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Last known place that the bible was at in the late 1920’s to early 30’s Wysox, Pennsylvania. This Bible had the family history in it. Richard Lancaster at

McIntosh, David Byrd and Susan (Hargey) McIntosh of Hartford, CT

David McIntosh was born in 1845 in Haddam, CT, son of David McIntosh and Barbara Carrier McIntosh. Susan Hargey McIntosh was born in 1852 in Thompsonville, CT Children: Pearl Barbara, Frederick, Olive, Florence, Effie, Minnie, Ada and Roy

Florence McIntosh Ranney was in possession of the bible when she died in East Hartford, CT. She was married to Jack Ranney. In the 1960’s Jack Ranney’s family said they had given it to a church. We contacted the church and never received a reply. Pearl still has family living in Connecticut and we would like to return the bible to the family. Walter and Susan Yeager

Looking for the WHILDINfamily bible. Last entry was birth of my son Christopher Hamilton Mitchell. Rhoda

I'm looking for a bible belonging to Joseph Valente, Joseph passed away in 1998 and his Mom sent the bible to Joe's brother Danny in North Carolinea. Danny never received the Bible, and we can't find it. The bible has sentimental value, as Joe is no longer with us. Any info would be wonderful. Sandy Mullen

I have a couple of pages which begin with the words as follows:

"In a book, The Life Of Jesus Christ, written by the Revenend John Fleetwood D.D. and printed by J. Cooke at Shakespear-Head, Pater-Noster Row (NDCCLX11)-1722. Elizabeth Mary Jackson recorded the family history as follows."

It then goes on to discribe the entries starting with Thomas Jackson and Elizabeth Tomlinson were married at Saint Mary-le-bone, London England on Thursday the 20th June 1822. I only have what this person wrote down as they understood it on these two pages.

It would be very exciting to have this book still existing. I won't put my hopes up. Contact Letha Bird at

I am looking for the bible of Florence Minerva Meyers, who passed away in a nursing home in Salem, Oregon, in 1985. This bible would have the names Kendall and Shoptaw in it. She had no children, so I'm hoping that someone in the Salem, Oregon, area may have seen it. Thank you! Mickey Teising at

My name is Nancy Glynn. I'm looking for a family bible that was on ebay. I found a woman that had information with my great grand parents in it. She took the information from bibles on ebay. It since has been sold and I haven't the slightest idea of how to find out where it went. I know that they lived in Philadelphia area. the names in the bible are as follows: Saffer family birth and death information. Mr J Saffer 1853 & Mrs Tillie Saffer 1856 and children. 15 birth entries and some deaths. Last entry 1893. His name was James and hers was Matilda, and the children that I can find are Andrew, Maggie, Joseph, Annie, Kate, & Harry. I also found out in the census that g grand mother was a widow in 1900. Thank you in advance for your help. My email addy is

My name is Paul Fitzpatrick. In the 1970s my grandparents house in Swampscott, MA was robbed. They stole a rather large family bible that would have included the names Fitzpatrick, Willcock and possible White and Campbell. There should be photographs of headstones among other pictures and documents in the bible. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.

John King and Minnie Davies married ca 1909. Minnie gave birth to at least 11 children. They first lived in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Bible was last seen in Allentown or Bangor, Pennsylvania. I'd be overjoyed to locate it. Please contact me and I will purchase. I own a used bookstore and will keep my eyes open for other Bibles listed on this site. Please write to me at Charles Capozzolo

John King and Minnie Davies married ca 1909. Minnie gave birth to at least 11 children. They first lived in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Bible was last seen in Allentown or Bangor, Pennsylvania. Would be willing to purchase if found. Please write to me at Margaret Capozzolo

I am looking for The Bibles that belongs to George W Godbey & MaryJ Godbey and John & Caroline Buckley's Family Bibles of Missouri. I am looking for Dates of thier Children George W Godbey was was a preacher I would love to find out more about these people they were my GGgreatgrandparents. Brenda Houston

Searching for the Bible of Martin Minor born 1819 died 1887 and his wife Adelia. Other names that may be included are William, Walter, Lafayette, or Lydia. They all lived in the Hale Eddy NY/ Sherman Pa. area. Any help greatly appreciated. Linda Mills.

MöHRING (MEHRING, Mering, Maring, Mayrring, Moehring, Mohring)
Looking for Lost Bible of my Immigrant- Johann WOLFDGANG MöHRING (MEHRING), born 12-28-1730 at Wallmersbach über Uffenheim, Mfr., Bavaria, died 7-21q1811 on Piney Creek Run (Hundred) near Black's Corner, Taneytown Dist. # 6, Frederick Co., (now part of Myers Dist. # 3, Carroll Co.), Maryland, Buried St. John's Ev. Luth. Church Ceme., Littlestown, Germany Twp., Adams Co., PA., who arrived at the Port of Phila., PA., aboard the Ship Brothers, Sept. 30, 12754 (PA. German Pioneers). He married Sept. 16, 1751 at Zion's Moselem Lutheran Church near Moselem Springs, Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA., ANNA Maria Magdalena MERCKEL (Aka. Merckle, Marklin, Markle, Merkle, Merklin(g), born 1-15-1730 at Klein Niedesheim über Frankenthal, PFalz, Germany, died 2-17-1818 near Black's Corner, MD., Buried Old St. Mary's Union Church Ceme., Silver Run, Frederick Co. (now part of Carroll Co.), Maryland, who arrived at the Port of Phila., PA., with her Siblings and Parents, Joh. NICOLAUS MERCKLE, Jr., & wife- Anna Katharina MAGDALENA HEILMANN (Aka. Heylmann) from Klein Niedesheim, Pfalz, Germany), aboard Ship Brothers, Sept. 16, 1751 (PA. German Pioneers).

NOTES: -WOLFGANG Mehring was a Master Weaver & Farmer and in the area of Silver Run,Maryland and Littlestown, York Co., (now part of Adams Co.) PA. Members of Evang. Lutheran Church. Wolfgang Möhring's family traces back to the year 1495 at Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria, Germany.

-NICHOLAS Merckle was a Grape Farmer & raised Falcons, (a bird of prey used to hunt) while living in the Klein Niedesheim, Pfalz, Germany area. A Farmer near Silver Run, Maryland.

Both families left Berks Co., PA., about June 1759 and moved to Silver Run Valley in Maryland, where Wolfgang's first child- Maria MAGDALENA was born July 1759 & Bapt. at St. Mary's Lutheran Church, Silver Run, MD.

Have been researching my family's history since 1954 (over 50 years), but to date, have learned nothing about a Bible for either the Mehring or Merkle/Markle families.. Any help would be greatly appreciate as to their whereabouts. If either one is available, I will gladly exchange 470 pages of combined family data's for ALL entries found in either or both bibles, along with Photo's of the front pages (where the bible was printed, etc.) and any family data within either bible. Thank you.

John A. Mehring (1-717-642-8153), 28 Tree Top Trail, Fairfield, PA 17320-8237

Serching for bible of family name McGee and/or Magee. Family history begins approx mid 1800's from Ireland (possibly Scotland to Ireland) and then ends perhaps 1961 or even earlier in Morris County, New Jersey (north Jersey, specific locations and other names can be discussed). LAST SEEN in Morris County, NJ when inadvertently placed in a box of books that the Salvation Army took. Contains much family history we want to pass along to our child. Willing to pay for this item. Thank you. A. Magee

Dunnuck Family Bible lost in Missouri or Arkansas. Richard Cross Dunnuck was my father. His father was Abraham Edward Dunnuck. Ellen Leader

I'm trying to find the Bible for Miner Samuel Davis b. 1850 PA and Hannah Anderson. My gr. grandmother wrote a note that she was going to get it from one of her siblings in Spokane, WA. But I don't think she ever got it. Most of her siblings lived in Luzerne co. PA or Kootenai Idaho or Spokane, WA. areas.

I can think of 2 places Spokane, Wa or Tustin, Orange, California, where my gramma died if the estate sales guy found it after her death he might have sold it I suppose.

The other family bible would be For Enoch Davis and Lydia Camp 1st wife and 2nd wife Hannah Ellsworth they are the parents of Miner Samuel Davis. They lived in Susquehanna county, Springville township and Nicholson also Wilkesbarre and Kingston PA (at one time all of that was considered Luzerne county PA. These Davis's decend from John Davis the Welshman of Derby, CT.

Debbie Ugel

If anyone has information on a Tracy or Ditmeyer bible from Troy, New Yori, I would appreciate it if you could contact me. I am particularly searching for a John Ditmeyer/Mary Tracy family bible. Victoria at

The Family Bible of John Henry Cooper and his wife Cornelia Marie Kaune - Allowed to be taken "for family research" by "Jehovah's Witnesses" in Mobile County, Alabama, sometime in mid to late 1950s - Never Returned. Names in bible include George W. Cooper, Terrel O. Cooper, Gladys Cooper, Dorothy Cooper, Ocenia Cooper, and numerous others. The family originated in Alabama and migrated to the Reids Louisiana area somewhere in the 1920s-30s, then returned to the western Mobile County area of Alabama. It would be nice to have information on this side of my family tree. Thanks. Dave Cooper, PO Box 1133 Temple, Texas 76503

Searching for anyone with the Family Bible of the following: NIGHTINGALE Family; HAMMOND Family. These families origins are in Tipton, Staffordshire England. Other names that may be included are PRICE, MOSLEY, DUTTON, SHIELDS, MOORE, JENNINGS, DAVIS, WHITE, etc.

Would love to exchange family histories and would appreciate at least a copy of this Bible for keepsake. Have been researching the family genealogy and willing to share. Judy Anne Champion Frates

Everyone in the Colby family I have talked to has said that they had all thought their genealogy was carefully written back to the middle ages in a beautiful old family bible, which disappeared on the death of its owner. I would love to get at least a copy of this genealogy. I would be willing to pay for either the copy or the actual bible. The story I have heard is as follows:

Walter Frank Colby was born 14 Aug 1898 near Johnson City, in Owego, New York. He had 7 children. He was said to have had a vault of family heirlooms, include an old, pre-print Bible. It was a great big, heavy book with a snap, done is beautiful handwritten script, and seen by many of his grandchildren. Walter Frank's second wife, Julia C. Colby nee Elliot, was said to have insisted on selling many of the heirlooms. She apparently wanted to donate the Bible to a museum. Walter Frank and Julia lived in Diamond Springs, California, at Walter Frank's death. She later moved to Lawrence, Kansas, where she was said to have still had the Bible in her possession, although it had not been seen since Walter Frank's death. His body was brought back to Kansas for burial. She died 18 Mar 2002 per the Social Security Death Index. Rex J. Hotchkiss, Jr., 1014 W 7th St., Antioch, CA 94509

I am searching for the family name of Stones. I have been elected to track down who may have a family bible. Names included are: William, Susan, Mary, Solomon, John E. Stone, Jane, Christian, Daniel, Ellen, Charles, Maryanne, Paulina, Juliann Stone. Some are from Pennsylvania then came to Michigan. They are some of my great-great grandparents and great grandparents. Even if someone could e-mail any information, it would be greatly appreciated. Elizabeth Sumner

Searching for bible or information on Snyder family name. Came from Canada or Germany; Black Forest area. Then came to Michigan. Came in the late 1800s. Names included are: Joseph, John, Agnes, Mary, Dora, Hazel, Matilda, Albert, Fred, William, Florence, Anna Snyder. Elizabeth Sumner

I am searching for the bible or information on the family name Bowman. My family of Bowmans came from Pennsylvania or Canada. Great-great grandfather Sanford Bowman and wife, Charlotte, were last known in the 1880 census in Wales, Saint Clair, MI. Cannot find anyone to help. Names that are known as children: James Sanford; wife: Matilda Valvina Garner; Sarah Elizabeth; Mary Ellen; Martha Matilda; Henry; Clara Belle; Fredrick Bowman. Martha Matilda married a Robert Shingles. Clara Belle married a William Stone. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Elizabeth Sumner

This family Bible was lost in St. Paul, Minnesota in the 1960's. We believe some children may have taken it somewhere and than left it. The family was from Pa. and Wisconsin.

Lost Family Bible of ------ William Marshall Ratliff "Will" Born 1866 in Franklin ,Co. VA.; Died 1944, Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY. Bible was in possession of his Second Wife---Kate Gibson. I am willing to buy this Bible if located. I am a Grand Daughter of Will

Looking for the Thorne Family Bible. This Bible was sold in an estate sale in Bowdoinham Maine, approximately 1999. The owner of the Bible at that time was Frances M. Pauling. Names in this Bible include Samuel "Dexter" Thorne who married Abigail Currier in 1878. Their five children were Edmund, Carrie, Frank, Martha and Samuel Dexter Jr.

Last seen in early 1990's in the West Covina/Covina, California area.  Family came to California from Kansas, Michigan and Indiana. We would love to regain possession of this piece of family history

Looking for Arrance, Arnce family bible. Family from New Jersey,New York, Midland, Michigan, Bruce Wisconsin. Also could be from Saskawetchen, Canada, British Columbia, Canada.

James Arnce Married Elizabeth
William Arrance Married Charlotte Davis
Charles Arrance married Harriet Barton and Etc.
Charles Arrance married Roselea Primeau

The Post family bible of Newfoundland, New Jersey  has been missing since my cousin, Hilda Turner, died in the mid 1990`s or maybe before she died ---- it is the family bible of the Egbert and Ellen (Marian)Post and lists their children with dates and then their son, Charles H. and Maggie (Cahill) and their five children, the youngest, my father, Charles Earle Post, born in 1901-------My cousin may have given this bible away, left it somewhere, or it may have been sold at the auction following her death. I would like to get the bible back in the family or a photo copy of the family information written therein.

I would like to find the Bible of Martha T. FULTON, who died in 1954 in Omaha, Nebraska, and is buried in Atlantic Iowa, where she was born in 1877. She was my great-aunt.

Catherine McGuen married Thomas Trainer..she native of Ireland...he native "yankee"...had several children in Michigan: James, Edward, Margaret, William, Henry Trainer (also spelled Traynor). Bible last seen circa 1953 in Saginaw, MI. Removed by a relative to someplace in Indiana.

I would like to find a bible from Giles County, Tennessee of Craig's, I don't know if one exists, but would love to find one if it does for William Craig, Sarah Falls or any of that line. They were my great grand parents, Grandparents Eugene Craig and Grace Doss married 1889 in Giles, Tenn.

Missing: Last in the possession of William Ricker who passed away in 1981 in Dallas, TX, bible of McCLEERY/RICKER/DONNELLY/ST.GEORGE. Possible locations are: Caledon, Co. Tyrone, Ireland; Wilkes Barre, PA, Mount Joy, PA. Any information regarding above will be appreciated.

Family Bible of West Fairlee, Vermont and Everett/Chelsea, Massachusetts. Samuel V. Grant and Melissa Lyon Grant and their sons Albert, George, and Sidney born in 1840's in West Fairlee - all in Massachusetts by 1890. In family until 1929 when it vanished.

I have a transcription of the family information from the George Guthery family Bible but would love to have a copy of the actual pages from the Bible. His wife was Mary or Sarah and there are numerous entries for marriages including the names Carpenter, Mullinax George was born in Virginia, lived in Tennessee, and probably died in Indiana. I will be happy to reimburse costs of copies and postage.

My name is Louise Reid. I am searching for a Bible that may have been owned by my great great grandparents, Ben Massey of SC and Colline Chapman Massey of Germany I only learned of them a year or so ago when I obtained the death certificate of my great grandmother, Mary Massey Hooper Cheek. She passed away in 1927 at the age of 57 in Anderson Co., SC. I do not know if her mother and father were alive at the time of her death. I have searched for information on both of them for a long time and have hit a very hard brick wall. I don't know if my great grandmother had any brothers or sisters or if she was an only child. I have reason to believe that the family may have been living in Jackson Co., NC when my great grandparents married as they were married in Jackson Co. before 1890. If anyone has any information on such a Bible or this family, please contact me, I would be most grateful.

Looking for the Ichabod BOARDMAN Family Bible. Handwriting was that of Theron Fisk. It was last seen in Orangeville, Wyoming County, NY in the possession of Josiah Boardman between 1800 and 1817.

William CROSSMAN married Mary BURNET(T) Jan. 2, 1817, Presbyterian Church, Springfield, NJ. Wm. born ca 1792, died Aug. 28, 1862. Children:

1. Mary J. CROSSMAN; 1828-1832
2. Elizabeth Roe CROSSMAN, married Joseph McCORD; 1827
3. Melyn/Maline Burnet(t) CROSSMAN, married Sarah ; 1824
4. Wm. Harvey CROSSMAN, married Anzy/Angy MERCER; 1822-1886 or later
5. Edwin Augustus CROSSMAN, SR, married Mary Caroline RICHARDS; 1819-1888
    5A.  Robert Augustus CROSSMAN
    5B.  Edwin Augustus CROSSMAN, JR., married M. NUTTLE
    5C.  Jennie CROSSMAN, 1839?-1924
    5D.  Charlotte (Lottie) CROSSMAN, 1856-1935, married ? SHORT
    5E.  Frederick CROSSMAN, SR.,1865-1949, married E. FLOOD, A. WALKER and Lee COOPER.

Lee COOPER in NYC at 153 W. 84th St. had the bible last.

I am looking for our Family Bible with the names MAYFIELD/KINNEY. It may be with relatives in Texas or Louisiana. My grandmother, Henrietta Kinney Mayfield was the last known owner. She is now deceased as are my parents.

Looking for the PHY family Bible from Philadelphia, 1700 thru 1900. Names would be Jesse George Phy, Paul Phy, Charles Frederick Phy, Jennie Louisa Phy (Scott), George Phy, Mary Phy. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

I would like to locate the Bible that belonged to my great-grandparents Joseph Newton Beasley and Rachel Dowdy, who married in Stoddard County, Missouri in 1854 and moved to Coryell County, Texas, where Newt died in 1916 and Rachel in 1928. The last known location of the Bible was in the possession of their granddaughter Mildred Lockabey Box, who died in Houston, Texas several years ago.

I would like to find the Bible that belonged to my great-great-grandparents James Shaw and wife Mary/Polly Cowan, who were married in Warren County, Ohio in 1808. They died in Tippecanoe County, IN. After James' death in 1853 the Bible was in possession of his son, William Shaw, who died in Jasper County, IN in 1886, and was buried in Battle Ground Cemetery in Tippecanoe County. Children's names in the Bible were John, Elam, William, Thomas, Jane, Abigail, Mary Ann, and Margaret Elizabeth.

Searching for Bible originating with James Bruce and his wife Arrene/Serena/Arena Stanley Bruce of Sumner County, Tennessee. On 31 May 1890, it was bought at James Bruce's estate sale by their daughter Sarah Bruce Dugger who may have passed it down to her daughter Jessie Dugger Dobson with whom she lived until her death on 1 April 1915. Sarah Bruce's descendants are scattered from Tennessee to California, and the Bible may be with any one of them. James Bruce was my great-great grandfather, and I'm hopeful this Bible will confirm the identity of his parents. I would be happy with a photocopy of any personal information and would be ecstatic to have the Bible.

Would be looking for bibles of Vanlaninghams, and Moshers, some born and died, in Andalusia, Rock island Illinois, 1800,s through 1900,s.

This large Family style Bible was accidentally given to the Salvation Army or other type thrift store in the Long Beach, CA area about 1958 or 59. However, the RAMSEY/STENHOUSE families were from Washington, PA. Believe Bible may have been given to my grandparents, Julian Ramsey and Ellen Bee Stenhouse, by her father Thomas Stenhouse for their marriage. Will be more than willing to buy back.

From Germany/Austria in late 1800's. John E. Huron lived in Ely NV for many years and died there. Any info is appreciated.

Were from Washington, PA, but Bible lost in Long Beach, CA area about 1958/9. May have been given to Salvation Army or other type thrift store by accident. This was my Grandparents Bible.

Am seeking family bibles or info from for the WINCHESTER family NY, PA, OH, IN. and the ROOMS family of MD, OH. Can you help?

I am looking for the Yarnall family bible.  It was seen in New England in the 70's and referenced by my aunt and uncle, Harry and Ruth Yarnell, in their family geneology book. It was in the possession of people not in the family and at the time it was seen the owners were not willing to part with it. I would like to ensure that it comes back to the family. Any information on its whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

A NYS McNeil bible existed somewhere. Would love to see it.

Contains data on Annie Littlejohn, Annie Bell, The Bell Family, Littlejohn Family and Robinson Family 1800's-1900's - England and Lansingburgh (Troy), New York, USA. Reward

Searching for family Bible of these names. When my grandmother died 1970 Phila Pa. her daughter had a junk man come in an buy the contents of the house, including family bible that I beleive was brought from Germany 1890. If found, there will be a big reward.

Looking for the family Bible of William Henry Cascadden of Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada.  William was supposedly born in 1773 in Ireland, came to the United States about 1790 and moved to Canada around 1807.  This Bible was supposedly in the possession of Arthur Cascaden, of Portland, Oregon, in 1972. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this Bible, or has photocopies of the family information contained in the Bible, I would appreciate hearing from them.

I am looking for a contact with someone in possession of a bible, which to my understanding was written by William Morgan BROWN (born 1877 in Oklahoma) who married Nancy Ann YOUNG (born 1875 in Arkansas).  The bible contains YOUNG (her parents were William Washington YOUNG born 1848 in Alabama and Charlotte Ann STEELE born 1844 in Arkansas) family information and was left in a rented apartment in Bisbee, Arizona about 1925-1926 and the landlord would not return it when asked for it. The penmanship is reported to be exceptionally beautiful. I am primarily interested in the family information in the Bible, but could be interested in purchasing it if someone wants to sell it.

I am looking for any bibles with the following names:


My name is Lillian (FOLLETT) and my ggg-grandfather was a Baptist minister in Maine and Wisconsin, Benjamin FOLLETT 1789-1870, m. Janet PATTON MITCHELL 1812 New Brunswick and had 9 children. Where is their Bible?

I am looking for the family Bible of William Lyman and Mary Frances (Lewis) Jones - married in Seneca, MO in 1875. Children are Anna, Etta, Lewis, Cora and Bessie (my grandmother). The Bible was in the possession of Cora Jones of Burns, OR. When she died in 1978 it was taken to Boise, ID by an antiques dealer to be sold along with many other of her possessions. This was arranged by someone outside the family. Our family did not realize it was gone until it was too late. We don't have the name of the dealer. Please help me find this treasure. It is the only record of my father's mother's family.

I am looking for our family Bible my grandmother gave to a minister in Eustis, Fla. in the 1950's. It belonged to Carl (a/k/a Charles) Anderson and Pauline Christensen (also spelled Christenson) - my great-grandparents. Both were born in Norway but were married in Wisconsin on August 21, 1869. Carl died on March 21, 1903,and Pauline on December 05, 1910. Their children should be listed as well - Andrew, Patra, Sena, Lena, William Carl, Inga, Oscar, Clara Mandy, Norman (Ludwig), Alvilda, and Louis. Some of the children changed their original Norwegian names to English ones. The only names I have are the ones they were known by as adults.

Searching for Beecroft family Bible last known in the possession of Frances (Fanny) Burch who married late in life to William James Eddie. They had no children, Fanny died in 1963 in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, and the Bible has not been seen since. We hope it is in the hands of her late husband's family.

I am searching for a lost BLICKENSTAFF Bible, last known in the possession  of LLOYD BARTGIS, b. 1889 Frederick Co., MD and died 1960. This Bible supposedly contained birth and death records for Blickenstaff and Bartgis family members.

Jett - Cox - Rawdon - Perciful
Am looking for a Bible from my two Tennessee families. Jett and Cox families lived around Knox County. John Jett could be a key name. My Rawdon and Perciful families lives near Troy, Tennessee.

Searching for any bibles listing names of Emma Hall Acobert, Francoise Durant, Rose Jordan, Joseph Ecabert aka Acobert.

When my grandmother had a stroke back in 1967, we had to pack up her place and move everything. In the move, however, her family Bible was lost. It had all the family names in it. It was a large book, but I am afraid that I cannot remember much else about the book. The family names inside would have been: PATTERSON, CARNES, MAKELEY, BAKER, BARRETT, CREIGHTON, ISAMAN, NEU, POWERS and perhaps many others I don't even know about yet. Would love to have this back to fill in branches of genealogy tree limbs. Vicki Powers in NY.

I am looking for the family bible of THOMAS JEFFERSON SUMMERS. He was married to Martha Almira SNYDER. In 1940 it was in the possession of Laura Summers Skinner (Mrs. George A. Skinner), Detroit, MI.

I am looking for the lost family bible of George Prentice from Saratoga, New York. George died in 1860 in Newfane, New York. He was first married to Mary Huntly and second to Cynthia Smead. In a pension application for George's service in the war of 1812, Cynthia said the family bible was given to the oldest son (from George's 1st marriage) Marcus Prentice. Marcus was b. Dec 24, 1810 in New York and died Oct 19, 1888 in Utica Illinois. He was married to Mary Sparham. They had three children: John W, Arthur R, and Edna S. Prentice. The children all married and remained in the Utica Illinois area.

We are looking for a Knoblauch family Bible. My husband is descended from Charles Knoblauch, a German immigrant. He was born in Prussia (Germany) on 1/10/1838. He did state on his naturalization papers that he came to this country as a 4 year old, but no one knows where he came in or exactly when. If anyone has a listing in their Bible of this Knoblauch, it would be a great help to find out where he came from and about his parents.

I am looking for family Bibles of the Charles Ricker family, living in Philadelphia, PA, in the 1870's.  Charles and Lena are my great grandparents. They were German immigrants and Charles was a saloon keeper.  He and his wife Mary had 4 sons, I am descended from the youngest son, Albert Ricker, who was my grandfather.

I am looking for family Bibles for Johann families descended from Andrew Johann of Bavaria, Germany. He came to the US sometime before 1870. He had a 6 sons and 2 daughters. He is first listed in the 1870 US Census in Philadelphia, PA and was a hardware merchant. I am descended from his son, Stephen and his wife Carrie Johann.

I'm looking for my Aunt Mary Bonnel Shafer Lawhorn's family bible. It was probably removed from her home in Oklahoma and taken to Texas by a former daughter-in-law when my Aunt Mary died. Since my Aunt was the eldest daughter, she possessed many family records which did not get passed down after she died. The bible has family information about my grandparents and their family.

Looking for a Bible for Hophni ALFORD (1806-1864) and his wife, Eliza Ann Pease (1809-1809), having one known son, William Henry Harrison ALFORD(2 Sep 1840-12Feb 1934) who was born and raised in Lyons, Wayne County, NY. I know of this bible because Henry used it to prove his birth date and place.

Lippen Family Bible
Lost large LIPPEN family bible. Phila area. Missing from family home in Phila. Please call any time collect: 904 247-1717

Binnersley Family Bible
I am looking for the Binnersley Family Bible my Father George Binnersley took it to the Salvation Amy in Warrington in the 50's and it got lost. If any body knows any thing about it I would be most grateful.

Rowe Family Bible
Lost we believe in Louisiana. First names listed are Edward Dillard Rowe and his wife Sally. They lived in Ross County Ohio. This is my mother's family.

Horn / Rodman Family Bible
I am looking for the Jacob HORN and Leurhetta RODMAN family bible. The Bible's last known location was in Indiana in the 1990s. It was in the possession of there grandson, Ivan Foust who has passed away.

Saunders / Hinks Family Bible
I recently became aware of a Family Bible that was my Grandmothers, Emily Saunders. It was in the possession of my Aunt Evelyn Hinks that died in 1999. Family members say she had the Bible, but no one can find it, we think that she may have given it away, her mind was slipping with old age. I was told the Bible was very large, and once was of interest to local museum. Emily came to Canada at age 10 her name was Bristow, she married my Grandfather Thomas Fredrick Saunders in 1877. They moved to Michigan in their later years. I hope someone has found the Bible and could contact me. The surnames in the Bible would be Bristow, Saunders. First names of children would be Lorne, Earl, Lloyd, Marianne, Lorene, Leta, Leslie, Evelyn.

Mayers / Perey Family Bible
I am looking for the Dr. Michael Mayers and Marie (Mary) Louise Perey family bible. I have not been able to locate it since My cousin Charlie Matilda Rogers Reha died. The last I heard was that it was in Arkansas somewhere. If you have the bible or know who may have it please contact me.

Lolcama Family Bible
Looking for family bible of PETER LOLCAMA FAMILY. Last seen in Colorado Springs, CO or Cripple Creek, CO in 1971. My mother Beulah (Lolcama) Butler was the last owner, and it's unknown as to what she did with it.

Davis / Taylor / Somerville Family Bible
Family Bible names--Davis - Taylor - Somerville. Last seen in Santa Maria,Calif.

Williams Family Bible
I would love to be able to find, buy and/or copy the family Bible of Wesley and Trena Collins Williams of Hancock County, Tennessee. They are my, and their son, Sanders Williams moved up north, either Ohio or Michigan circa 1885-95, and took this Bible with him.

Learmy Family Bible
A Leamy family bible printed in Phila. in 1789 was lost in Florida around 1972. This is my Leamy ancestors from Chester County, Pa who I have been researching for over 25 years. Any information on its whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Byrd Family Bible
I am looking for the family bible of the Byrd family. It was last seen in Michigan in about 1987. It covers the Byrds of Virgina, North Carolina, and Georgia. But the most information would be those in Georgia and Michigan. It was last in the hands of James O. Byrd, Sr in Michigan.

Head Family Bible
Looking for information about a CORNELIUS HEAD AND MARY SHAFER. Any one who might run across a Head family bible. Please get in touch. Will be happy to pay for it. Our Head's were from Virginia and Ohio.

Douglas Family Bible
I am searching for the family bible of Otis Freeman Douglas. He and his wife, Lura, lived in Crane, MO at the time of their deaths in the 1970s and I believe they may have had the bible at that time.

Howell Family Bible
I heard as a child that there was a "Howell" family bible. The Howell family lived in Glascock and/or warren counties, Georgia in the 1800's. Some of the names are Henry, Joseph, Samson, Joshua, etc. I heard the bible ended up with one of the sons who may have moved to Columbia, South Carolina or somewhere in Georgia. If any ancestor has any knowledge of such a bible, please contact me to share birthdates, etc.

Willett/Wellet Family Bible
Last known location was Tennessee area, but if anyone comes across a Bible with this surname, please let me know. family migrated from PA to VA to TN to Illinois and Texas.

Schaulis Family Bible
I have been searching for the Family Bible of my Great Grandparents; Minerva Jane Berkley/Berkly and Zachariah Ellsworth Schaulis. This Bible was last known to be in the Kansas area. It should contain references to the Schaulis family from the late 1800s. Please contact me if you have any possible lead as to the Bible's whereabouts. I am primarily interested in a copy of the info. contained in the Bible, if it is not available for private ownership.

Brown Family Bible
My grandfather came from Ireland around 1920. His name was Robt J. Brown. The names in the bible are Isabella MacCammion Brown, Isabelle Beveridge Brown, Margaret MacCammion Brown. Isabelle married Charles A. Stritmatter. Their daughter's name Lynda Ann Stritmatter born 12/27/47. Please contact me if you have an knowledge of this bible. It was disposed of from an apt complex in Burbank CA around 1976, and I would like to get our family history back. This is a large black bible.

North Family Bible
The North Family Bible was packed up by a moving company from a home near Camden, NJ and possible moved to Middletown, NY. After that it disappeared. Names included Herbert North, Josephine North married Herman Berry, children may be listed including Diltz Berry b. 1912. Bible also said to have baby pictures pasted in.

Coppedge Family Bible
I would like to find the Bible that belonged to John Yerby Coppedge. It was listed in probate papers after his death in Langdon, Reno Co., KS in 1902. His widow, Sarah survived but her place of death is unknown. It possibly ended up with his youngest son, Robert W. Coppedge, who died in Bucks Co., PA in 1948 and had no children. I would be happy to reimburse mailing costs or would just be happy with copies of any family information in the Bible.

O'Halloran Family Bible
This Bible contains family entries beginning in England in 1857, and ending in Canton, Fulton County, Illinois. It was seen at a sale in Peoria, Illinois about 20 years ago, and the entries were transcribed in an issue of the Peoria Genealogical Society magazine. The magazine article also contained descriptions of photos, certificates, locks of hair and other memorabilia belonging to the family. The original owners, John and Ann O'Halloran, were my paternal great-great-grandparents.

Lewellyn Family Bible
We are looking for the family Bible of Lewellyn's from Genesee County, Batavia, New York,  and surrounding counties and towns. The name Lewellyn has been spelled many different ways over the years. Lewellen, Lewellin, Luallan are a few. Some of the surnames may include Glazier, Ward, Sprague, Austin, Van Sickle, Mullen and Smith. Possible last know person to have had the Bible would have been Nettie Lewellyn who died in 1936, Batavia, New York.

Dunnuck Family Bible
Looking for the Family Bible that belonged to my Grandfather Lawrence LeRoy Dunnuck, Warsaw, Indiana (6/29/1896). It was to be given to my Mother, Doris Bernice Leedy Dunnuck, but ended up with a Maxine Shoe? b South Bend, Indiana. Maxine was the daughter of my Grandfathers second wife, and his brother Walter's widow, Elsie. This Bible traced our family back to Scotland in the 1600's. If you know of it's where a bouts and could share this beloved Bible of my Grandfathers please contact me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Simpkins Family Bible
I am looking for my family Bible, SIMPKINS. From BRIDGETON, NEW JERSEY or somewhere in South Jersey. 1800's. I have been looking for years for this. I am praying that someone can PLEASE help me. Thank you very much.

Noble Family Bible
I am looking for the Family Bible of the NOBLE FAMILY from Columbus County, N.C. It was handed down from Joseph Noble born about 1888 to one of his twenty one children, last Known to have been used to record a delayed Birth certificate for Smithy Noble by Gladys Capps in the 1940's.

Thomas and Mary Schrimsher Family Bible
I too am looking for the Thomas and Mary Schrimsher family Bible just like my mother Merrilyn Schmalr. I have been working on my family history project for over ten years now. We are looking for anyone who has knowledge of it's location and or who has it...I am writing the history and collecting any all information I can get. And the family Bible seems to be a missing source of our family information. I can be contacted at or my home address:
Mrs. Ann Jacobs
510 Crest Street
Fountain, CO. 80817

James Henry Harmon Bible
I am looking for the family Bible of JAMES HENRY HARMON of Chatham County, North Carolina. It has been rumored that the bible still exists and is in the hands of some family member. If anyone reads this and has a clue as to where it is, please contact me. "Jimmy" was born in 1805 and has a great many descendants.

Edwards Family Bible
Looking for the Edwards Bible that Etta Hillhouse had at Smithville, Arkansas in the mid too late 50's, The names in it would be Edwards, Bennett, Lock, Simpson, Barnett, Taylor, Wady, Waddly, Waddley, Pearce, Morris, Balentine, Smith, Woodson, Byrd, Warren, Paris. Don Barnett had the Bible last that I knew. Don died in the late 80's, I think.

Roszell Family Bible known as (Benjamin's Bible)
In 1979 the bible was in the possession of Miss Alta Roszel, of Smithville, Ontario, Canada, At present the where abouts is unknown after her death. This was one of my great grandfathers Bibles.

Morrison Family Bible
I would like to find the MORRISON Family Bible that first belonged to James Morrison (c. 1708-1775). James lived first in Chester County and then Washington County, Pennsylvania. The Bible was passed to his son, John Morrison (1756-1824), and then to his a daughter, Anna Morrison Cummins (1790-1869). The Bible then belonged to Anna's son, Joseph Cummins. The Bible was later in possession of Lavina Malissa Friend who died in July of 1937 in Dungannon, Columbia County, Ohio. As I descend from a brother of Anna Morrison, I would like to find this Bible or at least obtain a copy of the important pages that have the family events recorded upon them.

Brees Family Bible
When my great grandfather Matthew Windfield Brees died in the 1960s in Manhattan KS the family bible disappeared. He was the son of Watson Clark Brees and Sara Dugan Brees. They lived in the Riley County KS area. They had a number of children. Matthew Brees and Edna Arminta Hood Brees had a number of children also (including twins). We know there were also photo albums that are unaccounted for. It would truly mean a lot to my grandmother Mildred Brees Leiser (Matthews only living child) to have some of these back.

Barnhart/Bernhard - Castner Family Bible
I would also love to get a copy of my ancestor Henry (Heinrich) Barnhart's (Bernhard) Bible; last known to have been owned by James Castner in Medway, Ohio.

Shuttleworth Family Bible
I would like to get information from anyone who might have a Shuttleworth Bible. Shuttleworth's mostly from VA/WV/MD.

Terrell / Northcutt / Menees Family Bibles
Looking for TERRELL/NORTHCUTT bibles. Specifically, family of James J. Terrell & wife Elizabeth Northcutt of Amite Co., MS. After Elizabeth's death in 1865, probate shows her bible was sold to her son-in-law, William H. LYNN, h/o Catherine Terrell. Catherine & William not in Amite by 1870, possibly moved into Jefferson or Lincoln Cos., MS.

Also looking for NORTHCUTT & MENEES bibles. Rev. John Northcutt, father of Elizabeth above, was married twice. Married 1st to Susannah Harrell, 2nd to Ann Wade Menees. Bible may have gone to Texas with widow Ann. No hard proof there was a bible except for mention of excerpts in a letter, but as he was both literate and a minister, likelihood there is one. Widow Ann was the d/o William Dawson Menees, Sr. The aforementioned excerpted letter had both Northcutt & Menees info, with allied ties to Byars, Blackwell, Mastin families.

Am searching for a bible that was always referred to as my "Grandmother's" bible. Do not really know if it was hers, RUST, or KANIUT.

It was in my Aunt Flora Kenney possession until her death in mid 1960's ???, in Hopkins, Minnesota. Her things were sold and taken by children and grandchildren at that time. I have talked to two cousins but neither of them know what happened to it. I do believe an antique dealer did purchase some things, but don't know if the bible may have been one of them.

I have had luck with the KANIUT family name in tracing them back to Prussia, but not much luck with grandmas family ...RUST... who I believe were from KASSEL, in Germany. I don't even know her fathers name for sure. If this was from her family, this could be a godsend with the possible information in it. It may be a Lutheran bible but I am not sure. If it is found, I feel we can identify it by the dates. I would love to have the bible, but getting any information it has would be wonderful. Please reply to Pete Kaniut, 303 Bonita, Safford, Az 85546

Rindermann / Renderman Family Bible
Looking for Family Bible's of Heinrich Rindermann or Henry Renderman formally of Cook County, IL Area.

Mary Stuart Family Bible
Looking for family bible lost in Norfolk, Va 1962. Only names that I can remember are Mary Stuart b. 1652? in New Amsterdam, and Mary Jane Sheffield.

Waite Family Bible
I am looking for a Waite Family Bible, which was misplaced in Southern California in the early 80's. There is speculation that perhaps it was taken to a good will store of some sort. My great great Grandfather's name was R. P. Waite, born around 1860 and he married Jessie Elliott Berry, who was born around the same time. Any information regarding this bible would be greatly appreciated.

I am desperately seeking a bible,... that may have been sold,.. someplace in Michigan. An in-law had no interest, but refused it to family that had offered to purchase it. It was a Swedish Bible,.... names in it are: BENSON-ANDERSON-JOHNSON, and maybe WILSON.

I recently began to research our family tree and was told of this old family bible,..... and I would love to recover it, and place it in the family that will treasure it.

Fürst/Fuerst/Jahn Family Bible
Looking for a bible written in German. It was given by my mother to a Dr. F. Emory Bell in Gainesville, FL around 1975. Do not know if the bible has family data. The possible surnames in the bible are Fürst, Fuerst or Jahn. Would enjoy retrieving this bible, but also would be content to just learn of possible family data if included. P>

Looking for BIBLES of *any* FLOWERS families of Washington Co., and Allegheny Co., Pa.

Specifically looking for Bible of Samuel FLOWERS who married Mary A. LANE about 1839-1842 approx. Samuel FLOWERS was a Stagecoach Driver on The National Pike, Route 40 East, which runs through Washington, Pa. Washington, Pa. was where Mary A. LANE FLOWERS was born, married and probably died. Had a son, William FLOWERS, who was injured in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pa. Supposedly there were at least 3 Bible records in 3 main family branches concerning the same LANE family - one is accounted for, then there is the Flowers Bible, then another which was supposedly owned by a "Mary LANE", but we're not sure who this Mary is?

Some RELATED families to FLOWERS are: KITE/KNIGHT/KIGHT, ZEDIKER, NEASE, McKINLEY [a Mckinley Bible record was published in _The Keyhole Magazine_in Washington, Pa.]


Looking for any Bible records on the following people: John LANE, Sr. married Catherine BAKER on Jan. 23, 1805 in Frederick Co., Md.

At least 4 known children:
John LANE Jr. married Susannah MCCLURE m. ca. 1837 [family went to Ripley Co., Indiana; died there];
Joseph LANE married Anna DAGER, m. ca. 1837 [family went to Carroll Co., Oh; died there]
Reverend/Brother Daniel LANE married Anna England m. ca. 1837 and stayed in Washington Co, Pa.; died there; and
Mary A. Lane married Samuel FLOWERS - lived Washington Co., Pa. where Samuel died; unknown for sure where Mary A. LANE FLOWERS died.

Helen Noonan Long Bible
I am Looking for the family bible my 2ggrandmother Helen Noonan Long kept. It may have gone to her daughter Emily Cottrell upon her death in 1922. Emily lived until 1940 and then the bible may have gone to either of her daughters, Ruth Shacklett and  Mary Moser. The family lived in Brooklyn, New York. If anyone comes across this bible I would love to see it.

Eileen Arnold
13421 Kirkwood Dr.
Victorville, Ca. 92392

Korb Family Bible
I am looking for the Korb's family bible, it is dated from 1676 from Germany. I believe it was sold at my great grandmother's estate on August 4, 1918 in Clintonville, WI. Would like any information I can.

Hague Family Bible
Hello, has anyone seen a Hague family bible. The Hague's were possibly of Scottish ancestry and probably attended a presbyterian church in Bronx, New York. It has been rumored in my family that John Hague kept a family bible but then the bible was lost. If you have any knowledge or advice, please contact me.

Reinhardt Family Bible
I am searching for a Reinhardt family bible. Surnames could include Littsch, Reinhardt, and Hublitz. Was last known to be in Lansdowne, Maryland.

Creech / Riggs Family Bible
My husband, 4 children, and myself lived in Knoxville, Tenn. on Highland Drive. We sold our house and moved to Seymour, Tenn. in a large log home. During the move the lady that purchase our house moved in the day we were moving so I place my family bible from my mother, Sarah Myrtis Riggs Creech, in the garage to be picked up the next day. When I got there to pick it up - I was told that a thrift store had been called to pick up what we had left - the family heirloom was gone!!!

It had listings of Charles Edward Riggs, Lillian Mercer, George Elwood Riggs - Hasell Creech, Lillian Creech, George Creech, (me) Hazel M. Creech --- and a lot of family information - If you run across it - Please let me know -

Schrimsher Family Bible
I am looking for my Great grandfather and wife family Bibles, their names were Thomas Milton Schrimsher and Mary Owen Schrimsher they were married June 5-1843 by John B.Brown J.P.

They would have a family of 8 children as we know of, one of their daughters whose name was Sarah Kathryne (aka Kittie) was born 1859 died 1904. The family lived in Hazelgreen, Alabama. My family has been told the family Bible was burned in a house fire after Mary death in 1892. I am in hopes it didn't burn, as we don't known any about her are family.

Please if you known anything about the family Bible please send me an email at, or write me at
Ms. Merrilyn Schmalr
14203 Cypress N. Houston Apt 1002
Cypress, TX 77429

Sutton Family Bible
My Grandfather, Wesley S. Sutton's bible is lost. After Grandpa's death in the 50's, my Step Grandmother (Bonnie M. (Logsdon) Sutton kept it in her possession. About 1972 she became ill and went to live with her sister (Florence Logsdon Boyd) in Laporte, Indiana. In April 1973 Bonnie died there.

The bible was never seen again by my branch of the family. It is probably still in Laporte, Indiana with the Boyd family. Florence lived at 515 E. Street, Laporte Indiana. Bonnie died at the Fountainview Terrace Nursing Home in Laporte Indiana. Need lots of help finding this bible.

Rider Family Bible
Looking for Rider family Bible, William Hewitt Rider and back.

Morse Family Bible
Looking for the family bible of Martha W. Morse who died in 1934. She lived in Hingham MA. Her Transcript of Death Record says the Informant was "Family Bible."

Reed Family Bible
I am trying to find any bibles about the Reed Family of Addison County, Vermont.

Frey Family Bible
When my grandmother died in the late 1950's several Frey family bibles were misplaced. I am looking them.

Heinrich & Anna (Levering) Frey; 1653-1737 buried in Montgomery County, PA

This is a German bible:

John & Mary (Keisler) Frey 1700-1766 buried at Montgomery County, PA
Samuel Frey Sr 1727-1813 Buried at Mifflin County, PA
Samuel Jr & Rachel (Jones) Frey 1762-1848buried at Muskingum County, Ohio
Samuel & Mary (Van Winkle) Frey 1834-1897

Vaughan Family Bible
Am looking for the Bible of the VAUGHAN family with David VAUGHAN and Sara(h) VAUGHAN listed as births. Perhaps a Bible having belonged to David VAUGHAN m. to Elizabeth S. HARDESTY.

Hadden/Raymond Family Bible
Looking for a family bible of Minnie Amelia (Hadden) Raymond. She was born in Allegan County, MI and is buried in the Poplar Hill Cemetery in Monterey Township, Allegan County, MI.

Hazelton Family Bible
Hazelton Bible from Michigan. Includes names such as CHILDS, HAZELTON, BECKINGTON.

Hilbert Family Bible
I am looking for the family bible belonging to my great-grandmother, Charlotta BECHSTEDT Hilbert. It may have been sold at a garage sale in Upstate New York (Oswego). Any information on this important family document would be sincerely appreciated.

Dyke/Dike Family Bible
Dyke/Dike Family Bible--looking for lost family bible dating back to Fuller Dike (early 1800's). Last seen in the possession of Mr. Milford Dyke of Auburn, Maine and Middleboro, Massachusetts in late 1940's. Bible was lost in either Maine or Massachusetts. I am a direct descendant, and would appreciate any information regarding same.

HART Family Bible
Sometime in the 1980's --a person or persons from Texas was in Darke Co. Ohio & took a HART Family Bible back to Tx. with them. I remember they were possibly in the town of"Liberty, Ohio". At the time of my visit--I was unable to go to Liberty to meet them. A gentleman who owned a florists shop in Winchester, IND. told me about it. Their names were "LECKLIDER" that took the Bible to TX. I wonder if possibly any Leckliders' in TX. have the "HART" Bible now & could share the names encl. in it with me? My Harts' were in Darke Co.Ohio from mid 1800's thru mid 1900's. Does anyone reading this know of  a family in TX. with Lecklider names?

RIDER Family Bible
I am searching for lost bible of RIDER family from Dahlonega, GA, lost while moving 1947 or 1948. The bible is believed to have held a letter from a lady in Texas. The bible belonged to my grandparents. My grandfather was a preacher and this was his first bible. It contains valuable information on his family. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Last seen at Whitmire Place in Lumpkin county.

COBB Family Bible
I am searching for the COBB Bible. It was last seen in St. Louis, MO. Some of the surnames may be: LANCASTER, CREARY,  may be more, not sure. The family lived in Missouri since about the 1880's off and on. I last saw the bible in 1970.

KORB Family Bible
I am looking for the Korb's family bible, it is dated from 1676 from Germany. I believe it was sold at my great grandmothers estate on August 4, 1918 in Clintonville, WI. Would like any information I can.

I am hoping to find the LEITZKE family bible. My aunt says she can remember the big blue bible in the parlor of her grandmothers house, but does not know what happened to it after her uncle William died. Some of the names included may be: LEITZKE, ROEHRICH and HELING.

Mary Ellen GRAU-BURNSIDE Family Bible
I am in search for my ancestors family bible. MARY ELLEN GRAU-BURNSIDE was my great-great-great grandmother. She was born 10 Sept 1848 in Westfield, IN. She was a Quaker. Married: John Michael GRAU on 10 Sept 1866, at Muscatine, Iowa. MARY ELLEN BURNSIDE'S mother and father were: Jacob B. Burnside and Jane Bond. Jacob came to Indiana, 1825; to Iowa, 1864. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this family bible or any other information I would greatly appreciate it!

Huffman Family Bible
I am searching for the Huffman Family Bible. My ggg-grandfather Kendall Huffman  died around 1875 in Logan County, Ohio, left it to the family. Surnames in the Bible could include, Reames, Monroe, Spain, Holycross, Palmer and Crawford. His children were born in New Jersey. I would at least like to obtain any family history that was written in the bible.

Sheldon Family Bible
Sheldon family Bible, last seen in Millvale, Pennsylvania. Listings may include: Margaret Ruth Sheldon Born: February 1916. Along with nine brothers and sisters. All Family history is in Bible and would like to retrieve Bible for family history.

Reinhart Family Bible - Bonnie Honeycutt
I am searching for a Reinhardt family bible. Surnames could include Littsch, Reinhardt and Hublitz. Was last known to be in Lansdowne,Maryland.

Hague Family Bible - Donna T.
Looking for a Hague family bible. The Hague's were possibly of Scottish ancestry and probably attended a Presbyterian church in Bronx, New York. It has been rumored in my family that John Hague kept a family bible but then the bible was lost. If you have any knowledge or advice, please contact me. I would sincerely appreciate your help.

Tosh Family Bible - Lolly
My grandma Payne had a family bible that belong to the Tosh family. It was a German bible.  It belonged to her father, James B. Tosh. One of her granddaughters sold the bible to a pawn shop in either Arkansas (Lonoke, Stuckgard or Little Rock) or Texas (Dallas Fort Worth or Houston). If any one has seen this bible or has this bible please contact me. Some of the family names could be Shad, Tosh, Payne and Garrison.

Ludene Urquhart
Would like to find the family Bible belonging to the MARTIN M. HAMMOND family. It was in the possession of my grandfather, SAMUEL ROY HAMMOND when he died in 1962 in Hotchkiss, Colorado. My grandmother, ORIA ELLA HIATT HAMMOND said she mailed it to one of Roy's sisters after his death, but she couldn't remember who. Some of the family names might be: Loretta, Samuel Roy, Nettie, Dode, Delta, Tom HAMMOND, SOUTHARD, HIATT, GILLET, SCOTT, SOVERIN. They lived in Burchard, Pawnee, Nebraska in the 1800's. My grandfather Roy moved to Monta Vista, Colorado in the late 1800's or early 1900's. He was married in 1906 in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Sharon Lyden
Would like to locate Bible of my grgreat grandfather Benjamin H. DeWolf/D'Wolf (Dolph) b. Feb 10, 1801, PA., m. 31 Dec 1822 to Patience Mulford b. May 1802, OH, died June 1868 Champaign Co, IL. Benjamin died Nov 22, 1882 in Fisher, Champaign Co, IL at the home of his son Robert Dolph. It is reported that Benjamin's bible may be in the hands of a female descendent of Robert, perhaps in CA.

Sharon Lyden
2011 Center Ct. Dr.
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Cyril Blount
My 1xggm - Esther BLOUNT nee GUEST had a family Bible. The last time it was heard of was in the 1890's when her daughter took it to school and it was lost. Esther went to the school and made quite a fuss - so much so that the school was turned upside down and the Bible found. She vowed never to let it out of her hands again. Esther died in 1920 in Smethwick STS in the UK. We do not know who inherited the Bible or where it is now. We would like to trace it. Does anyone know of a Bible with the names BLOUNT and GUEST probably starting about 1840 and carrying on to 1920?

David Thomas
I am searching for a family bible that disappeared in the Pittsburgh,PA area prior to 1930. It was a very old family bible that was brought over from Slovakia and may have contained the surnames Macurak or Danko amongst others, possibly spelled slightly different from this as well. Any information on it's whereabouts would be appreciated. Please contact David Thomas at with any info, please specify "lost bible" in the emails subject area. Thank you.

Jack Schoedinger
Trying to locate the family Bible for Benjamin and Freelove (BAILEY) CARPENTER. This bible contains information that is necessary to determine the family ancestor. The last family member to see the Bible was Daniel G. CARPENTER who lived and owned the old family homestead southwest of Factoryville, Pennsylvania.

Dave Norris
Looking for a NORRIS family Bible. Joseph Norris and wife Margaret Kearns raised 10 children in Wayne Co, OH. A son, Thomas Norris, purchased the family Bible from his mother's estate sale 19 Nov 1850 in Ashland Co, OH. Thomas died in Fulton Co, IN 1887 with no children. His widow, Amanda Thomas Norris, returned to Ashland Co., OH where she died in 1907. I have no idea what became of this Bible. Thanks for any leads or finds!

Sharon Schoon Napier
I am looking for the Schoon Bible that my grandmother had. As each of her children died the other got the bible and was to go to my cousin. When my uncle died he was remarried to a Mary Christina Schoon and they lived in Goreville, ILL Johnson County. His name was George Aka (Bus) Schoon he died Apr 17,1999. I have contacted my cousin and she didn't get the bible, and with it being our family heirloom if someone knows of Mary Christina Schoon I would like to contact her. I remember the bible when I was young and my grandma gave me some info out of it. It's a German Bible of my family. I also was born a Schoon. And would like to find Mary and maybe she would let me have our family bible or at least give me the info that is in the bible. This would be the family bible of the Schoon, Fatke, Brinkman, Hethke, Kaeding, Golskine, Janssen Families who came from Germany lived in Thawville, IL also Ford County, IL and the Schoon settled in Washington, IL Tazwell County in the 1857. Any help would be appreciated.

Renee Waring I am looking for a bible last mentioned in a Will in Herefordshire, England for the WARING Family. The last known person to have it in his possession was Edmund WARING of Letton Court Herefordshire approx. 1789. I would love to have it or at least have the family information that is in it. A memoir that I have possession of states that there are 12 generations recorded in the bible at that time. Capt. Hook can have his treasure, this one is mine.

Deborah Pitezel
Looking for a Davis family bible. It was in the possession of my Abner B. Davis in Nevada MO and disappeared when he died in the 1930s. It could have the surnames Edwards/Nixon/Meade and Ramsey in it in addition to Davis. Abner originally came from Virginia and it may have information about his parents and siblings.

Lue Allred
Does anyone have a McIver or Wood or McClendon Family Bible that mentions (my gggg grandfather) Daniel McIver SC, GA or ALA, Lucretia (McClendon) McIver GA or ALA, Roderick Capel McIver GA or ALA o TX or anywhere!, or Ludicia (Wood) McIver ALA or TX or anywhere!

I would like to buy such a Bible that mentions one or more of the above names OR if I could only have the genealogy information, it would be so much appreciated.

I am searching for the FOSTER bible. I last saw it at a house in Mansfield, Massachusetts in 1960. It was in the hands of a family named Shepard at that time. My mother's mother bought it over from England in 1902, when my grandmother died, it was passed onto her sister, Elizabeth Alice Holden of Mansfield. When Mr. Holden sold his house, the bible was left in it. I would love to have my Grandmothers Bible. I would mean the world to me. Anyone knowing anything about it please email me.

Tammy Russell
I am looking for the family Bible of the Martin and Anna Elizabeth Lohmann KIEF family who lived in the Pekin, Lincoln and Chicago, Illinois area. Anna Elizabeth Kief outlived her husband and at the the time of her death (1938), she lived in Chicago. Any help would really be appreciated! Other names in the Bible would be Hildebrandt, Adams, Hunt, Lohmann, Lannert and Kiefer.

Tammy Russell
5925 Cross Creek Road
Lincoln, NE 68516

Holly Dietz Hoffmaster
I am searching for several family bibles that have disappeared. The surnames that I am looking for are TAYLOR; DIETZ OR DEITZ; WOODBURN; SHOLTY, SCHOLTY, SHOLTEY, OR SCHOLTEY; JACOBS; BALDAUF; NEUENDORF; FRANKENSTEIN (I'm not kidding); MALCHOW; AUFLICK OR AFFLICK; GEYER; KAUFFMAN OR KAUFMAN; FUNK; and HOFFMASTER. If you have seen any bibles with any of these surnames, please contact me at or

LaVerne Harvey
I'm looking for the Bible of my great grandmother Sarah "Annie" SNOW HARVEY. I saw the bible many times when a little girl. Annie lived to be 97, born 19 May 1869 Florence, Pike County, IL. My parents had the bible and after my parent's divorce my mother returned it to his parents, Taylor and Helen Roosa Harvey of IL.

I believe since my grandparents eventually moved in with their daughter Kaye Harvey Travis ? in La. that she had the bible. She died a few years ago and was living with her daughter. I asked my aunt Norma if she knew where the bible was and she stated she thought my mother still had it.

I don't know if the bible is still in La. or if it was lost. It's very large and had mementos in separate envelopes within it's pages, it should have the names: SNOW, PHILIPS, HARVEY, HARPER.

I don't know if the bible was originally Annie's or if she inherited it. Her parents would have been, Martin SNOW of Pike Co. IL and Mary Elizabeth PHILIPS of Pike Co. IL. I would be willing to pay for this bible should a non family member have it, or copied pages from the family sheets.

Joan Huecker
I am looking for a Bible that was mentioned in a letter to the war department by my great-uncle HENRY COLLINS (Clinton County, Ohio). In this letter it was stated that his mother's Bible had all the necessary information written in it that was needed for Civil War pension purposes, however the Bible has been lost.

Henry's mother, Sarah Brannon Collins, was married to a man by the name of Gray after Henry's father died. There were several children born to that union. Perhaps some members of the Gray family may know what happened to the bible. Any and all information is greatly appreciated.

Anyone with any information at all concerning this Bible and/or the COLLINS family from Warren and Clinton Counties, Ohio; please contact me.

Tim Marshall
I am seeking information on The Hively Family Bible, that was brought to Hardin County, Ohio in the early 1800's.

I am searching for a bible which was inadvertently given away last year at the time a cousin's house was cleaned out. The bible would have belonged to Bessie Valentine Crouse/Krouse. It would have contained the Valentine family names.

Lorene Varner Brown
I am looking for my GrMother's Bible. My uncle Charlie W. Varner had the Bible and it has disappeared after he was murdered. I would really love to have the Bible. It belonged to: Addie Mae Young Varner Elliott, and my uncle lived in Vidor TX, when he died. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this Bible, please let me know.

Judy Holden
I am trying to find my grandfathers family bible. Names included in it are, Claude and May Coones, David and Harriet Coones. There should be more Coones, Henderson, Williams and their children. Just getting the information from it would be helpful.

Denise Perkins Ready
Looking for the William & Lucy (Seaver/Sever) PERKINS Bible from Crownpoint,Essex Co.,NY. The Bible was mentioned by Lucy (Seaver/Sever)Perkins during questioning from the War Dept. on the date of her marriage to William Perkins (Soldier in the War of 1812). She said she knew she was married in May of 1814 at Crownpoint, NY but, that the Bible that contained the actual date was in the position of her daughter Martha Perkins, who she has had no contact with since she moved to the state of Michigan.

Carol McAlpine
Looking for a Bible that my cousin left in a house in PA. I would guess, maybe, somewhere in the Columbia County area. I can't be more specific than that, apparently, she moves quite often. The Surnames would be: KESTER and/or MILLARD. I am extremely interested in finding this Bible, as it contains quite a bit of our family history, and would be a great asset to my genealogy research pursuit.

Ben Hornby
We have lost The Hornby Family Bible, and wish to retrieve it, or at least copy the family information it contains. It was last known to be in the possession of my mother Phylis May Hornby in about 1951. The location could have been Walton-on-Thames England. Among the many tales and theories is one that indicates it may have been sold. I would love to find this book. It should contain names of Hornby,Cartwright, Warner, Mimmack, Epton, Cottingham, Shuttleworth, and Wolstenholm, many located in Lincolnshire, England.

James M. Bagby
If Joyce Vetter or the person she gave the James Bagby Bible to, would be willing to share the family data with me, I will try to pass it on to other Bagby researchers. I don't need a secret name or private number. Just write to James M. Bagby, Indep. MO. Thank you.

I am looking for our family bible. It is white and apparently in a storage unit somewhere in California. A relative went out there and put stuff in a unit and it is to be believe is not paying on it. The family names include, Nagel, Smolovitz and Stark. They are all from Cleveland Ohio.

Cora Simpkins
I am looking for the SIMPKINS family Bible. My Great-Grandparents...David P. and Maggie Simpkins... had a family Bible I was told by a cousin. I just found out about my long lost cousin a year ago. And she is in her 70's. She told me that when she was a little girl she remembers a bible on a prayer stand. So the bible was last seen in the 1930's. If there is anyone out there that has seen a SIMPKINS family Bible please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. They are or were from Bridgeton ... Cumberland County...New Jersey.

Clara Schaeffer Miller
I have been searching for lost family bible since 1959 .... After parents divorce. The Bible is a very thick brown, about 6 inches thick, 10" wide 14" high. There was an oval picture 3" wide by 4" high on the Front cover of John Rife Schaeffer, which I have that picture. In the back of the Bible are the parents of John. I was a child the last time I saw it. The family names are: Schaeffer, Reiff, Deisher, Hoch, Balliet, Dresbach, Kerstetter. I'm willing to pay for the return of this Bible. Last known area was Lycoming Co., PA.

Karen Fancher
Looking for any Peyton Bible that may have come from either Tennesse or Kentucky-particularly with the name Micajah in it. Micajah married Christiana Shouse in Franklin Co.,Ky in 1790's. Possible Parents-Phillip, Henry, John, George, Valentine.

My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Hennessy Brennan, died in Chicago, Illinois, December 1937. Her only child did not receive the Bible along with the momentos sent to him in Montana after her death. It may be in the possession of descendents of her niece, Ellen Powers Sutter, who was with Mary E. Brennan at her death and signed her death certificate. Bible may contain information on HENNESSY/CRONIN/POWERS/PUMA/DUNNE/RYAN/BRENNAN and others from Chicago and Tipperary. I would be willing to buy the Bible if it can be found. Carole M. Demers

I would like to know if any one has found a family bible with the name John Quinn or Ira Stanley. My name is Stella Stanley. If so, please email me at


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