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The American Revolutionary
War and Union County

The lists below is an ongoing process to include as far as we are able to determine all of the veterans of Union County that served in The American Revolutionary War. Besides those buried within the boundaries of Union County we will also list several that were buried in the nearby adjacent counties. This includes of course many of the graves that were moved by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the building of Norris Dam. Those cemeteries that are marked with an asterisk are not within the county borders.  Much more information is available than is presented here so feel free to send us your comments and or questions. We look forward to seeing your inquires on our message board.

Click on this symbol "Headstone Photo" next to a name to view that Veteran's Marker.

Veterans of the American Revolutionary War

Last Name First Name Rank Co. Regiment Cemetery
Brown Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Jim  Morton)
Thomas G. Unk. Thomas G. Brown was a private in Virginia, in the cavalry under Captain Tibbs Co. in Col. Henry Lee Regiment in the Virginia Line. Brown Cemetery
HANSARD Headstone Photo
Headstone Photo Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Jim  Morton)
William Pvt.

William Hansard served as a private in Virginia, under Captain John Cottrell's Co. He guarded the Tories in the town of New London in the Virginia for six months.

Hansard's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.
Hubbs Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Jim  Morton)
John Pvt. Served as a private in Capt. Carsons Company, in Colonel Pickens South Carolina Regiment. He received a land grant in S.C. for his service. John Hubbs
Keck Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Don Sanford)
Conrad Pvt. Northampton Pennsylvania Militia Irwin
McBee Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  John Seivers)
Israel Pvt. Enlisted at Pittsylvania County, Virginia and was taken prisoner at Beaufort's Defeat, South Carolina. 3rd Reg. McBee
Miller Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  John and Diane Loy)
John (Raccoon) Cpt. Captain Miller served in the Washington Co., Va. Militia in 1776, under Col. Joseph Martin, and in Sgt. Porters Company, North Carolina Regiment. He fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain and was appointed Captain of the Tn. Militia by Gov. John Sevier. Oulsey
Headstone Photo Headstone Photo
Headstone Photo Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Don Sanford)
Martin Pvt. Enlisted on 22 Dec., 1776 as a private in Captain Richard D, Cook's Company of the 9 North Carolina Regiment. He served under Captains Cook and Alexander Mebane for three years. He was at the Battle of Germantown under the command of General Clark, and was stationed under General Washington at Valley Forge on the Schuylkill River. He was discharged 27 June, 1780. Scaggs
Mynatt Richard ------ Served as an express rider in 1776 Possibly unmarked in Mynatt Cemetery
Sharp Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  John Seivers)
Samuel   Enlisted in Maryland and fought at the Battle of King's Mountain. Unk. Reg. Old Sharp
Rice Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Jean Kear)
Henry Unk.

Served in the Cherokee campaign of 1776 under Col. William Christian. For his service he received a land grant from North Carolina for 640 acres.

Lost Creek
Unknown Unknown Unk.

This soldier served in the Cherokee Campaign of 1776. He died while visiting his old compatriot, Henry Rice, and was the first burial in Lost Creek.

Lost Creek
Yadon Headstone Photo
(Courtesy -  Don Sanford)
Joseph Preston Unk. In 1779, Yadon enlisted in the American army at Martinsburg, VA (now West Virginia). He was a member of Colonel Joseph Crockett's Western Battalion. In September 1780, Crockett's men were sent to Ft. Pitt (Pittsburg) where they joined General George Rogers Clark. In June of 1781, General George Rogers Clark with a force of 400 men, left Ft. Pitt by boat and headed down the Ohio River to The Falls of the Ohio (now Louisville, KY). They stayed at The Falls until December when Joseph Yadon was discharged. Unk. Reg. Yadon