Bibles Lost

I am looking for our Andrews Bible. It was part of our Aunt Isabel Andrews Estate in Massapequa, Long Island, NY. She passed away on 14 Jan 2001. The places named in Massapequa were the Grace Episcopal Church, and a Kevin O'Keefe. If anyone living in the area can assist me in locating our Andrews Family bible it would be greatly appreciated. Gay W. Lea

I am looking for my mom's old family bible. When her mom passed away we moved from NJ to MI, around mid to late 70's. All I know is my mom put it into storage. Can't remember if it was here, around Paterson, NJ, or after we went to Ypsilanti, Michigan. We lost everything in there, and mom has only regretted losing that bible. From what I can remember. it was large brown, I believe with a pic of Jesus on the front, I think. I remember color pics in it also. I do know the family name in it is GEROSKY. (although some now spell it ending with an "i"). I would really, really love to find this for my mom, have checked in just about every yard sale, garage sale, or auction I have been in, in the hopes of stumbling across it but haven't. PLEASE, IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. MY NAME IS TERRI 973-875-3661 THANK YOU

I would like to find a Family Bible for the LISCUM Family. I know one exists as I recently found proof on a late registration birth certificate for NORMAN LISCUM. His sister, RHODA ANN LISCUM, married name HENDERSON, wife of ROBERT PERCY HENDERSON completed this certificate application in Aldergrove, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA.

As proof of his date of birth, she apparently used the Family Bible as reference. It was accepted by the Ontario government as being legitimate. The person who completed the application wrote directly on the original document that the Bible was used for verification. Unfortunately, Mrs. Henderson died in 1961 & was buried in Abbotsford, B.C. I was always under the impression that she and her husband did not have children. However, on her death certificate, a Mrs. E. Thompson signed as the informant. Mrs. Thompson was living in Surrey, B.C. in 1961 according to the certificate. I have been unsuccessful in finding Mrs. E. Thompson.

If you have any idea of the whereabouts of this Bible, I would appreciate the information. Thank you, Lorrie Cole

I'm looking for a Family Bible that went missing from Port Washington, New York on Long Island sometime in the early 1960's, probably before 1964. It supposedly has Smith births, marriages and deaths dating back as far as the 1600's although the bible itself probably only dates from the late 1800's. It is believed to have been in the possession of Mary Elizabeth " Aunt May" Pearsall who died in a nursing home in Roslyn, New York in 1964. Various family theories have the bible being lost when her property was disposed of prior to her going in to the home, or a distant cousin, an antique dealer, asking her for it and subsequently selling it. I'm not necessarily interested in having the bible itself back, just interested in the information it contains. Dave Smith

Zeaman, Zeman, Zeeman
Zeaman, Zeman, Zeeman family Bible, last known in the hands of Amanda Zeeman wife of Chester Zeeman , Amanda died 1995 in Port Orange,Fl. the Bible then may have been in the hands of her daughter Hester Hebert also of Port Orange, Fl. Hester now deceased as well. Hester had children but I do not know their names or residences. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Linda (Zeaman) Aaskov

Bible lost in 1984 in Butler Pa would like information if there is any inside Names might be Maud ,Ada Henry or Ann Ellen inside. Thank you for your time. Patti

Guptail, Hartford, Jockow, Morgan, Little, DeAllaird, ( possibly Packard and Smith)
I am looking for a family Bible that was lost about 1945 in Troy, NY. The family furnishings were put into storage for a year and when retrieved the trunk that held the Bible and other treasures was missing. It was a very old trunk and the Bible was very large with a cut glass front in many colors. Inside it was the family genealogy of my father's family from New England and New York State. It was the King James Version. The last owner was Mrs. Anna D'Allaird. The names are: Guptail, Hartford, Jockow, Morgan, Little, DeAllaird, ( possibly Packard and Smith). The places mentioned were, Waterbury, Vermont Whitehall and Troy, NY. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. I'd be willing to give a reward to anyone who might have or know of this Bible. Rita O'Brien

The FUNK Family Bible was last known to be in the possession of Dr. Robert A. Anderson of Wooster, Ohio. Dr. Anderson passed away in August 2006. This bible was promised to me, the great granddaughter of Harriet O. FUNK, who was the sister of Dr. Anderson's mother, for our Family Tree research and may be in the possession of Dr. Anderson's children. Thanks, Anne Holden, St. Louis, MO

The FUNK Family Bible was last known to be in the possession of Dr. Robert A. Anderson of Wooster, Ohio. Dr. Anderson passed away in August 2006. This bible was promised to me, the great granddaughter of Harriet O. FUNK, who was the sister of Dr. Anderson's mother, for our Family Tree research and may be in the possession of Dr. Anderson's children. Thanks, Anne Holden, St. Louis, MO

Hoffman, Lane, Elsworth
Hoffman Lane Elsworth bible. Last known in New York with Joe or Nettie Elsworth. Thank you. D.K. Henderson

Starnes, Andrew of Smith County, Tennessee. He was married to Catharine Sherrill. On his death his bible was sold to Bennett Braswell. None of them seem to know of the bible. I would think it would be written in German. The bible was sold in 1852. It should contain family history that so many of us are searching for. Thanks, Opal Starnes Wood

I'm looking for an NIV (red letter) Bible that was lost a few years ago. I believe it was lost some time in 1994. The Bible is burgundy with gold lettering on the outside cover. The name imprinted on the front cover is: Sarah Louise Holder. There is a date written on the inside: December 25, 1991. This bible means a lot to me and would appreciate very much its return. If found, please contact Alena at Or, if you prefer to call, my contact number is (408) 998-6744. Thank you so much.

Amber, Tarbox, Taylor
I am looking for the Amber family bible. Miles Amber, John Amber, Millicent Amber Cobden, Sarah Amber, Charles Amber. Also looking for bible of Benjamin Tarbox of Maine, wife Rozilla nee Taylor Tarbox, originally from Barnstable MA.

Hamlin, Burris, Lansbery, Chance
Looking for family Bible for these surnames from Clearfield Co, PA, Mifflin Co. PA and Wayne Co. OH. Isaac Hamlin married Nancy Burris and their sons were Henry (married to Susannah Lytle), and Jonathan (married to Mertie Ambrose). A daughter Sarah, married Benjamin F. Chance. Henry and Susannah's sons were John, married to Emma Record and William Isaac, married to Nettie Mae Schaef. Their daughter Mary married Wesley Lansbery. Any information regarding a Family Bible would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to Thank you

We trying to locate an old family bible - name - Harney. To be sure it is the correct Harney it would show names such as Margaret, Trinity, Selby, Sanford, Nell to name just a few. The last person to have the bible was an aunt named Lillian May that passed away. She left it to her daughter Elizabeth who also passed away and I believe her (Ed or Bob) husband died shortly after. They had two sons, which we believe discarded this bible. If anyone knows anything about this bible please email me. It would mean so much too have this bible back in our family. Thank you for any help you could offer. Sandra S. Harney Hubbard Forman. Email:; phone number: 570-251-7737.

I am looking for my families bible which disappeared whilst I was away from home in an orphanage, hospital and the Royal Air Force. Those members of the family who were supposed to have cared for it say they do not know what happened to it. The last known address of it was 4 Moorcroft Cottages, Godstone, Surrey, England. Names that I can remember that might be in it Bertha (nee Fleming), Bertie W Woodger, Ralph Woodger, Primrose Woodger. Thanks, T. L. Woodger T L Woodger

John W. and Adelia J. (Woodruff) Harrington married 26 Oct 1865 at Cincinnati, OH. Their marriage cert was lost and unable to be replaced as the court house had been destroyed by fire. It appears the marriage was performed by Universalist Minister - Mayo. There was a record of the marriage " In our Family Bible Record in Hamilton Co" The following I can only guess at - C. H. Burnt with the C.H.- Any information please contact me : Wilfred Harrington 870 East Burrough Rd Bowdoin, ME 04287-7552. My email address is: Thank you

Looking for the family bible belonging to Jesse Hotchkiss B:1780 CT and D:1855 in Cattaraugis Co., NY. Thought last to be in the Moore family. Donald L.Hotchkiss, Jr., PE, at

I am looking for the bible for Emmett Ussery who died in California. His second wife's children sold the bible at a flea market. This is the brother of my C. C. Ussery who died in Valley View, Texas, in 1930. Emmett lived later than that. He was born in Cooke County, Texas, in the late 1800s. Mary Sue White at

The family bible of Kiziah Jones Ussery Galbreath has been lost. Supposedly a child of Kiziah Jones and A.W.P. Ussery had the bibgle. It has been lost. A.W.P. Ussery was born in 1800 and married Keziah Jones in 1827 in Hardin County, TN. I would love to talk to the one who has it to get family information. Mary Sue White at

Looking for two bibles. One for the family of Mary L. Warren Corbin and husband Marcus B. Corbin and the other is the Bible of their daughter, Edith Corbin Rouse and husband Van E. Rouse, Families both lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Edith later lived in Berkeley, CA. Janet McMullin

I am looking for the family bible for Nina Mae Pettit born in Cheshire, Massachusetts and died in Vermont. Other surnames include Jenkins, Aldrich and Stone. I can be reached at Thank you

Bradford PACKARD Bible. Who has the Bradford Packard Family Bible? of MASS.1800's. Lizzie Packard was the last know owner. She last resided with the PECKHAMS in MA. Cindy

Our family Bible was lost in 1960 in N. Hollywood, or Pacoima, California. Was held by N.American Van Lines in storage along with household furniture and other personal belongs. Due to non payment of storage fees, all items were sold to auction we believe. It is a very large Bible and has family tree and old photographs of family members. Mary and James Harvey, were the last holders of the Bible.

If anyone has any information that coincides with this or finds this Bible, please contact me. Am willing to buy the Bible back upon certification. Daniel Harvey

Iím looking for the Craddock family bible that was somehow lost in Indianapolis, Indiana in the early 1970ís. The front cover was missing and the bible was wrapped, I believe, in wax paper. It listed Robert White (or just White) Craddock, his wife M. Jennings and their children and grandchildren. Their children were Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin. Their grandchildren were Maude, Blanche, Lela, Ed, Alton, Ida and Mary Zou.

My grandmother, Maud, gave me this bible; it had belonged to her mother. The dates ranged, approximately, from the mid to late 1850ís to the late 1800ís. We didnít know it was missing until a few years ago, and I have been looking for it ever since. If anyone may have it, please contact me. I donít think that anyone that would find a bible would destroy or throw it away, and believe itís out there somewhere if I can only find the right person. Thanks, Barbara Flores

Dickson, Reynolds & Sterns
Dickson Bible & Medicine Book lost in the 1960s or early 1970s in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. If this bible and/or medicine book can be located, I am willing to buy it. Deanna Warren, PO Box 97, Beavercreek, OR 97004.

I lost my family Bible July 2003 - either in Chicago (IL) or Stevens Point (WI). The family name "Kolrud" is written several times. Any information would be appreciated. Reward: $200USd. Harald Kolrud, Tokerudberget 1, 9086 Oslo, Norway

Beulah M. Johnson Riggs and Leo Francis Riggs. Last seen in Washington state. Lat known person to have it was Kim Wise. I can't find her. But if anyone comes across this, I would love to have it. Marlene Dickerman

I am a Morrison related to Zephaniah Morrison. Would like more information on Bible and Family. Thanks, Glenda Morrison

Moseman, Markle, Hazen
Family Bible of Moseman, Markle, Hazen, et. al. Upstate NY, including Delaware and Ulster Counties. 1800s-1900s. Rebound in leather around 1974. Includes handwritten records of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths. I'd be forever grateful if it could be found. Abigail Davis, 11149 Drew Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55431.

Looking for any bible having belonged to an OIEN especially John Oien. Could be in Chinese,as he was a missonary there. Thanks.

Dennis Frey
During my grandmother's death, serveral Frey Family Bibles were "misplaced". I am trying to retrieve them. They are:

Heinrich & Anna Levering Frey, A German Bible
John & Mary Keishler Frey
Samuel Frey Sr
Samuel Jr & Rachel Jones Frey 1762-1771

I would appreciate it if anyone should find these contact me.

Esther Reese Newman
Bible of Frances Plummer Reese, b. 1851, Windfall, Tipton Co., IN. She was a member of the Friends Church, m. Henry Rees, 1869, Windfall; d. 1932, Xenia, OH.

Possible listings would be sister Florence Plummer Bean, brother Henry H. Plummer, her children, Charles William Rees, America Luticia Rees Foley and Foley children, Elmer Rees and children, and LaRoy Henry Rees and children.

Franklin B. Tucker
TOOKER/TUCKER: The family Bible was willed to Sarah Jane Tucker Green by her father Charles Canfleld Tooker/Tucker. He died in 1871. Sarah married William Green and she was born in 1851 death date unknown, but she and William never had children. No one seems to know what happened to the bible.

Please advise Franklin B. Tucker, Box 2055, Seven Lakes, North Carolina if you know about it.

Justine McCormick
Lost bible of Rev. William Henry McCormick. I have one page that had separated from the original bible about 1880. This bible was carried by Rev. William, Chaplin during the Civil War/ lst. Vol. Army. He was charter member and past president of GAR for Kearny, NJ about 1900. His oldest son was also a minister and before 1908 was a pastor of 1st. Methodist Church of Hartford, Ct. The page I have only lists children of Rev. William H. McCormick. The lost pages would have F-Hiram George, M-Jeannette Munroe, S- Moses and D-Carolyn E. Listed. Any help would be appreciated.

Sandy Stukenberg
There was a bible found in Vermont by Janet Bonner. How can I find her and would like to have that bible? Asa is my fourth great-grandfather.

Frank Adorney
Currently Looking for a lost family bible. Would contain the family BENGLESDORF. Last know location was a nursing home in the Baltimore Maryland area not closed. Any Information would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Ayer
This following query was posted years ago on the Hoover Histories Website. However,the Bible was sold, and I would like to find anyone that has information about it. I need dates and places that it may contain..


"Yvonne Erickson sent me a copy of a letter she received- "I have a family Bible dated 1836 with the following names:
Amos Stall, Malinda Dutton, Lucy Stall, Anna Lynch, Emma Hoover, Rosanna Dutton-obituary plus more & dates- This Bible may be of help. I am asking $30, if it is your families.
Sincerely, Mrs D.Harper"

Sharman Meck Carroll
I'm searching for my German Bauer Bible from Hailfingen, Wurttemburg Germany, that was brought by my third great grandmother, Pauline Rebman Bauer, Widow last seen was in Cressona, Schuylkill County, Pa. Most of the Bauer things were bought by a Antique dealer back in the late 80's Lost contact with relative. If anyone knowns were Ray Allen and Fern Bower Becker is in Fla. please contact me?

Viola S. (Norman) Hoar
I am seeking information on the NORMAN family bible which was last seen 1948 in Massachusetts. It was handed down from my grandmother Mary Ann Norman nee Tomlinson to her son John Norman when she moved from Fall River, Mass. in 1948. From what I understand it had a clasp on it. I would like to at least know the wherabouts of it or pay for the return of it.

Louis Stewart
We are trying to locate the Stewart family bible that last heard of in Nebraska, but could of been moved to Texas.  There may have been LeCrone members listed in it.  Arlinda McCabe would of been one of the entries.  So anxious to have access to the entries.  Thank You.
Seeking information on Family Bible of Susan Elizabeth (Pannell) Waters. bn. abt 1868 dd: bef 1955. Pontotoc, Pontotoc Co. MS. Last in possession of Darrell Waters and wife, Lucille (Weeks) Waters c. 1954 also of Pontotoc, MS. Darrell and Lucille have both since passed away.

Barbara Will
I am looking for a bible ( Cantrell and Werremeyer ) . I was told there was 4 bibles, one which was very old and had our family history going way back. The other 3 am not sure what information they have. Fannie Ellen Werremeyer; Howard H. Cantrell...

Martha S Geyer
There is a published record stating that the 1747 Carnes Bible from Germany was loaned to the Tennessee State Museum by the descendants of Cora Mayberry McLean. However, I was in the Tennessee State Museum a couple of weeks ago and was advised that all loaned material has been returned as the Museum may only maintain material which it owns. They could find no record of the Carnes Bible, Cora Mayberry McLean nor her descendants. Any suggestions for locating any information regarding this Carnes Bible would be so very appreciated. My husband, James Mayberry Geyer, is descended from Mary Magdalene Carnes and Henry Mayberry through the Mayberry line. Family tradition has it that Mary Magdalene's father was burned at the stake for his religious beliefs and that Mary and her mother came to the United States. The family eventually located in the Hickman County Tennessee area.

Sam de Villiers
I am looking for my great grandfather's (James GERRARD) Bible. Last heard of about 1930-1940 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. It would contain the following names;
Ellen (Wife)
Harry GERRARD (Son)
Arthur GERRARD (Son - Died in WW1)
Ralph GERRARD (Son - Died in WW1)
Dorothy (Dot) GERRARD (Daughter)
Nellie (Ellen) GERRARD (Daughter)
Robert GERRARD (Son) Born ABT 1909

plus about 10 other children. My grandfather, Robert, was the youngest of the 16 children.

Possible locations mentioned would include Barrow-in-Furness and Lower Darwen. Any information on the location the GERRARD family Bible would be appreciated.

Cheryl Bills
Lost somewhere is a Bible on the WHEELER family that included information on my VAUN or VAUGHN line. The person who sent me hand-copied information said the original Bible was lost. It included Wheeler families and Vaun families of Erie County, PA; although I think the Bible was lost in CA or somewhere in the west. Seeking information on Charles Vaun and Elizabeth Morgan.

Charles 1773-1857; died in Girard, Erie, PA; buried Francis Cemetery Elizabeth (we believe Morgan) b. 1777 NY; d. after 1850--prob after 1857---where? Children: Damaris Vaun b. 20 Nov 1798 NY of Canada md. 1. Joles 2. William Francis; d. in Erie Co, PA Nov. 1878 buried Francis Cemetery Edwin Vaun (Edward Vaughn) b. 20 Nov 1796/98 Did he marry Susy Jane Wagard? John Vaun or Vaughn b. 5 Feb 1800 Hulda Dimeras Vaughn b. 11 Feb 1808 md. 1. Alpheus Harmon; 2. Loren E. Bassett; d. Clarkston, UT after 1880 Nancy Vaughn; Did she marry a Northup? Northrup? Did she have a granddaughter, Nancy who married William Wheeler in Erie, Co, PA? Is this granddaughter the one buried by Charles Vaughn in Francis Cemetery with husb. William Wheeler? Seley Vaughn? b. 8 Jun 1806. Jack Vaughn b. 15 May 1810; could this be Joel or Clark---miscopied for Jack? Samuel Vaughn b. 30 Mar 1811. Listed in 1850 census as idiot; in 1880 as deranged. Lived with family of Damaris and William Francis in Girard, Erie, PA; his care arranged in will of Damaris Francis and assigned to her son Ransom Francis. He is with Ransom in 1880.

Sure would like to find the Bible with this information on to clear up discrepiencies between known and copied data and discover for sure the relationship between Wheeler and Vaughn families. Thank you.

Kim Curlin Wettroth
I am trying to find a CURLIN family bible that was listed in the estate inventory of Jesse Jackson J. CURLIN dated 11 Aug 1888, Ravenden Springs, Randolph County, AR. Widow was named Hypasia P. (Paralee?) CURLIN. She remarried to William A. GLASSCOCK in 1890 in same location. He died and she (age 62) then remarried again to Armstead FORBES (age 70) in 1900 in same location. She died after 1910, probably in same general part of AR. I am wondering what might have happened to this bible after her death as she had no children with any of her 3 husbands.

I am also looking for any bible containing the name CURLIN.

Judy Hull
Looking for the family bible of Lydia Anne BAKER. She was born in Darke Co. Ohio in 1881 and moved to Michigan with her family. She Married Andrew C. WILLIAMS. They had one son, Merrill A. Williams. The bible was last seen in the early 1900 in Lansing Michigan. Has anyone seen this bible?

Sue-Ellen Biddinger
I was wondering if anyone was in possession of a bible from the BIDDINGER, HARMIS, and/or EAVES families of Frederick County, Maryland. If so please e-mail me.

Janice Haynes
Looking for the HAYNES family bible. Contains family of Elias Perkins (E. P.) HAYNES and his two wives, Sally DART and Joanna BARROWS. Originated in CT, then to IL, then to Hastings, Nebraska. Last known to be in Colorado in the 1960s.

Kirby Dickey
I'm searching for Cochran Family Bible that belong to my Great Great Grandparents on my mother side. The name would be Willis Cochran and his wife Elizabeth Judd Cochran. Willis and his wife married in Springfield, Vermont in 30 Nov 1828. Elizabeth died in Piermont, N.H. in 1876. Willis Cochran remarried to Eliza K. Quimby Lord in Piermont, N.H. in 28 April 1881. Willis Cocrhan died in Piermont, N.H. in 21 Mar 1894. When Willis died, Eliza removed to Maine with the Cochran Family Bible. When Eliza Removed to Maine, Eliza died. But I have no idea what County in Maine she died. I would appreciate any help in locating the Cochran Family Bible.

Willis Cochran born in Goffstown, N.H. in 1 Aug 1808.
Parents Father John Cochran and mother Mary Hawes Cochran
Willis First Wife Elizabeth Judd born in in N.H. in 1804
Willis Second wife Eliza K. Quimby Born in Goffstown in 1823.

Jo Ann Sizer
I would like to locate the family Bible that belong to the WILKINSON family, originally from Virginia. In an application for his Rev. War service, James Wilkinson of Lincoln County, NC, mentioned the family Bible in possession of his sister, who was most probably Lydia CHILDERS, wife of Robert Childers. The name of James father is not certain but his mother was Delphy (maiden name unknown). The other brothers and sisters of James were John, Cary, Reubin, Nancy, Polly and Elizabeth (could possibly have mentioned more who may have died young). If anyone knows the whereabouts of this Bible, please let me know. I would desperately like to know the names and dates from this precious book. Thank you

I'm searching for the family bible that Minnie WAYNE (Mrs. Edward Thomas Williams) had in her possession. It reportedly contains the family records of the WAYNE family which are my line. A fellow researcher came across a copy of this bible page (sent to him some time back) which had been placed on file in the Jones Memorial Libaray in Lynchburg, VA a very long time ago by Minnie WAYNE Williams. This bible holds the key for those of us searching for Leonard WAYNE and his ancestors/descendants.

Thanks so much for your time.

Claudia Titus
I am searching for the Cochran family bible, belonging to Willys and Eliza (Lord) Cochran. Eliza moved to Maine after her husbands death and took the bible with her. Other names that might be included would be James and Mary (McDaniels) Cochran, John and Mary( Hawes) Cochran, Mark and Susan (Ceilly) Cochran, Charles and Sophia (Wallace) Cochran. If you have any information please e-mail me .

Robin Mason
Searching for the Ira GIBSON/Phebe HUGGINS Bible that was mentioned in a DAR membership application for Huggins and/or Gibson patriots. The Bible was published in 1850. In 1939, it was in the possession of H[iram] R. BARNUM, 1206 Brinkerhoff Ave., Utica, NY.

Ann Wilkins
I'm searching for the Bible of REVEREND ZEPHANIAH WILKINS. My Mother Mary Ellen ( Mae ) Keefe Wilkins, loaned it to a young man that was studying to become a Minister 65 years ago. The young man didn't have the money to purchase one of his own. At that time we lived at 660 W. 61st Street, in Chicago, Illinois. My G. G, Grandfather was from Indiana. Please if You have any information about our Family Bible I would greatly appreciate any help You can give me. Thank-You

Jim Robertson
I am searching for the SISK family bible. When my gfather died in 1954, his widow came to Texas. The bible was in a trunk that was sent to Fort Worth, Texas, I think by bus. She did not have the money to retrieve the trunk and it was auctioned. I would like to locate this bible.

I am looking for a lost Bible that belonged to my grandmother Carrie A.Hewes. After my grandmother passed away my uncle recieved it. His name was Edward Hewes. He lived in Waterville,Maine. I don't know what happened to it after his death. If anyone comes across it please get in touch with me, it held lots of family information.
I would love to have the Neason (or spelling could be Neeson) family bible that my grandmother owned and disappeared after her death in the 1950's. Names in it might be Marks, Russell and Neeson. Thank you so much.

Tricia Lee Mikeska
Looking for a GRADY bible. Last seen in Mukilteo, Washington. It was in an old farmhouse abandoned by my elderly great-aunts. The farmhouse was eventually torn down, but i'm hoping someone managed to rescue old photos or this bible. This happened around 1968. I believe Jeremiah Grady and his wife Hannah were the original owners. They had many children, including my greatgrandmother Hannah Grady-Lee. Thank You.

Kathie Marmon Thornton
I am searching for the Bible belonging to the Marmon family. The Bible was last seen in the home of my great-grandfather, Henry Marmon, in Zanesfield, Logan County, Ohio. The house burned down in the 1940's and the Bible is believed to have been lost, but it's always a possibility that it was in the hands of another family member at the time.

Zell A. Froud
I am looking for our family bible that disappeared after the death of my grandmother in the 1960's. The principle name would be MULLICA. Other names included would be HILDEBRAND and VANDERVORT. Names of towns would be Reynoldsville, PA; Kane, PA; Falls Creek, PA and maybe Belle Vernon, PA. The bible was in the possession of my MULLICA grandparents and when she died everything was sold before we could get there. I would appreciate any information anyone has. Thank you.

I am trying to locate a Bible that belonged to Robert E. Addy who died in St. Petersburg, FL in 1980. It was last known to be in the possession of Robert Stephans/Stephan of West Lafayette, IN. Mr. Addy was my grandfather and kept the family records in that Bible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pat and Dianne McLaughlin
Looking for family bible - McLAUGHLIN from Machias, Washington Co, ME (1930's).

Don Hill
I am looking for any information on my grandparents they were ALVA D. & SUSIE HILL. Alva was a Methodist Minister and am sure he would have had FAMILY BIBLE.
Looking for Family bible of DAVID & SARAH HUMPHREY, They were in Madison Co. Al. and in all the research that I have done I see many references to the family bible.

Sue Hadden
I would like to advertise on Ancestors lost and found for a family bible that was lost in storage in 1996 in Mesa, AZ: Large black bible lost in storage in 1996 in Mesa, AZ. Inside front cover is handwritten inscription that says Joab Young December 1868, Osgood, Indiana; Clara Young McIntosh and Jay Angus McIntosh. Anyone that knows of it's whereabouts please contact me. Thank you for your help.

Lisa Price
I'm looking for a family bible that was in the possession of my grandmother, Eunice LEE Schmit, showing several generations of the MASHBURN and LEE families. When my grandfather died in 1967 in Montrose, California, my grandmother was so distraught that she sold the house, contents and all, without notifying family members until it was done. All my mother's childhood belongings, books and the family bible were gone.

I haven't seen it since I was a little girl, but I remember that my great-grandmother's name was in it, so I can guess about the time period it covered.

Names might've included Minnie Bell Mashburn (b. 1894), Yancy Mashburn (b.1855) Margaret Elizabeth Dobbs (b.1875), Myrtle (1888), Amanda (1890) and Henry (1895). Minnie married Joseph LEE, and their daughters were Iola (b1910), Eunice (b.1913) and Faye (b.1915).

If you know of this bible, please contact me, and thank you.

Laura L. Horton (Martin)
I am seeking our MARTIN family Bible. Have been unable to locate it after many years of searching! It was from the Wayne County/White County area of Illinois; and would include some of the following surnames: MARTIN/WATKINS/DAY/VAUGHN/HODGES/HEADY Would sincerely appreciate any info you may have about it; or please contact me at: if you are a relative/descendant of this line.

Thank you!

Margaret Testa
I am looking for my family's lost bible. It is very large, the cover says "HELLIGE SCRIFT". It is a Swedish family bible. It belonged to my grandparents ANDRES WILHELM FRIBERG AND PAULINA ANDERSSON. Their children's names were Svante, Gustaf, Maria, Nils, Seth, Emil, three others died in infancy and I am not sure of their names. The Bible was last in my brother's possession in Waterbury Connecticut around 1996. When he and his wife divorced the Bible disappeared.

Please contact me if you have any leads. Thanks

Jean Hilliard
I would like to know who now has the Shaw/Drummond Family Bible, reported to have 300 yrs worth of entries. Last known in the possession of Wilson Spiers.

We are presently wondering if anyone out there may have or know of the whereabouts of a bible from the GIBB family, or HAYWARD or WILLIAMS family. Mostly from the NE States?

If so, please contact me

David W. Hosman
Some how my mother has uptand thru her mother the Van Dusen Family Bible. If there are any members of the Van Dusen Family out there please e-mail me.

Lisa Price
I'm looking for a family bible that was in the possession of my grandmother, Eunice LEE Schmit, showing several generations of the MASHBURN and LEE families. When my grandfather died in 1967 in Montrose, California, my grandmother was so distraught that she sold the house, contents and all, without notifying family members until it was done. All my mother's childhood belongings, books and the family bible were gone. I haven't seen it since I was a little girl, but I remember that my great-grandmother's name was in it, so I can guess about the time period it covered. Names might've included Minnie Bell Mashburn (b. 1894), Yancy Mashburn (b.1855) Margaret Elizabeth Dobbs (b.1875), Myrtle (1888), Amanda (1890) and Henry (1895). Minnie married Joseph LEE, and their daughters were Iola (b1910), Eunice (b.1913) and Faye (b.1915). If you know of this bible, please contact me, and thank you.

Patricia Merrill
Grandmother Annie M.McKay left the family history in a bible left in Quincy,Mass. Left it in the attic of their home and it has been missing since 1915,the year of her death. Her family name was McKay and she married Orrin D. Chick in Quincy. Sure would be nice if someone kept this as I am having trouble tracing my roots. Thank you for any help

Mollie Parker Story
Searching for a BEARDEN/PARKER Bible owned by my grandmother, Mollie (BEARDEN) PARKER QUINN. She and grandfather, Julius Parker were methodist ministers, so I am positive that Mollie kept records on everyone. Mollie outlived both husbands, but there was no one to hand down the bible to when she died. I suspect that if the BEARDEN/PARKER bible wasn't distroyed it must be in the posession the children of Ross QUINN of Atlanta GA. Mollie lived on Highland Drive in Atlanta when she died, sometime between 1930 and 1940. If anyone might know of my grandmothers bible please contact me. Thanks so much for your help.

Re: Family ARAIZA
There was said to have been a hand written history of this family. I am not sure if it would have been a bible. There may have been more than one book. In any event, the book(s) were covered in ebony and had silver work on them. It / they would have come out of an estate in Sonora, Mexico - Ures to be precise - probably about the middle 1900's and inherited by a cousin, who in turn decided she had no use for them and donated to possible Goodwill. This is all the information I have. Should anyone know of this/these item(s) please notify me, as I would like to have them back in our family

Wendy Katzenmeier
Searching for the family Bible of Emil MŁnch/Muench and Elsie Therese Ida Steif/Steiff. They were married in St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church, Evanston, IL on 15 Oct 1910. The bible should list their children, Alfred, Emil, Lena, Elsie, Martha, Anna, Raymond, Lillian, and possible one more boy. There may or may not be information regarding ancestral family of either the Steif or Muench families. The bible was lost sometime during 1970's. Believe it was accidently sold or donated when one of the above children was moving from IL to FL.

I am searching for a family Bible that belonged to my Great Grandparents on my Mothers side. The name would be WALTERS or VON WALTERS. My Great Grandma's name was Elizabeth ?? WALTERS. My Great Grandpa's name was Henry WALTERS. My ggrandfather came from Bavaria in 1878. My ggrandmother came from Saxony and they settled in Newark NJ and had 8 children. Maxamillien, Heindrich, Jr., Gustauf (he had a twin that died during birth), Fredrich, Elizabeth, Mae maybe Maeble, Helene and Rose who died in her 30's of Taburculosis. All of the children were baptised at St. Anns Catholic Church in Newark NJ. I believe the Bible was discarded or sold. My ggrandparents were married at St. Annes as well. Any help on this one is greatly appreciated.

I am desperately searching for my Great Grandmothers Bible which was kept by her daughter for many years. After my great aunt passed away the Bible disappeared. The Bible would include such names as BRAYTON, GARY, GRAY, ODLE, HEUPEL, TIRRELL. There may be an entry for Elbridge GERRY born in Marblehead, Mass. For the most part the family history is from New Hampshire to South Dakota. Possibly Clear Lake Iowa. I believe that the Bible probably was sold in the McPherson County, Leola South Dakota area as this is where my great aunt lived. The name in the Bible may be Mabel Lettie BRAYTON or Edna BRAYTON. It could go even further back then that. There is one other possible answer, after my great aunt died (her name was Jessie Pade) her half sister Doris ODLE may have taken the Bible. I don't believe she still has it but probably sold it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

Mimi Strauss-Curtis
I am trying to find my mother's family Bible. It was kept by Mary McCrackin WEBER in Stoneboro, PA after her father, John McCRACKIN died. When Mary & her husband George WEBER moved from PA to SD, the Bible was "donated" to a small local Protestant church. Family names include: McCRACKIN and WRIGHT. PARFITT, SPRINGER, RIFFLE/RIFFEL, STRAUSS, BIGLEY, WEBER, PROVINCE (spelling unknown) are some of the names of the spouses to the 13 children born in Marguerite, PA. Mother is now 90 and I would love to be able to return the Bible to her. Thank you.

Raymond Sutherland
We are searching for a Bible inscribed to "Florence from M.M.C.". We have heard that an article appeared in a newspaper, possibly in Colorado, about the Bible being found some years ago. We've been unable to follow up on that information, but we feel certain that the Bible was given to Florence Viola Daniels Taylor by her sister in law, Mary Martin Collins. Florence was born in 1872, married Robert L.B. Taylor in 1893 and died in Pueblo, CO, June 12, 1921. Our family is very interested in finding this Bible. Florence was the sister of our great grandmother. Please e-mail if you have any information regarding this Bible or family names of Daniels, Stiles, Pidge or Freeman. Many thanks.

Redvers King
Seeking a bible (should) relate to KING family initially of Monks Risborough and High Wycombe, both Buckinghamshire County,England. Family moved to the Paddington area, London,England circa 1902.

Dianne Graves
I am searching for the Gissendanner family Bible.The last known owner of the Bible was Ernest Clyde Gissendanner of Eutawville, SC.He operated a fishing pier at the Santee-Cooper.He died in 1954. He was married to Dora Williams Gissendanner,and they had no chidren.This Bible is a very sore spot for the remaining family.The bible was passed to Ernest,the oldest son, by his father, Walter Lee Gissendanner.It is said by the older family members, that they begged Dora to give it to one of the other brothers.There were 15 other siblings.Dora refused, saying that the Bible and family pictures were valuable and she had sold them. It is speculated that it might have been bought by someone in the Wolfe family whose name was in the Bible.We do not know how far it went back, but some names that would definately have been in it are Gissendanner(Giessendanner),Rickenbacker,Wolfe,Aimar.

Now that we are writing the Gissendanner Legacy, we would really like to see this Bible and get some information from it. We would also be willing to purchase the Bible if the owner is willing to give it up.Anyone that has seen this Bible please contact me.

Heidi Agin
I would like to find a Farrington family bible that disappeared from my great-grandfather's possession probably 50-60 years ago. His named was Herbert Oscar Farrington and he was married to Mary Edith Hutchins. There was allegedly a good deal of family genealogy stored in that bible. I would love to track down the info and/or the bible itself.

Paul Feitz
I would like to add the FEITZ family bible which I know existed in 1827. It was then in the possession of Rijnerus Franciscus FEITZ (died in 1849 in the Netherlands) and his wife Anna Cathrina LEDEKERKEN (died in 1880 in the Netherlands). If found, I would like to have a copy of the entries in the same said bible.

With kind regards
Paul Christopher FEITZ - the Netherlands

Judy Frates
Searching for anyone with the Family Bible of the following:

These families origins are in Tipton, Staffordshire England. Other names that may be included are PRICE, MOSLEY, DUTTON, SHIELDS, MOORE, JENNINGS, DAVIS, WHITE, etc.

Would love to exchange family histories and would appreciate at least a copy of this Bible for keepsake. Have been researching the family genealogy and willing to share.

Bible from the Warner or Worner family lost somewhere near Browerville, Minnesota in Todd County. It was in the possession of my dads uncle when he passed away and with the sale of the farm it has been lost. We would really like to view the inside as we can't find any information on the Surname until after they homesteaded in Medford (Little Black) Wisconsin. They had been in New York for 20 yrs prior to that so we are sure the bible is full of family history. Some relatives that actually had seen it say there was quite a bit of writing in there. Other names that may appear in the book are, Turley, Coggin, Lenz or Lentz, Jensen, Huff, O'day, Nagle, Burtzlaff, Raish or Roesch, Neumes, Rotter and many more. Please contact me if you know its whereabouts. We believe it is still in the Todd County area.

Looking for a lost Bible, last seen about 1940, Todd County, Minnesota. Surname: WARNER, WORNER, OR WOERNER. Frank and Magdalena. We believe the bible was just handed down but don't know who too. If anyone has knowledge of its whereabouts please get in touch with me. We really would like to view it and see what information is available. Family members who have seen it state there is family history in there. Other possible surnames would be, TURLEY, COGGIN, LENZ (LENTZ), JENSEN, NAGLE, BURTZLOFF, LEICHTNAM, ROTTER, NEUMES. This is possibly written in German. Possible entries may be from NY and Medford, or Little Black, Wisconsin. Taylor County.

Caroline R Hancock
It has been years since my aunt sold our ROTHROCK Bible. I believe it was lost through a yard sale, or the like. Charles ROTHROCK, my gggrandfather, was born August 29, 1829. In the 1850's, he married Lydia Caroline Fry. We named our daughter after her, and this is where I saw her name! Lydia died in the 1870's. I believe that the entries go at least to my grandfather, Robert Rominger, and possibly to my Dad. It has been at least 18 years. The Bible disappeared from the Clemmons NC area. I will keep my eyes open for others!
Many years ago the Reeves family bible was somehow lost by my father, I have been trying to find it for along time. If any can help me locate it I would greatly appreciate getting it back.
I am looking for a Kever (Keever) family Bible that is written in German. It belonged to Jacob Artimaes Kever (Keever) that lived in NC around 1817 and then in Arkansas around 1870. I am also looking for a painting done by him. I have heard that it is hanging in a museum somewhere. If anyone has any information on these things, please write to me.

Searching for a family bible belonging to William L. Lee, md. to Martha Treadwell, children Alfred Shelly, Edward Walter, James W. , Mary, John Jackson. William died in 1872, Martha in 1871 in Tarrant County, TX. The bible was supposed to be in possession of son Alfred (Shelly). He died early 1900's having never married. A cousin Lucy Lee Dodson may have had possession after that. She may have moved to Colorado from Texas. This bible is lost somewhere. Have you seen this bible?

I am trying to find the family bible of my Mother's family. It was last seen in 1975. My uncle died at that time. He was a bachelor. My Mom was not notified until after he was buried and the apt had been cleaned out. Who did the cleaning we don't know. No other family at all.The Bible along with a photo Album were brought over from Germany circa, 1860.
They were both very large red velet covered. My grandmother kept them in the Parlor. No one was allowed in there, LOL. But sometimes, when I was a child was allowed in and could look at the books, which I loved. Did not appreciate at the time how much they meant.

Names in the book would be: BOPP, FUCHS, BISHOP
The latest names, if they were entered would be my Mom and my Aunt and Uncle,
John Bishop, never married.
Louise Manning ( 1st marriage) If second one listed would be SEDORF
Mary Corrigan (my Mom)

I do not have any photos from My Mom's side of the family at all. As you can see I would really love to find this. It was lost or taken in Queens NY, Long Island City. (Sometime between Late Sept. 1975 and when my Mom found out my Uncle was dead) Her Christmas card to him came back marked "Deceased") I truly would appreciate any help from anyone who may have seen these or either of these books in their hunting for their own genealogy. THank you!

Linda L. Kellerman Simmons
Please help me find the Bible that lists some or all of these names in it. It belonged to Lillian Virginia Cullingsworth Texter Durande. She was my Grandmother. She was born in Richmond Virginia and died in Pawcatuck Connecticut. Her last husband from what I heard sold or gave away this Bible to either an antiques shop or goodwill box or something. She had wanted it to go to her only surviving child, Eugene Chester Texter. Please if someone knows the whereabouts of this Bible, Please contact me.

Barbara Valente
I am very interested in finding our family bible ROBINSON. This bible was taken in a housebreak along with civil war uniform, belonging to family of CHARLES GARDNER ROBINSON. Hopefully it was sold etc. and is still out there someplace. The last place it was in our family was in Dorchester, MA. The names would be HARRIS, and before that CHARLES GARDNER ROBINSON who was born in NANTUCKET TO JAMES ROBINSON AND HEPSIBETH GARDNER MYRICK ROBINSON. It goes back, to my knowledge because I never saw it, only heard of it, to other ROBINSONS thoughout CAPE COD AND ISLANDS. Thank you in advance. Reward is offered..

Edith Bastin
I'm searching for the Bibles of my Parents, OLLIE MAY PRESLEY and ISAAC MARTIN PRESLEY. I believe these Bibles were lost in Louisville, KY, between 1985-1999. Each name is on the cover and in the detailed Family Registery of each Bible.

Patricia Merrill
Grandmother Annie M. McKay left the family history in a bible left in Quincy,Mass. Left it in the attic of their home and it has been missing since 1915,the year of her death. Her family name was McKay and she married Orrin D. Chick in Quincy. Sure would be nice if someone kept this as I am having trouble tracing my roots. Thank you for any help.

Abby Chamberlain
I am looking for a WARREN Family Bible. It was sold in Nevadaville, Colorado around 1918 or later. The family in this Bible would be: Elizabeth Jane Warren born 1862 in Cornwall, England. Other names could be Francis Edward Warren, Minnie Warren, William Warren, Richard Henry Warren, Maggie Warren, Anne T. Warren, and Elizabeth Jane Casley. Any information would greatly appreciated.

Bettie Confer
I am searching for the Bible of JOHN CUSTER/CUSTARD, son of Peter and Ann (Godschalk, Godshall) Custer. I received dates of parents and children's births copied from this Bible. Much other information in the Bible was not copied. The Bible was in very fragile shape at that time. This Bible was owned by the great grandaughter of John Custard. This great granddaughter was the grandmother of Robert McGill, from whom this information was obtained. At the time of copying, the Bible belonged to Robert McGill's grandmother's sister, a direct descendant of Isaac Custard, first child of John's second marriage to Sarah Steyer/Styer/Styar. Does anyone know in whose possession this Bible is today? It is needed to document our family research. Any information would be appreciated so much. I can be contacted by by mail: Bettie Confer,
R2, Box 144
St. Francis, KS 67756

Stephen D. Forman
I am looking for the Forman Family Bible of Ebenezer M. Forman. He was married to Apolonia Perkins. The Bible is a large pulpit bible, he was a Baptist Preacher. The bible was passed on by his son Samuel David Forman Jr. who then gave it to his daughter Reeba Forman who married Waldo Telfer, of Bakersfield, California. The Bible should have been given to Samuel D. Forman Jr. to be passed on to the Forman Family. This old bible has the complete Forman history, and had updates of births up to 1950. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Betty Carpenter-McCulloch
I am looking for a Carpenter Family Bible. It was given to Zada Carpenter-Rudd by mistake. At the time of her death July 1987 in Rome, NY, her daughter(s) auctioned Aunt Zada's house and all of her possessions, including the bible. This bible has many entries dating back to 1700's, and should have went to the oldest living male of Aunt Zada's brothers, who would have been my grandfather (then to my father). Family names might include: Lawrence, Murphy, Chesebro and Falcone.

If anybody knows of this, we would like to see the bible again.

Patti R
I am looking for the BIRCHALL family bible which I have been told was "lost" in an attic in Staatsburg, NY around 1974. It was in a trunk with other family items stored in an attic while we were moving. The trunk and all its contents disappeared.

I am hoping to find a family bible belonging to William L. Lee md. Martha Treadwell in Rusk County, TX, both died in Tarrant County, TX, 1872, 1871. The bible was in possession of son Shelly Lee died early 1900's. If you have seen this bible I would love to get it back.

Corrine St. John
Looking for family bible, believed to have traveled from MO to OR to Sacramento area in CA. Family names are: ROY, ROYER SILVERS, VESTEL.

Michelle Greene
Elihu Green Family Bible

Elihu Green was born ca. 1763 in Talbot County, MD. He married Elizabeth Pinkston about 1790 and they raised their family (Joel, Wesley, Willis Elliott, Allen D., Rhoda, Hardin Martin, Dicey, Nancy, Elizabeth and Elihu Jr.) in Madison County, KY. The Elihu Green family bible was in the possession of Hardin Martin Green's granddaughter, Zula Mae Calloway of Clinton, Mo in the 1940's. I believe her nephew, Aubrey Calloway, inherited it from her. I know it was offered for sale in the 1970's in Madison County.

Alice Rudo
I would like to locate the family bible of Breeze Ogden and Esther Salter Breeze( 1821-1850) and/or his son (1854-1882) Austin Walter Ogden and Ida Mae Ruth. Thank you.

Charles Hunter
HUNTER family bible with info of Rhode Island births and deaths abt. 1800-1900. Including Alexander, John B., Wlliam M., Edith, Harriet, Sarah and more. Last seen 1905 in Providence or possibly Woonsocket,R.I.

Cindy Casey
Lost: Bible aka Theological Dictionary belonging to the USSERY/GARDNER families.

Marmaduke Gardner and Rhoda Caroline Ussery Gardner the books- May 10, 1836 for $4.25 from estate sale of Welcome Ussery of Barnwell, S.C. On Sep 16, 1879, their daughter Frances Esther Gardner Barber bought Theological Dictionary at father's estate sale Lee County or Post Oak Island, Williamson/Lee Co TX. At some point their granddaughter, Vera Barber King obtained the books and they were last seen in either Mills Co., or Austin, Texas. Any information would be appreciated!



David Wiley
Some years ago my father had a small Bible belonging to his father, Ephraim W. Wiley. It was leather bound and inscribed by Mathew L. Smith, captain of the whaling ship Archer (out of New Bedford), to commemorate the voyage of the Archer to the South Pacific 1856 to 1861.

When my father's mother-in-law died, several folks ranged through his home in Northboro, Massachusetts, and picked up things--I assume--that were later found to be missing: the Bible and some scrimshaw from the voyage. My main interest is finding the Bible in order to pass it along in the family.

Should it show up somewhere I would be interested in recovering it.
David Wiley

I am seeking Bible records and papers in the possession of Alfred Lanier TOMPKINS, Jr. and his wife Ann, related to the TOMPKINS family of Tennessee and Virginia. Also, the Bible with Tompkins information that was once in the possession of Mrs. J.E. WARREN, possibly of Fluvanna or Albemarle County, VA.

Arlene Willet
I am trying to help a cousin locate his Mother's missing Bible. The Bible belonged to Lorena Mary Spangler. She died in 1988 in Peabody, Kansas. It seems as thought the Bible was stolen around the time of her death. Names mentioned in the Bible could be: SPANGLER, KEMPER, RUDD and others. Any clue as to the whereabouts of this Bible, will be greatly appreciated.

Julia White
Looking fot the Family Bible of Peyton Henry WHITE born 1802. Peyton Married Sarah H. LEE in 1834. Peyton and his family last resided in West Point, Mississippi. Peyton Henry White died in 1875.

Dave Wyble
Looking for a Bible relating to the WYBLE'S that was accidently sold in a garage sale back in the 1970's in Lancaster County Pa. This Bible may date back as early as the 1800's. If anyone has knowledge of it I would appreicate the info.

Micki Smith
I am looking for a family Bible that I believe was sold at an auction in the late 1970s. It is for the SMITH family who came from Scotland to Massachusetts in the 1840s or 1850s. They then moved to Stannard, VT. I am hoping that somebody may have come across it at another auction.

Don B. Dale
Lost bible belonging to Dr. Joseph Robinett Ballard dated 1856 in Ohio.

Family names that could be in Bible would be: Brack (Brach),Rudy (Rudi), Miller, von Brack all from the Pobotschnoje Census in Russia. Many of the names below might be in the Bible.

1772 - Johann Philip Brack (Brach) wife Anna Marie Neidling,
son Johanne Heinrich Brack, dau Christina Brack
1798 - Philip Brack wife 1- Anna Margareta Volker (Felker) of Lugovaya
Polyana, son Johann Heinrich Brack and
wife#2 Anna Elisabeth Klim of Lugovaya Gryaznukha 2 sons:
Philip and 3 Dau: Elisabeth, Anna Maria, Gertude
1850-1876 *denotes my family line
* 1.0 Henry Brack wife A. Marie Brack (Maiden name unk)
1.1 Henry Brack (m. Eliz. Urachlett)
1.2 Henry U. Brack (m. Maria Ochs )
1.2 George (m. Maria Wagner)
1.2 Peter (m. Sophia Knies & Irma Kufeld
1.2 Phillip (m. Anna Scheuermann)
1.1 John Peter Brack (m. Sophia Popp)
1.2 (5) sons Phillip A (m. Wittig); Phillip; Peter A. (Hergert);
John P. (m. Rudi); Frederick
1.1 Johannes(George) Brack (m. Justina Wagner)
1.2 (5) sons John P. (m. Gottfried); John H.(m. Ochs); John C.
(m. Litzenberger)Peter J.(m. Hergert); John M. (m. Scheuermann)
*1.1 Phillipp Brack (youngest son b. Schoenfeldt 1830) wife Marie C. Miller
(wife b. 1840 in Pobotschnoje, Russia) Four Sons
1.2 Phillip H Brack (M. Pauline Lebsack);
*1.2 Henry A. Brack b. In Schoenfeldt 1862 (m. Mary Moore)*
*1.3 Ben F. Brack b. 1892 Kansas (m. Marie Galyardt)*
1.3 others William; Daniel; Everett; Alta; Clarinetta; Hanna; Martha
1.2 Konrad Brack (m. Kate Scheuerman)
1.2 John A. Brack (m. Margaret K. Lebsack)
1.2 Three Dau: Anna Marie Krause; Marie E. Schreiber; Catherine Lebsack

Jette MacNeil
We are looking for our great-grandmother's family bible which disappeared about 1957-1965. Her name was Margaret Ann KIRKWOOD before she married John RITCH in 1892 in Watertown, NY Some documents have listed her maiden name as KIRKLAND. The bible was last seen by our mother at the family home in Fraser, Michigan, at 31600 Hayes Road, but may have been in our grandfather's car when he passed away in 1964. Any help would be appreciated!


Laura J. Murry Ogletree
I have been told the MURRY family bible was donated to a museum in Ohio. Would like to get information from it. The only names I know of thus far are George possibly born 1836 died 1919, his wife, Sarah.
Children are:
John 1865
Sarah 1867
Georgeanne 1869
Alice 1871
Josephine 1874
Alfred 1876
Flora Dell 1878
Evan 1880
This is from an 1880 census. From an 1885 census there was Richard, William, Ivins J., Arthur who was born in 1890. George's father was from Lanchashire, England.
Searching for a family bible belonging to William L. Lee, md. to Martha Treadwell, children Alfred Shelly, Edward Walter, James W. , Mary, John Jackson. William died in 1872, Martha in 1871 in Tarrant County, TX. The bible was supposed to be in possession of son Alfred (Shelly). He died early 1900's having never married. A cousin Lucy Lee Dodson may have had possession after that. She may have moved to Colorado from Texas. This bible is lost somewhere. Have you seen this bible?

Submitted by: Edith

I'm searching for the Bibles of my Parents, OLLIE MAY PRESLEY and ISAAC MARTIN PRESLEY. I believe these Bibles were lost about 1985-1999 in Louisville, KY. Name is on each cover and each has a detailed family registery. If found, please contact me. Thanks,

Submitted by: Candy Parent

Please post to your International site. Thanks! Looking for our family's missing Bible. It's always been called the Hartwick Bible, but has a great deal of Beecher information including the relationship of Harriet Beecher Stowe to our family. I believe the Bible was last owned by Mike Hartwick and was probably originally either Able Sage Hartwick's or Christian J. Hartwick's. It has been misplaced, forgotten or sold. We would really like to have the Bible back or at least copies of the genealogy information inside. Will pay for the Bible and/or any costs involved.


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