiram Milton - By MVBG
Graves Ida Mae
Graves Infant of Mr & Mrs Buren - By MVBG
Graves Ira Denver
Graves Ira Nora Sharp
Graves Jack E.
Graves James Austin
Graves James E.
Graves James M.
Graves James Oscar
Graves James Rufus
Graves James Waldo - From Jeri White Lett
Graves Jeannie - In memory of - With photo
Graves Jessie Mae
Graves Jimmy
Graves Joe Edgar
Graves John
Graves John Allen
Graves John Europe
Graves John Theodore - Death Notice
Graves John Theodore
Graves John
Graves Katie Elizabeth (Lizzie) - With Photo
Graves Kenneth L. - 7-3-1976
Graves Kruger
Graves Lassie E.
Graves Lavada Hutchison
Graves Lelia Sharp
Graves Leo A. - With Photo
Graves Leslie - With Photo
Graves Lillian M. Hill
Graves Lincoln Harold
Graves Lois Jeanie
Graves Lucretia Rucker With Photo
Graves Lucy Browning - By MVBG - 2-18-1954
Graves Lucy M.
Graves Luther
Graves Lynn Brian
Graves Mae Hunsucker
Graves Maggie Sharp - Blind Piano Teacher Article
Graves Maggie Walker
Graves Mallie Brewer
Graves Margaret Maggie Purciful Miller Died 3-26
Graves Marshall M..
Graves Martha (Jo)
Graves Mary L. Roach
Graves Maynard Gibson (Gip) - 12-13-60- Death notice - By MVBG
Graves Maynard Gibson (Gip) - By MVBG
Graves Melinda Katherine Miller
Graves Melvin Billy
Graves Mollie Virginia Browning
Graves Mrs Luna Cox Page 1
Graves Mrs Luna Cox Page 2
Graves Myrtle Graves
Graves Nancy Huskey
Graves Nancy Malinda (Nance) Miller
Graves Naomi French
Graves Nepoleon
Graves Oliver U. - By MVBG
Graves Oliver U. - Death Notice
Graves Orion B. - Death notice - By MVBG
Graves Oscar
Graves Otis W. - Death notice - By MVBG
Graves Otis W.
Graves Paris F. - Elder
Graves Paul
Graves Pinie D. Butcher - With photo
Graves Polly Ann Edwards
Graves Ralph E. - PFC - With Photo
Graves Ralph Swann
Graves Ramer
Graves Rebecca Cook
Graves Robert Browning
Graves Robert H.
Graves Roy C.
Graves Roy Casper (Cass)
Graves Ruby Simmons
Graves Rush Spike
Graves Sarah Jana
Graves Sarah Jane - Death Notice
Graves Seba Quentin
Graves Swan H. - Death Notice
Graves Swan H. - With Photo
Graves Swan H. - With Photo
Graves T.C.,
Graves Teddy Andrew Infant
Graves Trula Mae Maples
Graves U.S.
Graves V.H. Elder
Graves Vera
Graves Verlin H. Rev. - 6-6-1945
Graves Vesta M. Burnette - With photo
Graves Vicie
Graves Victoria Lynn Wood
Graves Vinson Robert
Graves Virgie Walker
Graves W.C. - By MVBG -2-16-1954
Graves Walter Chester
Graves Walter E. (Buddy)
Graves Walter Edgar Sr.
Graves Walter
Graves Wayne P.
Graves William (Bill) LaFayette
Graves William (Bill) Palmer
Graves William E. - Death Notice
Graves William E..
Graves William Henry - Elder - By MVBG
Graves William Palmer (Bill) - With Photo - Death Notice
Graves William W.
Graves Willis Auble - Death Notice
Graves Willis Auble
Gray Amie Damewood
Gray Carol Ann - Dau of Ora cecil McBee Gray
Gray Clyde Wilson
Gray Geneva Irene Dishman
Gray Gertrude Thompson
Gray Gregory
Gray Harriet Elizabeth Clarkson
Gray Henry H. - Funeral Notice
Gray Henry H.
Gray Hubert
Gray Marjorie Ann Brewer - With Photo
Gray Nellie Nicley
Gray Nora M. Hale
Gray Ora Cecil McBee - Death Noticed
Gray Ora Cecil McBee - With Photo.tif
Gray Rev. Horace (Pappy) - With Photo
Green Arminty Melvina Graves Evans
Green Cecile Grigsby
Green Jack Morrison
Green Lewis (Tubby)
Green Lewis - With Photo - In Memory Of
Green Lissie Wolfenbarger
Green Maudie C. Graves
Green Mossie Simmons
Green Sarah Jane Miller
Greene Dorothy (Polly) Miller
Greene Esco R. Rev.
Greene Hattie Lorene Robertson
Greene Jonah
Greene Kenneth James (Kenny)
Greene William Lewis
Greenlee Dan
Greenlee George Fred Rubib (Barney)
Greenlee Nora Mae McElhaney
Greer Dennis
Greer Edna H. Keck
Greer Grover
Greever Vannah Parke Carr
Gresham John H. - With Photo
Griffin Carl A.
Griffin Paris
Griffin Russell E. - With Photo
Griffith J. Fred
Griffith Jack
Grigsby Georgia M. Booker
Grigsby John Beecher Jr.
Grigsby Kenneth D. (Buck Buster)
Grigsby Nancy Gladys Washam - With Photo
Grigsby William J.
Grimes Homer (Greasy)
Grimes Patsy Sue
Grisham Bonnie M.
Grissom Darrell Wayne
Grissom Harvey Lynn
Grissom Hubert Lee
Grissom Lillard (Red)
Grissom Lonzo R.
Grissom Martha Langley
Grissom Scottie Wayne
Grizzell Andrew
Grizzell James Carl - From Jeri White Lett
Grizzell James Paul
Grizzell Jennings (Jim)
Grizzell Richard Elijah
Gross Patsy Lee
Gross Ruby
Grubb Floyd R. - From Jeri White Lett
Grubb Martha Rosenbalm
Grubb Parley G.
Guettner Christy H.
Guettner Elmer B.
Guettner James Perry
Guettner Martha Hazel Jenkins
Guettner Nannie Tutterrow (Partial Obit)
Guilds Lela Pierce
Guilds Lelia Pierce
Guinn Orphia Branum
Gunter Redmond
Gurley A. Lee Jr. - With Photo
Guy Emmitte Arville
Gyurik Eva Guelmino
Hacker Gertrude Mattie - From Jeri White Lett
Hackney Margaret K.
Haggard Clyde L.
Haggard Delbert E. (Dick)
Haggard Enda Damewood
Haggard Richard Chesney
Hale Banness Lee (B.L.) PROF
Hale Ina
Hale Marie M.
Hales Barbara Marie - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Hales Barbara Marie Goins - With Photo -By Margaret Freemon
Hall Burrell
Hall Claude F. Sr.
Hall Everette C.
Hall Harold J.
Hall James D. Rev.
Hall James Leroy -By Margaret Freemon
Hall Jessie
Hall Lettie Monroe
Hall Lillian Hill
Hall Louis W.
Hall Mary Margaret Ray
Hall Parlie Ann
Hall Raymond E.
Hall Shirley Mae Walker
Hall Vera Loretta Cooke
Hall Winnie H.
Hamic Abraham C. (A.C) - Death Notice
Hamic Abraham C. (A.C)
Hamic Alice Smith
Hamic Ira - Death notice
Hamic Ira
Hamic Letha Viola Beeler
Hamilton Alton
Hamilton Ben
Hamilton Carl B.
Hamilton Charles Arthur
Hamilton Daniel A. Sr.
Hamilton David Wayne
Hamilton Della Gilbert
Hamilton Donald Dean (Donnie)
Hamilton Dora E.
Hamilton Eleese Edwards - 8-5-1983
Hamilton Emily Russell
Hamilton Ernest Reid
Hamilton Fate C.
Hamilton Fate C.
Hamilton Faye Y. Zell
Hamilton Forest S.
Hamilton Forest
Hamilton Forrest S. - In Memory Of
Hamilton Frank
Hamilton Fred H.
Hamilton H.E.
Hamilton John Adam
Hamilton Lillis Ousley
Hamilton Lillus Ousley
Hamilton Loretta C.
Hamilton Mamie O.
Hamilton Margaret (Miss)
Hamilton Martha E.
Hamilton Mary Grace
Hamilton Mayme (Mamie) Ousley - by MVBG
Hamilton Mrs Elmer Gilbert
Hamilton Mrs Forest
Hamilton Murphy
Hamilton Ollie E.
Hamilton Ollie Hill - Age 81 - 3-14-72
Hamilton Raymond Jr.
Hamilton Samuel Robert (Sam) - With Photo
Hamilton Troy L.
Hamilton W. Ernest
Hamilton W. Ernest
Hamilton William Kenneth
Hamley Charlene R. (Chink) Rutherford
Hamley Nell Joelie (Jo) Myers - From Jeri White Lett
Hamley Rush Monday
Hamley William Henry (Bill)
Hamm Bruce Allen
Hamm Emily Lane
Hamm Rik (RV)
Hammer Arthur Bernard Jr.
Hammer Arthur Bernard Sr. - With photo
Hammer Hadden Spurgeon
Hammer James B.
Hammer Mrs Colia Rogers
Hammer Opal Frances Butler - Death Notice
Hammer Opal Frances Butler - With Photo - Death Notice - Page 1
Hammer Opal Frances Butler - With Photo - Death Notice - Page 2
Hammer Sarah
Hammit Bettie Joe
Hammock A. J.
Hammock Ethel Griffin Tharp
Hammock Irene Marcum
Hamolton J.R.
Hampton Jarvis L.
Hampton Shirlee Anne
Handzus Thomas J.
Hankins Charles E. Obit
Hankins Dolly Arlene
Hankins Dorothy Marie Evans
Hankins Ella Faye Burnette
Hankins Margaret
Hankins Sindey I..
Hankins Steward Reo
Hankins Verlin E.
Hankins William Esco
Hannigan Rilda Augusta
Hansard Arnold C.
Hansard Nettie Lou McBee Sheckles
Hansard Pearn C. (Hook)
Hansard Sarah Ellen
Hansard William M. (Mack)
Harbin David Lynn
Hardy Charles O.
Hargis Edwuna (Bunny) Butcher
Harington Mrs W.T. Browning
Harless H.T. (Trenton)
Harless Ruth Edna Walker
Harmon B.R. (Shorty)
Harmon Bernie Luther
Harmon Charlie Pascal Sr.
Harmon Ida Bell
Harmon Lillie White
Harmon Minnie
Harmon Myrtle White
Harmon Nora Archer
Harmon Richard Scott - With Photo
Harmon Ruby Marie
Harmon Samuel C. (Crit)
Harmon Theodore - Possibly
Harmon Vaughn Edwin - From Jeri White Lett
Harmon Walter L. - - From Jeri White Lett
Harmon Wendell L.
Harness Ethel Alice
Harness John Larken - With Photo
Harness Michael Richard Sr.
Harness Scottie Jr.
Harness Wayne
Harper Anna B. Ramsey
Harper Jessie Lou Stiner - With photo
Harrell Alvin D. (Buck) Rev.
Harrell Linda K. Sharp
Harrell Marie Fields
Harrell Robin Denise Foust
Harrington Autry E.
Harrington Ollie Browning- Funeral Announcement
Harrington Ollie Browning
Harrington Thelma Parker
Harrington Walter Thomas - By MVBG
Harrington William Thomas
Harris Emory Paul
Harris Millie
Harrison Betty Kiser
Harrison John H.
Harrison Luther (Clifton)
Harrison W.W. (Shorty)
Harrison William P.
Hartgrove Nell Marie Kitts
Harvey Sidney Jane Gray - 112 Years Old
Harvey Charles Lee
Harvey Minnis
Harvey Sidney Janie Gray
Harvey Susie Brantley
Harvey Theodore Earl
Harvey William Edward
Hassell Anna Grace Ousley - With Photo
Hassell Carroll Holmes - With Photo
Hatcher Emma Stiner
Hates Anita Brewer
Hatfield Ruby Juanita Walker
Hatley Retha Faye Walker - With Photo
Hatmaker Dave & Olive Kelly Death - Page 1 of 2
Hatmaker Edna Jean Demarcus - Death notice
Hatmaker Frances - With Photo
Hatmaker Helen G.
Hatmaker Lillian (Jean)
Hatmaker Quint A.
Hatmaker Richard D.
Hatmaker U. Claude
Hatmaker Usher Campbell
Hauk Liva Gordon - Partial Obit
Haun (Wilson)
Hauther C.C. Jr.
Hawkins Bertha Etta Wilson
Hawthorn Charles E.
Hayes Charles Franklin
Hayes George Barnett - With Photo
Hayes Jackie Virgil Sr.
Hayes John
Hayes Virgil (Vacel) Rev.
Hayes William (Bill) A.
Haynes J. - SGT - With Photo
Haynes Aggie M.
Haynes Bessie Owen
Haynes Burnett Daniel
Haynes Curtis Herman
Haynes Ed
Haynes Fount
Haynes Georgia E.
Haynes Harry - With Photo - Ex Editor - Claiborne Progress
Haynes Harry
Haynes Helen Beeler
Haynes Henry D. - In memory of - With photo
Haynes Hettie Viola
Haynes Hobart - Murdered
Haynes Hobart Rev.
Haynes James Carl
Haynes James Raymond - Furnished by Leon Graves
Haynes Joe R. Jr. - With Photo
Haynes Lucinda
Haynes Maude Rosenbalm
Haynes Minnie Morgan
Haynes Neal
Haynes Ora Bell
Haynes Paul C.
Haynes Pauline Tarver
Haynes Roy L.
Haynes Scottie Jr.
Haynes Thomas Houston - By MBVG
Hays Ruth Hutson
Hayworth David S. - With Photo- Obit & Death Notice
Headrick Bonnie Hayes
Headrick Jake
Headrick Lewis Wayne
Headrick Nettie Pearl Mitchell
Headrick Paulette (Polly) Jones
Headrick William Pierce
Hearn James Charles
Heath Alice Goin
Heath Clark B.
Heath Conard Lee
Heath Dave G.
Heath Harvey Joseph
Heath Jack Rev. - 1-20-1992
Heath James Estle
Heath Mamie
Heath Patrick Zenegal (Zen)
Heath Tom V. - Dissapearance Mystery
Heath Zella Baker
Heatherly Anna Bolinger
Heatherly Cynthia Davis
Heatherly George E.
Heatherly Nancy Davis
Heatherly Raymond
Hedrick Burl E.
Heifner Ethel Jeanette Shope
Heifner Horace
Heifner Mary Jane
Heins Mildred (Midge) Wheeler - With Photo - From Margret Freemon
Heiskell Ada M.
Heiskell Asa N. (Nip
Heiskell Ben E. Jr. - Death notice
Heiskell Ben E. Jr.
Heiskell Elsie Seymour
Heiskell James R. (Jim)
Heiskell Joe - With photo
Heiskell Joe Ray
Heiskell Naomi Raley
Heiskell Roscoe C.
Heiskell Verlin Lee (Mutt)
Helms Carl Edmond - With photo
Helms John
Helsey James Gene
Helsley Lida Clark - With photo
Helsley Orville O. (Slim)
Helton Arelene Hill
Helton David Elmer
Helton Dollie M. (Granny)
Helton Dorothy Lynn Turner
Helton Esco G.
Helton George Colson
Helton Howard S.
Helton Joshua Allen Monroe
Helton Katheryn Juanita
Helton Laura Goin
Hembree Claude E.- PFC
Hembree Ida
Hemphill Mossie Smith
Henderlight Cora Lou Sharpe - With photo
Henderlight Marion Johnson
Henderlight Vada DeVault
Henderson Billy Lee - With Photo
Henderson George Ed
Henderson Jack W.
Henderson Jeffrey Scott
Henderson Lorene
Hendrix Hala
Hendrix Mary Ruth McPhetridge
Hendrix Rush Dennis Elder - Death Notice
Hendrix Rush Dennis Elder
Henegar John T.
Henegar Martha Leona
Henegar Mary Ethel
Henegar Sally Ethel
Henry Ann Mae
Henry Herbert B. (With Photo)
Henry James Lester Hill
Henry Neal
Henry Reba Dyer
Hensley David Vasco
Hensley Kevin Curtis
Hensley Larry Edward
Hensley Maggie Alverty
Hensley Mary Lee
Hensley Mary Wilkerson
Hensley Mossie Lee
Hensley Robert L. (R.L.)
Hensley Verlin L.
Hensley Wanda Mae Monday
Henson Edith (Grandma) Beeler
Herbert Richard Henry (Ricky)
Herrell Doshia Acuff
Herron James Thomas
Herron Steven Ray )
Hethcoat Sierra Nevead Keck
Hickle Anna Elizabeth Acuff
Hickle Arnie F.
Hickle Charles O. - SGT
Hickle Cora (Nannie) Bertis
Hickle Esco Sterling - Death Notice
Hickle Esco Sterling
Hickle Gracie Tharp
Hickle Herbert D. Rev.
Hickle Lillie
Hickle Luia C.
Hickle Marjorie (Margie)
Hickle Maude
Hickman Anna Marie
Hickman Emma Ilean - Death Notice
Hickman Emma Ilean
Hickman Lester E. Sr.
Hickman Ronda Rea
Hicks Geraldine (Jewel)
Hicks James L. Roy
Hicks Judge Zen
Higgins Hazel Acuff Hensley
Hil Matilda Helen Longmire
Hill Maybelle (Mable) Crawford - With Photo
Hill Ada Bolinger
Hill Albert Sharp
Hill Albert Sherman - With a photo
Hill Alvin
Hill Belle Owens
Hill Bessie Butcher
Hill Bessie Eneria Graves
Hill Bessie Stooksbury
Hill Betty Penrose
Hill Beulah Mae Easterday Finger
Hill Beulah
Hill Billie Ray (Mrs) DeVault
Hill Bonnie Collins Walker
Hill Carl Michael
Hill Carlos Eugene
Hill Cassie Lee (Cas)
Hill Cecil Sumpter
Hill Charles C.
Hill Charles E.
Hill Charles Wade
Hill Charles Wesley
Hill Clarence Sr.
Hill Clay Evans
Hill Clayton B.
Hill Clayton
Hill Cleo Summers - With Photo
Hill Clum M.
Hill Cornie Jones
Hill Dadrick S.
Hill Dan
Hill Dorothy P.
Hill Douglas (Mickey)
Hill Earlie B.
Hill Ebert Milton
Hill Edith Mae
Hill Edith Ruth - Partial Obit
Hill Edward F.
Hill Edward G. (Ed)
Hill Elbert (Milton)
Hill Elbert Derwin
Hill Elizabeth Gault
Hill Eller Celeste Clawson
Hill Ellis Alonzo
Hill Elvin
Hill Ernest
Hill Eula Marie Tipton
Hill Eva Mae
Hill Faye Fields
Hill Fletcher
Hill Florence
Hill Flossie Emmer - Partial
Hill Frank Earl
Hill Grady L.
Hill Harlen Vasco
Hill Harrison F. (Babe)
Hill Harvey
Hill Helen Longmire
Hill Henry E. (Cowboy)
Hill Hollis E.
Hill Horace
Hill Howard Ralph
Hill Hubert Clarence
Hill Hubert Sampson - With Photo
Hill Hugh Barton
Hill Ida Rice - Death Notice
Hill Ida Rice
Hill Ida Rice
Hill Isaac T. (Tim)
Hill Ivy E. - Miss
Hill J. Sanford (Sandy)
Hill James D.
Hill James E. - 1-6-1994
Hill James E. - Age 81
Hill James E. Rev.
Hill Jennie L.
Hill Jerry Marr
Hill Jo Ann (Jody) Anderson
Hill Joe
Hill John J.
Hill John
Hill Johnny R.
Hill Johnson
Hill Joseph Henry
Hill Kathleen Margaret
Hill Kenneth L.
Hill L.B.
Hill Lanny
Hill Lennie Odella
Hill Leon Brown
Hill Leon Cox
Hill Leonard M.
Hill Lillian Ann
Hill Linda Anne keck
Hill Lola Cruze
Hill Mabel Crawford - With Photo
Hill Marcus (Silus) II
Hill Mary C. Brantley
Hill Mary E. (Beth) Taylor
Hill Mary Irwin
Hill Mary Lou Robinson
Hill Mary Magdalene (Maggie) Smith - 12-14-1993
Hill Mary Parris
Hill Mary Sue
Hill Matilda Helen Longmire
Hill Maynard
Hill Nancy Louise (Lula)
Hill Necy Raley
Hill Neoma
Hill Oliver William (Bill) Dr.
Hill Palmer D.
Hill R.L.
Hill Robert Lee
Hill Ruby L. Tilson
Hill Ruth Catherine
Hill Ruth Lynn - With Photo
Hill S.R. - Squire
Hill Sam A.
Hill Scott Daniel
Hill Seigle D.
Hill Sue Thurman
Hill T. Wesley Rev.
Hill T. Phillip Rev.
Hill Thomas Howard
Hill Thurman V. (Shorty) - Obit - 10-18-1971
Hill Thurman V. (Shorty) - Death notice
Hill Walter David
Hill Walter W. Rev. - 8-16-1992
Hill Wayne Edward
Hill William Boyd
Hill William Earl
Hill William Erney
Hill William H. Sr.
Hill William Johnny
Hill William Lee
Hill William Thomas
Hillaed Howard R. - Partial Obit
Hind Beatrice Callaway
Hinds Jerry L.
Hinds Lillian M.
Hinton Bobby Ray
Hipsher J.C.
Hobbs Jewell E.
Hobby lula Belle Maples
Hobock Elsie B. Muncey
Hobock James L. - With Photo
Hobock James L.
Hochnedel Edwin F. Jr.
Hodge Amelia F. Longmire
Hodge Claudia Kay
Hodge Herman Lewis
Hodge Herman Lewis - Death Notice
Hodge Ida
Hodge Jerome - Death Notice
Hodge Jerome
Hodge Jess O.
Hodge L. Max
Hodge Martha Victoria Thomas
Hodges Biddie Snodderly
Hodges Joel Verben
Hodges Vicy Taylor
Holley Ceo Weaver
Hollingsworth Robert E. Rev.
Holloway Beth Ann - With Photo
Holloway Charles Bud - 6-6-1958
Holloway Clifford C. (Cotton) - With Photo
Holloway Clifford C. (Cotton) - With Photo
Holloway Curtis D.
Holloway Darla Ray & Children - Amber - William & Erin- Death Notice
Holloway Darla Ray & Children - Amber - William & Erin
Holloway Evelyn Miller
Holloway Myrtle Johnson
Holloway Paul W.
Holloway Paul William (Bill) Jr. - Death notice
Holloway Paul William (Bill) Jr.
Holloway Samuel W.
Holloway William R. (Bill)
Holmes Aaron Joseph - With photo
Holmes Bobbie Jean - With Photo
Holmes James Hillary - With Photo
Holt Andrew Jackson
Holt Carsie Porter
Holt Cecil Luther
Holt Linda Jane Farmer
Holt Rosetta
Hood Theodore
Hooks Margaret Miller
Hopper Barbara Alice LeMarr
Hopper Barbary J. (Pearlie) Rosson
Hopper Callie Ruby C. Taylor
Hopper Dewey
Hopper Emery L.
Hopper Harley C.
Hopper Harriet A. Mayes
Hopper Horace Verlin (Verley)
Hopper Horace Verlin (Verley)
Hopper Hubert Herman
Hopper Jasper Newton
Hopper Lee Vonnie
Hopper Levi Elvin
Hopper Linda Elizabeth Williams
Hopper Manerva Cordelia Keck
Hopper Mary Ann (Pollyanne) Hill Dunn
Hopper Nancy E. Lester
Hopper Nora Meltabarger
Hopper Ola Loy
Hopper Oscar M. - Funeral Services
Hopper Oscar M.
Hopper Otha Cletus
Hopper Reva
Hopper Solomon Elvin
Hopper Thomas Jefferson (Tommy)
Hopper Vontella Keller
Hopson Albert Howard
Hopson Clayton H.
Hopson Clumar
Hopson Gary Wayne
Hopson Grace A. - 12-15-1983
Hopson Jennie Hackney
Hopson Jonathan Howard
Hopson Nora Ann
Hoskins Henry (Uncle Henry)
Hotten Audrey Sharp
Hotten Wilfred
Householder Luther M. Sr.
Householder William E. - Death notice
Householder William E.
Houser Rebecca Gail
Houser Stella P. Nichols
Housley Joseph (Uncle Joe) 12 Apr 1944
Houston Dorothy Jane
Houston Edith Mae
Houston Gawain George
Houston Grace E. Walker
Houston Helen Maude
Houston John Howard
Houston John
Houston Kyle
Houston Mathinel James - Infant
Houston Ottis D.
Houston Samuel Lee- CPL - With photo - By MVBG
Houston Tilman Howard
Howard Mahala Noe
Howell Maude Lay - Death Notice
Howell Maude Lay
Howerton Boone Lynch
Howerton Dollie - Death Notice
Howerton Dollie
Howerton Lee O.
Hubbard Charles Taylor- With photo
Hubbard James C.
Hubbs Arley (Sim)
Hubbs Dora Hamilton - Death Notice
Hubbs Dora Hamilton
Hubbs Fred E.
Hubbs Harold - Death notice
Hubbs J. Robert
Hubbs James Arley - With Photo
Hubbs Jerry Lynn - From Jeri White Lett
Hubbs John E.
Hubbs Lola Troxler
Hubbs Lon Sterling
Hubbs Maude Monroe
Hubbs Mrs J.D. (Aunt Sis) Wolfe
Hubbs William Hugh
Hubbs-Bellringer Elsie
Huddleston Cathy Graves
Huddleston Clarence Kent (Cotton)
Huddleston John P. Jr.
Huddleston John P. Sr. - Death notice
Huddleston John P. Sr. - Obit
Huddleston John P. Sr.
Huddleston Mildred Sexton
Huffaker Dr. Henry F.
Huffman Euratha Hubbs
Hughes Edith Atkins
Humphrey Jewell Laws
Humphrey Raymond
Humpston Sallie S.
Hundley Agnes
Hundley Boshie Collins
Hundley Darrell Glenn
Hundley Delbert
Hundley Edgbert L.
Hundley Elbert J.
Hundley Ethel Virgie Berry
Hundley Eva
Hundley Hesper - With Photo
Hundley Ida A.
Hundley Lelond
Hundley Loren - With Photo
Hundley Lowell
Hundley Lucreate Yoakum
Hundley Maggie Longmire - Death Notice
Hundley Maggie Longmire
Hundley Mark A.
Hundley Mary V. Anderson
Hundley Neva
Hundley Norman
Hundley Robert
Hundley William P.
Hunley Angela - With photo
Hunley Betty
Hunley Bonnie O.
Hunley Bonnie O.
Hunley Carl E. (Tobe)
Hunley Carl Randolph Sr.
Hunley Cline
Hunley David Lee
Hunley Delpha
Hunley Edna Hoback
Hunley Hillard T.
Hunley James Alford - Death Notice
Hunley James Alford
Hunley Jo Ann Ruckman wife of Max
Hunley John Lee
Hunley Johnny Sherman
Hunley Kyle Elbert
Hunley Lester Dale
Hunley Lucinda Summers
Hunley Maggie Zine Longmire
Hunley Martin L.
Hunley Max
Hunley Pansy - With Photo
Hunley Reva Beeler
Hunley Richard Elvin
Hunley Robert A. Son of Martin Lee - With photo
Hunley Sarah Burnett
Hunley Timothy Mark (Tim) - With Photo - Page 1
Hunley Timothy Mark (Tim) - With Photo - Page 2
Hunley Troy Xagus
Hunley Trula Mae Welch
Hunley Verdia Mae Walker
Hunley Walter L.
Hunley William Clyde
Hunsucker Jonathan
Hunsucker Mary England
Hunt Rebecca Ann Carr
Hunter Charles Raymond
Hunter Clarence Dale
Hunter Clarence L.
Hunter Earl Ray (Big John)
Hunter Helen Venetta Goin
Hunter John A.
Hunter Kathryn Lelia
Hunter Ralph J.
Hunter William A. (Ott)
Huntzinger Bessie B.
Hurst Agnes Cleo Malone
Hurst Agnes Cleo Malone
Hurst Attie H.
Hurst Attie Harlen
Hurst Birdie Anderson
Hurst Dessie Sharp
Hurst Dessie
Hurst Elbert LaFayette (Uncle Fate) - By MVBG
Hurst Frank Rev.
Hurst Fred H.
Hurst Fred M.
Hurst Henry C. - With Photo
Hurst J.E. Elder & Ruth Jane Frye - With photo - Golden Anniv - By MVBG
Hurst J.E. Elder - With photo - By MVBG
Hurst Luther John (L.J.) - Death Notice - With photo
Hurst Luther John (L.J.)
Hurst Manda
Hurst Mary Williams
Hurst Perlie E. Miller
Hurst Ruth Jane Frye - With photo - By MVBG
Hurst Troy Carl
Hurst William Zeb Sr.
Huskey Jess Alvin
Huston John Henry
Hutcheson Dewey E.
Hutcheson Florence Florella
Hutcheson Robert C. (Bob)
Hutchinson Vonnie Lynn
Hutchison Boble (Bobe) - Partial Obit
Hutchison Carson
Hutchison Cleve
Hutchison David Jr.
Hutchison Delia - Sheriff
Hutchison Edward P. Sr.
Hutchison Fletcher
Hutchison Floyd H. (Gideon) - Death notice
Hutchison Francis - Death notice
Hutchison Francis
Hutchison Homer Paul
Hutchison Irby Mrs
Hutchison Leonard Earl
Hutchison Mattie E. Maples
Hutchison Purn
Hutchison Rebecca Rose
Hutchison Taft L.
Hutchison Vola Marie
Hutchison W. Paul
Hutson Mamie E.
Hutson Robert Fair
Hyde Karen Faye Simpson
Hyden Nellie E. - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Hyden Orville Burton - Services
Hyden Orville Burton
Hyden Orville Gene. - Death notice
Hyden Orville Gene
Hyder Wilma Jean Savage
Hylemon Betty Faye Walker
Idell Raymond L. Jr.
Idol William S.
Ingle Archie B.
Ingle Kate Lee Crawford - Death notice
Ingle Kate Lee Crawford
Ingle Monroe Verlin (Mutt)
Ingle Rethie
Inklebarger Beulah Mae Dukes
Inklebarger Clyde A.
Inklebarger Melba Ruth
Inklebarger Paul E.
Inklebarger Robert Ray (Bobby)
Inklebarger S.S. Judge
Irick Alice B.
Irick Allie - Miss
Irick Carl L.
Irick Dorothy Monroe
Irick Dorothy Monroe
Irick Ed A.
Irick Edd Abraham - Death notice
Irick Ronnie Eugene - From Jeri White Lett
Irick Ruby E.
Irick Sallie Gilbert
Irick Willet L.
Iron Della Myrtle
Irvin Florence Gibbs
Irwin Albert
Irwin Alice Palmer - Funeral Notice
Irwin Alice Palmer
Irwin Alice Russell
Irwin Anna Edington
Irwin Anna Frost
Irwin Barbara Alice Russell - From Jeri White Lett
Irwin Charles
Irwin Claude Raymond
Irwin Clifford E. Dr.
Irwin Conrad D.
Irwin Critt S.
Irwin Curtis P.
Irwin Derris Glenn
Irwin Dora O. Graves
Irwin F.M. (Boss)
Irwin Florence Ford
Irwin Frank E.
Irwin G.M.
Irwin Georgia (Miss)
Irwin Glenn G.
Irwin Gracie Autumn - Infant
Irwin Grover C. - Funeral Notice
Irwin Henry C.
Irwin Homer
Irwin Horace Wilford Jr.
Irwin I.L.
Irwin Jeannette P. (Janie) Parsons
Irwin John G. Rev.
Irwin Joseph Charles
Irwin Lillard J.
Irwin Louisa Gibbs
Irwin Louisa J.
Irwin Mary Burkhart
Irwin Mary Mitchell
Irwin Mattie M.
Irwin Maurice W.
Irwin Minnie - Death Notice
Irwin Minnie E. (Miss)
Irwin Minnie
Irwin Mossie Beeler
Irwin Mrs C.C. (Loy)
Irwin Mrs Grover C.
Irwin Ollie Loy (Grandmother) - With Photo
Irwin Pam Long & Cullen Irwin
Irwin Plumer Esco - Death Notice
Irwin Plumer Esco
Irwin Rex C. (Poppa)
Irwin Ross Duke
Irwin Sarah Jane Stooksbury
Irwin Silas W.
Irwin Sterling L. (Fayte)
Irwin Willie M.
Isbill Wonette Snodderly
Isley Willie N. Beeler
Ivey Axie C. Ellison- With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Ivey Frankie
Ivey Lillie Lawson
Jackson Louise Z. Collins
Jackson William Roy - With Photo
Janeway A.M. Dr. - Shooting
Janeway Clarence P. Rev.
Janeway Claude Owen
Janeway Dewey
Janeway Edward
Janeway Eujean (Ruby) Sexton - With Photo
Janeway James Clay
Janeway Kyle R. Rev.
Janeway Lawrence Edward
Janeway Martha (Mama)
Janeway Maude Pope - Death notice
Janeway Maude Pope
Janeway Porter Eugene (Gene)
Janeway Rondy K. Rev.
Janeway W.A. Rev. - 11-1947
Jarnagin Franklin (Barry)
Jarvis John William Rev. - Death notice - With photo
Jarvis John William Rev. - Death notice No 2
Jarvis John William Rev. - Death notice No 3
Jeffries Elizabeth Garner
Jenkins Aubrey Condry
Jenkins Erby L.
Jenkins John Oliver
Jenkins M.L. Dr.
Jenkins Mamie West
Jenkins Nell H.
Jenkins Ollie Lee
Jenkins Ray L. - The Honorable - With Photo
Jennings Annis
Jennings Archie - Death Notice
Jennings Archie
Jennings Ruthie R. (Mamaw)
Jerome Michael Gerald
Jesse Homer S.
Jessee Charles Barton -By Margaret Freemon
Jessee Clarence Hollis
Jessee Emily
Jessee Ethel Edmondson
Jessee Gladys Braden
Jessee Herbert
Jessee James E.
Jessee James Edward
Jessee Nellie J. Beason
Jessee Paskal
Jessee Ruble K.
Jessee Ruble
Jessee Susie Irick
Jessee Winnie Houston
Jessie J.E. (Edward)
Jessie Keith - With Photo
Jessie Paul
Jessie Susie Irick
Jett John W.
Johns - Infant - Death notice
Johns Willie Mae
Johnson Abraham Lincoln
Johnson Alice (Granny) Sharp
Johnson Anna Mae - Death Notice
Johnson Anna Mae
Johnson Arthur L. - LCDR USN RET
Johnson Arthur L. - Age 77
Johnson Beatrica A. Boruff
Johnson Benjamin Isaac
Johnson Bertha C.
Johnson Bertie Wilkerson
Johnson Bessie Jane Sharp
Johnson Boyd - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson Burton Lee
Johnson Carl
Johnson Cecile
Johnson Charles David
Johnson Charles E. (Charlie)
Johnson Clarence Berlin
Johnson Claude B.
Johnson Clifford David
Johnson Cluster C. - Death Notice
Johnson Cluster C.
Johnson Clyde L. (Cotton)
Johnson Curtis
Johnson Danny G.
Johnson Donald Ray
Johnson Duluth L. (Dood)
Johnson Duluth L. (Dood)
Johnson Edward William - Death notice
Johnson Edward William
Johnson Ella Wilson - Death notice
Johnson Ella Wilson
Johnson Emory M. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson Estle Lee
Johnson Fon L.
Johnson Franklin Berry
Johnson Fred H.
Johnson Fred M. Sr.
Johnson George Henry
Johnson Grader LaVaughn - 1-7-1973
Johnson Harland Jr. - Death Notice
Johnson Harland Jr.
Johnson Hawkins R. - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson Henry R. (Dick)
Johnson Henry R. - Death notice
Johnson Hollis
Johnson Holsey H.
Johnson Homer L.
Johnson Howard James - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson Hugh
Johnson Ida Mae Seals
Johnson J. Will
Johnson Jacob
Johnson Jean L. Rosenbalm
Johnson Judson D.
Johnson Karla Ann Lowe
Johnson LaTillis O. (Tillie)
Johnson Layman H. - In memory of
Johnson Lilburn Milton
Johnson Lillie
Johnson Livia Ann (Livie)
Johnson Lola Cadle Cook
Johnson Lola D. Graves
Johnson Lowell Esker
Johnson Lucille W.
Johnson Lucy Kate Miller - With Photo
Johnson Mary Ann (Mollie)
Johnson Mary E.
Johnson Mary Katherine
Johnson Mary R.
Johnson Maude Cox
Johnson Merry New Years (Mollie) Chesney - From Jeri White Lett
Johnson Mildred Graves
Johnson Mrs Lee
Johnson Nan
Johnson Nettie - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson Ninnie Alston
Johnson Opal Merritt
Johnson Paralee Sharp
Johnson Rachel Elizabeth Houston
Johnson Robert Oakley
Johnson Ruby Ousley
Johnson Sara Jane Nelson
Johnson Sarah E. Cox
Johnson Scott Daniel - With photo
Johnson Scott W. - With photo
Johnson Ted R. - Age 70
Johnson Theodore K. (Ted)
Johnson Thomas - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson Unknown
Johnson Vivian P.
Johnson Vivian Palmer - Death notice
Johnson Vivian Palmer - Obit
Johnson Waneta - Infant of Hawkins R. & Mossie - By Margaret Freemon
Johnson William (Tom)
Johnson William Robert
Jones Ada Brantley
Jones Adam Ellison (Boner)
Jones Bertha C. Norton
Jones Boyd C.
Jones Claude
Jones Edgar (Ed)
Jones Elizabteh (Betty) Bratcher
Jones Henry Thomas
Jones Hester Ann Cooper
Jones Iva Mae Donahue
Jones Jeanette
Jones Jessie C.
Jones Jessie Ruth
Jones Meb David
Jones Rachel Emaline Wilcox
Jones Rosalee C. - From Jeri White Lett
Jones Sabra Jane Graves
Jones Samps E.
Jones Thelma B.
Jones William F.
Jordan Betty Jo
Jordan Buford
Jordan Glenn Daniel
Jordan Jack L.
Judy Joseph H.
Julian Tyler Daniel Rose
Justus Cummins C. - From Jeri White Lett
Kammer Rosa Katherine
Kanott Doris Ann Ousley
Keaton Sallie Simpson
Keck Alice L. Sharp - Death Notice
Keck Alice L. Sharp
Keck Austin Esco - Death notice
Keck Benjamin Harrison
Keck Bob G.
Keck Bobbie J. Turner
Keck Bobby L. Rev.
Keck Calloway
Keck Charles G.
Keck Charlie Roy
Keck Cora Mayes
Keck Daniel
Keck Dora S. - 9-23-1955-By MVBG
Keck Dorothy Walker
Keck Duenna Belle Graves
Keck Duenna Belle Graves
Keck Easton Jr.
Keck Edgar
Keck Emery
Keck F. Floyd - By Margaret Freemon
Keck Fred L.
Keck Fred Roscoe
Keck George P. - Age 77 - By Margaret Freemon
Keck George Patrick (Pat) Rev. - Death Notice
Keck George Patrick (Pat) Rev.
Keck Gerald
Keck Glenn Edward - With Photo
Keck Grace Flora Mayes
Keck Hattie Beeler
Keck Helen R. Graves
Keck Hiram Sylvester (Ves)
Keck Ida Bell Whited- Partial Obit By MVBG
Keck Inis
Keck Jefferson D. (Jeffie)
Keck Jefferson Winfield
Keck Joe Michael
Keck John C.
Keck John F. Elder
Keck John H. - Death Notice
Keck John H.
Keck Katherine Jane (Katie) Graves
Keck Kathy Jean
Keck Kemah - With photo
Keck Kenneth C. Sr.
Keck Laura M. - By Margaret Freemon
Keck Linda E. Robinson - With Photo
Keck Lloyd David
Keck Londy M.
Keck Lucille Crawford
Keck Luna Henry
Keck Madison C. (Matt)
Keck Madison C.
Keck Maiissa P. (Lissie) Monroe
Keck Margaret
Keck Marion M. - By MVBG
Keck Martha Ellen Sweet
Keck Mary Alice
Keck Mary Etta Hopper
Keck Mary F. Snodderly
Keck Mary Jane
Keck Mertie Mae Bell Mayes - 03 Sep 1944 - Partial Obit
Keck Minnie Watson
Keck Mrs Arlis - By Margaret Freemon
Keck Nancy Lou Collins
Keck Norris
Keck Oscar J.
Keck Paris J. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Keck Pascall (Pat)
Keck Pearl L. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Keck Phillip F.
Keck Ralph Melvin - With photo
Keck Roger Dale
Keck Ross G.
Keck Roy Otis Sr.
Keck Ruby Helen Johnson
Keck Ruby O. Tolliver Shackleford - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Keck Sarah Graves
Keck Sarah Sowder
Keck Spencer Monroe
Keck Sudie Cole
Keck Swan Rev.
Keck Thomas Craft
Keck Vesta Mae Monroe - 12-21-1987
Keck Vicie Ann
Keck Warmer
Keck William Bayard
Keck William C. (Poss)
Keck Winnifred Eldridge
Keck Woodrow
Kee Jack A.
Kee Marcella G.
Kee Marson E. - With Photo
Keeling Ida Keck
Keen Carson B.
Keen Dewey E.
Keller Carl Otis
Keller Charles (Chuck) E.
Keller Charles Elmer
Keller Clifford L.
Keller Cora Lee
Keller David - Death notice - With photo
Keller David - With Photo
Keller Gladys M.
Keller Grace Lane
Keller James William
Keller Joe
Keller John
Keller LaVernia Lee Justice
Keller Mannie (Mike)
Keller Mrs Mannie Lucas
Keller Nolan A.
Keller Pina R. Hill
Keller Thomas Herman
Kelley Cloyd H.
Kelley Eunice I. Nicely
Kelley Nellie E. Hubbs - From Jeri White Lett
Kelley Opal Hopper
Kelly Claude H.
Kelly Eva Ousley
Kelly Gertie Booker
Kelly James Buford
Kelly Lucille C.
Kelly Lucille C.
Kelly Ollie
Kelly Robert Bruce - With Photo
Kelly Walter C.
Kennedy James Taylor (J.T.)
Kennedy Tony Christopher - From Jeri White Lett
Kenney Linda Dee - Death Notice
Kenney Linda Dee
Kerr Anna Mae Sampson
Kerr Beatrice Raley
Ketron Victoria Mae - Death Notice
Ketron Victoria Mae
Key Eugene Earl
Keys Annis Carpenter
Keys Everett L.
Keys Fern Waddington
Keys Ulysses Vann (Vaughn)
Keys Zelma Buckner
Kidd Cecil Ola Sharp
Kidwell Alma Long
Kidwell Carl O.
Kidwell Clara Bell Chesney
Kidwell Cora
Kidwell Estill R.
Kidwell James Lee (Jim) - With Photo
Kidwell John Henry
Kidwell Nancy
Kidwell Pansy - Miss
Kidwell Sherman H.
Kidwell Tommy Sr.
Kidwell Verlin
Killian Claude L. Rev.
Killian Emily Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Killion Roxie
King Andy
King Anna Pauline
King Archie Esco
King Archie Ralph
King Cecile Christian
King Goldie
King Henry F.
King Lela M.
King Timothy Jay Jr. - Infant
Kinser Danny H.
Kirby Glenda Treece
Kirby Kandie Camillia
Kirk M.F.
Kirkland Gracie Marie
Kirkpatrick Cornelius Huston (Neal)
Kirkpatrick Flossie Johnson
Kirkpatrick Nova Cox
Kirpatrick Betty Jean
Kiser Abe
Kiser Fred & Brewer Nile - Auto accident deaths - My MVBG
Kiser Hoyt
Kiser James Edward Sr.
Kiser Johnny
Kiser Lamer
Kiser Mildred (Millie) Ann
Kiser Nathaniel J. (Shan)
Kiser Nellie Elsie McBee
Kiser Ray
Kiser Tommy Wayne - Partial - From Jeri White Lett
Kitts A.L. (Fate) Rev.
Kitts A.R. Rev.
Kitts Arnold Theodore (Ted) Rev. - With Photo
Kitts Betty L. Sexton
Kitts Betty Lee Collins
Kitts Carl Ray (Tor)
Kitts Charles S.
Kitts Claude Everette
Kitts Clayton A.
Kitts Dalton Lane - Infant
Kitts Deloris Ruth (Lois)
Kitts Dorothy Lee Turner - With Photo
Kitts Dorothy Ruth (Dottie)
Kitts Douglas Allen - By MVBG
Kitts Dustin Carter - With Photo
Kitts Edith D.
Kitts Emily L.
Kitts Fred W.
Kitts George Albert Sr.
Kitts Granville V.
Kitts Gray
Kitts Harry (Curtis)
Kitts Harvey Albert
Kitts Heral Clifton
Kitts Hollis Gray Jr.
Kitts Horace
Kitts J. Blaine
Kitts J.D. - Death Notice
Kitts J.D.
Kitts Jake (J.E.)
Kitts James Boyd
Kitts James E. (Junior) Rev.
Kitts James Merton
Kitts John Murphy
Kitts John R. (Bob)
Kitts John Thomas
Kitts John Walker Rev. - - With Photo
Kitts John
Kitts Lanie West
Kitts Lela Mae Hensley Foust
Kitts Lowell D.
Kitts Lucy Alma Wolfenbarger
Kitts Lucy Bales
Kitts Lynn E. (Cotton)
Kitts Mary Bradly
Kitts Max P.
Kitts Milderd N.
Kitts Mossie Collett
Kitts Mrs L.S. (Hickle)
Kitts Oakley Needham
Kitts Odella Jane
Kitts Ollie Sharp
Kitts Raieigh Marshall
Kitts Raleigh Marshall
Kitts Raloh Junior
Kitts Raymond Lee Sr.
Kitts Robert J. (Bob)
Kitts Robert Theodore (R.T.)
Kitts Roy Lee (Moon)
Kitts Samuel Ernest (Runt)
Kitts Samuel J.
Kitts Shirley Ann Haworth
Kitts Swan H. - With Photo
Kitts Swan H.
Kitts Terry Lee - With Photo
Kitts Thueman G.
Kitts Velma White
Kitts Verlin James
Kitts Vibert D.
Kitts Victor H. - From Jeri White Lett
Kitts Victoria Graves - Death notice - By MVBG
Kitts Victoria Graves
Kitts Vontella - In Memory Of - With Photo
Kitts Willaim Cloyd (Tommy) Jr.
Kitts Willard Glenn (Skeeter) - With Photo
Kitts William Haulk (Buster)
Kitts William M. Bill)
Kitts Willie Curtis
Kitts Zettie J.
Kivett Carlos R. Sr.
Kivett J.M.
Kivett James W.
Kivett Sallie Beeler
Kline William Roger
Knisley Elmer Woodrow
Knisley J.C. (Clifford)
Koontz Clara Beatrice (Bea)
Koontz Gracy E.
Koontz Hollis R.
Koontz Roma Elwood
Kosier Jeanette Keisling
Koski Betty Elizabeth
Lacy Laura Kathleen (Peggy) Miller
Ladd Ernest Alvin
Ladd Mrs Ernest
Ladd Mrs Richard A.
Ladd Richard A. - Death Notice
Ladd Richard A.
Lamb David Thomas
Lamb Lidda (Sutherland) Southerland
Lamb Mitchell E.
Lamb Sarah Elizabeth Thacker
Lamb Thomas Bart
Lambdin Blanchie Ray
Lambdin Fod Sr.
Lambdin Gladys Lucille
Lambdin Harrison
Lambdin James - Age 91
Lambdin James W. (Jim)
Lambdin John
Lambdin Lillie Tharp
Lambdin Mable V.
Lambdin Minnie Belle Evans (Ma Ginny)
Lambdin Mossie Ousley - 6-23-1974
Lambdin Neal Frank
Lambdin Roy
Lambdin Troy
Lambert Matilda Ausmus
Lambert Neal
Lambert Pryor C.
Lane Christine (Chris) Weatherly - With Photo
Lane George Harrison
Lane Hugh Jr.
Lane Mildred I.
Lane Millie J.
Lane Robert E. - Partial Obit
Langley Charles Edward
Langley Helen Davis
Langley Lear Edward
Langley Rutha Maudie Branum - From Jeri White Lett
Langley Teddie (Ted)
Large Bracey Needham
Larmer Amos Oak
Larmer Carrie
Larmer Maggie Leona
Larmer Odie C.
Larmer Rube W.
LaRue Maudie Butcher Horne
Latham Dana Sharp - Photo
Latham Dana Sharp Obit - with photo
Latham Dana Sharp
Lauzon Michael Joseph
Laws Charles H. (Charlie)
Laws Roma Alice Jessee
Laws Swann David
Lawson Carnelius
Lawson Charles H.
Lawson Clyde V.
Lawson Ella Melvina Cook 1
Lawson Elmo I.
Lawson Ethel (Miss)
Lawson Ethel Jane Burnett
Lawson John Henry - With Photo
Lawson Lula Palmer
Lawson Malinda Elizabeth (Lindie) Burnett
Lawson Mamie
Lawson Mattie D. Whittaker
Lawson Maude Williams
Lawson Mrs Lonnie Della
Lawson Ruth Parker
Lawson William Clyde (Bill)
Lawson Willie J.
Lay Alice Fern
Lay Alice Fern
Lay Armenda Elizabeth (Aunt Mint) Brewer
Lay Dock (Bert)
Lay Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cook
Lay Elizabeth Dorene Beagle
Lay Ella Miller
Lay Ethel
Lay Floyd Dewey
Lay Gracie Lenor Nicely
Lay Hattie (Aunt Hattie) - Miss
Lay Heather E.- Aine
Lay Herbert Austin Sr. - Death Notice
Lay Herbert Austin Sr. -
Lay Herbert Jr.
Lay Homer D.
Lay Ina C. Helton
Lay Jack John
Lay James Virgil
Lay Jasper Woodrow
Lay Jimmy Harold (Jim)
Lay Katherine Frela (Katie) Sharp - With Photo
Lay Katherine Frela (Katie) Sharp
Lay Laymer E.
Lay Lilly June Shipley - With Photo
Lay Lizzie Mitchell
Lay Nancy Jane (Nannie) Mincey - By MVBG
Lay Oscar
Lay Patrick H. (Pat)
Lay Raymer W.
Lay Rina G.
Lay Sarah Elizabeth Shoffner
Lay Stella Ann
Lay T.L. - With Photo
Lay Thomas Leonard
Lay Tom
Lay Vada Buckner
Lay William Elvin
Lay William Jacob (Uncle Bill)
Lay Willis (Pappy) With Photo
Lay Willis L. (Dave)
Lay Wm. (Elmer) MSGT
Lea Joseph Marshall Dr.
Leach Mary E.
Ledgerwood Charlton Bishop - Death notice
Ledgerwood Lee
Lee Benjamin Fowler - Death notice
Lee Benjamin Fowler
Lee Dorothy C.
Lee Edith Inez Booker
Lee Ethel
Lee George E. Rev.
Lee Michael (Mike) Eugene - With Photo
Lee Roy C. - Death notice
Lee Sherry Reneda
Leffew Helen Chesney Davis
Legg June Augusta - With Photo
Leigh Tina Kitts
LeMarr Isaac Newton
LeMarr Judy
Lemmons Carlea (Pete)
Lenmoir William G. Sr.
Leonard Nila Bridges
Leonard William C. (Bill)
Lester Horace Philip
Lester Rose DeLap
Letner Penny
Lett Carolyn Hunley
Lett Elsie - Miss
Lett James
Lewis Betty L. Gardner - With Photo
Lewis Carrie L.
Lewis Gaines Harrell - From Jeri White Lett
Lewis Gary Lynn
Lewis Grant L.
Lewis Janell
Lewis Lee Wayne
Lewis Oma Bowman - Death Notice
Lewis Oma Bowman
Lewis Robert Paul Sr.
Lewis Ruby Arvella Smith
Lewis Timothy Lee (Timmy) - Death Notice
Lewis Timothy Lee (Timmy)
Liford Bertha Jane Grimes
Liford Claude Odra
Liford Ellen Owens -_ With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Liford Hilda Yadon
Liford John
Liford Marion Thomas (Murry)
Lillie Phebe Jane Roberts Miller
Lindamood James K. (Big Jim)
Lindesy Della Houston
Lindsay Janie Miller
Lindsay John Moore
Lindsay Melaney Sue - With Photo
Link Connie L.
Link Dale Allen
Lipps Billie Walker
Livingston Sallie C. - Memorial
Lock Helen Marie
Long Cleo Capps
Long Clifford Glen
Long Dorothy E. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Long Ferris F.
Long Gillis
Long Glenn Eli
Long Joseph Wesley (Joe)
Long Myrtle E. Graves
Long Richard Jack - By Margaret Freemon
Long Wilma Holt
Long Wilma Jean Webb - With Photo
Longfellow Zetta Boruff Heath
Longmire Arkie Seal (Aunt Arkie)
Longmire Bertha Jane
Longmire Betty Witt
Longmire Buford Eugene Sr. - With Photo
Longmire Charles E.
Longmire Charlie F.
Longmire Clifford (Babe)
Longmire Clyde Woodville
Longmire Dan N.
Longmire Donnie Cordell
Longmire Edith Stooksbury
Longmire Elmer Theodore
Longmire Emerson D.
Longmire Emily Jo Butcher
Longmire Erma
Longmire Evelyn Hill
Longmire Frank
Longmire Gary Thomas
Longmire George Luther
Longmire Handy Scott
Longmire Harold L.
Longmire Harvey (Harve)
Longmire Herbert (Pete)
Longmire Hodge C.
Longmire Horace Lee
Longmire Hubert C. (Bert)
Longmire Ida Elizabeth Witt
Longmire Kenneth C.
Longmire Lety Jane - Death Notice
Longmire Lety Jane
Longmire Lonnie (Lon) - Death Notice
Longmire Lonnie (Lon)
Longmire Lou Vada
Longmire Louisa
Longmire Lucy Maude
Longmire Mack H. Sr.
Longmire Maggie Belle Miller
Longmire Marie Bowers
Longmire Mary Jane
Longmire Mary Snodderly
Longmire Maude Foster
Longmire Millard
Longmire Minnie J. - Death Notice
Longmire Minnie J.
Longmire Mossie Venia
Longmire Mrs Frank (Irwin)
Longmire Obie D. - 12-17-1989
Longmire Ola Keller
Longmire Paul Edward
Longmire Ralph - Death Notice
Longmire Ralph D.
Longmire Robert Irwin
Longmire Robert
Longmire Roy C.
Longmire S.W. - With Photo - Death Notice
Longmire S.W.
Longmire Sam H.
Longmire Sara Miller
Longmire Sidney Leamon - With Photo
Longmire Stella Maude Hill
Longmire Stella
Longmire Ted
Longmire Vandilla Hill
Longmire Vaughn V.
Longmire Wayne
Longmire William Luther
Loope Heather Elizabeth
Loope James Douglas (J.D.)
Loveday Claude Victor (Bill)
Loveday Edna Booker - With Photo
Loveday Kaitlyn Nicole
Loveday Myrtle Jane
Loveday Otha Mel
Lovelace Annie
Lovelace Earl Edward
Lovelace Earl Robert
Lovell Eva Ella Sexton Johnson
Lovell Paul D.
Lovitt James Matt
Lowe Ida Mae Sharp
Lowe Linda Dale
Lowe Phillip
Lowery Trula Smith Stipes
Loy A.B. - Death Notice - With Photo
Loy A.B.
Loy Bertha L.
Loy Bessie A. Brantley
Loy Bessie Cooper - From Jeri White Lett
Loy Bessie Snodderly
Loy Bishop T. Sr.
Loy Bishop Taylor (B.T.) Jr.
Loy Bishop Taylor (B.T.) Jr.
Loy Carl R.
Loy Charles McClung
Loy Cordia Bell
Loy Corum L. (Doc - Death Notice
Loy Corum L. (Doc) - By MVBG
Loy Della Mary (Debbie) Richardson
Loy Dixie Miller
Loy Don V.
Loy Edward Hicks
Loy Fred V.
Loy Gertrude (Gertie) - From Jeri White Lett
Loy Gertrude Irwin
Loy Gladys M.
Loy Grace Lee Wires
Loy Grade - From Jeri White Lett
Loy Harvey Gibson (Prof) _ Obit
Loy Harvey Gibson (Prof)
Loy Hazen C. (Powie) - From Jeri White Lett
Loy Isaac (Ike)
Loy J. Ralph - With Photo
Loy James Lee (Jimmy) - Death notice
Loy James Lee (Jimmy)
Loy James Robert - From Jeri White Lett
Loy John B.
Loy John Edward
Loy Kenneth Wayne
Loy Lucy Irwin
Loy Lula W.
Loy Luther S. Rev.
Loy M.H. (Mack)
Loy Maggie Miller
Loy Mary Evelyn Norris
Loy Mary Opal McElhaney
Loy Maude K.
Loy Maude Oakes
Loy Mayme Turner
Loy Myrtle Butcher
Loy Nancy Evelyn Norris
Loy Oscar
Loy Richard L.
Loy Ronald Wayne
Loy Ruble K.
Loy Scott M.
Loy Virginia
Loy Webie Viola Branum
Lucas Margaret Emily
Lucas Minnie Bright
Lucas Opal Juanita Beeler
Lucas Troy E.
Lundy Dora H. - By Margaret Freemon
Lunsford Edward Marshall
Lusk Anna Mae - With Photo
Lusk Christopher (Chris) D. - With Photo
Lusk Harley Minnis - With Photo
Lusk Jesse
Lusk L.D. Jr. - With Photo
Luttrell Lucy Jane Hunley
Lyle Bonnie Barnes
Lyle Connie McDonald
Lyle James D. Rev.
Lynch Carson Conley
Lynch Charles H. Jr.
Lynch Charles H. Sr.
Lynch Charles
Lynch Clayton
Lynch Cobia Ousley - By MVBG
Lynch Cordelia Spangler
Lynch Della Nash
Lynch Della
Lynch Dora Oakes
Lynch Elizabeth Monroe - Death notice
Lynch Flaxie (Miss)
Lynch Flaxie (Miss)
Lynch Garret
Lynch Geneva- From Margaret Ffreemon
Lynch Glenn
Lynch H. Willis
Lynch Hattie A. Kitts
Lynch Herbert Newman
Lynch James E.
Lynch James F.
Lynch John H. (Rev.)
Lynch Marie McPhetridge - From Jeri White Lett
Lynch Mossie Tennessee Rouse
Lynch Oris
Lynch Tivis
Lynch W.J. (Grandpa)
Lynch Wilbur Thomas (Wib)
Lynch William Ramdolph
Lyninger Edith M. Robertson
Lynn Mary Carolyn Murphy
Lyons Alba Coppock
Lyons Gertie Keck
Lyons Harley H. Obit
Lyons Harley H..
Lyons James Aubrey (Pop) Sr.
Lyons Nancy Callie Jane Ausmus
Lyons Paris Williams
Mabe Kenneth Edward
Macon Uncle Dave of the Grand Ole Opry
Maddox Alpha Wilson
Maddox Bertha Williams
Maddox Jefferson Schoefield
Maddox Margaret Cumy Williamson
Maddox W.F.
Madison Eula Weaver
Malfino Catherine Brewer
Mallicoat Carl
Mallicoat Enos S.
Mallicoat James Arvest
Mallicoat Mary Lou
Mallicoat Walter H. Jr.
Mallicoat Walter H. Sr. (Shorty)
Malone Bessie Ann Baker
Malone Carl S. - Death Notice
Malone Chalmers Earl - From Jeri White Lett
Malone Daniel W.
Malone Dicie
Malone Edward M. (Ted) Jr. Dr. - With photo
Malone Elmer L.
Malone John B.
Malone John R. (Johnny)
Malone M.T.
Malone Martha Raley
Malone Preston Todd (Puggs) - 10-24-1992
Malone Preston Todd (Puggs) - Memorial - With photo
Malone Robert L. (Bob)
Malone William Lawrence - Death notice
Malone William Lawrence
Malone William M. 12-16-1954-- By MBVG
Mann Bernice Turner
Manning Fred L. - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Mannis D.C.
Maples Alta Acuff
Maples Bessie Mitchell
Maples Boyd
Maples Charles A.
Maples Earnest R.
Maples Etha Lynch
Maples Foister
Maples Fred Daniel
Maples Helen Steele
Maples James Allen
Maples James H.
Maples James V.
Maples John
Maples John A.
Maples John Baskum
Maples Kermit - Death Notice
Maples Kermit-11-1984
Maples Kermit
Maples Lodie Florence
Maples Marshall M.
Maples Mary Cecile - From Jeri White Lett
Maples Nancy Lay
Maples Otis
Maples Paul Tiny
Maples Robert - By MVBG
Maples Virgie Bales Lay - With photo
Marchant Edda J.
Marlow Anna M. - By Margaret Freemon
Marlow Dit - By Margaret Freemon
Marlow Loretta
Marlow Maynaed E. - With Photo
Marquis Ruth Belden
Marsee Fausteen Janeway
Marsee Howard Conley - From Jeri White Lett
Marsee John A. Dr. - Death notice
Marsee John A. Dr.
Marsee Ronald Lee
Marshall Donna Joyce Riley
Martin Bertha Walker
Martin Emory Ray
Martin Ruby Bell Hopson
Marvin Roy
Mason James Bryant
Mason Mary Katherine (Katie)
Massengill Roxie A.
Massengille Mark Brandon - With Photo
Massingill Joyce Miller
Massingill Ulas L.
Matthews Austin R.
Matthews Eva Mae
Mattingly Thomas (Hoss)
Mauney Lewis Irving
Mayes General - By Margaret Freemon
Mayes George
Mayes James M. Rev. - By Margaret Freemon
Mayes James M. Rev. - Funeral - By Margaret Freemon
Mayes Kenneth H. - By Margaret Freemon
Mayes Liza Elminy Keck - by MVBG
Mayes Olson - With photo
Mayes Rebecca
Mayes William - By Margaret Freemon
Mayfield Eva Leatherwood
McAnally Estel Jack
McBee Allen Ray
McBee Ben Hooper
McBee Billy Joel - Photo
McBee Billy Joel - With photo
McBee Blanche Buckner
McBee Braz C. - Death notice
McBee Braz C. - Toledo Ohio
McBee Braz C.
McBee Buddys Obit
McBee Buford Eugene (Gene)
McBee Carolyn Marie Eades - With Photo
McBee Charles Jr.
McBee Cloman O. - Death notice
McBee Cloman O.
McBee Clova Arizona Cook - 2-6-1983
McBee Cora Janeway
McBee Dale E.
McBee David H. - With photo
McBee Doska Seal
McBee Earl C.
McBee Edgar
McBee Edith L. Carr - By Margaret Freemon
McBee Elizabeth (Betty) Tucker - With Photo
McBee Elvin N.
McBee Ernest
McBee Esther F. Ellison
McBee Floyd Russell - Death Notice - With photo - Page 2 - Top
McBee Floyd Russell - Death Notice - Page 1 - Bottom
McBee Floyd Russell - Death Notice - Page 1 - Top
McBee Floyd Russell - Death Notice - Page 2 - Bottom
McBee Frank C. - With photo
McBee Gainum George Cox (Uncle Bud) - - From Jeri White Lett
McBee Henry Esco
McBee Horace E. Sr. - From Jeri White Lett
McBee Inez Dew - With Photo
McBee Inez Williams
McBee James C. - By Margaret Freemon
McBee John Esco - Of Union County - Death notice
McBee John Esco _ Of Union County
McBee John Henry (Dob)
McBee John Ray - CWO USMC
McBee Lee Edward - With Photo
McBee Leonard R. - With photo
McBee Lisa
McBee Lora Claude - With Photo - Kokomo Tribune
McBee Lora Claude
McBee Mabel Lampkin Walton Hill - Death Notice
McBee Mabel Lampkin Walton Hill
McBee Marley A. Ellison
McBee Mary Woods - From Earl Quintrell
McBee Matgaret Bernice Lytle
McBee Myrtle Della Cox
McBee Nola Marie Hurst
McBee Pearl R. Beason - With photo
McBee Plummer L. Sr.
McBee Rader E.
McBee Randall Phillip - With photo
McBee Rosetta H.
McBee Roy L. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
McBee Rudy
McBee Shelby
McBee Stella Mae Wilson
McBee Sterlin
McBee Timothy Wayne
McBee Vernon Alfred
McBee Vina Bonnie - - From Jeri White Lett
McBee Vinie Bonnie
McBee Zobedia Russell - Death notice
McBee Zobedia Russell B.
McCall Edgar Wyman
McCall Mary Cordella (Miss)
McCarley Charles Maurice
McCarroll Oscar Henry
McCarty Bessie Ellison
McCarty Carroll G.
McCarty Daniel Joe
McCarty Homer Rev.
McCarty James Hurshel
McCarty Martha Jane
McCarty Mary Louise
McCarty Mary Luiza Boruff
McCarty William Horace - Death Notice
McCarty William Horace
McClain H.T. Dr.
McClain Trula Sexton
McClanahan Bernis C.
McClanahan Clarence (Sport)
McClendon Von V. Sr. - Partial Obit
McCloud Arthur Lee
McCloud Jacob L.
McCollum Samiel Burton (Sam)
McCormick Ruth (Miss)
McCoy Exen (Mack)
McCoy James DeWayne
McCoy James V.
McCoy Mada Rebecca
McCoy Retha Beeler
McCoy Trula Mae Walton - 7-6-1987
McCrary James Franklin
McCravy Hassie Paralee Norris - From Jeri White Lett
McCroskey Zella Wade Sharp
McCulley Andrew Garfield
McCullough Stephen Franklin
McCullough Tina Rena Keck
McCurry Billy Wayne
McDaniel Claude Gregory
McDaniel Cornie Bell
McDaniel Mildred Lucille Kelly
McDaniel Silas R.
McDaniel Vada Seymour
McDeerman Elizabeth (Lizzie) Boles
McDonald James E.
McDonald Kate Ogden Parks
McDonald Ryan Anthony - With Photo
McDonald Ryan Anthony - With Photo
McDonald Thomas Lyon (Tad) - Death notice
McDonald Thomas Lyon (Tad)
McDowell J.H.
McFalls Blanche Varner
McFarland Adeline (Miss)
McFarland James Michael (Bud)
McFarland Mary Elizabeth Stiner
McFarland Tilda Ledford
McGhee Regana Adra Whaley
Mcginnis Jennie Langley
McHaffie Edith Martin
McHaffie Harvey Jackson
McHaffie Margaret Marie
McHaffie Stella Martin
McHaffie Tom Mr & Mrs - Memorial
McHaffie- Tom - Mr & Mrs- In memory of
McHenry Ollie Kivette
McHenry William ( Will)
McHone Ollie
McKamey Annie Lou
McKamey Marshall Brian
McKamey Virgil
McKelvey Georgia Erma Lee Clapp
McKelvey James C. (J.C.)
McKelvey James F.
McKinley Graves
McKinney Clara Walker
McKinney Emma Mae
McKinney Ralph E.
McKinnon Barry Wayne - With Photo
McKnight Charles Thomas
McKnight Lucy Leona - With Photo
McKnight W.
McLean Nell Butcher
McMahan Tony Eugene
McMillan Gary Lee (Big Mac) - With Photo
McMillan Sarah Louise Edwards
McMillan Stella Jeanette Beeler - With Photo
McMillan Willie A.
McNabb Pames A.
McNeely Dorothy Yadon
McNeely Emmitt Lucius
McNeely Mary Jane - Death Notice
McNeely Mary Jane - Obit
McNeely Mary Jane - Partial Obit
McNerling Robert Newton (Big Newt) Sr. - From Jeri White Lett
McNew Albert Sydney - With photo - By MVBG
McNew Albert Sydney - With photo - Death Notice
McNre Mrs J.S. (Cook)
McPhetridge Bertha K. (Granny)
McPhetridge Brenda Lucille Baylass
McPhetridge Claude M.
McPhetridge Cyrus
McPhetridge Eva Landin
McPhetridge G. Forrest (Bear) - Death notice
McPhetridge James W.
McPhetridge Jemima
McPhetridge Jerry Dwight
McPhetridge Margaret Kitts
McPhetridge Mrs Curtis (Beeler)
McPhetridge OSr.o
McPhetridge Viola Buckner
McPhetridge Willaim Curtis
McRae Dalton Ridge
McWhirter Shannon Allen
Meadows L.B. Rev.
Medlin George T.
Medlin Olivia Grines
Meltabarger Leroy Franklin
Meltabarger Nora Lauella
Meltabarger Pete
Melton Floyd L. - Elder
Melton Thomas Delus
Merritt Edna Eileen Needham - With Photo
Merritt Hazel
Merritt Hazel
Merritt Ida M. Peace
Merritt Johnnie Lou Heiskell - With Photo
Merritt Mabel June Jessee - With Photo
Merritt Mable June Jessee - With Photo
Merritt Maggie Frye
Merritt Nancy J.
Merritt Ray E. - With photo
Merritt Ray E.
Merritt Robin Dale
Merritt Ronnie Lee - With Photo
Merritt Ronnie Lee - With Photo
Merritt Ronnie Lee
Merritt Tarence Thomas
Messer Jessie Davis
Metcalf Jonathan (John) - With Photo
Metcalfe Margie
Metcalfe Trula Brantley Rule
Meyers Emma C. Day
Meyers Jewell Elsie (Miss)
Meyers Odoskey Ruby (Miss)
Meyers Rachel A.
Meyers Sarah Velva
Meyers Vincent
Michaels Barbara Burnett
Miles Charles Franklin Jr.
Miller Ada Davis
Miller Adeline Victoria (Addie) - By MVBG
Miller Albert Lee Rev.
Miller Alberta Wood - From Jeri White Lett
Miller Alta Sowder
Miller Andrew C. (Andy)
Miller Andrew C. (Andy)
Miller Andrew Curtis
Miller Anna Lucille McGlamery
Miller Arminta Whited - Services
Miller Arminta Whited
Miller Benjamin Caudle
Miller Betty L. Beeler
Miller Bobby Eugene
Miller Calvin David
Miller Carlie Bernice (Mamaw Mom) Beeler
Miller Carrie
Miller Chalmers Earl
Miller Clarence Charles
Miller Clifton Clemmie
Miller Daniel Boone
Miller Donald R. ho Cleva Maxine Wolfe
Miller Edgar
Miller El Demus (L.D.)
Miller Elise Sara Miranda Loy
Miller Elizabeth Lay
Miller Fannie L. White
Miller Flossie E. Harvey
Miller Fred E. - Death Notice
Miller Fred E.
Miller Fred Raymond
Miller George (Pola)
Miller George Patterson Dr.
Miller George W.
Miller Glenna Mae Kitts - From Jeri White Lett _
Miller Goldie Cook - Age 64
Miller Goldie Cook - Age 96
Miller Jacob
Miller James E. (Jim)
Miller James Paul
Miller James Ronald (Rondo)
Miller James Woodrow
Miller Jasper DeLone
Miller Jeanette Inez Whittle
Miller John David
Miller John Frank - 9-24-1979
Miller John Franklin Pierce (Duck) - By MVBG
Miller John Henry Jr.
Miller John Henry Sr.
Miller John W.
Miller Lanie Love Moyers
Miller Leona Seals - From Jeri White Lett _
Miller Lillian McKauge
Miller Lillie Mae Lay
Miller Linda Bermice Funeral Services- With Photo
Miller Linda Bernice - Death Notice
Miller Linda Bernice
Miller Lola Delores Stout
Miller Luther Harding
Miller Mada Weaver
Miller Margaret E. Humphreys
Miller Marriage Photo - Robert Eli (Dixie) & Naomi Italy Cook - Newspaper Article
Miller Mary M. Whited
Miller Max E. Dr.
Miller McCammon (Cam)
Miller Milton F. - Death Notice- By MVBG
Miller Milton F. - Obit
Miller Mossie E. Honeycutt
Miller Naomi Italy Cook
Miller Nellie Flossie Weaver
Miller Nellie M. (Aunt Nellie) Whited
Miller Nola Petree
Miller Nola
Miller Otey D. Dr. - By MVBG
Miller Ova Marie Mayfield
Miller Pauline Elizabeth (Granny) Scarborough
Miller Polly
Miller Robert Eli (Dixie) - Obit & Newspaper article - By MVBG
Miller Robert Eli (Dixie)
Miller Ross H. Jr. - With Photo
Miller Ross Huber Sr.
Miller Roy Sherman
Miller Rufus Lafayette
Miller Thomas Eugene
Miller Vernis
Miller Vina - Age 91
Miller Vina Age 66
Miller Vinnie L.D Elizabeth Evans - by MVBG
Miller Viola (Ola) - - Death Notice
Miller Viola (Ola) - Obit - Obit
Miller Walter Lee Sr. - From Jeri White Lett _
Miller Wannie
Miller Willia Aaron
Miller William Curtis
Miller William F. (Bill)
Miller William Henry (Wig)
Miller William Henry - By MVBG
Miller William Henry
Miller William Isaac (Mannie)
Miller William McKinley
Miller William Pleasant 7-17-1958(Plez) - By MVBG
Miller William Robert (Bob)
Milligan Evaughn
Mills Etha M. Oglesby
Millsaps Edward (Ed)
Mincey Mary Emily (Emma) Miller
Mincey Mary Kathern Nicely
Mincey Roy E.
Mincy M.F. (Uncle Bill
Mincy Mark Douglas
Mink Addie
Mink Buford
Mink George Carr
Mink Mariah J.
Minnich Gladys L. Ely
Minton Annie Sarah -By Margaret Freemon
Minton Barton
Minton J.A.
Minton Phillip E. - CPL
Minton Roy
Miracle Nancy Cupp
Miracle Nathan
Miracle Peter M.
Miracle Quenton - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Mitchell Clarence Beecher
Mitchell Dove Troxler - Death Notice
Mitchell Dove Troxler
Mitchell Eddie (Zella Mcbees son)
Mitchell Elsie M.
Mitchell Glen
Mitchell John T. Jr.
Mitchell Judy O.
Mitchell Nola Stooksbury
Mitchell Richard Alvin & Joann Gray
Mitchell Roy Edward
Mitchell Trula Corum Martin
Mitchell William Kemp
Mitchell William Roscoe
Mize Deliah Jane (Janie) Walton
Mize Dolphia (Dink) Edmondson
Mize Dolphia (Dink) Edmondson
Mize Mabel Hill Taylor
Mize Minnis - Death notice
Mize Minnis
Mize Mrs Dan (Unknown Ousley)
Moler Pearl M.
Moncy Herman
Mondal Clela Burnett
Monday John Franklin
Monday Robert (Bob)
Monday Sarah Tennessee Brewer
Monroe Bettie
Monroe Bonnie I. Palmer
Monroe Bruce E.
Monroe Callie
Monroe Carl L.
Monroe Charles E. - By MVBG
Monroe Clara R. Booker
Monroe Della Maude
Monroe Edna Delaney - Death Notice - 6-4-1990
Monroe Edna Delaney
Monroe Elisha L.
Monroe Ella Ousley - From Jeri White Lett
Monroe Emmer
Monroe Etha (Miss)
Monroe Etha (Miss)
Monroe Ethel Gilda Jean Grizzell
Monroe Etta Vada Lynch
Monroe Freeman K. (Chick)
Monroe H. Odie
Monroe Horace M. - Death Notice
Monroe Horace M.
Monroe Irby H.
Monroe J.C. (Jim)
Monroe J.D. Elder
Monroe J.H. (Johnny)
Monroe James Osco
Monroe James Palin (Little Doc)
Monroe John E. Jr.
Monroe John Elvin (Obie)
Monroe Johnny Darrell - With Photo- In Memory Of
Monroe Joseph L.
Monroe Josephene Hill
Monroe Kenneth A.
Monroe Lakin Urachel Muncey
Monroe Laura Ethel - Death Notice
Monroe Laura Ethel
Monroe Lennie
Monroe Lula M.
Monroe Maggie Cooke - 5-23-1945
Monroe Mary Jane
Monroe Meddie J.
Monroe Milton T.
Monroe Minda Loy
Monroe Mrs W.P. (Edmondson) - Death Notice
Monroe Nola
Monroe Rachel Duncan
Monroe Ralph - Death Notice
Monroe Ralph - With Photo - Page 1
Monroe Ralph - With Photo - Page 2
Monroe Richard S. Dr. - - By MVBG
Monroe Robert C. (Bob)
Monroe Robert
Monroe Ruby C.
Monroe Ruth Sharp
Monroe Sally Ruth Sharp
Monroe Scott William
Monroe Stephen Ralph
Monroe Thomas L.
Monroe Ural Leonard (Sheepy)
Monroe Ural (Sheepy) - Death Notice
Monroe Vandalee
Monroe Walter P.
Moody Minnie Frances Nicely
Moody Susan Jane Longmire
Moore Arthur E.
Moore Bonnie Calloway
Moore Carl Grady - COL US ARMY RET
Moore Celia B.
Moore Charles R. (Roy) - With Photo
Moore Dorotha
Moore Edgbert L. (Edd) - Death notice
Moore Edgbert L. (Edd)
Moore Elbert L. (Ebb)
Moore Fontella Sharp
Moore Francene Petree
Moore Gay Edna Harmon
Moore Harry Weldon
Moore J.P. (Press)
Moore Janet Booker
Moore Johnny D. Sr.
Moore June Cobble
Moore Lois Sharp
Moore M. Vaughn
Moore Marshall Earl
Moore Owen Ailor
Moore Ruth Sharp
Moore Travis Scott
Moore Vaughn
Moore Veda O. Waggoner - Death Notice
Moore Veda O. Waggoner
Moore Vernon W.
Moore William Fred
Morell Douglas L.
Morgan Edna Rawson
Morgan Georgia Euleva Johnson - With Photo
Morgan Ronie
Morgon Wayne D.
Morris Frank Denver
Morris Jack Denver (Lyin' Jack)
Morris Mathias Lee
Morris Nell Rutherford
Morrison Bonnie L.
Morrison Edward J.
Morrissey William Edgar
Morton Mrs Arlie - Artie Atkins
Morton Nelia Monroe
Moye Marjorie M.
Moyers Charlie D.
Moyers Cora Erastus
Moyers Dessie Houston
Moyers Emeline Houston
Moyers Ethel Brantley
Moyers Helen Bruce
Moyers Helen Lee
Moyers Hezekiah B. (Pidge)
Moyers James Otis
Moyers John
Moyers Lois Lee (Polly) Osborne
Moyers Mary Ollie Hopper - 12-13-1935
Moyers Millard Patton - Death Notice
Moyers Orbie G..
Moyers Orlie Elmer
Moyers Pauline McPhetridge
Moyers Pearl H. Shelby
Moyers Rachael E.
Moyers Wayne E. - With Photo
Moyers William Aberham
Mullens Gladys (Miss)
Mullett Laura Jean Bays - With photo
Mullins Grace E.
Mullins Herbert -By Margaret Freemon
Mullins John Wayne - 3-3-1992
Mullins Lawrence
Mullins Paul A.
Mullins Violet N. -By Margaret Freemon
Muncey Allie Mae
Muncey Angie Michelle
Muncey Carolyn Ann Hensley
Muncey Charles Edward (Edd)
Muncey Claude
Muncey Clyde M.
Muncey Cordelia
Muncey Horace (Johnnie)
Muncey James (Bud)
Muncey M.T. (Poor Boy)
Muncey Mary Thomas
Muncey Roy Edward
Muncey Sharon Elaine - Death notice
Muncey William Alford
Muncie John W.
Muncy Maynard
Mundy Faye Cox
Munsey Armenta (Mintie) Perry - by MVBG
Munsey Austin (DocK)
Munsey Birdie May Welch
Munsey Della
Munsey Edgar G.
Munsey J. Will
Munsey James C. (J.C.)
Munsey Jeffrey Allen
Munsey John G.
Munsey John H.
Munsey Joseph Erin
Munsey Larry Leon
Munsey Larry Richard
Munsey Lillie Emma
Munsey Lillie
Munsey Love Larmer
Munsey Myrtle
Munsey Ronald Eugene (Ronnie)
Munsey Rosalee
Munsey Ruby Buckner
Munsey Scott
Munsey Sharon
Munsey Susan Myrtle
Munsey W. H.
Munsey Wade
Munsey William (Bill) - From Jeri White Lett
Murphy Ada Elizabeth
Murphy Jess Elmo (Ted)
Murphy Robin Renee Blakenship
Murray Flora Powers
Myerl Nell Edna Wood
Myers Adaline DeVault
Myers Arlie D.
Myers Belva Gilbert
Myers Cecil Butcher
Myers Charles E.
Myers Cloa Classie Cox Cook
Myers Douglas Gordon
Myers Dudley
Myers Edith - age 64
Myers Edith Pauline Clapp - 9-1-1986
Myers Esther Lay
Myers Floyd T. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Myers Fred L. Sr.
Myers George K.
Myers George Whitten
Myers Gertrude (Gertie) McPhetridge
Myers Gladys Cook
Myers Isaac (Ike)
Myers Jack
Myers James C.
Myers Jerry - Death Notice
Myers Jerry
Myers Joel Sanford
Myers John H.
Myers John L. Sr.
Myers John Murphy
Myers Johnny
Myers Kent (Nig) - Death Notice
Myers Kent (Nig)
Myers Lula (Miss) Death Notice & Obit
Myers Mable Blanche
Myers Mae Burnett -
Myers Mae Kaley Burnett
Myers Mattie Gilbert (Mimmy)
Myers Mattie Longmire
Myers Max W.
Myers Mildred (Micky) Warson - With Photo
Myers Mildred (Micky) Watson - With Photo
Myers Minnie H. (Miss)
Myers Mrs Cecil Butcher - From Jeri White Lett
Myers Myrtie Edmondson
Myers Myrtle Edmondson - Death Notice
Myers Odoskey (Dot)
Myers Parie Heatherly
Myers Raymond L. - By Margaret Freemon
Myers Rhonda Josephene Yates
Myers Richard - Death Notice & Ledgerwod Lee - Obit
Myers Rose C.
Myers Roy Lee - Funeral Services
Myers Roy Lee
Myers Roy Thomas
Myers Ruby - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Myers Trula Tharp
Myers William Fred
Myers Willie M. Sr.
Mynatt Blonde Catherine DeVault - With Photo
Mynatt Bourke Palmer
Mynatt Charles Richard
Mynatt Fronie Shelton
Mynatt Goldie L.
Mynatt Hubert E.
Mynatt Lottie Harvey
Mynatt Martha Jane
Mynatt Samuel
Mynatt Spurgeon - Death Notice
Mynatt Spurgeon
Nance Henry M.
Nance John R. - Death notice
Nance John R.
Napier William E.
Nash Edgar C.
Nash William Fletcher
Nea Mannie Drummonds
Nedham Earl
Needham Charles H. - Death Notice
Needham Charles H.
Needham Daris Duane
Needham Dramma Miller
Needham Ellen Cook
Needham Eula
Needham George Brock
Needham Hazel Woody
Needham Ida Nelson
Needham Laura Clementine (Clemma) Cook
Needham Luther Martin
Needham Martin Everett
Needham Mary Alice Carter - 1-7-1939
Needham Mrs J.N.
Needham Neva Dyer
Needham Odra T.
Needham Sarah Ellen Cook - By MVBG
Needham Shirley Trent
Needham Sillus
Needham Virginia DeBusk
Needham William Clarence
Needham William Gary
Needham Zola Fanshawn (Dede)
Neely Marion (Dewey) - With Photo
Nelson Charles Richard
Nelson Charlie R.
Nelson Clyde Z.
Nelson Howard H.
Nelson Issac B. (Ike)
Nelson Jodi
Nelson John A. (Johnny) - With Photo - In Memory Of
Nelson John
Nelson Johnny
Nelson Kathryn Scott
Nelson Lou
Nelson Martha Belle Miller
Nelson Mary Elizabeth Oxendine
Nelson Polly (Miss)
Neubert Lora Ann
Neubert Sam
Neuenschwander Lisa Renee
NeuenschwanderHarold L. Dr.
Newby Sibil Stiner
Newman Helen Cooke
Nicely Lizzie
Nicely Alice M.
Nicely Bart
Nicely Betty Jo
Nicely Bonnie R. Walker
Nicely Bonnie R. Walker
Nicely Boyd
Nicely Cecil Don
Nicely Clarence
Nicely Clyde C.
Nicely Curt
Nicely Denver
Nicely Eck
Nicely Grace M.
Nicely Hubert (Hoover)
Nicely Hubert Lee
Nicely J.C.
Nicely James (Jim Bo)
Nicely Jimmy Joe
Nicely Joyce Ann
Nicely Leon (Lett) Rev.
Nicely Lloyd A.
Nicely Marie Bolinger - From Jeri White Lett
Nicely Martha Catherine Baker
Nicely Mary
Nicely Minerva M.
Nicely Oma Butcher
Nicely Paralee Smith
Nicely Parris L.
Nicely Pheobe McMillan
Nicely Ricky D. (Little Worm)
Nicely Robert
Nicely Rowena Mayes
Nicely Ruby - Age 82
Nicely Ruby Bruner - Age 54
Nicely Sam
Nicely Sebastian E. (Boss) - Page 1
Nicely Sebastian E. (Boss) - Page 2
Nicely Sue Bailey (Mama Sue)
Nicely Vaughn
Nicely Zeb Vance
Nicley Bobbie Leo
Nicley Bobby Lutherr
Nicley Carolyn Bailey
Nicley Daniel Joe (Danny)
Nicley Della Mae Clay
Nicley Donald Isaac Victor
Nicley Edward (Bud)
Nicley Emma Boruff
Nicley Florence K.
Nicley Herbert E.
Nicley Hubert - Age 54
Nicley John V.
Nicley Lorine O.
Nicley Mertie Ann
Nicley Michael (Mike)
Nicley Paul C.
Nicley R.V. (Bill) Rev.
Nicley Sarah
Nicley Steven Layne James
Nicley Virdel
Nine Robert Edward - LT Col RET - USAF
Nisley Aubra S.
Noe Daisy Marie Shinpaugh
Nolan Loraine Johnson
Noland Shirley Grimes
Nolen Viola Mae
Norman Jo Ann Longmire
Norman Walter Lawrence
Norman Wayne L.
Norris Bonnie A.
Norris Carolyn Cook
Norris Carolyn Cook
Norris Charles Ottis (Ott) - 3-17-1990
Norris Clarence Allen
Norris Hugh L.
Norris Jess L.
Norris Julie Marie
Norris Lilie N.
Norris Mrs George- Wife of Senator Norris - Death Notice
Norris Raymond B. - With Photo
Norris Reo - From Jeri White Lett
Norris Rhoda
Norris Ruby (Miss) Death Notice
Norris Ruby (Miss)
Norris Theodore M.
Norris Timothy Adam - With photo
Norris Vera
Norris Vola (Bobo) Whited
Norris W.T. (Billy)
Norris Zelma Hensley Beeler- Page 1
Norris Zelma Hensley Beeler- Page 2
Norton Cecile M.
Norton Clay
Norton L.J.
Norton Lucy Florence Oakes
Norton Melvin A.
Norton Moses
Norton Seba R.
Norton Trula M. Reynolds - Death Notice
Norton Trula M. Reynolds - With photo
Norton Viva L.
Nunn Ralph
O'Dell Sarah Elizabeth
Oake Demaris Turner
Oakes Carroll G.
Oakes Ezra P.
Oakes H.S. Dr.
Oakes Mossie
Oaks Charles S.
Oaks Dolph
Oaks Edwartd Thomas (Eddie)
Oaks Icie Lee - Death notice
Oaks Icie Lee - With Photo - In Memory Of
Oaks Icie Lee
Oaks James Robert
Oaks Judith Faye Carpenter
Oaks Lillie L.
Oaks Mark Lewis
Oaks Milas E.
Oaks Ollie K. Maples
Oaks Raymond T.
Oaks Sam P.
Oaks Taylor Alco
Oaks Trula Stella Eastridge
Odom Andrea Ranay
Odom Claude Sr.
Odom Frennie Irick
Odom Katherine Lucille Berry
Odum Addison G. (Chip)
Ogle Arphie Ruth (Becky) Warwick
Ogle Henrietta Oaks Archer
Ogle Sam
Ogle Sam
Oliver Glen Darrell (Sands) - Partial Obit
Oliver James L.
Oliver John & His Wife - Mary Oliver
Oliver Mary Ella
Oliver Matthew Elder
Oliver Ruby
Onks Jewell Booker - With Photo
Orick Howard
Orick Maggie Elizabeth
Orick Marlene J. Booker
Osboren Mattie Miller - Death Notice
Osborne Harriet Oaks
Osborne Mary Lee Davis
Osborne Mattie Miller
Ott William Edward (Bill)
Ottinger Everette C. - With Photo - Death Notice
Otto Alexander A.
Otto Carl E.
Ousley Bate C.
Ousley Bessie Hester
Ousley Charles L. - In Memory Of
Ousley Charles L.
Ousley Charles M.
Ousley Cora Fox
Ousley David R. - Lt. - With Photo - Page 1
Ousley David R. - Lt. - With Photo - Page 2
Ousley Delta A. - Miss
Ousley Durand D. Buck - Page 2
Ousley Durand D. Buck - With Photo - Page 1
Ousley Earnest W. (Radio)
Ousley Edith Yoakum
Ousley Florence M. - Age 69
Ousley Florence McClain - Partial Obit
Ousley Grace Anne
Ousley Herbert F.
Ousley Herchel
Ousley Herchel - With photo
Ousley Herchel Obit
Ousley Homer
Ousley Icie Mae Edwards
Ousley Irene
Ousley Jacob Milus Dr. - Funeral Notice
Ousley Jacob Milus Dr.
Ousley James Milton - 1955- By MVBG
Ousley Jennifer
Ousley John Christian
Ousley John P. Age 61
Ousley John P. Age 77
Ousley Laura Rebecca Nash
Ousley Lawrence Earl
Ousley Lizzie (Lig) Gose
Ousley Lola Graves
Ousley Loretta Sharp
Ousley Malissa Ann- Mar-22-1922 - From B. Leon Graves
Ousley Marie Irwin
Ousley Mary Laud Craig - Death Notice
Ousley Mary Laud Craig
Ousley Matilda Graves - By MVBG
Ousley Matilda Graves - Death notice - By MVBG
Ousley Mossie J. Needham
Ousley Mrs John
Ousley Myrtle Longmire
Ousley Nola Hurst
Ousley Ola Bell Russell - With photo
Ousley Osbern G.
Ousley Ottis C. (Ott) - 2-13-1986
Ousley Paris Haynes - Obit
Ousley Paris Haynes
Ousley Paris Haynes Death Notice
Ousley Paris Ross - Page 2
Ousley Paris Ross - With photo
Ousley Paul L. - Death Notice
Ousley Paul L.
Ousley Pearl Lay - In Memory Of
Ousley Ronald D. - With photo
Ousley Roy Glen - Death notice No 1 - With photo
Ousley Roy Glen - Death notice No 2 - With photo
Ousley Roy Glen - Death notice No 3
Ousley Roy Glen - Obit
Ousley Ruby Lucille Shumate - Memorial - With photo
Ousley Ruby Lucille Shumate
Ousley Sheridan L.
Ousley Sue Ann - With photo
Ousley Tate Milton - Memorial
Ousley Tate Milton
Ousley Titus L.
Ousley William T. (Bill)
Ousley Winslow
Ousley Zenia
Overbay Jake
Overholt Lonas Drexel
Owen Charles Hubert
Owen Ted H.
Owenby Lori Ann
Owens David
Owens Erma Shoffner
Owens Mary Eathie - From Jeri White Lett
Owens Mary Geneva
Owens Robert F.
Ownby Sam Riley
Owsley Deward (Lee) - From The Kokomo Tribune
Owsley Deward (Lee) -From The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Owsley Genina Alice Arwine - With photo
Owsley Harrison - With photo
Owsley Lula Lucille
Owsley Maggie (Miss)
Owsley Rebecca Darlene - Death notice - Page 1
Owsley Rebecca Darlene - Death notice - Page 2
Owsley Robert N. - In memory of
Owsley W.A.L.
Oxendine Angela Louise - From Jeri White Lett
Oxendine Danny
Oxendine Eddie Plumer
Oxendine Geneva Nancy Seals
Oxendine Georgia Mae
Oxendine John H. - Age 71
Oxendine John P. - Age 61
Oxendine Lori Ann
Oxendine Sammie C. (Sam)
Pace Daniel Boone
Pace Virgil
Packett Arch - Elder
Padgett Leonard Harrell Rev.
Padgett Loretta (Momma Tom) Graves
Palmer Alvis Ransom (Abb) - By MVBG
Palmer Arminda Needham
Palmer Betty Jo McDaniel - With Photo
Palmer Clara E. (Miss)
Palmer David Paul
Palmer Edna Cook Miller
Palmer Ethel C. Western
Palmer Faye Smith - With Photo - Death Notice
Palmer Faye Smith - With Photo
Palmer Fredrick F. (Fred)
Palmer Goldie N. (Granny)
Palmer Hugh L. - By MVBG
Palmer Jean Lay - Page 1
Palmer Jean Lay - Page 2
Palmer Jean Lay
Palmer Jesse Green
Palmer Lillie Mae Cooke
Palmer Lucinda A. (Sindia) Whited
Palmer Mary Ann Baker - Handwritten Obit
Palmer Mary Ann Baker
Palmer Paris A. (Pat) Dr. - By MVBG
Palmer Q.L.
Palmer Robert Glenn
Palmer Ross
Palmer Ruchard Eugene
Palmer Varena Belle Miller
Palmer Victor Walter - By MVBG
Palmer Victor Walter - Death notice - - By MVBG
Parker Iva P.
Parker Minnie Lamb
Parker Ruby Brewer
Parks Alfred Elder
Parrot Sallie Ann Braden
Parton Jeffrey L. - With Photo
Pate Barbara Ellen Troutman - With Photo
Pate Carl W.
Patrick H. C. - Lt. - Death notice - With photo - By MVBG
Patrick H. C. - Lt. - With Photo
Patrick Nora Keller
Patruck Henry Clay
Patterson Christine
Patterson Jerome (Pat)
Patterson Judy Sue Oaks
Patterson L.C.
Patterson Lillie Mae
Patterson Luther Burton Jr.
Patton Ebb Egbert
Patton Eulas Eugene (Gene) (Zella Mcbees son)
Patty Glenn Howard (Popeye)
Patty Nola M.
Paul Lassie Ray
Paul Clarence W. (My-MY)
Paul David
Paul J. Will
Paul Linda Braden
Paul Oscar L.C. - With photo
Paul Steven Patrick (Reno) Sr.
Paul Willard Lee
Payne Anne Hobt
Payne Goldie Ford
Payne Hassie Marie Cooke
Payne P.W.
Payne Vernia Hill
Peace Flossie L. Brantley
Peace Mary Ann Browning
Peake Virgie Elizabeth Peters - With Photo
Pearman Glenn
Pemberton Ralph Edward Sr.
Pennington S. Elder
Percivel Goebel B. -By Margaret Freemon
Perkey Arlie Lee
Perkey James
Perkey Jessie
Perkey Lunie Jones
Perkey Myrtle P.
Peroulas Victoria C. - With Photo
Perry Alfred Joseph (Cotton) Jr.
Perry Andy Earl -Sgt 1st Class (U.S. Army Ret)
Perry Arthur John
Perry Bulah Carr - By Margaret Freemon
Perry Carl Fane Sr. (1st. Sgt) - Death notice - By MVBG
Perry Carl Fane Sr. (1st. Sgt) - With Photo
Perry Dottie Bridges
Perry Franklin Delano
Perry Hensley - By Margaret Freemon
Perry Herbert Andrew
Perry J.C.
Perry James Luther - By Margaret Freemon
Perry James William - By Margaret Freemon
Perry Laverne Collins - With Photo
Perry Martha J. Campbell Yadon
Perry Martha Jane Day
Perry Mary Louise
Perry Mary M. - by MVBG
Perry Minynard Duffy
Perry Mossie Chesney
Perry Murl C. Perry Son-in Law- Missouri B. Carter & Charles H. Wolfe
Perry Polly - By Margaret Freemon
Perry Robert Clayton (Sig)
Perry Rosa Lee
Perry Sarah C. Hamilton
Perry Stella Harvey - From Jeri White Lett
Perry Susan Ann Boles
Perry Thula Capps
Perry Virgie Irene Brewer
Perry W.M.
Perry William Charles (Charlie)
Peters Clayton - With Photo - In Memory Of
Peters Demmer
Peters Elsie May - Miss - With Photo
Peters Geneviene Cummings
Peters H. Dewey Dr.
Peters Hugh Lawson
Peters Laura Bridges
Peters Lorene Scarbrough
Peters Lorin T. - Funeral Home Card 001
Peters Lorin T. - Funeral Home Card
Peters Lorin T.
Peters Lucy May - 7-13-1984
Peters Martin L.
Peters Mary Elizabeth Crowell - Death Notice
Peters Mary Elizabeth Crowell
Peters Minerva Jane Seals
Peters Minerva Jane Seals -Services
Peters Minerva Jane Seals
Peters Orin C. Page 1
Peters Orin C. Page 2
Peters Ralph Martin Dr. - With Photo
Peters Samuel Luther
Peters Sara Emmaline (Aunt Bortie) McBee
Peters Sylvester B. Dr.
Peters Zeno
Petre Martha
Petree Ashbury
Petree Charles Beecher
Petree Claud H.
Petree Eddie O.
Petree Huldah Hill
Petree James C. Jr.
Petree Kathy Sharpmane Thomas
Petree Laura Stout
Petree Leo
Petree Leona
Petree Leonard Carl
Petree Summer E.
Petree W.R.
Pettit Mollie Wiggins
Petty Floyd
Petty Mary O. - With Photo
Pevley Rava
Phelps Katherine E.
Phelps Pearl
Phelps V.L. Rev.
Phelps William I. (Ike)
Phibbs Cecia F. Metler
Phillips Estell
Phillips Franklin Peyton
Phillips Heather Michelle
Phillips Virginia L. (Jenny)
Phipps Boyce E.
Phipps Nettie Collette
Pickel Clara Breeden - From Jeri White Lett
Pickel Vance E. - From Jeri White Lett
Pickens Nora Ann
Pickering Shirley Z.
Pierce Aaron
Pierce Eddie Lee
Pierce Edgar Lee
Pierce George Washington Rev.
Pierce Harvey E.
Pierce Jane
Pierce Sintha Russell
Pierce T.J.
Pierce Thornie
Pierce Zenith Clear (Zenna) Campbell
Pigusch Wanda Welch
Pike Archie Jett
Pike Gertie Grace Ridenour
Pike Gladys Irene Kitts Merritt Simmons
Pike Oda H.
Pike Roxie Goins
Ping Claymon Ray - Hopper connection
Ping Claymon Ray - In memory of
Pinkstaff W.A. Elder
Pique Bernard Ray
Pitts Betty Lorene
Pitts John Jay
Pitts Willard Moses
Pollard Delana Nicole
Polston Nancy Bell Harrison - 1988
Poore Edith McDonald
Poore John A.
Poore Martin Van Buren
Poore Mary Edith McDonald
Poore R.W.
Poore Sibby Abagail
Pope Della Mae
Pope Gwenda Hill
Popejoy Lena Satterfield
Porter Myrtle June Cook - Death Notice
Porter Myrtle June Cook
Poston Katie Inez
Potter Herbert C. - Death notice
Potter Herbert C.
Potter Joseph Richard
Potter Manie A. Morton
Potter Roscoe H. Sr.
Powell Loler B. Wolfe d.o.Missouri B. Carter & Charles H. Wolfe - With photo
Powers Frank Beckham
Powers Green Berry
Powers James
Pratt Charles Edward
Pratt Curtis
Pratt Ernest
Pratt George - 4-3-1966
Pratt James
Pratt Jewel
Pratt Johnny H.
Pratt Louisa Ford
Pratt Martin
Pratt Pat
Pratt Rosen - Death Notice & Obit
Pratt Rufus - Death Notice
Pratt Rufus
Pratt Sarah
Pratt Tom
Presley Katie
Presley Mary Ruth
Presley William C. (Will)
Prewitt Leonard E. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Prewitt Myrl W. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Price Louise Oaks Beeler
Price Mossie Lambden Graves
Price Walter H.
Pritchett Ellen Poff
Proffitt Charlie W. (Uncle Charlie)
Proffitt Grace Alice
Proffitt Grace Alice
Proffitt Louise Stiner
Proffitt Nellie Buckner
Pugh Ma Lissie
Pulley Caroline Monroe
Pulley Grover T.
Purdy Betty Whited
Purkey John S. Rev.
Putty Charles L. - From Jeri White Lett
Puuett Drayton
Pyle Ruby Nell Rosenbalm
Pyle Sherman Troy
Pyles Dorothy
Raby Virgie - Death Notice
Raby Virgie
Radford Joe Dan
Ragan George
Ragland Myrtle Stiner
Railey Alphonso Russell - With Photo
Railey Ida Bell
Raines John T. - By Margaret Freemon
Raines Lawrence - By Margaret Freemon
Raines Mary E. - By Margaret Freemon
Raines Rena
Raines William Clay - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Rainwater George Mitchell
Raley Barney - Death Notice
Raley Bertha L. Bailey
Raley Beulah Sharp
Raley Charles Esco - With Photo
Raley Charles Esco
Raley Claude Hoyt
Raley Clemma Jane
Raley Della D. Oaks
Raley Dewey G. Sr.
Raley Ernest L.
Raley Eula Cartwright
Raley Floyd L. - With Photo
Raley Fred (Barney)
Raley Gladys
Raley Henry Carson (Gene)
Raley Hester Elnora
Raley Joseph (Joe) Lee
Raley LeRoy
Raley Lois N.
Raley Louis N.
Raley Mary Lynn
Raley Myrtle Glennie DeMarcus
Raley Raymond W.
Raley Ruby
Raley Sarah Magnolia Butcher
Raley Stephen Trent
Raley Trent
Raley Vinsent LaFayette (Fayte)
Raley Willard LeRoy
Raley William Leroy - Death Notice
Ramey Betty Ann
Ramey Gordon J. - With Photo
Ramsey Sanford
Raulston Joseph L. Dr.
Ray Albert Lee Sr.
Ray Andy
Ray Annie Hill
Ray Ben Richard
Ray Bertha J. Comer
Ray Bertha Mae
Ray Edna Jessee
Ray Fred
Ray Gerina (Gean)
Ray Hope Toughey
Ray James - Death Notice
Ray James
Ray Lassie Pratt
Ray Lena Daisy Irene Burchell Debny
Ray Leroy
Ray Lillard George - Death notice
Ray Lizzie Thomas
Ray Locia Marie
Ray Lonnie
Ray Lowe
Ray Minnie (Miss)
Ray Pete
Ray Rhoda
Ray Suday Pratt
Ray Trula Beets
Ray Willie
Razier Lela A.
Reagan Sandra Elaine
Rector Juanita (Nanny) Bailey
Rector William E. (Red) Sr. - With photo
Rector William E. (Red) Sr.
Redmond Arch F.
Redmond Charlie W. Elder
Redmond Dorothy Wilcox
Redmond Hattie Maddox
Redmond Hettie R. Cook
Redmond Shelby
Reece David Ray
Reece Elizabeth Ann
Reed Alma D. Sexton
Reed Minnie Beatrice
Reed Victoria Oxendine
Reed W. Manley
Reese Homer Taft
Reeves Eliza L.
Reich Betty Bloom
Reich Morris - With Photo
Relford Alfred G.
Relford Cas
Relford Clifton J.
Renfro Ezra B.
Renfro Robert M.
Renfroe Albert Jr.
Renfroe Nell Brock
Rensler Mrs John (Neo)
Repass Niles Reginald
Reynolds Arthur L. (Ott)
Reynolds Charlie G.
Reynolds Clarence
Reynolds Dawn Marie Paul
Reynolds Gerald Lee (Pappy) - With Photo
Reynolds James David
Reynolds Kyle G.
Reynolds Wanda Murray
Rhodes J. Clark Dr.
Rhymer Alex Jr.
Rhyne Erin Rachael
Rice Guy C. Sr.(Pap)
Rice Guy Cecil - Death Notice
Rice Guy Cecil
Rice James Rufus
Rice Jewell Gray - With Photo
Rice Marcellius Moss (Sil) - Death Notice
Rice Marcellius Moss (Sil)
Rice Martin Z.
Rice William Fred Sr. - With Photo
Rice Zelotes (Zeke)
Richardson Alan
Richardson Claude T. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Richardson Elmer R. Jr. - Death notice
Richardson Elmer R. Jr.
Richardson Flossie L.
Richardson Hobart
Richardson Mabel Ellen - With Photo - Page 1 of 2 - By Margaret Freemon
Richardson Mabel Ellen - With Photo - Page 2 of 2 - By Margaret Freemon
Richardson Mary Frances Anderson
Richardson Mary Louise Laws
Richardson Rachel Elizabeth (Lizzie) Langley
Richardson Viola Hill
Richardson Willie Edgar (Bill)
Rickard Pearl Myers
Ricker Patricia Ann (Spooks Ray) - With Photo
Ridenonr Lelia Mae Russell
Ridenour Bertha Longmire
Ridenour Clay
Ridenour Fletcher
Ridenour Howard Lee - With Photo
Ridenour Jessie
Ridenour Lela L. Snodderly
Ridenour Mossie Snoderly
Ridenour Plumer
Ridenour Tishie
Ridge Billy Wayne
Ridings Cora Ridenour
Ridings David
Ridings Iva Lee
Ridings Mary
Ridings William R.
Ridner Herschel Samuel - With Photo- Death Notice
Ridner Herschel Samuel - With Photo
Riggs Lassie
Riggs Raina Lee
Riggs Roy Allen
Riley Ova Jane
Risden Emily Marie Shipley
Risden Emmie Marie Shipley
Risner Anny Reisig
Ritchie Mary Long Oliver
Rivet Linda Hensley - Death notice
Rivet Linda Hensley
Roach Minnie J.
Robb Dorris Faries
Robb Flo Ella Woods
Robb James A. Sr.
Robbins Bonnie Childress Bays Stout - Death Notice
Robbins Bonnie Childress Bays Stout
Robbins Joe H. - With Photo
Roberts Billy Wayne
Roberts Dennis Ray & Danny Lee
Roberts Fannie Simms
Roberts Lucy McNew - By MVBG
Roberts Mark Anthony - With Photo
Roberts Rose L.
Roberts Ruby Hubbs - With Photo
Robertson Bertha
Robertson Charles Clayton - With Photo- From Margaret Freemon
Robertson Charlie Lee
Robertson Clarence O.
Robertson Dessie
Robertson Ennis D. (Big Charlie)
Robertson Ethel Hill
Robertson James Buddy
Robertson Martha England
Robertson Mary F. Drummonds
Robertson Neva Ann Cox
Robertson Saguine Lynch Day
Robertson W.O. Allen H. - With Photo - In Memory Of
Robinette Isaiah (I.E.)
Robinette J.M. (Jerry)
Robinette Maggie
Robinson Arthur W.
Robinson Buford C. Sr.
Robinson Conda Mitchell- Furnished by Jean Kea
Robinson Ethel Mae Berry- Furnished by Jean Kea
Robinson G.C.
Robinson Morris Lee
Robinson Rispy Frances Housley
Robinson William Frank
Robinson William H.
Robinson William H.
Robison Sallie
Robnett John
Roddy James Patrick III - With Photo
Roe Arminda Kitts
Roe Charlie O.
Roe Clyde R. - Kokomo Tribune
Roe Clyde R.
Roe Frances Irene - With Photo
Roe Fred D.
Roe Freda Gail Rouse - With Photo
Roe James Edward (Big Jim)
Roe Larry W.
Roe Lassie Cox
Roe Maggie King
Roe Maggie King
Roe Roy K. (Rabbit)
Roe Satra Louise (Liza)
Roehl Josie Martha
Rogers April Dawn
Rogers Canada Hodge
Rogers Christopher A. (Jackie) - With Photo
Rogers Clee (Horney)
Rogers Dorothy B.
Rogers Emma Jean
Rogers Frank H.
Rogers Govenor O.
Rogers Harold C.
Rogers Harvey E.
Rogers Harvey E.
Rogers Henry
Rogers Herman E. - PFC - With photo- Death Notice
Rogers Herman E. - PFC - With photo
Rogers Izell (Bill) - With Photo
Rogers J. Will
Rogers James H.
Rogers Jess E.
Rogers Jess
Rogers Lassie Sharp
Rogers Lassie Sharp Shoffner -Death- Others Mentioned in Sharps Chapel
Rogers Lassie Sharp Shoffner
Rogers Lassie
Rogers Lissie K.
Rogers Lorne E.
Rogers Lula Carr
Rogers Maggie Anderson
Rogers Marshall
Rogers Marsillus (Skeeter) Isaac - Founding Member of UCCA
Rogers Michael A.
Rogers Mrs Louie B. (Rice)
Rogers Ralph George
Rogers Voyd
Rogers Voyd
Rogers Zera Butcher
Rohde Bessie Inklebarger
Romines Jack
Romines Sheila Ann & Wanda L.
Romines Tennessee Columbus
Romines Wanda L. & Sheila Ann
Roop Robert Arlin
Rosa Madonna Joan Damewood - With photo
Rose Bonnie M.
Rose James Cawood (Woodie)
Rose James Elbert
Rose Lewis C.
Rose Ralph L.
Rose Robert A.
Rose Sonja Faye - In Memoriam - With photo - By MVBG
Rosenbalm Beatrice
Rosenbalm Billy
Rosenbalm Burl
Rosenbalm Etta Nicley
Rosenbalm Paul H.
Rosenbalm Robert P.
Rosenbalm Rosa Lee Covington
Rosson Birchie Geneva Tolliver
Rosson Debra Ann
Rosson Maggie Nita (Magnita) Graves Dyer
Rouse Adeline M. Jameson
Rouse Arie James
Rouse Bertie Fielden
Rouse Chad Nicholas
Rouse David (Melon)
Rouse Elmer & Betty Memorial
Rouse Ernest H.
Rouse Hannah
Rouse James M.
Rouse James W. (Jim)
Rouse James William Houk
Rouse Jerry
Rouse John Daley (Johnny)
Rouse Joshua Wesley
Rouse Maggie Sue
Rouse Opal Stiner
Rouse Palmer Steiner (Bitt)
Rouse Pheonie A. (Penny) Keck
Rouse Rachel Caroline Seal
Rouse Relda Francis (Francie) Shoffner Hopper
Rouse Tina
Rowe Claude Leon Rev.
Rucker Tom
Ruherford Otis D.
Ruherford William Floyd
Runyon Billy Harrison
Runyon Charles S. Rev.
Runyon Michael Steven
Rush Serena Shae - Infant
Russan Mill
Russell Allen Willoughby
Russell Augre
Russell Autrie Francie
Russell Charles J. - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Russell Charlie M.
Russell Clayton Allen - From Jeri White Lett
Russell Clifford
Russell Clifford Milton
Russell Cora Hamilton - Death Notice
Russell Curtis C.
Russell Cyrus
Russell Ditsy Stirl
Russell Donald - Death Notice
Russell Donald
Russell Dora - Death Notice
Russell Dora Buckner
Russell Doyle Ernest Rev. - Age77
Russell Easter Weaver
Russell Elsie Cook
Russell Emma Florence Ausmus
Russell Ernest (Ernie) Doyle - Death Notice
Russell Ernest (Ernie) Doyle
Russell Ernest Doyle (Ernie)
Russell Eula Mae Barnes
Russell Frank George - Death Notice
Russell Frank George
Russell Fred R.
Russell Gladys Marie
Russell Glenn Edward
Russell Gracie
Russell Isaac (C)
Russell James P.
Russell James Press
Russell James T.
Russell John Washburn
Russell Kate
Russell Lawrence
Russell Lois
Russell Lucille Grimes
Russell Mae Belle Damewood
Russell Manella Brewer
Russell Mary Attress
Russell Mary Jane (Miss)
Russell Mary Melvina - Partial Obit
Russell Mary Melvina Shoffner
Russell Otis
Russell Patricia Ann Grills
Russell Raymer V. - With Photo
Russell Ruby
Russell Sarah Alice Sharp
Russell Sarah Jane Pierce
Russell Thomas Glenn
Russell Washburn E. - Death Notice
Russell Washburn E.
Rutherford Andrew J.
Rutherford Autre
Rutherford Bessie Marie - Services
Rutherford Bessie Marie
Rutherford Beulah Cody
Rutherford Bruce - Death Notice
Rutherford Carl L.
Rutherford Carley B.
Rutherford Cecil T.
Rutherford Charles Alvis
Rutherford Christine
Rutherford Darrell Ernest
Rutherford Earl Verlin
Rutherford Edna Styles
Rutherford Ernest
Rutherford Florence
Rutherford Floyd (Joe)
Rutherford Frank
Rutherford Fred V.
Rutherford George
Rutherford Gladys R.
Rutherford Gracie Viola Warren
Rutherford Hattie Heatherly
Rutherford Hugh L. - Death Notice
Rutherford Hugh L.
Rutherford J.L. (Pud)
Rutherford James P.
Rutherford LaFayette (Fate) - Ex Squire- Death Notice
Rutherford LaFayette
Rutherford LaFayette
Rutherford Leslie Eugene
Rutherford Lillie Mae - Death Notice
Rutherford Lum
Rutherford Luther
Rutherford Maggie Needham
Rutherford Margaret E.
Rutherford Margarette
Rutherford Marshall (Peay)
Rutherford Mose
Rutherford O.B. - Photo only
Rutherford Raney Carter
Rutherford Raymong Eugene
Rutherford Reva Monday
Rutherford Ritza Gose
Rutherford Robert Kyle
Rutherford Russell H.
Rutherford Stella Stiner
Rutherford Vada Ethel Hopper
Rutherford Viola Lorraine
Rutherford W.C. (Clarence)
Rutherford William A. - Funeral Services
Rutherford William C. - With Photo
Rutledge Clarence O.
Rutledge Kate Poe - With Photo
Ryan Charles E. (Dad) - With photo
Ryan Iva Myrtle
Rybak Peggy Ann Stiner
Ryder Dorothy Lucille
Ryon (Dyon) Jessie Mae Cabbage PVPB
Salling Sterling Lee
Salva Edith G. Mabe - With Photo - From Margret Freemon
Sample T.C.
Sampson Jerry David
Sampson Ruby Hill
Sams David Meredith - With Photo
Sanders Harold Raymond
Sanderson Mary Louise Sharp
Sandifer Howard P.
Sandifer William S. Sr. - With photo.tif
Sandifur Randy Lee
Sands Carl J. Rev.
Sands Dewey E.
Sands Edgbert W.
Sands Edward Clifton
Sands Hettie Nicley
Sands Jason Daniel (Mowry)
Sands Katie (Mom)
Sands Kattie (Mom)
Sands Lisa Marie
Sands Lucy Evelyn
Sands Luvine (Lue) Lynch - Death notice
Sands Phoebe Alice
Sands Roger L.
Sanford Edna M.
Sanford Harold Ansel Jr. - With Photo
Sanford Harold Ansel Sr.
Satterfield Ben C. Sr.
Satterfield Buford E.
Satterfield Callie Wyrick
Satterfield Clayton L. Sr.
Satterfield Dwight Eugene
Satterfield E.R. (Little Joe) - With Photo
Satterfield Harold Lloyd Rev.
Satterfield Jess Willard Rev.
Satterfield Larry Hall
Satterfield Lee Edward - Death Notice
Satterfield Lee Edward
Satterfield Ralph LaFayette
Satterfield Roy - With Photo
Satterfield Roy F.
Satterfield Sallie Lou Crawford - Death Notice
Satterfield Sallie Lou Crawford
Satterfield Stephen R.
Satterfield Stephen R.
Savage Bert
Savage Delmar
Savage Edward - Death Notice
Savage Edward
Savage Ellis
Savage Janice Marie
Savage Johnie L. - With Photo - In Memory Of
Savage Johnnie Lee
Savage King David
Savage Larry Wayne
Savage Lily O.
Savage Lizzie
Savage Lou
Savage Marshall Wayne
Savage Mary Minnie Bell
Savage Mollie Marie
Savage Paris Franklin (Hoss) - With Photo - In Memory Of
Savage Paris Franklin (Hoss)
Savage Riley Franklin
Savage Virginia Moyers
Sayne Julia Johnson
Scalf William A. Sr.
Scarbrough Annie Elizabeth
Scarbrough Harriet Davis
Scarbrough Johnny C. Sr. - With Photo
Scarlett Alta Miller
Schaad Juanita Weaver Warwick
Schnuck Bessie Irene (Polly)
Schultz Ruby Marie Inklebarger
Scott Gladys (Sissy) Savage - Death Notice
Scott Gladys (Sissy) Savage - With Photo
Scott Gladys Savage (Sissy) - With Photo
Scott John A.
Scott John R.
Scott Tom
Scott Veda Campbell
Scriven Annie Beason
Seal Bill Hamilton
Seal Frank N.
Seal Harold D. Rev.
Seal Nancy H. - 1-7-1969
Seal Nancy H. - Death Notice
Seal Nicholas (Nick) S.
Seal Oscar Lonzo (Jack) - Death Notice
Seal Oscar Lonzo (Jack)
Seals Charles Wayland (Tommy)
Seals Everett M.
Seals Jessie
Seals Julia Livesay
Seals Theodore L. - 3-11-1988
Seals Theodore L. - Kokomo Tribune
Seals Willie Dove (Billie)
Seiber Karen C. Powell
Seltzer John W.
Selvey Nettie
Seneker John Wayne
Sentell Albnert
Sentell Lassie (Betty) Shoffner
Settle Admiral Dewey
Settle Clifford P. - With Photo
Settle Evelyn - Wife of Admiral Dewey - Death Notice
Settle Evelyn - Wife of Admiral Dewey
Settles Edgar Louis Sr.
Settles James Jr.
Seubetian Edith Campbell McWhirter
Sexton Ama C.
Sexton Billy J.
Sexton Carson C.
Sexton Charles E. - Death Notice
Sexton Charles E. - Obit
Sexton Charles Elbert (Cuz)
Sexton Crissy Sue - Death Notice
Sexton Crissy Sue - With Photo
Sexton Davud Allen
Sexton Dollie Tharpe
Sexton Doris Jean Berry
Sexton Douglas M. (Doug)
Sexton Earl F. Sr.
Sexton Gerald (Dean)
Sexton Gilbert T. (Gib)
Sexton Henry Samuel
Sexton Iva June Hill
Sexton Iva Vena Butcher
Sexton J.E. (Jack)
Sexton Jessie Cook - In Memory Of
Sexton John H.
Sexton Larry Elwood
Sexton Linda F. Effler
Sexton Lottie
Sexton Lula S.
Sexton Magdalene
Sexton Martha Buckner
Sexton Mary Lucille
Sexton Mary M. Hunter Scoffield
Sexton Max E. - Death Notice
Sexton Max E.
Sexton Sally Kate
Sexton Samuel H. (Sam)
Sexton Steven
Sexton Troy (Jam-Up)
Sexton William Mack - Death notice
Sexton William Mack
Sexton William Robert
Seymour Arthur Gholster - With Photo
Seymour Bonnie Jean Black
Seymour Carrie Denise - Infant
Seymour Charles H. - Death Notice
Seymour Charles H.
Seymour Cosie Leonard (C.L.) - 4-15-1992
Seymour Hester Ann McBee
Seymour James A. (Jimmy) Rev. - Funeral Service
Seymour James A. (Jimmy) Rev.
Seymour Jessie Clyde
Seymour Retha Hurst
Seymour Ross - By MVBG
Seymour Swan
Seymour Verlin Jack - Death Notice
Seymour Verlin Jack
Shackelford Hugh Loran (Shack) Jr.
Shackleford Florence Ruth Beeler
Shackleford Paul V.
Shafer Yoneko E.
Sharp Ada
Sharp Albert Dewey
Sharp Albert
Sharp Alfred Harrison
Sharp Alfred Renfro
Sharp Andrew J.
Sharp Annie Rice
Sharp Arie H. - Death notice - With photo
Sharp Arie H.
Sharp Asa R.
Sharp Beatrice Walker
Sharp Bernie
Sharp Bessie Ann Miller
Sharp Brice Emory
Sharp Brunetta
Sharp Callie
Sharp Campbell Preston
Sharp Carrie Weaver
Sharp Cerilla
Sharp Charles Vaughn
Sharp Claude O.
Sharp Clayton G. (Jerry)
Sharp Clun Worth
Sharp Cyrus Ambrose - Death Notice
Sharp Cyrus Ambrose
Sharp Daicy D.
Sharp Delena Ford
Sharp DeWayne Allen
Sharp Durward Oleson - With photo
Sharp Earl W.
Sharp Edith Wright
Sharp Edward G. (Bubba)
Sharp Edward L. (Eddie) - Death Notice
Sharp Edward L. (Eddie)
Sharp Elvira
Sharp Ernest (Monk)
Sharp Estelle Petree
Sharp Esther Helton
Sharp Evelyn Chowe
Sharp Evelyn Petree
Sharp France
Sharp Fred B. - Age 85
Sharp Fred B. Sr. - Age 77
Sharp Freda Belle
Sharp Fredrick
Sharp Gains T. - Funeral Services
Sharp Gains T. - Newspaper Article I.
Sharp Gains T. - Newspaper Article II
Sharp Gains T. - Newspaper Article III
Sharp Gains T. Obit I.
Sharp Gains T. Obit II
Sharp George Edward
Sharp George M.
Sharp Grace Kitts
Sharp Gurney
Sharp Icie Monroe Scates - Death Notice
Sharp Icie Monroe Scates
Sharp Ida (Miss)
Sharp Isaac Calvin
Sharp Isaac Calvin Sharp Jr. - With Photo
Sharp Ivan E. (Bud)
Sharp Jack Ross
Sharp James A.
Sharp James Claudie
Sharp James D.
Sharp James M. - By MVBG
Sharp Jessie
Sharp Jewel (Shorty)
Sharp John Buckner Sr. - 1-29-1969 - Death Notice
Sharp John Buckner Sr.
Sharp John C. (J.C.) - Death Notice
Sharp John C. (J.C.)
Sharp John C. - Age 69
Sharp John L.
Sharp John M.
Sharp John Nichols (Nick)
Sharp Johnnie Sr. - Death Notice
Sharp Johnnie Sr.
Sharp Juanita Sherrod
Sharp Kimberly Diane Raines - With Photo
Sharp Lassie Graves
Sharp Laura Edna (Polly)
Sharp Lawrence Oden
Sharp Lelia Hurst
Sharp Leonard Chandler
Sharp Lertie Hodges
Sharp Lillard
Sharp Linda
Sharp Linda - With Photo - In Memory Of
Sharp Litten S.
Sharp Lizzie - Wife of Corum C. Sharp
Sharp Lon
Sharp Lulah F.
Sharp Maggie
Sharp Malinda Cook
Sharp Manna Dillo
Sharp Manna Dillo
Sharp Marcus Fate
Sharp Margaret (Mom)
Sharp Mary Alice
Sharp Mary E. Robinson
Sharp Mary Elizabeth
Sharp Mary Ersulia Stooksbury
Sharp Mary Robinson
Sharp Mary Ruth Harvey
Sharp Mary Welch
Sharp Milas Jennings
Sharp Minne J.
Sharp Minnie Ousley
Sharp Mollie Tolliver - From Jeri White Lett
Sharp Mossie Longmire
Sharp Mossie Ray
Sharp Norman A.
Sharp Oda - 4-18-1986
Sharp Odra Lee
Sharp Olivia Faith
Sharp Orvalee S. - By MVBG
Sharp Palmer S. - Death Notice
Sharp Palmer S.
Sharp Paris Brownlow Rev.
Sharp Pascal (Big Eye)
Sharp Preston Lafayette
Sharp Rector (Tobe)
Sharp Relda
Sharp Robert Ludlow - Death Notice
Sharp Robert Ludlow
Sharp Robert Reese Rev. - With Photo
Sharp Roberta Carolyn Goheen
Sharp Rome C.
Sharp Rosa M. - Miss
Sharp Rosie Mae Shoffner
Sharp Rubal Preston
Sharp Rudolph E.
Sharp Rufus Edgar Newspaper Article
Sharp Rufus Edgar Obit
Sharp Rufus Mewton
Sharp Rush Lewis - Death Notice
Sharp Rush Lewis
Sharp Sam E.
Sharp Sarah Ann (Sade)
Sharp Sarah Ann Anderson - By MVBG
Sharp Sarah Ann Hopper (Aunt Sade)
Sharp Sarah Malinda (Linda) Sharp- With Photo
Sharp Sarah Malinda (Linda) Sharp
Sharp Stacey
Sharp Stella DeLapp - Death Notice
Sharp Stella DeLapp
Sharp Tennessee
Sharp Thomas E. (Tom)
Sharp Thomas Handy (T.H.)
Sharp Thomas Raymond
Sharp Trula M.
Sharp Vada Petree
Sharp Vina
Sharp W.M. (Kije) - Death notice
Sharp Walter Richard (Ricky)
Sharp Walter
Sharp Wanza W. Sharp - With Photo
Sharp William David
Sharp William Roscoe
Sharp Willie C.
Sharp Woodrow D.
Sharp Worth
Sharp Zola Hill
Sharpe Beatrice Evans
Sharpe Della
Sharpe Earl Edward - Death Notice
Sharpe Earl Edward
Sharpe Elnora Ousley
Sharpe Fred L.
Sharpe Isaac N.
Sharpe Ivan Clay - By MVBG
Sharpe James Franklin
Sharpe Jerry (Jim) - With Photo
Sharpe Martha (Miss)
Sharpe Pauline Bailey
Sharpe Roberta
Sharpe Stacey
Sheckels Martha Melvina (Miss)
Sheckles Della Clark Hunley
Sheckles James Dewy - From Jeri White Lett
Sheckles Mamie Delores
Sheckles Milton E.
Sheckles Pauline (Polly) Sharp
Shelby Milton Osco - Partial Obit
Shelby Cora Mae Houston
Shelby Eska
Shelby Evan Charles
Shelby George Eska
Shelby Gertrude Edmondson
Shelby Hazel Eunice
Shelby Hazel Smith
Shelby Herbert D.
Shelby Herman
Shelby Hilda Mae
Shelby Hilda Mae
Shelby Ida Capps
Shelby Isaac (Roe)
Shelby Luella F. Southerland
Shell William T. (Joey)
Shelley Gary
Shelton Daniel S.
Shelton Elder Parnick E.
Shelton Lewis Arthur
Shelton Lockie Webster
Shelton Mrs E.B.
Shelton Nora Matilda Mae
Shelton Orpha Hamilton
Shelton Robert A. - With Photo
Shelton Sharon Custis Irwin Sharp - By MVBG
Shelton Thomas James
Shelton William
Shelton Wilma W. Graves
Shephard James Andrew
Sheppard Mattie Hunley
Sherard Lee
Sherard Virginia Christine Downs
Sherritze Alice (Ollie) Keck - (Death Notice)
Sherritze Alice (Ollie) Keck
Sherritze C.C.
Sherritze George M. - With Photo
Sherritze Ruble Tracy
Sherritze Wade McCoy - With Photo
Shipley Boyd
Shipley Eston C. (E.c.)
Shipley Ham
Shipley Lula A. King
Shipley Lyre Hamic
Shipley Margaret Pauline (Polly)
Shipley Mildred Irene Harmon
Shipley Mildred Irene Harmon
Shockley Samuel D.
Shoffner Alex
Shoffner Alice Lee Welch Rouse - By MVBG
Shoffner Alice Lee Welch Rouse
Shoffner Alvida Cook
Shoffner Anna Minnie Cook
Shoffner Arletta
Shoffner Audrey Mae Bailey - Death Notice
Shoffner Audrey Mae Bailey
Shoffner Charlie Payne
Shoffner Cillis
Shoffner David Lee
Shoffner Dessie Lena (Miss)
Shoffner Donald Isaac
Shoffner Earl Gene - With photo
Shoffner Earsel Frances
Shoffner Edward Lynn
Shoffner Flora
Shoffner George Washington Rev.
Shoffner Hattie Cox
Shoffner Henry Berry
Shoffner Hiram Andrew (Hy) Rev.
Shoffner Hiram Andrew (Hy) Rev. - Flag Article - By MVBG
Shoffner Hiram Andrew (Hy) Rev. - Death Notice
Shoffner Isaac Charles
Shoffner Isaac Marion (Ike) - By MVBG
Shoffner J.R. (Albert)
Shoffner Jack - With photo
Shoffner James C. (Brown) (Short) Rev.
Shoffner James David
Shoffner James Paris
Shoffner James Patison (Patn
Shoffner James Patterson
Shoffner John Alford (Moody)
Shoffner John Alford (Moody)
Shoffner Joseph Cecil
Shoffner Joyce Evelyn Patterson
Shoffner Joyce Woods Criipe
Shoffner June White - Kokomo Tribune
Shoffner June White
Shoffner Kathy Jo - Miss - Kokomo Tribune
Shoffner Kathy Jo - Miss
Shoffner Kenneth Wayne
Shoffner Lillas B. E.
Shoffner Lillie Mae Keck - Kokomo Tribune
Shoffner Lillie Mae Keck
Shoffner Linda Ann Keck
Shoffner Louverna (Lou) Savage Owens
Shoffner Lucas E.
Shoffner Maggie Williams
Shoffner Mannie John
Shoffner Misty Carol
Shoffner Monroe Kenneth - by MVBG
Shoffner Monroe Kenneth - Death notice - by MVBG
Shoffner Nancy
Shoffner Nila Elnora Rouse
Shoffner Rachael Lillie Lawson
Shoffner Rachael Lillie Lawson
Shoffner Rina Curtis
Shoffner Rosa Collingsworth Sharp
Shoffner Rose Marie
Shoffner Ruby L. Meyers - With photo
Shoffner Ruth Granny
Shoffner Sammie Dan - Death Notice
Shoffner Sammie Dan
Shoffner Sarah Malinda Braden = PVPB
Shoffner Susannah M. (Susie) Keck
Shoffner Taylor R. - Kokomo Tribune
Shoffner Taylor R.
Shoffner Ted
Shoffner Titus Ailor (Cotton) -With Photo - Kokomo Tribune
Shoffner Titus Ailor (Cotton)
Shoffner Tyra Kaye
Shoffner Tyson Walter
Shoffner Wayne Age 64
Shoffner William (Bill)
Shoffner William Andrew (Willie)
Shoffner William Houston
Shoffner William Isaac (Little Ike)
Shoffner William Isaac (Little Ike)
Shoffner Winfred Luke
Shoffner Zina (Zinnie) Weaver Kivett
Shoffner Zina (Zinnie) Weaver Kivettt
Shope David H.
Shope James Allen (Jimbo)
Shope Jan Carson
Shope John A. - Death Notice
Shope John A.
Shope Marie Mable Hopper
Shope Nora Ethel - 7-1-1988
Short Rozella Collins
Shropshire Laura Norris
Shuck-Sparier Celia June
Shultz John Arthur
Shumate Alta Norris
Shumate Anna Lou Rush
Shumate Burton (Burt) - From Jeri White Lett
Shumate Clayton
Shumate Edgar Ernest
Shumate Elbert L.
Shumate James A.
Shumate Jerry Rube
Shumate Johnny Doyle
Shumate Lelia Mae Crawford
Shupperd Donald A.
Sibley William Bender (Bill)
Sikorski Anna M.
Siler J.D. Military Article - With Photo -By Margaret Freemon
Siler J.D. Obit -By Margaret Freemon
Siler Mary A. McBee
Siler Wymer George (Petie) - Daeth Notice
Siler Wymer George (Petie)
Silvey Bonnie McPhetridge - 12-15-1989
Silvey Paul James Rev.
Simmonds Lucinda
Simmons A.D. Dr.
Simmons Anna M. Evans - With photo
Simmons Archie
Simmons Callie Virgil Rev. - By MVBG
Simmons Floyd Raymond - Death Notice
Simmons Floyd Raymond
Simmons Fronnie Atkins
Simmons G.W.
Simmons Joseph C. Todd
Simmons Millie
Simmons Pearl Watson
Simmons Wade
Simpson Nellie M. - By Margaret Freemon
Sims Clyde B. Sr. Rev. - With Photo
Sims Gordon Anderson
Sims Mary Ethel
Sindon Joseph - From Jeri White Lett
Sindon Marie S.
Singleton Walter L.
Sisco Michael A.
Sizemore Charles Edward
Skaggs Flora B. Clark
Skeen Grace Inklebarger
Slaughter Martha Louise
Slaughter Mary J. Grizzell
Smelcer Willow Dean - By MBVG
Smelser Robert Paul
Smith Mattie Ethel Miller
Smith Alice Wells
Smith Ann
Smith Benjamin
Smith Bertha S.
Smith Carl E. Rev.
Smith Carl Milton - Published 2010-1-26-Union News Leader
Smith Carolyn Lonetta Jesse
Smith Charles T.
Smith Charlie Hobert
Smith Clara H. - Death Notice
Smith Clara H.
Smith Clarence - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Smith Clayton Leon (Buster)
Smith Connie F.
Smith Cornelius
Smith David E.
Smith Davonna Elaine - With Photo
Smith Dewey C. Rev.
Smith Donald E. (Don)
Smith Donald E. (Don)
Smith Easter Bell - From Jeri White Lett
Smith Edgar Emery
Smith Ella Jane Nicely Lay
Smith Ellen Cooper
Smith Elnora - From Jeri White Lett
Smith Else Dail
Smith Emma Sharp
Smith Ernest Lee
Smith Ethel A.
Smith Eugenia B.
Smith Eula Frances
Smith Eustace Sewell (Toots) - Death Notice
Smith Eustace Sewell (Toots)
Smith Fay
Smith Frank
Smith Gay
Smith Glen E. (Catfish)
Smith Hall B.
Smith Harrell Murray
Smith Harrison M. (Smitty)
Smith Hazel Boles Parker
Smith Herbert - Age 70
Smith Herbert A. - Death Notice
Smith Herbert A.
Smith Horace L. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Smith Jack Allen
Smith Jack E.
Smith Jack
Smith James (Smitty)
Smith James Harold
Smith James LaFatte (Fate)
Smith James R. (Sam)
Smith James Robert (Jim)
Smith Jess E.
Smith John R.
Smith Josiah Rowe
Smith Julius R.
Smith Karl C.
Smith Lee Rev.
Smith Lela
Smith Lillie B. - By Margaret Freemon
Smith Lillie C.
Smith Lola H. Lamb - R.N.
Smith Lou Russell
Smith Margaret E. Cain
Smith Margaret Epperson - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Smith Martha
Smith Martha E. (Miss) - Death Notice
Smith Martha E. (Miss)
Smith Martha E. - (Miss) - Final Rites
Smith Mary Inez (Meme)
Smith Maxine Hutchison
Smith Maynard - By Margaret Freemon
Smith Millard C. Sr.
Smith Mossie Evelyn - With Photo
Smith Mossie Raley
Smith Mossie
Smith Mrs T. (Aunt Lou)
Smith Nancy Bonita
Smith Nancy Catherine (Katie) Longmire - With photo
Smith Nellie Irene
Smith Octer Mae Young
Smith Ollis Bostic
Smith Paris C.
Smith Paris Milton
Smith Pearl M. - By Margaret Freemon
Smith Ralph E.
Smith Rama Lee
Smith Rebon Hannah Ousley
Smith Roy Ellery Sr.
Smith S.A. (Matt)
Smith Sallie Cox
Smith Sam F. Rev.
Smith Sam W.
Smith Samuel A. (Mott) - With Photo - Former Sherrif
Smith Shawn Tate
Smith Thomas Whitney (T.W.) Sr. - With Photo
Smith Troy
Smith Walter Henry Rev.
Smith William Dewey - Death Notice
Smith William Dewey
Smith Willie Rhea Mrs
Smith Wilma J. Lusk
Sneed Betty Jean Cox - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Snell Elmo C. - Death notice
Snell Elmo C.- Death Notice
Snell Elmo C.
Snodderly Alta J. Sharp - With Photo
Snodderly Bessie Hale
Snodderly Carson B.
Snodderly Chester
Snodderly Ella Hamilton
Snodderly Gaines
Snodderly George Silas (Hook)
Snodderly George
Snodderly Hazel Lane
Snodderly Ida
Snodderly Laura Kate (Miss)
Snodderly Lennie Belle Henigar
Snodderly Leota Mae - From Jeri White Lett
Snodderly Mary L. Bolinger
Snodderly Nora Buckner
Snodderly Pearl Kitts
Snodderly Richard Broadus - Death Notice
Snodderly Richard Broadus - Funeral
Snodderly Richard Broadus - With Photo - Death Notice
Snodderly Richard Broadus
Snodderly Silas Bruno - With Photo
Snodderly Stewart Lon
Snodderly W.D. (Dink)
Snodderly Wanda Mae Bramlett
Snodderly William Francis
Snodderly Xagus C. - Death Notice
Snodderly Xagus C.
Snodderly Zen Kenneth
Snoderly Alfred A.
Snoderly Betty Jane Beeler
Snoderly Robert Scott - Death notice
Snoderly Robert Scott
Snyder Estelle Drinnen
Snyder Jewell Merritt
Snyder Rosa M.
Snyder Wanda Mae (Nonnie) Banks
Sorrell Avis Baughn
Southerland Etta Mae Cass
Southerland Heston (Big Dad) Jr.
Southerland Leonard W.
Southerland Lucinda Capps
Southerland Rrobert A.
Southerland Virginia Gilbert
Southers G.S.
Sowder Everette E. Sr. - By Margaret Freemon
Sowder Hallie Columbia Ridings
Sowder William - By Margaret Freemon
Sparks Carl E.
Sparks Martha Jane Byrd - From Jeri White Lett
Sparks William Elder
Spires Biddie Mallicoat
Spires Sherman
Spoon Connie Hines
Spradling Beulah H.
Stabnow Melvin (Jackie)
Stair Jessie Ellen
Staley Charles R..
Staley Daniel Edward
Staley George
Staley Minnie Greer (Minnie Maw)
Stallings Mrs Wally (Hickman)
Stampe Hiram W. Rev.
Stamper Maude Lyons Miller
Standifer Bessie (Darlin)
Stanfill Golda M. - By Margaret Freemon
Stanfill Haskell R. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Stanford James H.
Stanford Raymond G. - Death Notice
Stanford Raymond G.
Stanifer Isabell Robertson
Stanley Alfred L.
Stanley Coba Keck Stiner With Photo
Stanley Cora Cox
Stanley Mable L. Myers
Stansberry Ida Mae Grissom
Stansberry Robert J.
Stansberry Roy
Stanton Otis Gene
Stapleton Robert
Steiner Arch K. - With Photo - Page 1
Steiner Arch K. - With Photo - Page 2
Steiner Emory J. (E.J.)
Steiner Fay Adams
Steiner G. Sherman
Steiner General Sherman - With Photo
Steiner Innis
Steiner Vivian Maude Miller - With Photo
Steiner Vivian Maude Miller - With Photo
Stephens Helen Nadine Heatherly - With Photo
Stephens Ruth Dr. - Death notice No 2
Stephens Ruth Dr. - Death notice
Stephens Ruth Dr. - With photo - Part A
Stephens Ruth Dr. - With photo - Part B
Stephens Ruth Dr.
Stevens Lillie Belle Hale
Stevens Randall (Bud) - With Photo
Stevens Thomas C.
Stewatt Gilbert W. (Pete) Jr. - With Photo
Stigall Sidney (Sid)
Stiner Alma Grant
Stiner Bertha Mae King
Stiner Billie J.
Stiner Calib Funeral Notice
Stiner Calib
Stiner Carlie Maudie Houston
Stiner Cecil Cody
Stiner Charles M.
Stiner Clarence (Roger)
Stiner Clifford
Stiner Coram A.
Stiner Curtis H.
Stiner Delone C. (Craig) - With photo
Stiner Ellie Acem (E.A.) (Ake)
Stiner Elwood Jasper
Stiner Ethel V. Nash - Anderson Herald-Bulletin Obit
Stiner Ethel V. Nash- Kokomo Tribune obit
Stiner Ethel V. Nash
Stiner Eula Ailor
Stiner Firmin V. - With photo
Stiner Flora E.
Stiner Florena (Rena)
Stiner Florence F. Graves
Stiner Florence Felicia Graves
Stiner Francis M. Dick
Stiner Gary Lee - Death notice
Stiner Gary Lee
Stiner Gary Len - With photo
Stiner General Sherman Sr.
Stiner George W.
Stiner Gladys Beeler - Death Notice
Stiner Gladys Beeler
Stiner Harriet E. Savage - With Photo
Stiner Hassie
Stiner Hattie Irwin
Stiner Hugh D.
Stiner James Henderson
Stiner James A. - With photo
Stiner James Dewey
Stiner James Henderson- Kokomo In Obit
Stiner Jess L.
Stiner John F.
Stiner Kenneth K.- SGT - Pg 1
Stiner Kenneth K.- SGT - Pg 2
Stiner L.C.
Stiner LaFayette (Fate) (Colonel)
Stiner Lelia
Stiner Lillian Davis
Stiner Max E. - Sr.
Stiner Nash
Stiner Oma Ethel McBee
Stiner P.J. (Pete)
Stiner Paul
Stiner Peter Franklin (Babe) Jr.
Stiner Reba Ann Nicely
Stiner Roy Earnest
Stiner Roy-Elwood Call Leader 1-10-1935
Stiner Rudolph McWen (Tip) & Rita Mumaugh Stiner - With photo-Page 1
Stiner Rudolph McWen (Tip) & Rita Mumaugh Stiner - Page 2
Stiner Russell - With photo
Stiner Sandy S. - Infant daughter of William B. & Judy Earlywine Stiner
Stiner Sherman Sr.
Stiner T.R. (Ted)
Stiner Vera Anderson
Stiner W.H. (Henry)
Stiner W.H. Henry
Stiner Warren G.
Stiner William C. (Billy) Craig - With photo
Stiner William C. (Billy) Craig
Stiner William Carl - With photo
Stiner William Payne
Stiner Willie H.
Stiner Willie H.
Stiner Wilma Dillman - With photo
Stipe Aileen Cooke
Stokes Lillard V.
Stokes Nannie Mitchell
Stokes Tava Graham
Stone Nathaniel - Death Notice
Stone Nathaniel
Stooksberry Milburn Tolbert
Stooksberry Sam
Stooksbury Alfred B.
Stooksbury Bonnie Kate
Stooksbury Boston J.
Stooksbury Cana R.
Stooksbury Cas
Stooksbury Charlie
Stooksbury Dicie Elizabeth Monday - Memorial - With photo
Stooksbury Dicie Elizabeth Monday
Stooksbury Elmer C.
Stooksbury Esco William
Stooksbury Herbert F. - Death Notice
Stooksbury Hylas Fred
Stooksbury Jama P. Marcum
Stooksbury James Cuble
Stooksbury Jesse Lee
Stooksbury John F.
Stooksbury Joshua Mitchell - With Photo
Stooksbury Juanita Shipley
Stooksbury Kelly - Death notice
Stooksbury Kelly
Stooksbury Lee
Stooksbury Lillard Reece
Stooksbury Loren (Buck)
Stooksbury Loren (Buck)
Stooksbury Lucy Beatrice Henegar
Stooksbury Mary Zettie McPhetridge
Stooksbury Mattie Palmer - By MVBG
Stooksbury Mayme Manila Witt - Death notice
Stooksbury Mrs I.E. (Witt)
Stooksbury Nancy Fox
Stooksbury Nannie Mitchell
Stooksbury Nelle Irwin
Stooksbury Neo G. - Memorial
Stooksbury Nola Loyy
Stooksbury Platt
Stooksbury Porter Lewis
Stooksbury R.Q. (Queener)
Stooksbury Roxie S.
Stooksbury Ruben Patrick
Stooksbury Sallie Palmer
Stooksbury Sherman Jr.
Stooksbury Soffrina Snodderly
Stooksbury Viola Raglin
Stooksbury Wheeler
Stooksbury Willard C.
Stooksbury William H.
Stooksbury Zettie McPhetridge
Stout Charles (Chuck) III
Stout Clemie L.
Stout Cora Lee (Miss)
Stout Elsie Mae - Death Notice
Stout Elsie Mae
Stowers Mary Lee Dallas - With Photo - In Memory Of
Stowers Willard Booker
Stradler Paul G. Rev.
Strait Elsie L.
Straton Ethel Davis - By Margaret Freemon
Straton William C. - By Margaret Freemon
Strevel Ida Sharp Atkins - Chet Atkins Mother
Strevel Imogene
Strevel Johnny Matthew
Strevel Susan E.
Strong John
Stubblefield Carl
Sturgeon James E.
Suber Robert John
Suffrage Clory
Suffridge Albert Tyson
Suffridge Charles (Pepper) - Death notice
Suffridge Charles (Pepper)
Suffridge Flora Grant
Suffridge Flossie Wyrick
Suffridge Fred L.
Suffridge Gary C.
Suffridge Hazle
Suffridge L.W. Wes
Suffridge Margaret
Suffridge Mayme Edith McBee
Suffridge Robert Thurman
Suffridge Roy Minnis
Suffridge Samuel Henry
Suffridge Shirley Gilbert
Suffridge Swan E.
Suffridge William Harvey - Death Notice
Suffridge William Harvey
Sulfridge Samuel Henry
Sulfridge Zelma Laura Wolfenbarger
Summers Cora M. - From Jeri White Lett
Summers Emma
Summers Leela Graves
Summitt Martha Lucille Graves - With Photo
Suttles Linda Florence Masingo
Sutton Rosell Suffridge
Swaggerty Dacy Turner
Swan Ruby Hollingsworth
Sweat Claude R.
Sweat Claude Swan
Sweat Easter Tennessee Longmire
Sweat Eltha Jane
Sweat George Thurman (Pop)
Sweat Isaac R.
Sweat Mildred Mann
Sweat Roscoe
Sweat Silas W.
Sweet Emma Murray
Sweet George W. (Bill)
Sweet Herman
Sweet James Clyde
Sweet Marilyn Wynn
Sweet Mildred E.
Sweet Nancy Boruff
Sweet Nola Beeler
Sweet Otie Erwin
Sweet Robert (Bob)
Sweet Virginia L.
Swinfoed Ceo Hatmaker
Swopshire Samuel
Tabler Ephriam George Rev.
Talent Delia B.
Tallent Lee Ann Rogers
Talley Joseph J.
Tanner Charles W.
Tapp Lewis E.
Tapp Roy Hall
Tarbett Shirley Franklin (S.F.)
Tate Clarence Edward
Tatum Ortha Ousley
Taylor Finie Weaver
Taylor Florence Ailor
Taylor George S. Elder
Taylor Gregory Adrian Sr.
Taylor J. Will
Taylor James P. - 9-12-1947
Taylor Jessie Eastridge
Taylor John Madison
Taylor Kathy Elaine Peters
Taylor Kathy Elaine Peters
Taylor Lonnie M.
Taylor Lou Emma Graves - Death Notice
Taylor Lou Emma Graves
Taylor Lura Carr
Taylor Mary Beeler
Taylor Mrs J. Will (Kincaid) - With Photo
Taylor Myrtle Ethel Graves
Taylor Ralph Eugene
Taylor Raymond O.
Taylor Robert E.
Taylor Sarah Elizabeth - Death Notice
Taylor Sarah Elizabeth
Taylor William H. (Bill)
Taylor Zettie
Terry James Carson - From Jeri White Lett
Terry Mary D.
Thacker Robert Porter Rev. - From Jeri White Lett
Thacker T. Mack
Tharp Arley Floyd (Todd)
Tharp Azalea S.
Tharp Bonnie Clawson
Tharp Coy Freeman
Tharp Donnie N.
Tharp Edgar
Tharp Ernest W. Rev.
Tharp Esky
Tharp Evelyn Buchanan
Tharp Harley Lloyd
Tharp Ina Muncey
Tharp James Elmer
Tharp James
Tharp Johnny Thomas
Tharp Lee
Tharp Minnie (Litt) Donahue
Tharp Ollie M.
Tharp Ollie Neomia - Death Notice
Tharp Ollie Neomia
Tharp Ralph W. - With Photo
Tharp Rettie (Ret) Iduma
Tharp Richard H. (Big Eagle)
Tharp Sallie Gilbert
Tharp Ulysses (U.L.)
Tharp William Bruce
Tharpe Abrahame H.
Tharpe Esco Early
Tharpe Eveart Verlin
Tharpe Gene - With photo
Tharpe Glen R. Sr.
Tharpe Harvey Jerome
Tharpe Huella N. Butcher
Tharpe Isaac N. (Fred)
Tharpe Jac Lyndon Dr.
Tharpe Jenna Lou Kee
Tharpe Joe Errol
Tharpe Martha H.
Tharpe Mossie Sexton
Tharpe Myrtie Sexton
Tharpe Nola Fontella Brantley
Thayer Fred Lee - Death Notice
Thayer Fred Lee
Thomas Alta - Death Notice
Thomas Artie
Thomas Bonima Mae Ray
Thomas Charles A.
Thomas Charles V. (Charlie) Rev. - With Photo
Thomas Clarence Rev.
Thomas Earl E. (Jaw Bone)
Thomas Isaac Irwin
Thomas James Azro
Thomas James Hubert
Thomas Josie A.
Thomas Lucy Snodderly
Thomas Marion Elizabeth
Thomas Martha
Thomas Mary Evelyn (Polly)
Thomas Reva Iona - Death Notice
Thomas Reva Iona
Thomas Robert Lee
Thomas W.H.
Thomas Will
Thomas William Rice Sr.
Thomas William Victor (Vic)
Thompson Essie
Thompson Iva Mae Satterfield
Thompson James Carol (Little Andy)
Thompson Ruth Alene Ellenburg Wilson
Thompson Vena L. Tindell
Thorpe Carlos Leon
Thrasher William Thomas (W.T.) (The Colonel) - With Photo - Page 1
Thrasher William Thomas (W.T.) (The Colonel) - With Photo - Page 2
Thurman James G.
Thurman Leona Peters
Tice Dayton John - SPEC 4
Tighe Robert F.
Tindell Charles Herbert
Tindell Mrs Ozie D.
Tindell Tim C.
Tindell Vivian Humphries
Tinnell W. Hobert
Tipton W.L. (Leonard) - Death notice
Tipton William E. (Ed) (Outlaw)
Toliver Andrew J.
Toliver Carson Wylie (Red)
Toliver Dessie Eastridge
Toliver Mary
Toliver Mossie Butcher (Mam) - From Jeri White Lett
Tolley Garnet Janice
Tolliver Aaron
Tolliver Agnes Hansard
Tolliver Agnes Wilson
Tolliver Andrew J.
Tolliver Arthur Milton (Milt)
Tolliver Claude
Tolliver Dolphia Vadra (Dot) - Death Notice
Tolliver Dolphia Vadra (Dot) - Obit
Tolliver Hallie Mae
Tolliver Lula
Tolliver Roe Allen
Tolliver Sue
Tolliver Vina T.
Tolliver William Casper
Tomlinson Claude A. Jr. - Death Notice
Tomlinson Claude A. Jr.
Toney Mary
Torbett Elsie M.
Tracy Joy Cabage
Treece Anna Mae Ferguson
Treece Charlie J.
Treece Dora
Treece Franky
Treece Herzel
Treece Jefferson
Treece Mima H.
Treece Mose
Treece Narcissus
Treece Wiley
Trent J.R. - By Margaret Freemon
Tripp Douglas Wayne
Trotter Elizabeth (Lib) Dominick - With Photo - Page 1
Trotter Elizabeth (Lib) Dominick - With Photo - Page 2
Troutman Anita Shap - With Photo
Troutman George A.
Troxler John Wright
Troxler Tennie Hurst
Tucker Claude H.
Tucker H.L. Sr. - Death Notice
Tucker H.L. Sr.
Tucker John Edward
Tucker John Leaper
Tucker John W. (Dub) - In Memory Of
Tucker John W.
Tucker Lucy Evans
Tucker Nellie Mae
Tudor Maude M.
Tudor Mildred Wallace
Turley Mollie
Turley William P.
Turlington Della Mae
Turlington Robert C. (Bob)
Turnblazer William Thomas
Turner Bertha Beeler
Turner Bessie Wolfenbarger
Turner Betty Faye
Turner Betty Miller
Turner Billy Joe
Turner Blanche R.
Turner Broadus B.
Turner Carmon Marie Daniels
Turner Carson
Turner Claude M.
Turner Daniel Lee - Death Notice
Turner Daniel Lee
Turner Dewey Hobert (Pop)
Turner Earl L.
Turner Edith L. Wyrick
Turner Edward Tipton
Turner Ethel E. - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Turner EuLa
Turner Evalyn Hollis - Death Notice
Turner Evalyn Hollis
Turner Hattie J. Haynes - Death Notice
Turner Hattie J. Haynes
Turner Ida Mary Belle
Turner Iva Wood
Turner Joel A.
Turner Johnnie Lee Elmer
Turner Lana Levon
Turner Lawrence R.
Turner Lee A.
Turner Lester Elijah Rev. - Death Notice
Turner Lester Elijah Rev.
Turner Lillie Keller - Death Notice
Turner Lillie Keller
Turner Lisa Sue
Turner Lucy Jane Ousley
Turner Luther Preston (Creed)
Turner Marie Daniels
Turner Mary Brummitt
Turner Milas Lee
Turner Mrs Hugh D.
Turner Mrs James Allie (Butcher)
Turner Neagil U. - With Photo
Turner Nick Carson
Turner Oscar Ray
Turner Peggy Lou Warwick
Turner Rector V. (Vert)
Turner Robert Lee (Bob) - With Photo
Turner Robert Lee - Age 81
Turner Roy A. - Obit
Turner Roy A. - With Photo
Turner Satre
Turner Seigle J.
Turner Selma French
Turner Sterling DeLoy - Rev. - With Photo
Turner Terry Kent
Turner Virginia McNally
Turner W.L. (Squire)
Turner William (Bill)
Turner William Foster
Turner William Franklin
Turner William Henry (Bill)
Turner Zola E.
Turry Arthur G.
Tyree Donnie
Tyree Nola Johnson
Tyson Sheryl (Cherry) Louise Anderson
Valentine Dean
Vanbebber James Franklin
Vanbeeber Ella Ruth
Vance Andy Rev.
Vance Samuel K.
Vancel Stacia Patterson Gilbert
Vandergriff Allie W.
Vandergriff Blanche Stanbury Pepper
Vandergriff Charlie
Vandergriff Della Hutchison
Vandergriff E.A. (Ebb) - Death notice
Vandergriff E.A. (Ebb) - Services notice
Vandergriff E.A. (Ebb)
Vandergriff Eugene - From Jeri White Lett
Vandergriff Harold C.
Vandergriff Harris Trent Dr.
Vandergriff James E. (Ed)
Vandergriff Janie L. Boyd
Vandergriff LeRoy - Death Notice
Vandergriff LeRoy
Vandergriff Lester C.
Vandergriff Lillie Lucy Sharp - Death Notice
Vandergriff Lillie Lucy Sharp
Vandergriff Lorena Beeler
Vandergriff Norman Lowell (Red Dog)
Vandergriff Roy Ronald
Vandergriff Vadalea
Vandergriff Virginia Hopson
Vannoy J.R.
Vannoy Thelma (Myrtle)
Varnell Lonas J.
Varner Bertha Steele
Varner Floyd W.
Vaughn Bonnie Branum
Vaughn Carl Robert - Death notice
Vaughn Carl Robert
Vaughn Millie Ann Tolliver
Vincent Bert
Vineyard Elmer Boyd
Vineyard Irene Wolfenbarger
Vineyard Patsy D. Kiser
Vinsant Edgar Claude - Newspaper Death Article
Vinsant Edgar Claude - Partial obit - By MVBG
Vinsant Edgar Claude
Vinsant Sadie Rose Cooke
Violet Janet Lawson
Vittetoe Flossie DeVault
Vittetoe Gertrude E. (Trudy)
Vittetoe Loarn
Vittetoe Mamie Monroe
Vogel Frances Carr Crawford - With Photo - By Margaret Freemon
Voigt Robert (Bob)
Vowell Bill Rev.
Waddell Nellie Faye
Waddington Dorothy Buckner
Waddington Gertrude H. - From Jeri White Lett
Waddington Herbert A.
Waddington Trula Baker
Waddington Vaughn
Wade Frances Irene Hamley - With Photo
Wade Mary Ladd
Waggoner Adra
Waggoner Alonzo Rev. - From Jeri White Lett
Waggoner Benjamin F. (Bennie)
Waggoner Bernard Lee Jr.
Waggoner Bertha Marie Eastridge
Waggoner Clayton Leon
Waggoner Elizabeth Sise
Waggoner Fate - From Jeri White Lett
Waggoner Hettie Mae Rose
Waggoner John A.
Waggoner Lennis T. (Pete) - Death Notice
Waggoner Lennis T. (Pete)
Waggoner Mamie Woods
Waggoner Martha Connie Dell Keck - Death notice
Waggoner Martha Connie Dell Keck
Waggoner Mary (Miss)
Waggoner Michael L. (Mikey)
Waggoner Michael Ralph
Waggoner Myrtle Elizabeth Bailey
Waggoner Stella Hurst (Ma)
Waggoner Velma Kibble - From Jeri White Lett
Waggoner Waldie K. - From Jeri White Lett
Wagner Ethel Nicely - Death Notice
Wagner Ethel Nicley
Wagner James Paul
Wagner Sarah Jane (Janie) Smith - Death notice
Wagoner Clara Hankins
Wagoner J.N.
Walden Joseph E. - From Jeri White Lett
Walker Alverta Keck
Walker Angela
Walker Annie Murphy - Mother of Cas Walker
Walker Belva Anderson Wright
Walker Bobbie K.
Walker Cora Sharpe ( Granny)
Walker Donald
Walker Ernest Warren
Walker Frances Skeen (Miss Frances)
Walker Frankie Lee
Walker George Thomas
Walker Grace M. Stokes
Walker Harold H. Dr. - With photo
Walker Henry T.
Walker Herbert - With Photo
Walker Homer B.
Walker Ira Rev. - Death Notice
Walker Ira Rev.
Walker Jerry Lynn Sr.
Walker Joel Thomas Dr.
Walker Joseph Michael - Infant
Walker L.C. - By MVBG
Walker Lillian N. McKeague
Walker Lora Lynn (Sis)
Walker Lucy Coker - Death Notice
Walker Lucy Coker
Walker Maggie Stiner
Walker Malcomb Harrison
Walker Mose Jr.
Walker Opal Aileen
Walker Paris Robert (Bob)
Walker Paris Robert (Bob) - Death Notice
Walker Rada Hundley - Death Notice
Walker Rada Hundley
Walker Rebecca Dawn (Becky) - Partial Obit
Walker Rebecca Diann (Becky)
Walker Ruth Keck
Walker Ruth Mae Stiner
Walker Theodore Robert
Walker Thomas L.
Walker Thurman
Walker Timothy (Tim) Paris
Walker Trula
Walker Ulysses C.
Walker Vera Victoria Thomas
Walker Virginia Grantham
Walker William E. - Death Notice
Walkup William C.
Wallace Curtis Eugene - With Photo
Wallace Dennis (Dink) - With Photo
Wallace Enloe M.
Wallace Frank - Age 91 - With photo
Wallace Frank R. - With Photo
Wallace Harless
Wallace Joer J.
Wallace Larry Samuel Sr.
Wallace Leona J.
Wallace Lorraine (Nana) Lynch
Wallace Madge Russell
Wallace Mary Longmire
Wallace Mary Wanda
Wallace Ralph
Wallace Roy F.
Wallace Roy F.
Wallace Sallie - Death Notice
Wallace Sallie
Wallace Sarah C. Dance Chesney Waddington
Wallen Portia N.
Waller Carson (Peewee)
Waller Harold Glenn Jr.
Walters Daisy (Miss) - By MVBG
Walters Frank L.
Walters Joe
Walters John C.
Walters Lillie Stone
Walters Oscar N.
Walters S. Lorene Beeler
Walters Tom
Walton Bessie M.
Walton Betty Lou
Walton Edith M.
Walton Harvey C. Jr.
Walton Harvey C.
Walton James Elbert Rev. - Funeral Services
Walton James Elbert
Walton Leonard E.
Walton Mildred Mae Beckner
Walton Nannie Tomilson
Walton Ruth
Walton Viola Perkey
Wampler Helen Patton
Ward Charlie Lewis
Ward June Grubb
Ward Mary Francis Richardson
Ward Robert Borden
Warren Clarence H. Jr.
Warwick Ailene Bessie Turner - From Jeri White Lett
Warwick Carl P. - Partial Obit
Warwick Carl P.
Warwick Carole Ann - With Photo
Warwick Charlie Edgebert
Warwick Claude
Warwick Clonnie V.
Warwick David C. - With Photo - In Memory Of
Warwick Earl Leonard
Warwick Elizabeth Longmire
Warwick Ernest L. Rev.
Warwick Freemon W. - With Photo - Funeral
Warwick Freemon W.
Warwick Georgia Davis
Warwick Gladys Cabage
Warwick Helen
Warwick Jack Boyd - Death Notice
Warwick Jack Boyd
Warwick Jerry Lynn
Warwick Lon Ed (Pick-Up)
Warwick Lucy Heifner - From Jeri White Lett
Warwick Milas L.
Warwick Minnie Ellen
Warwick Otis M.
Warwick Woodrow
Washam Colby Trent
Washam Homer (H.P.)
Washam Horace Asbury
Washam Kody Alan Frazier
Washam Myrtle Stella Wallace
Washam Opal Waywana Booker
Washam Pearl Fraker
Washam Warren Edward (Ed)
Washan Daniel F. - Death notice
Washan Daniel F.
Watson Boyd R.
Watson David Garland - By Margaret Freemon
Watson Hayes - By Margaret Freemon
Watson Iretis Hickman
Watson Leuverna Kidwell Hutchison - Death notice
Watson Mary G. - By Margaret Freemon
Watson Mrs Varnell J. (Hubbs)
Watson Neva Pearl Tyler
Watts Dora Collins
Watts Effie Henry
Watts Josephine Collins
Weaver Albert Eugene
Weaver Andrew
Weaver C.B.
Weaver Carl F.
Weaver Claude A.
Weaver Claude W.
Weaver Cora Brewer
Weaver Cora L. Brewer - With Photo - Final Rites
Weaver Curtis - Death Notice
Weaver Curtis
Weaver Della Raley
Weaver Delta
Weaver Dolphia Hutchison - From Jeri White Lett
Weaver Easter Bridges - With Photo
Weaver Easter Elizabeth
Weaver Edith
Weaver Elizabeth
Weaver Elmer S.
Weaver Elvin _PVPB
Weaver Eva W.
Weaver Gary Wayne
Weaver Henry
Weaver Horace Taylor Rev.
Weaver J. Dave (Uncle Dave) - Funeral Notice
Weaver J. Dave (Uncle Dave) - Partial Obit
Weaver J.S. (Dug) - From Jeri White Lett
Weaver James Harvey
Weaver John (Rev.)
Weaver John Carl Dr.
Weaver John R. Elder - Death Notice
Weaver Lillian Hill
Weaver Lon Carl - With Photo
Weaver Louisa Brantley
Weaver Lula J.
Weaver M.B. Elder
Weaver M.B. Rev.
Weaver Marcus
Weaver Mary Elizabeth (Bobo)
Weaver Mattie
Weaver Mossie Ann
Weaver Rebecca Lynn Ray
Weaver Robert Kyle
Weaver Ronnie Lee
Weaver Samuel Jr.
Weaver Sarah Elizabeth
Weaver Sarah Jane White
Weaver Shade Desname
Weaver Sherman Alfonzo Sr.
Weaver Tony Mitchell - Death Notice
Weaver Tony Mitchell
Weaver Ulysses
Weaver Verlin Victor
Weaver Verlin
Weaver W.H.
Weaver William Glen
Weaver William Henry
Weaver Zelda M. DeLapp
Webb Christy Dawn
Webb Hewey
Webb Ida
Webb James Carter Jr.
Webb John Elder
Webb Pollie
Webb Samuel Jacob (Red) Sr.
Webster Helen Loy
Welch Alba Johnson
Welch Basie Treece
Welch Berncey Etta Drummonds
Welch Bessie L.
Welch Betty Lou Corum
Welch Elbert Omer
Welch Francis Green
Welch Francis Pauline Everett - Death Notice
Welch Garry Lynn
Welch Ida Fletcher - With Photo
Welch Joe H. - From Jeri White Lett
Welch John W.
Welch Juanita Tefeteller Whaley
Welch Lee
Welch Marvin K.
Welch Mary Mable Stanley
Welch Morrison Monroe
Welch Mossie Cox
Welch Mossie Norton
Welch Oscar D.
Welch Pamela Gail
Welch Reed C.
Welch Rosalee
Welch Roy L. - Death Notice
Welch Roy L.
Welch Ruby B. George
Welch Ruby Lee Cox
Welch Sillas W.
Welch Unes R.
Welch W.M. (Will) - With Photo
Welch Wana Harold
Wells Hubert Rev.
Wells Hugh L.
Wells James L. (Fate)
Wells John
Wells Pearl Loop - Death notice
Wells Pearl Loop
Wells Susie Weaver
Wells Tom
West Alfred J.
West Bessie Mae
West Doshia Hill
West Ella Gilbert
West Harrison L.
West James P. - Death Notice
West James P.
West Jessie Mae Norris
West Loren M. - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
West Paris - From Jeri White Lett
West Patterson Fletcher - Funeral Services
West Pauline Cox
Western Robert F.
Whaley Eloise (June) Redmond - With Photo
Whaley J. Clark
Whaley James Arthur Jr. - With Photo
Whisman Gladys Wanza Edwards
Whitaker Martha
White A. Wilmer
White Alf
White Ava Burton - With Photo
White Beda
White Berry
White Carrie Calloway
White Charlie A. Jr. (C.A.) - With Photo
White Charlie G.
White Con E.
White Conley C. (Dock)
White Cora
White David
White Emerson
White Esco
White Florence Lynch
White Heston Devon
White Hobert
White James
White James T. - With Photo
White Jeff W.- Death Notice
White Jeff W.
White Joe
White John Eliza
White Joseph
White Leonard Rev. - Death notice
White Leonard Rev. - With photo
White Leonard Rev. - With Photo - Death Notice
White Leonard Rev.
White Lillard A.
White Liza Atkins
White Louise
White Luna
White Maggie Mae
White Margaret Lucretia Earle
White Martha Turley
White Mealie Jane Cinnamon
White Minnie E. - Death Notice
White Mossie L. Chapman
White Mossie
White Oal Beatris
White Opal Beeler
White Polly Ann
White Roxie D. Irwin
White Sarah Elizabeth Boruff
White Sarah Jane
White Thomas
White Tobitha Hill - From Jeri White Lett
White Vaughnie
White W. Claude
White W.H. (Hess)
White W.M.
White William T.
White Willis
Whited Anna Elizabeth - By MVBG
Whited Anna Lou - Death Notice
Whited Anna Lou
Whited Carl Raymond
Whited Carl W.
Whited Cora Jane Beeler
Whited Cordela C. Burnett - By MVBG
Whited Ena (Mom) Daniels
Whited Ernest Hubert
Whited Floyd Rev.
Whited Helen Myers
Whited John M.
Whited Kyle A.
Whited Louisa Arminta Miller - With Photo - Funeral Services
Whited Louisa Arminta Miller
Whited Marian Coppock
Whited Millard Albany Rev. - In Memory Of
Whited Millard Albany Rev.
Whited Rufus P.
Whited Scott
Whited Walter P. - 5-29-1957-By MVBG
Whited Wilgus L. (Bill)
Whited William Dexter
Whited William Jasper
Whited Winfield Scott
Whitehead David Glenn
Whitehead Walter P.
Whitson Elsie Boles - With Photo
Whitson James W. (Jim)
Whitson Mack
Whitson Mattie S.
Whitson Mattie
Whitson Seattle (Granny)
Widner Nelle Ousley
Wilbourn Juliette (Judy)
Wilburn Robert W.
Wilcox Jack
Wilder China Adline Ausmus - Second Listing  (2)
Wilder China Adline Ausmus
Wilder Eathel
Wilder Florence
Wilder J.M. Elder
Wilder James William
Wilder John Rev.
Wilder Omie Mae
Wilder Wanda Lane
Wiley John - Death Notice
Wilkerson Alvada L. Norton Dezearn
Wilkerson Kenneth
Wilkerson Leona (Omie)
Wilkes Theron F.
Wilkes William Wesley IV (Wes)
Willard Elizabeth C.
Willard Roma Lela
Willett Roy F.
Williams Angi Longmire
Williams Betty Lou
Williams Billy Gene
Williams Bonnie Welch
Williams Brandon David - Infant
Williams Carl Robert
Williams Della Bostic
Williams Dorothy Ray
Williams Doskie Keck
Williams Dosky Keck - Death Notice
Williams Elvin Jr.
Williams Emma Margaret Housley Hopper
Williams Etta
Williams Garnette Stooksbury
Williams Jack Raymond Sr.
Williams James A.
Williams James E.
Williams Jerome C. (J.C.) - With photo
Williams Jessie C.
Williams Jessie Cox - Death Notice
Williams Jessie Cox
Williams John Franklin
Williams Lela - Death Notice
Williams Lela - With Photo
Williams Lora E.
Williams Maggie
Williams Margaret Kirk
Williams Marlene
Williams Martha
Williams Mollie
Williams Mrs Corbin
Williams Nakisha Breann
Williams Naomi Graves - Death Notice
Williams Naomi Graves
Williams Nellie Mae Collins
Williams Paul E. - Death Notice
Williams Paul E.
Williams Rector D.
Williams Richard Dale
Williams Robert Rev.
Williams Rose Moyers
Williams Timothy Esau
Williams Tony Lynnn
Williams Trula Lewis - By MVBG
Williams William H. - Death Notice
Williams Wordell
Williamson Della B.
Williamson Eliza
Williamson Ellis E.
Williamson Eva Viola (Ola)
Williamson Harvest
Williamson Kenneth Larry
Williamson Kenneth
Williamson Mamie Simon
Williamson Minnie Tallent
Willis Arnie D. Jr.
Willis Dorothy Womack
Wilmouth Edna Margaret Love
Wilmouth Edna Margaret Love
Wilmouth Harold Dwight
Wilmouth Iva
Wilson A.A. (Peck)
Wilson Bessie Proffit
Wilson Bruce
Wilson C.P. - Dr. - Death Notice & Obit
Wilson Daniel Maynard
Wilson Dossie Hutchison
Wilson E.S. (Edgbert) Rev.
Wilson Edith Kay Brantley
Wilson Edith Longmire
Wilson Edith Ophelia Hopper
Wilson Elmer
Wilson Elza
Wilson Gaines Levone
Wilson George M.
Wilson Helen Louise Vinsant
Wilson Ida Mae
Wilson Iva James
Wilson J.C. (Clondus)
Wilson James Parris
Wilson James Robert
Wilson Jennie Mae
Wilson Kenneth
Wilson Lillie
Wilson Louisa
Wilson Louisa Ellison
Wilson Martha Lynn
Wilson Mary Bailey
Wilson Mildred Gearldine
Wilson Mossie Miller Graves
Wilson N. Judith
Wilson Nancy Ellen
Wilson Nassau D.
Wilson Nellie L. - By Margaret Freemon
Wilson Ola (Granny)
Wilson Rector V. - From Margaret Freemon
Wilson Robert W.
Wilson Rosa Idabell
Wilson Stella E. - Death Notice
Wilson Stella E. -
Wilson Tola
Winkle Fredrick Samuel Jr. - With Photo
Winstead Fred (Snooks) Rev.
Winters Cordie Harbin
Winters Ida Cook
Winters Raymond W.
Wires Patsy Jean (Miss) - Death notice - With photo
Wires Patsy Jean (Miss)
Wisby Harold (Tom) Sr.
Wisby Mildred Darlene Hensley
Wise Hazel W. Graves
Withers Kent Cloyd
Witt Argell Brantley - With Photo
Witt Bertha Ann Miller - Death Notice
Witt Bertha Ann Miller
Witt Effie Hutchison - Death Notice
Witt Effie Hutchison
Witt Frank E. - With Photo
Witt Gaines
Witt Gertie Hutchison - Death notice
Witt James Harold (Bud) - With Photo
Witt James L.
Witt Mary Suffrona Stooksbury
Witt Norma Jean - With Photo
Witt Ross L.
Witt Wilmer L. SGT
Wize Hazel W. Graves
Wolard Goldy Cecil
Wolard Lacy C. - From Jeri White Lett
Wolard Ralph C.
Wolard Ruby Nell
Wolard Virgie K.
Wolard William (Pat)
Wolf Mary
Wolfe Charles R.
Wolfe Fred Green - Union News Leader obit
Wolfe Hiram Woodson
Wolfe James Von
Wolfe Leah Monroe
Wolfe Mary Lona
Wolfe Missouri Belle Carter
Wolfe Paralee (Miss)
Wolfe Swan J.
Wolfe W.G.
Wolfe Walter (Junior) - With Photo
Wolfe Walter
Wolfe William C. Attorney At Law
Wolfenbarger Andrew Tandy
Wolfenbarger Clara Bess Miller
Wolfenbarger Cletis Arvis
Wolfenbarger Creola Wallace
Wolfenbarger Daniel J.
Wolfenbarger Donna McBee - 3-5-1976 - Death Notice
Wolfenbarger Donna McBee - 3-5-1976
Wolfenbarger Everett L. Sr.
Wolfenbarger Floyd F.
Wolfenbarger Floyd F.
Wolfenbarger Hubert
Wolfenbarger Ilda Wilkerson
Wolfenbarger J.C.
Wolfenbarger Jack
Wolfenbarger John Henry
Wolfenbarger John
Wolfenbarger Lloyd E. (Speedy)
Wolfenbarger Lola
Wolfenbarger Mae T.
Wolfenbarger Margaret Lucille
Wolfenbarger Marjorie Butcher
Wolfenbarger Martha Thomas
Wolfenbarger Mary Buckner
Wolfenbarger Robert Lee
Wolfenbarger Sallie
Wolfenbarger Troy Edward
Wolfenbarger Versie (Miss)
Wolfenbarger Wanie R. - Death Notice
Wolfenbarger Wannie R.
Wolfenbarger William F.
Wolters Valda Jewel Hunter
Wood Adner G.
Wood Boyd E.
Wood Brady Jr.
Wood Donald Ray
Wood Donald Ray
Wood Elbert Glenard Dr.
Wood Floyd William (Jack)
Wood Fonzie A.
Wood Gettie Ethan
Wood J.B. Rev.
Wood James Gary
Wood Katherine D.
Wood L. Hobson Dr.
Wood Leroy (Joe)
Wood Lizzy Beatrice (Becy) - Death Notice
Wood Lizzy Beatrice (Becy)
Wood Nola Lawson
Wood Revon (Von)
Wood Taulbee W. (Woody)
Wood William Patton Sr. Dr.
Wood Zelma Louise Eubanks
Woods Albert L. - In Memory Of - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Woods Albert L. - From Margaret Freemon
Woods Anna Mae
Woods Arlettie Viola Perry
Woods Arnold V. - With Photo - From Margaret Freemon
Woods Charlie G. (Chalk)
Woods Clifford Rena Sr. - Death notice
Woods Clifford Rena Sr.
Woods Daniel - Funeral services
Woods Daniel
Woods Elsia Walker
Woods Ernest Briscoe
Woods Ethel May Wolfenbarger - With Photo
Woods Gary Lee Sr. - Andrea Collins - Gary Lee Jr.
Woods George Washington
Woods Georgia M. Harvey
Woods Greal Henry - Death Notice
Woods Greal Henry
Woods Helen R. Dyer
Woods Herbert Lee
Woods Jerry Houston Sr. - With Photo
Woods John Asbury
Woods John P.
Woods Joseph (Joe) - By MVBG
Woods Lillie B.
Woods Lucy Jane Seymour
Woods Lucy Jane Sr.eymour- Death notice
Woods Mae E. - With Photo - Page 1o 2 - By Margaret Freemon
Woods Mae E. - With Photo - Page 2 of 2 - By Margaret Freemon
Woods Nola Viaster Perry - Funeral Services
Woods Nola Viaster Perry
Woods Olen - Death notice - With photo
Woods Olen - Funeral Services
Woods Olen - Obit
Woods Olen - Photo
Woods Ondus Edgebert
Woods Ora Mae Shipley
Woods Osco L.
Woods Steve E.
Woods Virgie Alveta ODell
Woods Virgie Mae Smith
Woods William Robert
Woolard Rachel M.
Workman Arnold - With Photo
Workman Ollie Gilbert
Worshan Raymond C.
Worstell Ann Marie
Worthington Orvalee
Wright Charles Leon
Wright Donald
Wright Eli
Wright Ella Lucille
Wright Harrison
Wright Hayden N. Rev.
Wright James Harrison - By MVBG
Wright Lillie J.
Wright Nora
Wright Otis T.
Wright Roxie (Nell)
Wright Steiner PVT - With Photo
Wright Stella Virginia VanBebber
Wright William P. Sr.
Wylie Charles Paris
Wynn Cora Jones - Death Notice
Wynn Cora Jones
Wynn Eli
Wynn James Riley Jr. - With Photo
Wynn Naomi
Wynn Raymond
Wynn Sam Sr.
Wynn Vina Jane Gross
Wynn Willis
Wyrick Alta Mae
Wyrick Annie Pierce
Wyrick Biddie Monroe
Wyrick Billy Ray
Wyrick Bruce Edward
Wyrick Carlos Oswald
Wyrick Ceba Edgbert
Wyrick Charles Edgebert - Newspaper article
Wyrick Charles Edgebert
Wyrick Charlie Edgebert - Death notice
Wyrick Debra J. Stanford
Wyrick Ester Calday
Wyrick Fred L.
Wyrick John (Bug) Jr.
Wyrick John Carson - Death Notice
Wyrick John Carson
Wyrick Joshua Lee
Wyrick Kenneth Junior
Wyrick L.Z.
Wyrick Lucy L. Heifner
Wyrick Nathan Howard
Wyrick Pearlie Laverne Cox
Wyrick Robert W. - Death Notice
Wyrick Robert W.
Wyrick Sarah H. Evans
Wyrick Sebe Frank
Wyrick Tillmon H. - Death notice - Union News Leader
Wyrick Tilmon H.
Wyrick Vernie Bethlee (Miss)
Wyrick W.L. (Lath)
Wyrick William C. (Dub)
Yaden John Amos
Yadon Belvia G.
Yadon Cleo Haynes
Yadon Ernest R. (Dick)
Yadon James J.
Yadon Jessica Marie
Yadon Kathy Smith
Yadon Lois Booker
Yadon Mary Magdalene
Yadon Thomas Alexander
Yardley Kenneth Bemont
Yates Lawrence Ellis
Yearout Robert (Bob)
Yoakum Kate Johnson
Yoakum L. Glenn
Youakim Joseph E.
Young Anna Lou Malone Arthur - With Photo
Young Elisha Lee
Young Harvey Ike
Young James W. (Jim)
Young Julie Ann - Partial Obit
Young Lester Edward Rev.
Young Lilly
Young Martha Anderson
Yount A.J. Jr.
Yount Terry Lee (T.J.)
Zachary Anna Ruth Yadon
Zachary Eliza Cordelia
Zachary Roberta A. (Maude)
Zachry Eula Weber
Zavattieri Lola Mae
Zavattieri Erik N.
Zeigler William Thomas Sr. - Carter family- With photo
Zelenak Andrew Nicholas
Zimmerman Robert
Zuehlke Harold R.