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I have a King James version of the Old and New Testaments. Presented to Troy Hansen by Virginia Hansen March 21, 1984. With inscriptions: "God believes in you and backs you in whatever you do. You first must give everything to him. Matt. 19:19:22." and "To Troy. Love, Mom" I may be contacted at

I was in a Maryland antique shop back in the 80's and found an old , heavy parallel Bible with the family name of Rye. I bought it because I felt compelled to save it, and maybe one day find the family that should have it. I know someone out there may want to contact me for more info. I've been unsuccessful in finding anyone to come forward for this dear Bible. It's not in good condition. But most of the names were Rye; beginning with Mary Mcelfrisk Rye( hard to read the writing) of Union Station, possibly dl. or il. married to one George Fichter. cant read the writing.. on March 3, 1880. signed by Richard Emmons.

Other names that followed were BIRTHS:
Mary Rye b. July 28,1851
George F. born Jan 14,1836
Martha Rosetta Fichter, Dec.14,1887
William H. F. b.July 15,1888
George Thomas F. B. June 18,1892
William P. Rye born Aug.26, 1854
David Rye born Oct. 3,1860?
Jessie w. Rye b. Sept. 20,1865
Grace Rye b.May 14,1881?
James e Rye b.April 8,1883?
Daisy Rye b. June 9, 1886

Wm P. Rye -June 11,1849
A Rye - May 3,1870
Martha A. Rye - March 5, 1885
John Rye - Aug 23,1885
John A Rye -Jan 11, 1887
David Rye - May 26,1914
George F. Jan 9,1916
Grace Clemore - Oct 19.1925
Jessie rye - Dec.9,1936
James F. son of Lillian and John Rye killed in battle in 1945 annv.
Martha aug 3, 1954
William Harrison April 13,19?? (can't read the writing)

Martha R Fichter or Fickter; daughter of Mary and George F. was baptized sept 29,1899
William and George sons; were baptized sept. 29,1819?

Large, hardcover bible printed in 1846. Bible given to Baptist church in Dunn, Missouri some years ago. Front is stamped Charles Lewis. Sheet found inside stating marriage of Georg Frieschmann of Hessen-Casjel, Germania to Maria Louise Lviefel. Not real sure of spelling on her name. Married in 1861 in Jalls-Village. Goes on to list 10 children and birth dates. Brenda

I have The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments translated out of The Original Tongues and with the translations diligently compared and revised. Stereotyped for the American Bible Society. By D & G Bruce. Printed by D. Fansbaw, No 20 State-Lane, New York 1829. Names in it are Fredonia Carter and Mrs. Worthington Dec 25th 1852. Any information about this bible or the people named will be appreciated. Ada at

Bible presented to Sheila Brooks by a generous couple on June 18th (year not indicated). Name of presenters required! Jose; email address is

I have a Bible printed in German. Published in Frankfurt, Germany 1880. I aquired this bible at an auction of storage units in Torrance, CA.

Births listed are:
Charles S. Zinkann 13th day Oct.1864
Eugenia Addella Doering born 3rd,Jan. 1865
Elmore Roy Zinkann born 18th,Oct.1888
Sidney Hoerle Zinkann born 15th Nov.1889
Elsie Marie Zinkann born 12th,April 1894
Vera Catherine Zinkann born 10th,April 1907

I hope to see it returned to relatives. Gloria Moore;


I purchased an old 1851 Sedish Bible at a garage sale that is signed in back by Samuel Petter Lundblad 1851, Can anyone tell me what it is worth? Sharon Thomsen; email address is

Bible was Presented to Frank J. Miller By his Dearest wife the sweetest person this side of Heaven on May 4th 1962 ----.5x7 Black zippered Bible---- left at First United Methodist Church in Ada Oklahoma---- has been here as long as I have ( 9 years!) I would love to get it to someone who would treasure it. There are a few personal notes and bookmarks and notations within the Bible and an ivory(I think it is ivory) inlay keychain fob of the letter “I” dangling from the zipper. Carol Hightower

I have The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments translated out of The Original Tongues and with the translations diligently compared and revised. Stereotyped for the American Bible Society. By D & G Bruce. Printed by D. Fansbaw, No 20 State-Lane, New York 1821.

The family birth and death records belong to the Adams dating as early as 1844.

Nancy Adams June 9th 1844
Henry Adams Sept 12th 1845
Sara Lucinda Adams October 14th 1847
Thomas Jefferson 1850
Mary Esther 1852
George Sept 18th 1855
Henry Adams Born sometime in Feb and died Sept 1847
Mameria Adams born 1860
Madison 1863
David Adams died June 9th 1866 being forty six years two months and ten days old.

My mom passed away October 25, 2005, and I would love to have something like this of hers.

Tiffany Joerger


We have a lovely picture of Saide Smith Rockefeller [1852-1888]. Also her bible & family documents we would like to get to members of her family.


I have 2 bibles looking for relations.

First is for George Goddard and Mary Page. George was b. 18 Jan. 1810, d. 25 Dec. 1876; Mary b. 30 Dec. 1811, d. 13 Sept. 1873. George and Mary were married in 1833. There were 4 children born: Charles Anson; Mary Ann; Helen Sophia; Lucia Matilda. The dates for the children are listed; on a separate sheet in the bible are the parents of George and Mary as well as their siblings; and their grandparents; taking this bible back to 1776.


Second is for Paul E. Havens and Matilda Moore. Paul E. Havens b. 4 May 1839, Foulton County New York. Matilda was b. 18 Sept. 1840 Wayne County Ohio. Three children from this union; however only one daughter survived. Two children died at Levenworth, Kansas.

Third is a photo copy of a hand written memoir of Samuel Donnell, Esq. b. 1799. If you are interested in this please contact me.

I require proof of relationship for these items therefore certain information was left out. If you think you are related, please contact me. If you can fill in the blanks correctly I will return your reply with some good news.


I have in my possession a German Bible with the name Arthur Toepel, Mayville, Wis. on the family page. Any family members out there?


I have found a family Bible: William S. Emmal and Terrie E. McGrath, Lexington, KY 1881


I found a bible at a flea read Holy Bible 1894 Mrs. Ray Harless To B.F.Melbane from his friend Mrs. Guthrie Christmas 1897


I am in possession of the Richard Roach and Adeline "Addie" Reynolds Roach family bible. I am not a relative but I am looking to return this bible to living relatives.

The bible contains the following information:
Marriage of Richard Roach and Adeline A. Reynolds at Hancock, N.Y. February 14, 1866.
Richard Roach, b. May 15, 1834 in Ireland. Died in San Francisco or Alameda County, California in July 8, 1899.
Adeline "Addie" Arminta Reynolds Roach, b. Dec. 12, 1842 in Bovina, N.Y., d. Feb. 1, 1924 in Alameda or Contra Costa County, California.

Their Children:
Estelle Adelaide Roach, b. February 22, 1867, d. August 13, 1867
Elmer Duncan Roach, b. September 27, 1868. d. After 1930 in Contra Costa or Alameda County, California
Addie Elizabeth Roach, b. August 21, 1870, d. Feb. 1, 1877
Lottie Elmina Roach, b. January 16, 1874, d. Feb 5, 1877
George Abraham Roach, b. Aug. 31, 1875, d. Jan. 31, 1877
Note: Appears they lost three children within days.
Marriage of their son, Elmer D. Roach to Ruby E. Mortensen April 13, 1899 in San Rafael, California.

Births, Deaths, Marriage (Adeline's parents and siblings)
Abraham Reynolds, b. July 4, 1805, d. Feb. 14, 1879
Elmina Reynolds, b.Jan. 11, 1814, d. Dec. 21, 1897
Elizabeth Caroline Reynolds, June 4, 1836
Adaline Arminta Reynolds, December 12, 1842
Sarah Eliza Reynolds, June 4, 1844, m. Remington
John Marshall Reynolds, March 12, 1846
Duncan Balentine Reynolds, Jan. 1, 1848,d. Feb. 1, 1912
Julia Ann Reynolds, b. April 12, 1852, m. Ira Miller 12-6-1869 in Hamden, N.Y.
Catherine Augusta Reynolds, Aug. 11, 1856.
Abraham and his family are found in the 1850 Fed. Census in Andes, N.Y.
He's a blacksmith.

If you are related I would like to hear from you.

Griswold Family Bible

I purchased a bible at a garage sale in NH with writing on the inside cover:

Sallie Belle Griswold, Christmas 1910, Mt. Olive, N.C.. I'd love to find its' "family".

LAYFIELD Prayer Book

We acquired a pocket-sized prayer book off of Ebay for a very low price. My maiden name is LAYFIELD, so my husband just had to bid on this. It measures roughly 3" x4" x 3/4" and has a leather cover. The full title is "The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church" and is made by the Protestant Episcopal Church.  The inscription reads as follows:

     "Harold Clinton Layfield,
     Baptized April 5, 1908 at St Peters Church, Manton R.I.  
     Confirmed April 12 1908 by Bishop Mc Vickar
     From Alva E. Carpenter"

We're willing to give this to anyone who can convince us they are related.

Cristman Family Bible

I have come across a family bible for "Cristman". Obviously quite old. Has some newspaper clippings in it. The oldest is 1882. Other names in the bible are Harter and Small. Contact me for more info.

Bowers/Codington Wedding Book

I've "rescued" a Wedding book which includes an original wedding invitation and marriage certificate for Hattie C. BOWERS daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.F. BOWERS and Charles C. CODINGTON. The couple was married 23 June 1892 at the home of the bride's parents in Annandale, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Witnesses were Lewis B. CODINGTON and Lillian J. BOWERS, and the ceremony was officiated by A. MCWILLIAMS.

I find record of a Charles C. CODDINGTON b. 30 April 1855 in Tewkesbury, Hunterdon County, NJ and am wondering if this might be the groom. If this is the groom he would have been in his late 30's at the time. I was also provided with census information for 1880 on the BOWERS family of Clinton, Hunterdon Co., NJ including:

Jacob F. BOWERS (b. Nassau) and his wife Josephine BOWERS (b. France) along with three children, Mary E.; Harriet C. age 10; and Lilian J. age 8 (all b. NJ).

And census information on the CODDINGTON family of North Plainfield, Somerset Co., NJ including:

Lewis B. CODDINGTON age 21(b. NJ, parents both b. NJ) and his wife Mary M. CODDINGTON along with a child Jennie B.

I'm assuming the Lewis is likely a brother to Charles C. CODINGTON the groom. I'm hoping that someone can identify the couple so that this beautiful old heirloom can be returned to the family. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me.


Want to find the rightful owners of a Myrick family Bible. Original owners were Gardner Myrick and Jane Ann Finlay who were married at Parsonage, Belmont in 1875. Other names associated with Bible are Barr and Conway. Believe last owner was Dorothy Barr, born Mar 31, 1909 or Jessica Jane Conway, born Jan. 23, 1917. Last death recorded in Bible was Robert Allan Myrick, who died May 31,1962.

Bible may have eventually ended up in Southern Ontario, Canada before being sent with my mother's belongings to me in Nova Scotia.


Published 1836

A large beautiful blue leather bible with gold engravings on the cover. It has a beautiful picture of the Trinity Church of New York City on the front, with the name RACHEL N AMBLER.

The "N" stands for NORRIS, as found in the family pages. Has information on John AMBLER Jr. and Mary Wheeler and their 9 children.

Am anxious to get this beautiful Bible into the hands of a family member. This bible has the Apocrypha and the Old and New Testaments.


Found Bible belonging to Gad EVANS 1853 Glamorganshire, Wales. Proof of descendency needed.


Found at Garage sale, small Bible given to NORMAN VANAMAN or VAUAMAN at confirmation April 1926 at St Marks Church Phila Pa. from Alice R Miller.


Bible bought at yard sale. Given to WILLIAM OSIE from Mrs. Barker Xmas 1909 an Dominic OPPERMANER Phila PA


I have an old bible that was in my great grandmother Lora Worth Radcliffe Wolfe's possessions when she died. I do not think that the person who owned the bible is a relation, but you never know. The bible belonged to John STROTSTEFFEN. The first page is inscribed "John Strotsteffen Lincoln, Nebraska". The bible is apparently from Germany, about 1868, and is in poor shape. John was apparently born in Kaunitz, Westphalia, Germany 14 March 1828 and died in Lincoln, Nebraska 30 May 1915.

If anyone has any knowledge of John's family and his relation to the Worth family of Nebraska, please contact me.

Richard Boyd

George E. Kuehn Family bible

I have an old German Bible (in German) (Die Bibel) dated 1909. It has a picture of Martin Luther with his autograph just below. It was published in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Northwestern Publishing House. It is Leather bound, with embossed gilded cross and floral decoration and gilded pages and has a tassel book marker. The bible is in excellent, near perfect condition, even the tassel book marker, and has a leather carrying case, perhaps the reason it is in such good condition. The Bible is printed entirely in German. The bible also has a pressed 4 leaf clover in it.

I haven't found any family genealogy data in it but it is signed Mr. and Mrs. George E. KUEHN January 19, 1909 and a postcard is in the book addressed to George E. Kuehn with a Saginaw, Michigan (city) address. This address is crossed out and an address in Flushing is penciled in. Also a hand painted picture of a bluebird with notation "For Edwin PICKEKMAN" in pencil. Postcard is dated Sept 9, 1970 or 1971 and is a notice about Local 699 UAW Union meetings.

I would like to get this back into the possession of a descendent (with proof) of George E. Kuehn for my cost and postage ($15.00).

Sally Bailey


I inherited a DRAKE Family Bible, published New York: American Bible Society, 1854, and yet I know of no connection of my family to those of the Bible. My SMITH, KING, BEEBE, EDWARDS families were in upstate New York from about 1850 to early 1900's. I would love to hear from descendants of this DRAKE family.

Curtes [sic] and H. L. Drake, with daughter Carrie L., are found in Suisun, Solano, California, in 1880 Census.

The Bible was given to H. Louisa DRAKE by her Mother, Emily C. SHELDON, for Christmas 1858.

"Curtis DRAKE and H. Louisa SHELDON married 6 June 1851
W.E. ALMAND and Carrie L. DRAKE married 20 Sep 1892
Curtis DRAKE born 24 Jan 1825
H. Louisa DRAKE born Tuesday 7 Jun 1836 2 p.m.
Curtis F. DRAKE born 10 Sep 1852 10 a.m.
Carrie L. Drake born Friday 13 Nov 1857 5 a.m.
Curtis DRAKE died 24 May 1893 8 p.m.
aged sixty seven years, four months
Curtis F. DRAKE died 9 Dec 1853
aged one year & two mo & 19 days
H. Louisa DRAKE died 20 Nov 1900"

Denise Perkins Ready

I purchased a Bible at the GoodWill Store in Milwaukee, WI.. Black leather, fair condition. Written in German. The name of Henry Scherbarth is inscribed on the front cover in gold. Two pictures inside of the bible, one dated 1916 "Mother & Dad Scherbarth" another dated 1929 "Vernon Seibel".  No other family information.  I would like to return this Bible to a family member.

Jeff Palmer

I have a small King James Bible which apparently originally belonged to a Miss Rachel L. Palmer, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. There are no genealogical records included in it, but the Palmer-Trimble Genealogy, by Lewis Palmer, 1910 indicates that she was born 11-14-1871, was unmarried, and descended from the immigrants John and Mary (Southery) Palmer through the following line: John (m. Martha Yearsley) - John - Ashur - Joseph - Morris - Marshall - Rachel.

Rachel is my 5th cousin, 3 times removed. I'd be interested offering it to a closer relative.


Found Brookshire family Bible. BW and J.A. Brookshire married on Jan. 17, 1860. Children Mary Willis Brookshire on June 30, 1861. Charles Ewing Brookshire born Aug. 1, 1865. Benjamin Franklin Brookshire born Feb. 15, 1869. Sallie Ball Brookshire daughter of C.E. and M.F. Brookshire born on Oct. 8, 1893. Minvera Coving Brookshire daughter of C.E. and M.F. Brookshire born on July 7, 1896.


I found a bible in a house my parents bought. The names in it are OSBORNE, WHITTREDGE, FORREST, and VAN BRUNT. Most from Salem, MASS. Please contact me if this sounds familiar.

Mike Glynn

My daughter-in-law has an old family bible which she would like to get into the hands of descendants. It's a huge bible and shows its age. However, it may have some sentimental value to someone. The marriage recorded there is between: Daniel A. Booth and Matilda F. Whittaker. It took place at 372 Gold St., Brooklyn, on 25 June 1885.

Darrell G. Welch

The Choate Family Bible has found its way back to the Wyoming, New York Presbyterian Church. I am posting the following information in order to benefit others who may be looking for this information.

This Choate Family Bible is dated 1832.

The Bible contains birth, marriage and death records for the following;
Maxa Choate; b. Dec. the 8, 1786
Ruby Rowley; b. June 18, 1785
Horace Rowley Choate; b. Dec. 15, 1819
William F. Choate; b. Nov. 22, 1821
Jeruzha Hatch; b. Oct. 7, 1826
Wallace M. Choate; b. Aug. 20, 1849 son of W.F.C.
Rowley Deray; b. Oct. 24, 1860 son of H.R.C.


Maxa Choate to Ruby Rowley 2/22/1818
Horace R. Choate to Jeruzha Hatch 10/12/1848
William F. Choate to Charlotte Perkins 2/8/1848
William F. Choate to Hannah Miller 9/ /1860
Rowley Choate to Maryette Jones 11/16/1884

Register states that Maxa and Ruby belonged to the Wyoming, New York Presbyterian Church. There is also a slip of paper in the Bible that has the name Ella Miller and two others too faded to read.

Charla H.

We have a Llewellyn Family Bible. We got it at an auction in PA in the 80's. I thought I was just bidding on an old book. I didn't realize it was a Family Bible, until he put it in my lap. We have kept it all these years and now with the help of the the internet, we might be able to return it to the Family. The auctioneer said the lady had no other family, but I find that hard to believe. Her name is Marie E. born 1898. The Bible was given to Marie by her Father, William, born 1861. It has pictures (2) in the back of her Parents. No other pictures are in the bible. Marie's Mother's name is Mary Davis Llewellyn, born 1866. Marie had 2 brothers and a sister, who are also listed in this bible. One brother with a particular unusual name. The Bible doesn't list any death records. This is a really big and heavy Bible. Has metal clasps for locking it closed. I have pictures of it, and some of the pages inside, if you would like to see it. There is some damage -- when we got it, it had duct tape holding the front cover on. We took the icky tape off and cleaned it up a bit, but it still needs the front cover fixed. If you think this is your Family Bible...please contact me.

Martha S Geyer

I have a Self-Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible containing the Old and new Testaments, authorized King James Version, The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York. I do not see a publication date. There are pages of family information with the surnames Edwards, Shorter, Jones, Smith. Earliest date I see is 1933 the latest 1985. Would be glad to send this to interested party for cost of postage.

Brenda Shufeldt

Found bible.... name on front Terry Dale Farrea... this was at a flea market in Florida. No family information in it just name on front........


I purchased this family Bible at a flea market and would like to return it to a descendant. The Bible is in only fair condition and no location is mentioned, but the following names and dates are entered:

Eliza Piercy b. 1 Oct 1841
James Piercy d. 14 Oct 1845
Sarah Piercy d. 7 Feb 1880
Sarah Jane Piercy b. 21 Feb 1863
William Piercy b. Dec 1843 d. 22 Jan 1863
J.C. Piersol b. 19 Apr 1871
J.N. Piersol b. 28 Nov 1863
Margaret Piersol b. 1866 d. 24 Sep 1871
Naoma S. Piersol b. 13 Nov 1861 d. 5 Aug 1863
Wg Piersol b. 1869
John Smith b. 9 Feb 1802 d. 6 Apr 1874
Jacob B. Peirsol married Eliza Piercy 26 Jan 1860
John Smith married Sarah Piercy 20 Dec 1847

I have another family Bible I would like to return to a descendant. Names mentioned are KERNOCHAN, PIERSON, JACKSON, FINLEY, KENT, CLARENDON, HARDING, SPAULDING, LAU, ALWAY OR ALAWAY. Places mentioned are Orange County New York, Gaylord Kansas, Smith Center Kansas. Dates for birth, marriage and death are entered for five generations. Earliest date given is 1803. Also includes several news clippings, some from early 1800's, and property and tax papers from 1902.

Stephan Gallegos

Found a family bible with the following surnames: BANNARD, CHESTERMAN, UMNEY, GROOT, LANSING. Dates are from late 1700s to mid 1800s. Places mentioned are: Sherington; Champaign, IL; Spring Lake, NJ. Some names and dates are handwritten, some are in newspaper clippings. Will send to any family members for postage.

Pam Hawkins

I have a bible with the name Alice Pennell in gold on the front cover. There is a letter inside to Mrs. Pennell regarding the presentation of this bible. It is from members of the Bayview Baptist Church, Port (looks like Maitland. NS) January 14, 1916. Signed by Julia Machune, Alpha E. Shaw, and G. Sanders. There are two small pictures of a woman in it and a news clipping that bears no connection to any of the names.

Susie Martin-Rott

My husband recently found at a flea market in Tampa Florida a small pocket Bible which was one time the property of a Bruce BENNING. Mr. Benning documented three of his residence addresses inside the front and back cover of this little book. Judging from the 1951 inscription, it appears this person was attending a military school of some type at that time. If Mr. Benning is still living or someone in his family can identify the locations of residence or the middle name given, we would be happy to return this little Bible to the family for the cost of the postage.

I have a bible that belonged to Sally KENDALL and her husband Sam HOULTON. It lists their wedding date and the names and birth dates of their children along with a lot of death dates. They date from late 1700's to mid-1800's. Anyone interested in the names listed please feel free to contact me.

Pam Wheeler


Recently purchased in an antique shop--Oregon Coast: Small, ornate, red leather Bible, with no family record, but the following inscription:

To Lottie Kilburn, as a token of remembrance.
From her Aunt, Julia C. Bridges
By T.J.B. (either Th?? or perhaps John "Bridges")
June 4, 1869

Would consider selling the bible to a family member only--for the purchase price of $30 and the postage.


Found REED Family bible (oldest ancestors listed: Lewis Reed & Nancy Harvey). Dates range from 1816-1925+ and birth, marriage, death places include: Scotland, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Minnesota, Coronado, CA. and Santa Barbara, CA. Surnames include: REED, HARVEY, THOMPSON, LITTLE, JOHNSTON, BIRCH, DUNBAR, BOYD, CONNELL, GENET, TOLHURST.

Michael Mikel

I am in possession of a Bird family bible which was printed around 1880. Names listed on birth page are:

George Bird- 26 Oct 1848
Annie Rounds- 3 Sep 1850
Maggie Swamly- 12 Oct 1846
Emma Stonburns- 27 July 1864

Bird children are:
John- 26 Feb 1876
Mary- 20 July 1878
Maggie- 11 Oct 1882
Henry- 11 Oct 1882
James- 12 Oct 1885
Clara- 31 Jul 1890
George- 25 Jan 1892
Emma- 2 Mar 1895
Richard- 31 Jul 1998
Nancy- 31 Jul 1898

Roxanne Buising

We have a bible that was presented to Jessie Elizabeth Moore by her mother (Marion Leitch). Marion Leitch married Wyman Moore in the 8th day of October in 1868 at Bristol.

Wyman Moore; March 16th, 1846
Marion Leitch; November 11, 1847

Jessie Elizabeth Moore; October 23, 1869
Carrie Marion Moore; September 28, 1871
Edith Archileua Moore; July 2, 1874
Anna Louise Moore; November 5, 1876
Wyman Alexander Moore; August 7, 1879
Ethal Kate Moore; November 7, 1881


Jessie Elizabeth Moore married Herbert Walter Booth on June 1891
Carrie Marion Moore married James Forbes Garrow on December 1891
Anna Louise Moore married Harry James Leitch (no date)


Wyman Moore died on November 2, 1900
Jessie Elizabeth Booth died on October 19, 1925

This is the information in the bible and we have had the bible for many years and looking to sell the bible. It is in o.k. shape. The date of the bible published is 1885 in Toronto, Canada.

Any information available about this bible would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Janet Bonner [no email address]

I found this bible in Vermont and want to share the information. Hope to make someone's day!

Leather Bound King James Version Bible, Printed by Matthew Carey 1811 Philadelphia, PA

Family records on page 677 - 

Asa Mason to Beria Fisher May 1755
Lemuel Harring to Sarah Mason May 29,1793.

Family records on page 678 - Births
Asa Mason October 25, 1728 - Beria Mason July 1, 1735.

Beria Mason June 27,1756
Ebenezar Mason April 14, 1758
Abagail Mason Decmber 24, 1759
Eunice Mason April 15, 1762.
Esther Mason April 11, 1764
Asa Mason, Jr. April 1, 1766
Sarah Mason September 16, 1768
Kezia Mason December 22,1770
Amos Mason April 19, 1773
Nathan Mason November 3, 1778

Family records on page 679 - Births and Deaths

Pelatiah Harring September 12, 1722
Hephzibath Harring April 19, 1726

Children born:
Elizabeth Harring October 9, 1748
Peletiah Harring March 28, 1750
Lucy Harring June 21, 1753
Hephzibath Harring November 21, 1754
Lemuel Harring February 10, 1758
Irena Harring December 15, 1760
William Harring December 1, 1763
Wyatt Harring November 3, 1765

Asa Mason January 3, 1803
Beria Mason January 15, 1804

Amos Mason April 17, 1776
Nathan Mason May 4, 1798
Ebenezar Mason October 7, 1802
Asa Mason, Jr. October 18, 1803
Eunice Adams July 13, 1802
Beria Mason October 26, 1825
Sarah Harring February 21, 1843
Abagail Fisher September 8, 1843
Kezia Crane August 1849
Esther Harding October 15, 1832

Page 680 - family records

Hephzibath Harring June 9, 1779
Pelatiah Harring February 12, 1794

Lucy Harring January 5, 1778
Lemuel Harring April 16, 1795
William Harring November 1807
Wyatt Harring -
Pelatiah Harring -
Elizabeth Harris -
Hephzibath Cheaney November 1805
Irena Dresser-

Carolyn R. Holladay

I am a secretary in a church in Georgia. We are guardians of three old bibles, on the fly leaf it states, "Charles West, New York-United States of America - 1861". Names written in the best as I could understand them.
Sarah J. L. West
Mrs. J.B. Moore

Family Record
C.B. West - Jany 30th 1861
Mary Anne Francis born June 30th 1863
Sarah Jane Louisa West - born 19th Sept 1868
Wm. Walter West - Nov 1, 1881
George Edward West - Born Sept 1st 1884

Letitia West
died 6th of August 1867. After a short sickness at 409 S. Canal St. Chicago, Illinois - aged 2 1/2 years - She died as one falling asleep with an angel countenance. Her last words pa-pa pa-pa pa-pa - three times in succession. She was loved by her papa and will be until the Lord is pleased to prepare him to follow and meet her with the angels above.

George E. West
Died Jay 28/1995
Age 13 years - months and 27 days.

Leola Sutton

The following Bible was purchased at an antique shop in Yorktown, VA
Inscription reads: "1853 Family Bible given to Garret L. VANDOREN by his Father Isaac"

Town of Ira, NY - 7 April 1853 - Garrett VanDoren to Harriett Terpening
Town of Clay, Onondaga County, NY - 1876 - ? VanDoren to Hattie H. Somers
Altoona, PA - 7 October 1903 - ? VanDoren to Susie Dyer
Phoenix, NY- 24 December 1908 - J.Somers VanDoren to Freda C. Vickery
Phoenix, NY - 27 December 1906 - H. May VanDoren to Galen H. Nichols

Garrett L. VanDoren - 7 November 1829 - Town of Cato, Cayuga County, NY
Harriett Terpening - 19 December 1836 - Town of Ira, Cayuga County, NY
? VanDoren - 12 June 1854 - Town of Victory, Cayuga Co., NY
Hattie H. Somers - 15 January 1856 - Town of Clay, Onondaga County, NY
Hattie May VanDoren - 14 January 1880 - Village of Phoenix, Oswego County, NY
J.Somers VanDoren - 17 March 1881 - Village of Phoenix, Oswego County, NY
Freda C. VanDoren - 6 December 1881 - Village of Phoenix, Oswego County, NY
Ruth V. Nichols - 26 June 1912 - Rochester, NY
Kathryn Nichols - 27 January 1907 - Rochester, NY
Wallace Nichols - 29 June 1908 - Rochester, NY
Galen H. Nichols - 25 May 1910 - Rochester, NY

Hattie H. VanDoren - 30 September 1900
G.L. VanDoren - 23 April 1909
Harriett T. VanDoren - 11 November 1917 - Meridian, Cayuga County, NY

Kim Bjork

A Swedish bible was given to my father-in-law by a Catholic priest. The names on the front of it are Andrew J. Maurits and Emma L. Maurits of Kankakee, Illinois (1897). It is in "old" Swedish like our Shakespearean English. Other names in it are Mary Mauritz (on a telegram - the name may have been misspelled or changed spelling). If you are the owner of this bible, please contact me.

Lenore Carr

I found a New Testament pocket bible in a thrift store in Canada. According to the inscription in the book it first belonged to Mary Smith. It was then given to F Smith who carried it with him throughout the first World War. A family member might have donated it without knowing. It was donated in the area in any case.

I will hand over at no cost to any family member who can provide Mr. F. Smith's middle name, regiment number and the location the bible was donated.

Jeff Waite

My family has recently found an old Elliott family Bible, and would like to see it returned to a rightful owner. Information from the Bible follows:

Inside the front cover is written "William J. Elliott" and "To Byron K. Elliott October 25, 1855" There is also a copy of the Bulletin of the Indianapolis Public Library, vol. IV, No. 10 from November of 1908 tucked inside the front cover.

In the family history area, we have the following:

"William J. Elliott, second son of James and Margaret Elliott was born August 24, 1809. Mary L. Taylor, eldest daughter of Joseph and Rhoda Taylor was born July 20th, 1813."

William J. and Mary L. were married on September 2, 1834.

To them were born the following children:
Byron K. Elliott
b. 4 Sep 1835
Joseph Taylor Elliott
b. 24 Jan 1837
Margaret Ann Elliott
b. 15 Dec. 1838
d. 29 Jan. 1840
Aged one year, one month, and 13 days.

Samuel Wilson Elliott
b. 29 Sep 1840

Emma Martha Elliott
b. 29 Sep 1842

Florence Caroline Elliott
b. 4 Aug 1845

William D. Elliott
b. 4 Oct 1849

Mary L. Elliott, wife of William, died 9 Sep 1849, in Hamilton, Ohio, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton, Ohio.

Byron K. Elliott married Harriet (Hattie) A. Talbott (b. 21 Mar 1836) on 5 Sep. 1855. Hattie died on 8 Aug 1903 in Indianapolis, Indiana and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.

Byron and Hattie had three children, all born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

May Harriet Elliott
b. 7 Nov 1857
d. 2 Dec 1857
Aged three weeks, four days.

William Frederick Elliott
b. 29 Apr. 1859

Cora Genevieve Elliott
b. 14 Jan 1864

The last entry in the Bible is the death of Byron K. Elliott on 19 Apr 1913.

There are also quite a few pictures that we found with the Bible, and we can't identify any of the people.

Bobbalee Hughes

I have a Bible, written in German with the following inscription on the inside cover:

"Our Great grand father's Bible given to our grand father.
William Hohenhuas to give to his first daughter Caroline
Hohenhuas. Now Mrs. Edward Fritz, Sanborn County, So. Dakota."

The Bible is dated 1866. Does anyone recognize these names?

Virginia WINN Parker

I have a Swedish Bible that I found in Ventura Co, CA -contains the names of Martin Anderson, Augusta Hallen or Haller, Harry Martin Anderson, Gertrude Florence Sagrata or Sagrato maybe w/s on end, and Grace Elizabeth Anderson.

Martin Anderson was born 1866 and died in 1905.  Harry Martin Anderson was born 1890 and Grace Elizabeth Anderson was born 1895.

I think that Martin m. Augusta and had Harry Martin and Grace. Gertrude Florence was prob. the wife of Harry Martin Anderson.

I have had this Bible for 15 years. Would love to get it back to its rightful family. Might not have been CA people even though the bible was found in CA.

Pat McAbee

I found a bible in a Thrift Shop in Clearwater, Florida. This Bible was presented to "Grandmother" by Charles Hart Jr. on Dec. 25, 1962. "Grandmother" was Rosa Ella Johnson McCall born April 10th, 1894 her spouse was George Nelson McCall, born January 20th 1883. The bible lists there children and grandchildren. This couple was married in Live Oak, Fla., in Suwannee County. Anyone looking for it may contact me.

Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer

A few days ago at a church rummage sale in central WI, I purchased two very large bibles which belonged to the Neafie/Elliot families of the Sullivan and Orange county, NY and New Durham, NJ areas. I have tried posting on the NJ and NY rootsweb lists and also listed it on the Past Treasures site. There is a lot of family information in these books, much from the late 1800's, and I would like to see them returned to one of the heirs.

Bill Lander

I have the family bible of David Stevens of Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Maine. David's son, Alvah Burton Stevens married one of my great aunts. They were childless. I found this in an old steamer trunk in the loft of the barn attached to my great grandfather's house in Gardiner, Maine in 1965.

If there is anyone out there who can prove they descend from David I'll gladly let them have this bible.


I have found a bible of Maemie Fladeboe, very old. Found in Mesa, Arizona. Has had nothing written in it as far as family history, but I would like to have something like this back if it were my family.


I have been holding onto an old Family Bible that my brother found in an old, delapitated house in Rutherfordton, NC many years ago. I believe that the bible may have belonged to ELLA BRIGHT FREEMAN b: Aug. 30, 1880. It has info on other Bright's and Freeman's. The dates run from 1880-1939. There were also 3 small photos in the bible. They were just "head shots".

John L. Maurath

I bought an old Bible at a garage sale in St.Louis, Mo. back in the 1970's. It belonged to the WHITE Family of Rowan County, NC, with dates in the mid-1800's up to early 1900's. Would like to see descendants of this family get this Bible.

William R. WHITE of Statesville, NC married Margaret E. COWAN of Statesville on August 5, 1851 at Salisbury, Rowan County, N.C.
Witnesses: G.C. McHenry and Elizabeth McNeely.

John F. WHITE was married to Luro B. BARRY on April 8, 1880.

William R. WHITE; January 3, 1829
Margaret E. WHITE; October 23, 1831
Cowan A. WHITE; July 14, 1852
Julius G. WHITE; July 14, 1852 (twins)
John F. WHITE; September 9, 1855

William R. WHITE; May 18, 1900
Margaret E. WHITE; February 27, 1906
Cowan A. WHITE; April 7, 1925
Julius G. WHITE; June 24, 1925
John F. WHITE; February 19, 1923

Ed Burke

I have 2 family bibles I purchased at an antique show in Stowe Vermont. The main Surnames are COLBY and RAYMOND.

Mary (Johnson) Shannon

I have a family Bible that was purchased at a yard sale in Palm Beach Co.,Florida. The family listed inside is WILLIAM J RUSSELL and MAGGIE YETTER of Handcock Co. (no state) on the May 14,1857, at 7:00 were united in marriage by REV. BECK. It goes on to list their 7 children with births, a few marriages and deaths. I would like to see this Bible, which is great condition, returned to the descendants.


Purchased a Holy Bible at an antique store in Ft. Wayne, IN. The Bible is in good shape and has some genealogical information contained inside, as well as a few clippings, etc. It apparently belonged to Ernest Scott and wife Constance Lee, who were married in 1903 in Columbus, Ohio. I would like to pass it on to someone in the family.


This bible came to me from Erie County, NY. Since it's close to my ancestral county of Orleans, I was able to get it, to attempt to obtain information for my line. It appears that this isn't a line related to me, so I'd like to attempt to locate family and get it into the hands of this line.

W. B. Thompson married Belle Mount on April 20, 1898. Also in it is the following information: V. D. Thompson died May 3, 1901, James Mount died Sept. 29, 1893, Charlotte Mount died Jan. 4, 1910, Hans C. Hendrickson d. Feb. 18, 1925 and Christensen Hendrickson d. June 1, 1914.

There are some unidentified photos in the book as well as a pressed leaf and a piece of material.

All I ask is what I paid for it and shipping. It's a treasure, not in the best shape, but still a treasure. Contact Kathy at


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